30 Best Story Books For Kids To Fosters Their Imagination

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Kids desire something riveting but parents want them to learn something. So, storybooks are the enthralling way to keep them engrossed and entertained and to make them learn something simultaneously.

Storybooks for the kids are best as they will-:

  • Develop great vigor in them
  • Increase the power of imagination
  • Help in Brain development
  • Help them to calm their mind when they are cranky
  • Help them to know more about our culture
  • learn social and literacy skills
  • Hep them to understand empathy, feelings, relationships, etc
  • Will learn to make the difference between what is good and bad

The storybooks are considered to be the students' buddies in every sense of the word, and it is said that they play an important role in the students' lives, storybooks give students a lot of joy, and they learn a lot of things from books.

They take them into a unique world of fantasy and improve their standard of living. They enrich the student's experience and sharpen their intellect.

Here is the list of the Best Story Books For Kids that will help their time to pass-

1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar | Best Story Books For Kids

Age: 2+

Author: Eric Carle

The first one on the list of the best storybooks for kids is The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

A new child caterpillar could be very hungry, and he eats cupcakes, lollipops, and the entirety else, which offers him a belly ache. He’s even snacking at the pages of the book leaving holes for children to place in.

2. Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte's Web (White E. B.) | Books For Reading In English

Age: 5+

Author: E.B White

This storybook for kids is about a girl named Fern who saves a pig by persuading her father not to kill him. The two become friends and Fren call him Wilbur. Wilbur moves into Fern's uncle Zuckerman's barn, and Fern visits Wilbur daily.

3. The Cat In The Hat

The Cat In The Hat | Best Story Books For Kids

Age: 4+

Author: Dr. Seuss

The next one on the list of the best storybooks for kids is The Cat In The Hat.

On a rainy day, two children are tedious as they have nothing to do at home, then “The Cat with the Hat” comes in and wreaks havoc. He is elegant but cool and exasperates everyone with his bad behavior. He juggles everywhere. And he even invites his friends to make the place even dirtier.

4. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Age: 6+

Author: Roald Dahl

Charlie Bucket, a good, genuine boy is poor and starving when he wins the lottery to visit Willy Wonka's mysterious chocolate factory along with a lifelong supply of sweets. Only five kids won the tickets, but the other four kids aren't as good as Charlie, and at the factory, they get recompense.

5. The Story Of Ferdinand

Age: 3+

Author: Munro Leaf

The Story Of Ferdinand is the next one on our list of the best storybooks for kids.

A Ferdinand calf does not hit its head with an ox and prefers to sit under a cork oak tree that smells of flowers. When he grows up he becomes a big and sturdy bull.

6. The Alphabet's Alphabet

The Alphabet's Alphabet | Best Story Books For Kids

Age: 3-8

Author: Chris Harris

If Sherlock Holmes and Weird Al came together in an alphabet book, it could look like this strange and wonderful creation. The rhyming text suggests the doppelganger of each letter in the AtoZ order.

7. Catch That Chicken!

Age: 3-6

Author: Atinuke

The cautionary story will take children on an emotional roller coaster ride. Expressive and action-packed illustrations strengthened her bond with a fast runner whose injury kept her from chasing chickens in her Nigerian village.

8. We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

Age: 2+

Author: Michael Rosen

The next one on the list of the best storybooks for kids is We’re Going On A Bear Hunt.

Five boys and their dog go bear hunting and encounter new hindrances, first long flowing grass, then a wide river, muddy land, dense forest, and a terrible snowstorm.

9. The Adventures Of Pinocchio

The Adventures Of Pinocchio | Best Story Books For Kids

Age: 6+

Author: Carlo Collodi

The story begins in Italy, where a master carpenter Antonio finds a block of pinewood that he wants to carve as a table leg, he starts screaming the leg when he sees a talking tree trunk, he gives it to his neighbor, a puppeteer named Geppetto, who is poverty-stricken.

10. The Velveteen Rabbit

Age: 4+

Author: Margery Williams

This storybook for the kid is about A fabric rabbit sewn from velvet that is given to a child for Christmas. The child plays with the other modern toys and forgets the velvet bunny. The Skin Horse nursery tells her that a toy magically turns into a real one when children show them a lot of love.

11. Just So Stories

Age: 6+

Author: Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling would tell his daughter these bedtime stories, "That's right," or she would complain every night.

12. Corduroy

Corduroy | Best Story Books For Kids

Age: 5+

Author: Don Freeman

The next one on the list of the best storybooks for kids is Corduroy.

A teddy bear on display in a department store is called Corduroy. A girl comes with her mother, loves corduroy, and wants to buy it, but the mother refuses because a button is missing on her overalls.

13. Miss Rumphius

Age: 5+

Author: Barbara Cooney

Miss Rumphius is the story of a lady Alice Rumphius, who wants to travel, explore and transform the world to be glorious. Miss Rumphius beautifies the world for the better by spreading lupine flower seeds everywhere.

14. Frindle

Age: 9-11

Author: Andrew Clements

A fifth-grader named Nicholas Allen, or One Day, encounters a pen on the street and decides to call it "Frindle" instead of "Pen", just to spice things up. His friends love his idea and start to use the word a lot, but not his teacher, Mrs. Granger.

15. Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Diary of a Wimpy Kid | Best Story Books For Kids

Age: 10+

Author: Jeff Kinney

It's the start of a new school year and Greg Heffley is going to high school where the weak and young children share the same hallway with the older and the worst. Greg captures the pain of growing up in words and pictures. 

However, Greg is happy to possess Rowley as his ally. The duo starts a chain of events that hilariously test their friendship.

16. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Age: 11+

Author: Mark Twain

This storybook is about how the life of a boy named Tom Sawyer who lived with this Aunt Polly in a fictional town on the Mississippi. Tom was known for his protean skills like jumping, swimming, and playing. To do this, his aunt had him paint the fence around the house.

17. Oliver Twist

Age: 11+

Author: Charles Dickens

The story revolves around an orphan named Oliver Twist, who was born in an asylum in England in 1830 and one day decides to flee the orphanage where he lives and go to London to join a criminal he trained the hands falls. orphaned children become pickpockets.

18. Interrupting Chicken

Interrupting Chicken | Best Story Books For Kids

Age: 3+

Author: David Ezra Stein

This storybook for kids begins with a little red chicken getting ready to settle into bed for the night. He asks his father to read him a story to fall asleep. But his dad isn't sure he should read a story because the little chicken has a habit of interrupting.

19. Be Quiet!

Age: 2+

Author: Ryan T. Higgins

The story begins with Rupert the Mouse talking to the reader and telling him that he will wordless the book, which means there will be no speech bubbles, but Rupert's friends keep talking to him even though he tells them to.

20. I’m Bored

Age: 2+

Author: Michael Ian Black

This storybook for the kid is about a girl who is bored and complains to the reader, the girl discovers a potato while taking a boring walk, the potato turns out to be a speaker, the vegetables say that children are boring, but that doesn't suit the woman.

21. The One and Only Bob

Age: 7+

Author: Katherine Applegate

This sequel to The One and Only Ivan exudes the same charm and tension. Although all animals have much better homes, a storm threatens their reunion. "I would rate that at a million," says one reviewer.

22. Kid Normal

Kid Normal | Best Story Books For Kids


Author- Chris Smith

Murph, an ordinary teenager, accidentally enrolls in a secret superhero school. He feels out of place at first, but his unique perspective, quick wit, and good humor are exactly what his classmates need when battling various villains.

23. What About Worms!?


Author- Ryan T. Higgins

This storybook for kids is about a rare finding: a first-time reader with an important message, namely that we all see situations differently. Words and sensory sounds are fun.

24. Shirley & Jamila Save Their Summer

Age- 8 to 12

Author- Gillian Goerz

One of the few in the mystery genre, this fast-paced graphic novel reminded our critics of the Nate the Great franchise. "After I finished, I read it again to see what clues I'd missed," says a 10-year-old reviewer.

25. This Little Piggy

This Little Piggy | Best Story Books For Kids

Age- 1 to 4

Author- Jarvis

The best storybook for kids A little pig goes to a market and then the book becomes a clever rhyme story to help young children count to ten. Parents appreciated the bold numbers in the lower-left corners of the tables and the grid on the last page for the children to use to count pigs. 

"This will be my first birthday present," says Heather Herriges, mother of two in Cary, Illinois.

26. Play Time, Puppy!

Age- 0 to 2

Author- Jo Byatt

Children were mesmerized by the attached finger puppet as they heard the story of a child whose puppy rides a toy train, cart, and more. Slowly move the book and puppet and watch your baby's eyes follow him.

27. Tony T-Rex’s Family Album

Age- 5 to 12

Author- Mike Benton

This storybook for kids, which covers 20 species of dinosaurs, is a twist on nonfiction and is narrated by Tony, a TRex.

The first-person style ("I want you to know I had the strongest bite of any land animal. EVER") provided the information for "It was so entertaining that I had to negotiate with my son to avoid the entire 60 Pages to read once, "says Francyne Zeltser from New York City.

28. The Story About Ping

Age: 5+

Author: Marjorie Flack

Ping was a duckling who lived on a beautiful riverboat on the Yangtze, he loved his large family and his master. The last duck in line to board the riverboat at night was considered irresponsible, and Ping didn't want it to be. because this duck would take a heavy blow.

29. Winnie The Pooh

Winnie The Pooh | Best Story Books For Kids

Age: 4+

Author: A.A Milne

Winnie the Pooh is a good bear who loves honey and lives in the Hundred Acre Wood. His friends are a tiger, a sad gray donkey Eeyore, a frightened piglet, a pompous owl bird, and a restless rabbit.

30. Harold And The Purple Crayon

Age: 2+

Author: Crockett Johnson

The last one on the list of the best storybooks for kids is Harold And The Purple Crayon.

A boy named Harold loves his purple crayon and always keeps it. On a moonlit night, he decides to go for a walk but sees that there is no moon, so he draws a crescent moon and a way not to get lost. Draw an apple tree and a kite to take care of. keep drawing situations according to your imagination.

There is no more important activity in preparing your child for success as a reader than reading aloud together. Fill your Storytime with a variety of books. Be consistent, be patient, and watch the magic work. It's no secret that homework is an important addition to the classroom, but there is more to it than that. There are things parents can give their children at home that classrooms cannot.

Talking about a story you're reading is often a good idea, but you don't need to feel compelled to talk about all of the stories. Good stories encourage reading pleasure, with or without conversation. And sometimes children need time to think about their stories. 

A day later, don't be surprised if your child picks up something from a story they read together.

I hope this list will you to decide faster. Don’t forget to share this list of best storybooks for kids with your loved ones.

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