30 Cool Kids Hairstyles For Girls That Any Parent Can Recreate

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Little girls are just like grown-up women. From watching & copying Cinderella, Snow White to style their dolls, girls always desire to be beauty queens. 

From early years, girls try to copy everything they see around. It can be kids hairstyles for girls, dressing styles, makeup & a never-ending list.

Hairstyles for Girls are very innovative these days. Numerous cute buns, loose ponytails, playful braids, frizzy curls, wavy hairdo, virtually anything which doesn’t seem to be messed up but looks sweet. 

A good & neat hairstyle along with hair accessories like bow, clips or hairband make girls look, princesses. Mothers out there looking for something that doesn’t appear over yet fantastic on their girls. 

They can go to school with braids or a small pony & they aren’t time-consuming also. While on occasions, they can go for loose hair with curls or some stylish bun & so on. The list of kids hairstyles for girls is ceaseless.

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Cool Kids Hairstyles For Girls

So are you looking for some amazing kids hairstyles for girls? If yes, then you’re surely in the right place. Let’s just plunge into this. Keep reading & scrolling!

1. Twisted Crown Braid

If you’re running out of time & want some stylish braids yet a decent hairstyle, you can try an easy twist instead. 

In this hairdo, you can go for a twist as an alternative to a crown braid. It’s definitely gonna give you an elegant look.

2. Pull Through Braid

This braid is honestly impressive & one of the easiest braids for mothers to try on their girls. You just have to simply tie the hair into a high ponytail & then split it up into two parts. 

Maintain those two parts with an elastic band & then grab the rest of the hair through the center. Try the same procedure altogether down.

3. Messy Braided Pony

Messy hairstyles for girls are perfect for every occasion. If you want something which looks cool & gives you relaxation, Messy ponytails are the go-to hairdo for girls. 

You can set a trend girl!!

4. Wired Braid

This is another one of the easiest kids hairstyles for girls out there. This looks a bit simple yet trendy. It can be done with any outfit. 

This hairdo can enhance your personality if you wear big wiry glasses.

5. Double Side Buns

This definitely going to give your kids a 'cute' look. Be it a woman or a girl child, buns are almost everyone's favorite. It’s less time-consuming & gives you a flawless & neat look. 

You can make it more beautiful by adding hair bands, fancy clips & so on.

6. Half Up-Do With Ribbon Braids

Cute little kids hairstyles for girls always engage some cute accessories like hair flowers, fancy clips, or colorful ribbons. 

You can just twirl a ribbon into your girl's braids, and there you go with a colorful yet elegant hairdo for occasions.

7. Half-Loop Braids

Little girls love their hair to be free from ties. Open hair can be styled in many ways. They should not look simple as always, so we can braid them as we want. 

The half-loop braids with open hair will surely give your kids a princess look. You can decorate it with a pretty little bow.

8. Middle Part Twisted Half Up

One of the easiest & quickest kids hairstyles for girls to do. You just have to curl or twist the front ends of your hair & fix them with stylish clips or bands. 

You can style this hairstyle with any dress on any occasion. You can see numerous Bollywood Actresses like Alia Bhatt, Parineeti Chopra, or Aishwarya Rai showing flaunting such hairstyles.

9. Side-Part Half-Up Pigtail Buns

This is one of the simplest ways to keep your little girl’s hair out of their face. They won't mess up while they play or study. 

You can simply decorate this hairdo with two bows and it can be styled with both long and short hair.

10. Section Segmented Pony

This hairdo is good for kids who have short hair. They look smart & neat at the same time. 

You just have to split up the top section into three parts & just tie each layer back to the other.

11. Middle Part Segmented Pigtail Buns

Little girls look adorable when it comes to messy buns. You just have to tie each column of hair with an elastic band & take it back to the section behind it. 

Tie it all wholly in a small, cute messy bun. And it's done!

12. Side Part French Braid Half Up

These kids hairstyles for girls can go with any hair length. This would look more glamorous no matter if the hair is straight or curly. 

The bow will make this hairdo look more decent.

13. Half Up Pig Tails

If you're looking for a less time-consuming & classy hairstyle for girls, this hairdo is everything. Simply fold two different pieces of hair on top of your daughter's head into messy buns. 

Bind some school bows or cute elastic bands & leave the rest of the hair open. And there you go!

14. Double Braid

If you're looking for something neat yet, classy, this hairdo is a perfect choice. It includes two side braids coming from a sort of French hairstyle for girls. 

This won't even mess up your kid's day-to-day activities though.

15. Minnie Mouse Hair Bow

This cute little bun can do wonders for your daughter's look. The steps are manageable. Also, it can be styled with any outfit & on any occasion. 

It won’t disturb the kids in their activities & they can spend all their day easily.

16. Simple Side-Of-The-Head Thin Braid

For occasions or casual hangouts, this hairstyle is the ideal choice. There are not too many efforts to be pursued. Just a single braid & the rest of the hair open. 

And ta-da, your girl is ready to slay.

17. Waterfall Braid Across The Forehead

One of the best things about this hairstyle is that it's very easy & effortless. You just have to make a thin braid on one side of the head. 

Then, pull portions of hair from the center of the forehead through the braid. Lastly, take the braid across the forehead.

18. The Ballerina Twirls

This may appear to you as some braids hairdo but these are not braids. You simply have to twist layers of hair & create a new trend for the summers. 

Mothers can recreate this easily on their daughters by just doing three little ponytails on top, twirl them around & around to join at the end. 

You can add a pretty bow to make it more beautiful.

19. Love Bug Braids

One of the most innovative & elegant kids hairstyles for girls. Two braids meeting at one point just like two souls meeting, this hairstyle says the volume of perfection & love.

20. Pony Hop Braid Style

This hairstyle is not only for girls but also for women out there who love experimenting with new hairdos. 

One of the easiest, smartest & effortless hairstyles for girls to slay.

21. Hello Kitty Hair Bow

This is another hairstyle for girls to make them look more creative and gorgeous. In this unique style, you have to create a pretty bow & here you go, your hairdo is ready!!

22. The Curly Shirly Hairdo

Curls always bring positive vibes on any occasion & with any outfit. Curly hairstyles for girls look beyond beautiful. For this hairdo, take two pieces of hair from both sides of the head & twist them tightly. 

Bind them together as you join them in the middle & curl the rest of the hanging hair with a curling machine.

23. The Triple Decker Braid

Next one of the pretty hairstyles for girls is the French braid. 

To get this awesomeness, style three different braids that start as French Braids then take off on their own & join in the middle. Add a bow, twist the portion that hangs downwards at the back.

This definitely gonna get you a smart & stunning look.

24. The 60s Style

This hairdo used to be the most famous & glamorous one for women who used to play roles on the stages in theatres in the 60s.

This is again in trend these days amongst little girls. To achieve this awesome look, you can add pretty hair bands at the center.

25. Braid Waterfall

Waves have been every girl’s crush. You can create this look using beautiful waves. 

This hairdo needs a braid, some waves & you're ready to rock the show!!

26. Charming High Ponytail

Another easiest & lovely hairstyle for girls out there! Kids love flaunting their high ponytails. 

Just plainly brush up all the hair & bind it with any colorful ribbon or elastic band, she's ready to roll!

27. Box Braids For Girls

Braid fanatics must try this hairstyle. The hair won't disturb your kids in their pastime though. You can decorate your braids with numerous accessories. 

This hairstyle is perfect for hangouts & birthday parties.

28. Short Hair Braid Style

This is a cute tiny three-strand pull-through braid that goes perfectly with all the outfits. You can recreate this hairstyle in just 5 minutes. 

Girls having short hair can style this hairdo on regular basis in schools also.

29. Crown Of Braids

This hairstyle would literally give a princess look to your daughters. The crown of braids will enhance the look. 

Not too time-consuming or a tough hairdo to do, so you can recreate it easily.

30. The Wrapped Pony

Ponytails have always been a trendsetter. This pony doesn't even need an elastic band to tie hair together. You can just wrap all the hair up with the help of your hair in place of a rubber band. 

It would give you a neat & sleek look. Celebrities like: Jacqueline Fernandez, Amy Jackson, or Ariana Grande are some of the best examples who love flaunting their ponytails.

So this concludes the list of kids hairstyles for girls that can be a game-changer. As long as outfits define your personality, so are your hairstyles.

This article sums up the most wanted & modern hairstyles for girls which are in trends. Kids & even women can recreate these hairdos on themselves. Be a Trendsetter & Rock the Show!

So, which one of these suits your little princess the best? Do share your views with us in the comment box.

Also, like and share with your friends and family. Happy Styling!

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