25 Simple Shayaris Which You Can Learn And Use In Various Situations

Main Shayar, Zindagi meri Shayari!

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Looking for simple shayaris in hindi? Here are the best shayaris that you can learn and use in various situations. Give it a good read and see what you like.

The biggest achievement of life is not about climbing up the ladder, but learning and counting each step wisely. Life is a full package of sarcasm and shayaris. We have been learning so much from childhood, that it’s nearly impossible to explain all those lessons about life in short. 

Maybe that’s why shayaris exist. Precise and apt, shayaris are those two or more than two-lined sentences that carry significant remarks on life. It’s a wrong idea that shayaris are only associated with love and romance. 

No, shayaris are the mirror of life, portraying the primary lessons and values of life in the most beautiful way-just like a flower vase holds all the flowers. 

Below are the best simple shayaris that are great for learning and also can use them in any situation. Go through these shayaris and grasp them all with your brain and mind.

1. “Choom Lo Har Mushkil Ko Apna Maan Kar, Kyunki Zindagi Kaisi Bhi Hai...Hai To Apni Hi”

Simple Shayaris

Don't you accept and flaunt your flaws? Just the way you embrace your positive sides? We should apply the same rule when it comes to your problems too. Problems are parts and parcel of life. That’s how life is, no matter if it’s good or bad- in the end, it’s your life and you should accept it.

2. “Acche kitaab aur acche log durant samajh mein nahi aate, unhe parna padta hai”

This is a simple Shayari but has a lot of depth. Good people, good books are not so easily accessible, nor are they easily understood. Good things don’t come with a tag or polish, it needs time to be recognized.

3. “Dusro ke bare me utna hi bolo, jitna khud k barame sun sako”

Simple Shayaris

Don’t be stuck in conversations that bring out nothing but only negativity. Maybe a simple Shayari, but this is so relatable to our daily life. Everyone has positive and negative sides, imagine how it would be if we hear bad things about ourselves from others. So, behave accordingly.

4. “Manzil milegi, bhatak kar hi sahi, Gumrah to woh hai, Jo ghar se nikle nahin”

Being stuck in the same place with fear can only culminate in failure. The person who has stepped out will find his destination, even if he gets lost in mazes. The one who works hard will always achieve success, but someone can’t find his way without any trials of ups and downs.

5. “Shikshak kabhi bekar nahi jati hai, Mehnat ko roti kamana sikhati hai”

Simple Shayaris

Illustrating a common misunderstanding that most of us hold, this simple Shayari stuns us with a different picture. Many people think that education is a waste if it fails to bring jobs. But truly, is education only about certificates?

Education makes a person wise, uplifts him to a complete human being, and teaches him the real meaning of life. One can easily earn bread with hard work, motivation, and sheer determination- all of those which can be only achieved with education.

6. “Har kisi ko khush karna, Shayad hamare bas mein na ho, Lekin kisi ko hamari wajah se dukh na pahuch jaye toh hamare bas mein hai”

We can’t please everyone or make them happy. We can be unsuccessful in achieving that goal, but we can make sure that we don’t hurt anyone knowingly with our words or actions. Sometimes we get a deep insight into life with simple Shayari like this, which is great for learning.

7. “Jo gir kar sambhal jata hai, wo aksar zindagi ko samajh jata hai”

Simple Shayaris

Life is not a bed of roses, there are ups and downs, pain and pleasure. There’s no worry If you’re strong enough to handle failure efficiently. You have understood life and must have accepted it gladly. This simple Shayari describes how one should treat miseries as a part of life.

8. “Simple log hi life mein maje lete hai, chalak log base uljhe rehte hain”

We often think that being cunning or clever is a huge achievement or a smart thing. But in reality, it doesn’t count. Simple people enjoy life blissfully, without analyzing much. But clever people are always conscious about life, they keep measuring life in profit and loss, in which ways they can avoid failure or any kind of loss. Clever people are always confused, just as said in this simple Shayari, they miss out on the main journey of life. 

9. “Muskurate chehre, raaj gehre”

No person can put on a forever smiling face. A person can only forcibly smile - either to hide some mystery or pain. Even on many occasions, as mentioned in this simple Shayari, many wicked people try to maintain an image or hide their real face by putting up a fake smile.

10. “Galti neem ki nahi, ki wo kadwa hai, khugarji jeev ki hai ki, use meetha pasand hai”

Simple Shayaris

Tongue receptors are sensitive to taste. It’s fond of sweet taste and dislikes anything bitter. But we can’t judge anything based on taste, neem is beneficial to health. We should use this simple Shayari in our daily life also, by taking the good things that may lack that appeal and spark, but serve on a long-term basis. 

11. “Bura waqt bhi, kamal ka hota hai, janab, Ji Ji kehne wale bhi, Tu Tu kehne lagte hai”

People are best recognized during bad times. All can enjoy and share happy moments, but it’s in low times not many are there beside us. Even the person who was respecting you yesterday will not think twice to insult you.

12. “Jhooti baatein, par jo karenge, wahi log apko tabah karenge”

Simple Shayaris

Fake people fake behavior. All those who can compliment you even in false/wrong things, are sure to destroy you or spoil you. Those who care about you will always stand for the right thing and deny what is not right. They will shape you and make your life better with love and authority.

13. “Duniya ko aksar wo log badal dete hai, jinhe duniya kuch karne layek nhi samajhti”

This simple Shayari is a true reality. Our society has weird standards for considering someone as a genius or world changer. Those people who have achieved or did something ‘out of the blue’ were never recognized or were never expected to rise above the common.

14. “Aadhe se kuch jyada hai, pure se kuch kam, kuch zindagi, kuch gum, kuch ishq aur, kuch hum”

Simple Shayaris

The parts and parcels of life comprise many things. Nothing is too much of quantity, but nothing less too. You have happiness, sadness, love, and a bit of yourself in every phase of life. And the only thing that you can call your’s is your life, you, your essence that makes your life complete.

15. “Libas kitna bhi kimti ho, ghatia kirdar ko chupa nai sakta”

Simple Shayaris

Expensive clothes cannot hide your bad character. It’s what you have inside that is expressed outside. Your clothes or any external mask can never hide the darkness of the sins that you have committed. This simple Shayari strikes us beautifully about the truth that all can relate to.

16. “Jin paudha ki parvarish chao mein hota hai, woh aksar kamzor hota hai, ur jin paudha ki parvarish dhoop mein hota hai, woh har mausam ko jhel leta hai” 

One can never learn life in comfort and luxury, it only makes him/her weak. The person who has gone through a set of trials and failures will come out victorious, no matter how worse the situation is. There’s a lot that can be learned from this simple Shayari, one should stay strong throughout his life.

17. “Kisi ne pucha gussa kya hai, maine muskura kar kaha, dusron ki galtiyon ki saza khud ko dena”

Simple Shayaris

So apt and precise explanation. Getting angry is nothing but disturbing your mental state for someone else’s mistake. People generally get angry for someone else’s fault, but the best way it should be dealt with is by ignoring/avoiding or not getting bothered by it.

18. “Waqt ke saath sab kuch badal jata hai, log bhi, rishte bhi, ehsaas bhi aur kabhi kabhi, hum khud bhi.”

Change is the only constant thing in this whole universe. There are different phases of life, different situations that keep us changing. People, relationships, and sometimes in this changing cycle, we too change. 

19. “Kisi ne pucha is duniya mein aapka apna kon hai, maine haskar kaha waqt agar accha hai toh sab apne, warna koi nahi”

Simple Shayaris

This simple Shayari is quite similar to a previously mentioned one, it stresses the fact that all people will stay with you during your good times, as long as they feel happy. But tough situations, ups, and downs reveal who can be claimed as our own. Not many people stay beside us during our bad times.

20. “Zindagi sasti hai sahab, jeene ke tarike mehenge hai”

Simple Shayaris

Correct, life is not expensive. Lifestyle gets expensive, the way we view our life comes with a heavy price tag. Ask yourself, can’t you live with non-branded clothes? 

Can’t you live without those outings in 5-star restaurants and resorts? You know the answer better.

21. “Kamal karte hai humse jalne wale, mehfil khud ki, charche hamare”

Simple Shayaris

People behave unpredictably. Isn’t it strange that people who envy us, dislike us are always busy talking about us? 

Those people should have been busy complimenting or praising themselves and instead of that they just do the opposite.

22. “Sochne se kaha milta hai tamannaon ke sheher, chalna bhi zaroori hai, manzil pane ke liye”

Simple Shayaris

Overthinking is a disease that hinders the ability to walk or work. Are thoughts enough to make your dreams true? 

You need to work hard to go ahead in life and reach your destination. Thinking can never bring results, this simple Shayari explains a brimming truth in the most poetic way.

23. “Samandar mein fanna hona toh kismat ki kahani hai, jo martey hain kinare pe, mujhe dukh unpe hota hai”

Simple Shayaris

We never know how we will die. If we die amidst the sea while sailing- it’s an ill-fated demise. But how sad and pitiful it is to witness someone dying at the shore?

The one who hasn’t fought for his dreams, goals and hasn’t accomplished anything has the most pathetic death. They miss out on the main journey of life.

24. “Ghaas par khelta hai ek baccha, paas maa baithi muskurati hai…mujh ko hairat jaane kyun duniya, kaaba aur somnath jaati hai”

Simple Shayaris

There’s nothing superior to a mother’s love. Nothing is purer and holy than the beauty of a mother spending time with her child. But it’s astonishing how people visit sacred or virtuous places to offer their sacred services to God because loving and spending time with their mother is the greatest of all.

25. “Zindagi ki uljhanon ne hamaari sharaaratein kam kardi, aur log samajhne lage ki hum samajhdaar ho gaye”

Simple Shayaris

On the battlefield of life, the child inside us dies. As we walk life with years of experience, we gain maturity and wisdom but lose innocence and simplicity. We don’t get to feel that childishness within us, nor do we feed it with any sort of joy or little things. 

We can add years to our age but killing joys, dreams, and being childless is not compulsory. In short, this simple Shayari is telling you to grow old, but not to grow old.

So that’s the end. We hope that you liked all these simple shayaris. You can use them anywhere, all are relatable to our daily life, and along with that, you learn about life. Instead of describing or advising someone with long deep lectures, use these shayaris instead. 

All of them will be impressed with your store of knowledge and collection of shayaris. People may think that you are great at it! 

Like and share these beautiful simple Shayaris with others and comment down your personal favorite. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter. 

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