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May 14, 2021|5 min read


A single bite of chocolate is worth a million dollars, isn’t it? The most precious gift that everyone waits for. No sharing, sorry. Better if allowed to eat it all alone. Have you ever noticed the best-selling chocolate lip balm or the favorite chocolate-flavored deodorant? You can’t help, chocolate is everywhere, literally the most precious dil ka tukda.

With time, there has been a flood of chocolate brands that have kept us entertained with so many varieties of chocolate. Chocolates are damn addictive. Loaded with different ingredients like fruits, nuts, caramel, and a lot more to make our cravings more irresistible.

Popular Chocolate Brand

It’s so hard to choose and pick out a single one. But the good news is that, here’s a list of chocolate brands that are best available in the market. Go and try them soon!

1. Cadbury:

The official Shubhaarambh moment that everyone has with every bite of Cadbury! One of the most popular chocolate brands for ages that have made the entire nation fall in love with chocolates!

Cadbury provides a wide range of chocolates like-Nutty and crunchy, nuts and fruits, oreo silk, temptation, oreo caramel, and a lot more. You can’t miss a single flavor, dare you!

2. Amul:

Besides other food, items, Amul has been famous for one of the popular chocolate brands in India. This Indian brand has some tasty dark chocolates apart from other varieties of chocolates. Try these delicious chocolates and enjoy!

3. Ferrero Rocher: 

One box of premium chocolates from Ferrero Rocher makes every occasion special. One of the chocolate brands that will give you the heavenly pleasure of unfolding crunchy chocolate balls wrapped in golden paper. The chocolate cream-filled inside instantly melts in your mouth with your first bite.

4. Lindt & Sprungli: 

Not only chocolates, but you are also gonna fall in love with the packaging too. One of the biggest luxurious Swiss chocolate brands that have stolen the show with its assorted range of chocolates. Chocolate truffles and dark chocolate varieties are the most popular from this brand.

5. Nestle: 

Nestle is nostalgia. Had been an ancient chocolate brand that has made our childhood days memorable. The most attractive part of Nestle was the red heart-shaped box filled with different types of chocolate. Give it a try and revive those childhood days with Nestle chocolates.

6. Mars-Snicker: 

The super-duper hit Snickers bar by Mars has been a major favorite. Drool over this nougat coated with the yummy milk chocolate, caramel, and peanuts. One of the American chocolate brands that have earned a huge name all over the world for its taste.

7. Hershey’s: 

Everyone is familiar with Hershey’s syrup. There can be no chocolate shake or chocolate topping without Hershey’s syrup. This chocolaty syrup is so tasty that it can make any boring food fun. Grab this bottle and try new and tasty chocolate recipes.

8. Taza: 

Organic and healthy dark chocolates are just like the cherry on top of the cake, you can't afford to miss it! All the dark chocolate lovers out there go and satisfy your taste buds with Taza dark chocolates! 

9. Green & Black’s: 

Finally chocolates for the vegans. One of the best international chocolate brands that sell organic certified chocolates, fully handcrafted, and the gourmet collection is just gorgeous! 

10. Guylian: 

A pro in Belgian chocolates, Guylian is a trademark in the list of international chocolate brands. Made from the finest West African cocoa beans, Guylian makes the finest Belgian chocolates in different varieties and shapes. Dark hazelnut or the Belgian raspberry bar, the taste will blow you out. 

11. Godiva: 

A popular luxury name among the house of international chocolate brands. Their truffles, assorted gourmet collection, and gifts provide a high standard of quality and taste. Over 80 years, Godiva Belgium chocolates continue to be on the top.

12. Ghirardelli: 

Manufactured in California, and owned by Lindt, Ghirardelli chocolates, are remarkable for their high-quality cocoa beans. These premium American chocolates bring a range of products like caramel, dark chocolate, milk chocolates that are celebrated overages.

13. Milka: 

Germany too has been famous for Milka, one of the beloved chocolate brands around the world. Unlike any other brand that uses fresh milk for its chocolates, Milka chocolates use Alpine milk or powdered milk that contains a different flavor of its own.

14. Theo: 

Theo chocolates are made from Theobroma cacao, and the dark chocolates sourced through this process make it organic and healthy. The vegan chocolate bars are the most popular ones among all.

15.Toblerone : 

Toblerone needs no introduction. This world-renowned old chocolate bar has a signature triangle shape representing the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps. Infused with swiss milk, honey, and almond nougat, Toblerone chocolates are ideal for short breaks.


One of the famous chocolate brands made in Lebanon contains flavonoids, known for keeping the arteries and veins healthy. The natural and premium ingredients make the best range of chocolates, some of the popular ones are- Roasted nuts, Cotton candy, cheesecake, Peanut butter, etc. These luxurious chocolates are the best gifts for your loved ones on special occasions.


The fusion of mint and chocolate is simply enough to turn heads on. At first, Katrina Kaif was the brand ambassador of this brand and apart from this minty candy, there are many other products like Choc-on coconut, Choc-on Milcreame, Choc-on Gold, etc that has earned good popularity in India.


Campco was launched for rescuing farmers from a critical crisis. It turned out to be a miracle how these farmers mastered the art of farming cocoa beans from scratch and turned this company into one of the popular chocolate brands in India. 

Safe and reliable, Campco chocolates come up with so many verities like Fun-tan-a pure sugar-tasty dark chocolates, Milk Marvel- mild white chocolates, Krunch- crunchy chocolates filled with rice crisps inside, Dieter- sugar-free chocolates for diabetic chocolate lovers. 


This award-winning chocolate brand sells organic, soy, and gluten-free chocolate bars that are pure and sustainable. Even received the biodynamic certification award from Demeter International. 

The chocolate outlets of the US, Europe, South America, and Malaysia sell luxurious and healthy Pacari chocolates likely-70% Raw bar, 70% Piura-Quemazon, 60% Cacao with Lemongrass, etc.

There are so many chocolate brands that we were totally unaware of. Sometimes it’s good to taste something out of the box, and after reading the list, you know better what to try next. 

Some chocolates are expensive, some are in mid-way range, but no matter what, it’s worth a try. They are all unique and special in their own way. 

The country of origin and the flavor brings a lot of variations in these chocolates, which may not be available in markets or malls in India all the time. But thanks to online sites, bringing all sorts of imported chocolates to us, no matter where we stay. 

Do let us know what is your favorite and what chocolate would you love to receive a gift.

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