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Would you love to read books? Which book is best for you? In the article, there are 18 books for reading in English which will help you improve your English and knowledge also. The following books are amazing. 

When you read them, you feel fulfilled. The best knowledge-provider books are here. You can't miss them. At least you should read it once. You will get all about that. Check out the following books for reading in English from the article below.

Reading is one of the most interesting and effective ways to help you improve your English language skills. It can help you expand your vocabulary and expose you to different sentence structures, while you enjoy some wonderful stories.

1. Lord of the Flies (Golding William)

Lord of the Flies (Golding William) | Books For Reading In English

The Lord of the Flies represents a perfect metaphor for men. When a group of young English schoolchildren gets stuck on a deserted coral island when their plane crashes, Initially, everyone cooperates with each other, but soon things turn into nightmares and nightmares of death. Initially, a leader was appointed to guide the children in their efforts to be cultured and to assign daily tasks to the children. 

But when children have a great power struggle and the whole concept of the perfect world collapses before their eyes and they can experience a world that is primitive, cruel, and brutal. These books are for reading in English.

2. The Giver (Lois Lowry)

The people of The Community never thought they lacked anything. Life is perfect for them, and they have no desire. Each family unit is allowed to have one male child and one female child, and each member of this community is selected by their Business Parents Committee. It looks like nothing can go wrong with them. 

However, when twelve-year-old Jonas is chosen as the memory receiver in The Ceremony, there are many changes in his life that seem very strange to him. There’s something very important to his community that has been missing for so long, and Jonas and The Giver are out to find out what it is. 

This book is written in a simple and clear manner and will touch the hearts of many readers. Do you want Books for reading in English, so this one for you?

3. Rich Dad Poor Dad (Kiyosaki Robert)

Rich Dad Poor Dad Quotes

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a book written by Robert Kiyosaki that focuses on financial literacy, financial independence, wealth creation by investing in financial assets and increasing one's financial intelligence.

The author presents six essential lessons through this book, which are: working for rich money, the importance of financial literacy, considering your own business, taxes and corporations, rich people finding money and needing to work to learn and no money for it.

4. Think and Grow Rich (Hill Napoleon)

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill | Self-Improvement Books

This book describes actionable techniques that anyone can use to get rich. In many places, the author has used short stories and illustrations to help explain the concept in an interesting way. 

Think and Grow Rich teaches not only concepts but also methods. The author has put this book together after interviewing many successful and wealthy people. In doing so, he learned what they all have in common and what their path to success is. Do you want to buy books for reading in English? So this book is for you.

5. The Blue Umbrella (Bond Ruskin)

The Blue Umbrella (Bond Ruskin) | Books For Reading In English

Blue Umbrella is a novel set in a mountainous region. The story is about a little girl named Binya, who was enchanted by the beautiful blue umbrella of one of them when she landed on a group of picnickers. 

Coincidentally, one of the women in the group likes Binya's leopard paw necklace and offers to buy it from her. When Binya Denials, she is asked to choose anything she likes in return, and she chooses a blue umbrella. After much pleading, the woman agrees to her wish and Binya becomes the proud owner of the umbrella. 

Do you want to buy books for reading in English? So this book is for you.

6. Attitude Is Everything (Keller Jeff)

Attitude determines our height, and when we change our outlook, we change our lives. Attitude is everything; alter your outlook. Change your life is a successful guide that plans to take control of your life and unleash unused potential. 

There are 12 lessons in this book that cover a wide range of topics such as paving one's way, building self-commitment, overcoming fear, etc. Do you want to buy books for reading in English? So this book is for you.

7. Believe in Yourself (Murphy Joseph)

Dr. Murphy's Believe in Yourself is a book that shows you how the power of self-belief can help you succeed. This is emphasized by a healthy dose of amazing stories about how inventors, writers, artists, and entrepreneurs have used this power to reach the highest heights in their respective fields. 

It explains how you can handle the subconscious mind using faith unless you develop a subjective compulsion to succeed. This book is the best for reading in English. Check all the books for reading in English before you buy them.

8. Wings of Fire (Tiwari Arun)

Wings of Fire (Tiwari Arun) | Books For Reading In English

The Wings of Fire by the late Abdul Kalam is one of the most inspiring and popular autobiographies to read. In this book, the former president shared his personal experiences and minimal details of his life. 

Do you want to buy books for reading in English? So this book is for you.

9. The Old Man and the Sea (Hemingway Ernest)

 The Old Man and the Sea describe the life of a fisherman named Mantyaro, the protagonist. He has not been able to catch fish for 84 days. He is considered by the people around him to be the worst form of misfortune. 

A young boy named Manolin enters Santiago's life. He has been forced by his parents to learn boating and fishing from any fisherman other than Santiago. But the boy insists on learning fishing from Santiago. They develop a warm relationship and talk about many things each day. 

Manolin takes good care of the old man and stays with him until an amazing event happens to him. Do you want to buy books for reading in English? So this book is for you.

10. Alchemist (Paulo Coelho)

Alchemist (Paulo Coelho) | Books For Reading In English

The Andalusian shepherd boy, Santiago, is seen wandering around the world in search of worldly treasures, different from others. The discovery of Santiago takes him to the magical desert of Egypt, where he meets an alchemist. 

Is Santiago the alchemist he was looking for or is he there to prevent Santiago from completing his quest? Well, you have to read The Alchemist to find out. Check all the books for reading in English before you buy them.

11. The power of your subconscious mind (Dr. Murphy Joseph)

The power of your subconscious mind is a powerful guide for those who are looking for love, happiness, and inner strength. This book will teach you how to use visualization and other techniques to influence your unconscious behavior in a positive light. 

According to Dr. Joseph Murphy, imagination is the power that inspires your subconscious mind to suggest ideas and say what you want. Another important lesson you can learn from this book is about sleep. When in doubt, take a nap. 

This book teaches you to believe in wishing others well because jealousy will prevent you from getting what you want. Do you want to buy books for reading in English? So this book is for you.

12. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Rowling J.K.)

JK Rowling Books, Best Sellers, Harry Potter Series, JK Rowling, Best Books, Fantasy books, books by JK Rowling, JK Rowling Harry Potter
JK Rowling Books

After using his magical powers all his life, when he is accepted to go to Hogwarts, Harry finally feels like a normal child. He was the boy who survived: the only person who survived the curse of the evil Lord Voldemort, who had begun the brutal conquest of the wizarding world, only to disappear after failing to kill Harry. 

The first in a series of Harry Potter books, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is full of sympathetic characters and wild fantasy situations. This book sets the stage for many high-level adventures. Check all the books for reading in English before you buy them.

13. Pride And Prejudice (Jane Austen)

Elizabeth is an intelligent woman who has four beautiful sisters. Her mother only wants her daughters to marry rich and prestigious men. Elizabeth meets the proud Darcy at a party taking place near her home. Her first thought about him is that he is stupid and so he decides she has nothing to do with him. 

However, they talk, and as time goes on, it is noticed that each of them has started to grow more and more tolerant of each other. The story reveals a lot about the society of the period in which the story is told. Do you want to buy books for reading in English? So this book is for you.

14. The Lord of the Rings (Tolkien J. R. R.)

The Lord of the Rings (Tolkien J. R. R.) | Books For Reading In English

Long ago, in Eregion, the elves made a ring of power. Three they kept for themselves, to protect their shelters. Seven he gave to the dwarfs so that they could use that power to the world as they wished. Nine, alas, those nine people he trusted in the hands of the Kings of Men, that they would be safe, are worth believing. 

He believed that there were no more rings. He believed that the supernatural intelligence that led him to make the rings was one of them. Check all the books for reading in English before you buy them.

15. Nineteen Eighty-Four (Orwell George)

Who controls the past: Who controls the future? Hidden in the records department of the Truth Ministry, Winston Smith Efficiently rewrites the past to meet the needs of the party. 

Yet he inwardly rebels against the tyrannical world in which he lives, which demands complete obedience and is controlled by binoculars appearing everywhere and through the watchful eye of Big Brother, the party's symbolic leader. While craving truth and freedom, Smith began a secret love affair with co-worker Julia but soon realized that the real price of freedom was a betrayal. 

Collectible general reader editions of the best ideas in English from the eighteenth century until the end of World War II. Check all the books for reading in English before you buy them.

16. The Secret (Byrne Rhonda)

The Secret (Byrne Rhonda) | Books For Reading In English

Like all of us, author Rhonda Byrne has had a difficult time. And, there was one such test phase in Ronda's life when her father passed away. Although Ronda was initially depressed, she used the rules of attraction to the best of her ability to overcome her grief and achieve a happy life. 

In The Secret, she tries to introduce readers to the same laws that have shaped her, as well as the lives of some great men and women. Do you want to buy books for reading in English? So this book is for you.

17. The Fault in Our Stars (Green John)

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The Fault In Our Stars | Most Beautiful Book To Movie Adaptations

John Green's The Fault in Our Stars is one of the most popular young adult fantasy books to read. It is a touching story about the lives of two teenage children with cancer. Hazel is a 16-year-old girl with a diagnosis of thyroid cancer. 

The Fault In Our Stars Quotes

She is sent to the Cancer Support Society to cope with her illness where she meets Augustus Waters, a cancer survivor. They share a love that takes them through an unforgettable journey that becomes the main part of the story. Do you want to buy books for reading in English? So this book is for you.

18. Charlotte's Web (White E. B.)

Charlotte's Web (White E. B.) | Books For Reading In English

From the grammar to the tenderness in which this story is told, E. B. White's writing is so perfect and Garth William's silent pictures are completely flawless. Read aloud or alone, this is a book that deserves a "classic" quality. '- Children's Book Review A touching, humorous story of a pig, a spider, and a little girl. 

Fern has already saved Wilbur's pig's life, but when he is sold to his uncle, he realizes that his life is in danger. Do you want to buy books for reading in English? So this book is for you

I hope you have read this article, so which book would you like to read? Let us know in the comment box. If anyone wants to read books to improve their English, you must share this article with them. Don't forget to like this list of books for reading in English.

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