17 Rajasthani Sweets We Bet You Would Love To Eat With Greed

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Rajasthan, the Great Indian Desert is well known for its heritage and climatic conditions. The state is known for its tourism which shows the rich culture of India. Along with this Rajasthan is famous for its food which sounds no less than a paradise for food lovers.

The food in Rajasthan is filled with all taste and will make you mouthwatering. The sweets found in Rajasthan are enriched with sweet sugary taste, which every sweet tooth person should have.

Rajasthani Sweets
Rajasthani Sweets

Each Rajasthani sweet has its own unique flavour which is prepared with the simplest and basic ingredients which turn out to be one of the most delicious dishes found in India. You will not be able to resist eating them when you are around.

Rajasthani sweets will surely suppress your hunger after a perfect meal. The below presents some of the best 17 Rajasthani sweets you will love to taste.

1. Doodhiya Kheench

Originated in Udaipur, Doodhiya Kheench is a quite famous dessert in Rajasthan. Usually prepared in winter and a must dessert on Akshaya Tritiya. It is prepared by soaking whole wheat overnight in milk then sweetened with sugar and usually garnished with full cream or nuts.

2. Sohan Halwa

Known as a variety of sweet, dense and affection. It is a crunchy-round cookie-like sweet when eaten gives a crackle every time you eat. It is prepared by boiling a mixture of cornflour, milk, sugar and milk until it turns into solid. Saffron, almonds, cardamom seeds are added to add for flavour.

3. Dilkushar

Dilkushar, also known as Mohanthaal is one of the best Rajasthani toothsome sweet. A perfect mixture of softness, flavour and sweetness, this sweet is prepared with besan and ghee garnished with sweetness and almonds.

4. Rabri Ghevar

Rabri Ghevar is a traditional Rajasthani sweet dish, usually served during festivals. The sweet includes Rabdi as topping on Ghevar which is a disc-shaped dessert along with malai, mawa. Rabdi is thickened sweetened milk that spreads over Ghevar.

5. Balushahi

Balushahi looks like a doughnut, it has flaky texture outside and sugary syrup from inside. A dish every sweet lover should have once. It is very popular and easily available sweet.

6. Churma Laddoo

No Rajasthani function is complete without the famous and mouthwatering sweet Churma Laddoo. The sweet is enriched with desi ghee and usually taken after a meal.

7. Mawa Kachori

A sweet kachori, stuffed with sweet mawa along with nuts. A perfect sweet for a festive dish. The kachori is whole-heartedly dipped in sugar syrup and then served. The kachori is made with maida, ghee, khoya, cardamom powder and lots of nuts to fill in.

8. Methi Ladoo Dana

A traditional sweet which is more of an Ayurvedic medicine than a sweetmeat. This is usually given to mothers after the delivery of the baby. It is prepared by grinding fenugreek seeds and mixing it with milk along with ghee, sugar and almonds.

9. Chhena Malpua

Chhena Malpua is a lacy dessert including paneer, which melts in your mouth. The dessert can be enjoyed with Rabdi on top. These malpuas are made with paneer, sugar, nutmeg powder, cornflour, saffron, ghee, almond and pistachio.

10. Moong Dal Halwa

One of the sweets you cannot stop eating and a must dish in royal marriage ceremonies. Moong ki dal ka Halwa is prepared by soaking moong dal overnight and then grinding and mixing it with water and ghee.

11. Imarti

A sweet loaded with sweet syrup that you won't be able to say no. A perfect sweet that can be experienced with hot milk and after a meal.

12. Kheeranand

This dish is thicker than kheer as mire rice. The dish is prepared by rice roasted in ghee and it results in a sweet and unique taste.

13. Kalakand

The lion gate of Rajasthan is also famous for its soft and delicious Mawa-dish called kalakand. The dish is also known as Indian milk cake. It is prepared by alum, milk and sugar.

14. Mawa Mishri

A dish with a lot of sugar along with cardamom powder, pistachios, almonds and ghee. The dish sometimes is also garnished with saffron and chopped dry fruits to make the dish tastier. The dessert also adds cream for a soft texture. The dish always stands out for various festivals.

15. Gulkand Kala Jamun

Gulkand Kala Jamun is a dessert recipe that hails from Rajasthan. The khoya balls along with gulkand are deep-fried to get a blackish colour and then dipped into the rose-scented sugar syrup.

16. Hare Chane Ka Halwa (Choliya Halwa)

Hare Chane or  Chickpeas/Choliya is a winter dish. The green Chana is usually used as a vegetable and sometimes in curries. But it is also used as a dessert dish and the outcome is awesome. The green chana is cooked along with ghee and sugar to produce a soft dish that melts in the mouth quickly.

17. Meetha Oliya

Meetha Oliya is a special dish prepared for the festival of Shitalashtami or Basoda. It is a Rajasthani dish made with cooked rice, milk and sugar. The dish is enriched with milk, curd, cardamom powder, and heaps of dry fruits.

The Rajasthani sweets are full of ghee, dry fruits and goodness of milk. Hence, they help fulfil your sugar cravings. The above list will help you select and find your favourite sweet.

Each Rajasthani dish is filled with royal sweetness that one might not be able to decline. Be it Rabdi Ghevar, the king of sweetness or Imarti, the sweet syrup-like dish. The richness with dry fruits, the full cream loaded milk or saffron will definitely take your heart away.

All the Rajasthani functions are incomplete without these Rajasthani sweets. Sweet dishes add colours to the festivals and bring a smile on the faces. If you happen to come across them, they will definitely salivate your taste buds with famous and mouth-watering sweets in Rajasthan.

Happy eating!

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