Do You Know The 5 Expectations That Every Girl Secretly Has From Her Valentine?
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Do You Know The 5 Expectations That Every Girl Secretly Has From Her Valentine?

Think beyond chocolates and teddies!

February 5, 2018

Article By- Jerry

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The countdown for Valentine's day has begun. The time when couples are totally submerged in love. Starting from Rose day on 7th Feb to Valentine's day on 14th Feb, the whole week is full of enthusiasm

Especially the new couples are seen doing all the tantrums because, after one valentine, they'll get to know that 'Ishq tera lae dooba’ (bankruptcy obviously). Singles too have a good way out, doing whatever they like to!

But do you know there are few things that every girl secretly expects from her bae? She won't mention these things, but if you don't do these, she’ll definitely say 'you don't love me anymore!’

So FeedingTrends is here to save you from her anger. Here's a list of things your girl is expecting from you this Valentine.

1 - Take her out for a drive:

We all know that boys love speed. But wait, even your girl loves that! She would definitely fall for you ten times over if you take her out for a long drive. Do give it a try. Showers of hugs will follow.

2 - Propose her with a ring:

If you've yet not proposed your love for marriage, then trust me she must be expecting you to propose her with a ring. Don't forget to do that traditional pose of kneeling down with a ring in hand. Believe me, girls can't resist that!

3 - If you cook for her:

Men who can cook are really attractive and loved by girls. And if you arrange a dinner date for her on your terrace and cook for her, there are chances that you may get something much sweeter than the chocolate fudge in dessert from her side!

4 - Take her to a saloon:

Yes! Nothing could be better than this. Take her to a saloon and let her have some relaxation time. From head to toe massage arrange that all for her beforehand. Once she's done, she'll come out running towards you to kiss you, bro. However, the duration of kiss depends on the number of praises you do for her new look or even the pictures you click for her.

5 - Plan the day perfectly:

From morning to night if you fill the day with surprises, your girl will definitely shed tears of joy for the efforts you did. Plan the day perfectly. And take special care of her likes and dislikes and make her feel happier than ever. The special feeling you give will be reciprocated. She’ll thank you in her own way!


Love is not a problem it's a feeling that we all must live. Like, this year I'll gift my valentine a new bed sheet. Oh! You got me, yes I love my bed a lot and we'll spend this day together happily. I am still looking for my humanoid Valentine. Lol!

Comment below and let us know what all you've planned for her this Valentine.

You can pick one of these tricks to try making her love you more. The results are directly proportional to your efforts.

Thank me later!


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