30 Funny Facts And Trivia For Kids

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Jun 4, 2021|5 min read


From a kid to an adult, who doesn’t love to play trivia or listen to facts you never knew. 

Trivia and facts are a great way for kids to develop their minds while laughing and giggling with their peers. And for parents, who might be worried here is a fact for them- Your child is not too young to grasp anything.

Funny Facts And Trivia For Kids

It does not matter which Hogwarts house you belong to or what profession you wanna pursue, let’s put your mind in a block and see if you can solve it. 

So, ready or not here we go:

1. Pigs can't look up in the sky!

This fun fact is true because of the limitation of the spine movement and neck muscles of the pig.

2. You cannot lick your elbow!

This is true but in most cases, others are somehow able to do this. A claim was made that the Guinness book of records around five calls every day from people thinking they are special just because they could lick their elbows.

3. Everyone’s tongue print is different!

Just like every human has a different fingerprint similarly the print of everyone’s tongue is also different and unique.

4. The eyes of an ostrich are bigger than the brain!

The eyes of an ostrich are measured to be about two inches in diameter. This is so because ostriches have to adapt to a terrestrial lifestyle.

5. A slug has 4 noses!

This is not where the fun fact ends because two of these noses are actually for smelling whereas the other two are for seeing/watching.

6. Cats cannot taste anything sweet!

Unlike mammals, they do not have taste receptors that can detect sugars.

7. You cannot smell anything in your sleep!

According to some research, it is proven (scientifically) that you actually cannot smell anything even while you are dreaming. 

8. A pride is a group of lions!

This fun fact is true but only if the group is of lionesses. So now the word ‘pride’ has more meaning than you realized.

9. Some fishes can cough!

This fun fact is true but on the contrary, it is biologically impossible for a fish to sneeze or cry.

10. The only fruit that bears fruit outside is strawberry!

Unlike normal fruits, you might not find the seeds of a strawberry inside them.

11. The heart of a shrimp is in its head!

The heart of the shrimp is located right below its head and they have an open circulatory system.

12. An average human blinks twenty times per minute!

Blinking fifteen to twenty times in a minute is the sign considered that you are alive.

13. Zero is the only number that cannot be represented as a roman numeral!

Although the ancient Greeks were completely aware of the concept of zero yet they did not include any zeros in their numeral system. Any thoughts on this?

14. Jellyfishes don’t have brains!

That is not all, other than a brain a jellyfish lacks a heart and lungs too. Fun fact turned out to be pretty shocking, isn't it?

15. Every odd number has an ‘e’ in it!

As strange as it might sound, it is true. You Can try it yourself whether it is three, seven, or fifty-five.

16. How many teeth does a Human have?

Ans: 32

This answer explains that humans have in total twenty primary teeth and thirty-two secondary/permanent teeth.

17. Which is the largest organ of our body?

Ans: Liver

The organ responsible for our chemical actions is actually the largest organ of our body. Who would have thought that?

18. How many breaths do we take on average in a day?

Ans: 23000

No matter if you are asleep or awake your lungs are working from am to pm and then back again. Continuing this fun fact by the age of 50 you have taken more than 400 million breaths.

19. How many bones does a shark have?

Ans: 0

Mammal or no mammal being boneless is one of the most shocking facts anyone could ever hear.

20. What was the name of the first-ever Disney princess?

Ans: Snow White

Snow White was Disney's first full-fledged princess movie released somewhat in the later 1900s.

21. Which is the largest big cat?

Ans: Tiger

The largest cat around is a tiger and the largest tiger is a Siberian tiger which can weigh over six hundred fifty pounds and its length can be measured up to ten feet.

22. Which planet has the shortest day?

Ans: Jupiter

Although it is the largest planet in our solar system, its rotation around the sun is the quickest of all. 

23. How many colors are present in a rainbow?

Ans: 7

The total colors displayed in a rainbow are seven and they are violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red (VIBBYOR).

24. What comes after a trillion?

Ans: Quadrillion

After a billion, a trillion is counted which is equal to a thousand billion. On the other hand, a thousand trillion are equal to a quadrillion. If you didn't know a quadrillion has fifteen zeroes. 

25. How many languages in total are recognized in India?

Ans: 22

We all know that India is a land of diversity and in such cases having various languages recognized nationally is both common and an achievement. According to this trivia, some languages under the total twenty-two are Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, etc. 

26. Which dry fruit is actually a seed?

Ans: Almond

It is true and another thing you might not know about almonds is that they are native to Iran yet are cultivated in large amounts in some other areas.

27. Which spice helps in mood stabilization?

Ans: Turmeric

Most commonly used in Asia, this spice is not only a flavoring agent but also has various herbal and medicinal properties.

28. Which is the oldest living tree species?

Ans: Ginkgo

As mentioned in the above trivia, it is one of the older living tree species. It is dated to be somewhat 250 million years old. But it is not alone there are also 150 million-year-old species called dawn redwood. Both of these were known through their fossils before they were found.

29. Name the largest flower in the world?

Ans: Puya raimondii

The stalk of this flower alone is recorded to thirty-five thousand feet tall. It is known to bear eight thousand flowers which are usually white.

30. Which vegetable acts as a sedative?

Ans: Onion

Onions contain antioxidants which also decreases cholesterol level and heart disease risk.

These are all the fun facts and trivia that are knowledgable as well as funny but that does not mean that we have to lock up our minds. 

It is time to gear up and ride the knowledge horses. No matter what our age is, we never stop learning and we should keep doing that till whenever possible. 

I hope you use the new facts and trivia you learned in your life one way or another.

Do like and share. Hope you had a happy nostalgic time.

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