40 Shayaris On Life That Will Touch Your Soul

Main Shayar Toh Nahi!

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Shayaris are used a lot in day-to-day lives. Shayari is a set of words that are arranged in poetic order to express one’s feelings or emotions. Shayari is used back from ancient times by the Mughals. 

They are basically forms of poems in Urdu and the people who do Shayari are called “Shayar”. There are some programs kept where people come and perform their shayaris when they are invited to do so. 

The audience listens to this poem and they say words like Waah which means Bravo to admire the Shayars. This whole setup is called Mushaira.

Some shayaris are used by motivational speakers to give motivation while some shayaris are done by our parents to taunt us and some that we use to confess our feelings to our loved ones. They can help to create an impact in the conversation and can help to influence one’s mind as well. 

They can catch anyone's attention even if they are not paying some. One Shayari can create an impact throughout your life. People say that love has no language but in order to express love, the best language can be the language of the Shayari.

Our lives are the most precious thing we have and here is the list of the top and best shayaris on life that one should read:

1. जब फैसला आसमान वाले का होता है,
तब कोई बकालत जमीन वाले की नही होती है।

Best Shayaris On Life

This is the first one on the list of best shayaris on life. It is a beautiful Shayari that will help you realize that there are some decisions taken by God that cannot be changed or controlled by anyone.

2. हर किसी को जिंदगी दो तरीके से जीना चाहिये,
पहला जो हासिल है उसे पसन्द करना सीख लो,
और दूसरा पसन्द है उसे हासिल करना सीख लो।

This best Shayari on life tells us that it is very important to appreciate the things that we have achieved in life and to work hard further for other dreams. 

3. रिश्तो के बाजार में रिश्तो को कुछ
इस तरह सजाया जाता है,
ऊपर से तो बहुत अच्छा दिखाया जाता है,
पर अंदर न जाने क्या क्या मिलाया जाता है।

Best Shayaris On Life

Relationships with people play an important part in your life but nowadays they have started becoming empty from inside but shown as a strong bond in front of the world. This Shayari is a must to be read every day.

4. आज कल नज़रो से भी चोट लगा करती है,
जब नज़रे देख कर भी अनदेखा कर दिया करती है।

There is no need to use weapons to hurt someone now nor are the requirements of words necessary. This best Shayari on life describes how sometimes being ignored by someone close to you can hurt you.

5. हम तो अक्सर सारे गमो को हँस कर गले लगा लेते है,
क्योंकि जिंदगी हमारी ही है इसे हम खुल कर जी लेते है। 

Best Shayaris On Life

If you are really upset about something then this Shayari is for you. Everyone has their own problems, the difference lies in the way you take them.

6. जिंदगी देने वाले, मरता छोड़ गये,
अपनापन जताने वाले तन्हा छोड़ गये,
जब पड़ी जरूरत हमें अपने हमसफर की,
वो जो साथ चलने वाले रास्ता मोड़ गये।

Best Shayaris On Life

This best Shayari on life tells us that it is essential to realize that no one is permanent in your life except you. There will be times when the people whom you need the most will leave you and this Shayari gives you a dose of that.

7. छोटे से दिल में गम बहुत है,
जिन्दगी में मिले जख्म बहुत हैं,
मार ही डालती कब की ये दुनियाँ हमें,
कम्बखत दोस्तों की दुआओं में दम बहुत है।

Happy Friendship day is nice but have you tried sending this Shayari to your friends? Life allows you to choose your own friends and we must be grateful for them every time.

8. ज़मीं पर रह कर आसमां
को छूने की फितरत है मेरी,
पर गिरा कर किसी को,
ऊपर उठने का शौक़ नहीं मुझे।

Best Shayaris On Life

Always try to touch the sky with your own efforts and work hard every single day. But, make sure you don’t throw others down to move ahead. There is a huge difference in both.

9. मैंने जिन्दगी से पूछा..
सबको इतना दर्द क्यों देती हो..??
जिन्दगी ने हंसकर जवाब दिया..
मैं तो सबको ख़ुशी ही देती हुँ..
पर एक की ख़ुशी दुसरे का दर्द बन जाती है।

This best Shayari on life tells us that every situation is not the same for everyone. If something makes you happy it can make someone sad. This Shayari is a must to know how the world works and we can’t do anything apart from accepting it.

10. क्यूँकि रिश्तों में विश्वास,
और मोबाईल में नेटवर्क ना हो,
तो लोग Game खेलना शुरू कर देते हैं।

This best Shayari on life talks about the harsh reality of the present time by giving the metaphor of technology. We play games when there is no internet connection which is similar to what people do when there is no trust in a relationship.

11. हँसी आपकी कोई चुरा ना पाये,
आपको कभी कोई रुला ना पाये,
खुशियों का दीप ऐसे जले ज़िंदगी में..
कि कोई तूफ़ान भी उसे बुझा ना पाये।

Best Shayaris On Life

This is one of the shayaris which is sent as a good morning message by many of the elders in the family groups wishing everyone a happy life to everyone, which is nice because we should wish good for everyone.

12. जिस दिन बंद कर ली हमने आंखें,
कई आँखों से उस दिन आंसु बरसेंगे,
जो कहते हैं के बहुत तंग करते है हम,
वही हमारी एक शरारत को तरसेंगे।

This best Shayari on life tells us that it is very important to realize the importance of any person at the very moment and acknowledge it. Because once they are gone then it will be too late to cry. 

13. जाने क्या मुझसे ज़माना चाहता है,
मेरा दिल तोड़कर मुझे ही हसाना चाहता है,
जाने क्या बात झलकती है मेरे इस चेहरे से,
हर शख्स मुझे आज़माना चाहता है।

This best Shayari on life talks about how people truly are. They will break your heart and then expect you to smile. It’s in their trait to keep challenging you but you have to stay strong and face it.

14. दुनियां के रैन बसेरे में..
पता नही कितने दिन रहना है,
जीत लें सबके दिलों को..
बस यही जीवन का गहना है।

Best Shayaris On Life

We don’t know how many days are left for us to live. Instead of fighting and breaking bonds, all we can do is try to win everyone’s heart.

15. हाथ में टच फ़ोन, बस स्टेटस के लिये अच्छा है,
सबके टच में रहो, ज़िन्दगी के लिये ज्यादा अच्छा है।

In todays’ time, people are so busy with their phones that they don’t have time to talk to people and their family members. The device invented to socialize has made all of us anti-social.

16. एक पहचान हज़ारो दोस्त बना देती हैं,
एक मुस्कान हज़ारो गम भुला देती हैं,
ज़िंदगी के सफ़र मे संभाल कर चलना,
एक ग़लती हज़ारो सपने जला कर राख बना देती है।

Even a single mistake can create a very big impact and no one can explain it better than this Shayari. Even one small mistake can shatter all your dreams so think before every action.

17. कहने वालों का कुछ नहीं जाता,
सहने वाले कमाल करते हैं,
कौन ढूंढें जवाब दर्दों के,
लोग तो बस सवाल करते हैं।

Best Shayaris On Life

'Easier said than done”. It is always easy to say that they can do this, do that, but it actually becomes really difficult when a situation comes in front of them. People don’t like to know the reason behind pain, all they know is to question.

18. इस दिल को किसी की आस रहती है,
निगाहों को किसी सूरत की प्यास रहती है,
तेरे बिना किसी चीज़ की कमी तो नही,
पर तेरे बेगैर जिन्दगी बड़ी उदास रहती है।

If you want to appreciate someone then do it now by sending that person this Shayari. This is your time, otherwise, it can be too late to regret then.

19,खामोश बैठें तो लोग कहते हैं
उदासी अच्छी नहीं,
ज़रा सा हँस लें तो
मुस्कुराने की वजह पूछ लेते हैं।

I don’t understand what is wrong with people? They can’t see someone silent but if they see someone smiling then they want to know the reason behind the smile. This Shayari is for those people.

20. कागज़ की कश्ती से पार जाने की ना सोच,
चलते हुए तुफानो को हाथ में लाने की ना सोच,
दुनिया बड़ी बेदर्द है, इस से खिलवाड़ ना कर,
जहाँ तक मुनासिब हो, दिल बचाने की सोच।

Best Shayaris On Life

Don’t try to play with things that can be difficult once they come in front of you. Always try to protect yourself in this selfish world. Save your heart. It is truly one of the best Shayaris on life.

21. इस उम्मीद से मत फिसलो,
कि तुम्हें कोई उठा लेगा,
सोच कर मत डूबो दरिया में,
कि तुम्हें कोई बचा लेगा
ये दुनिया तो एक अड्डा है,
तमाशबीनों का दोस्तों
गर देखा तुम्हें मुसीबत में तो,
यहां हर कोई मज़ा लेगा।

This best Shayari on life tells us that we don’t have to expect too much from this cruel world. The people here are very selfish. No one’s going to help you when you are in trouble. They are just entertaining themselves by looking at you.

22. अपनी जिंदगी के अलग असूल हैं,
यार की खातिर तो कांटे भी कबूल हैं।

Best Shayaris On Life

23. हंस कर चल दूं कांच के टुकड़ों पर भी,
अगर यार कहे, यह मेरे बिछाए हुए फूल हैं।

Best Shayaris On Life

Friendship is so important in life and how important it is to admire your friends. This Shayari gives a description of how one should happily face all the challenges for your friendship.

24. अगर बिकने पे आ जाओ तो
घट जाते हैं दाम अक़सर,
न बिकने का इरादा हो
तो क़ीमत और बढ़ती है।

Best Shayaris On Life

There is so much value in self-worth. You have to realize your self-worth. The more easily you are available the less will be your value. Never be always available. It is indeed one of the best shayaris on life.

25. बहुत कमाल के होते है कुछ लोग भी हमारी ज़िन्दगी में,
जिनके साथ हम दुनिया भूल जाते है।

This best Shayari on life tells us that there are some people in our life who can make us happy all the time. No matter how upset we are, they always help us forget all the problems. This Shayari is an appreciation for them.

26. बड़े अजीब दुनिया के मेले हैं,
दिखती तो भीड़ है, पर चलते सब अकेले है।

Don’t think that people have so many friends and so many good relations, it’s just an illusion. Everyone is all alone in the end living for themselves. It is truly one of the best shayaris on life.

27. वक़्त नूर को वे नूर कर देता है,
छोटे से जख्म को नासुर कर देता है;
कौन चाहता है अपनो से जुदा होना,
पर वक़्त सब को मजबूर कर देता है।

Best Shayaris On Life

This best Shayari on life describes what time actually is. The smallest of the hurt can hurt a lot with time. It can make us separate from people without our consent.

28. शोर करते रहो तुम सुर्खियों में आने का,
हमारी तो ख़ामोशिया भी एक अखबार है।

Silence is the best answer. There Is so much power in silence. People keep on trying to be famous and be in the news, but our silence itself is a newspaper.

29. फूंक मारकर हम दिए को बुझा सकते है पर अगरबत्ती को नहीं,
क्योंकि जो महकता है उसे कौन बुझा सकता है…और जो जलता है वह खुद बुझ जाता है।

This best shayari on life states how jealousy can affect you. By being jealous you are harming yourself because the ones who are happy with themselves cannot be affected.

30. गलती अगर एक बार की जाए तो अनुभव बन जाती है
और अगर एक ही ग़लती अगर बार बार की जाए तो गुनाह बन जाती है।

Best Shayaris On Life

Mistakes are an essential part of life. We learn from our mistakes and it is totally fine to make mistakes. But if you keep on repeating the same mistake then it is a crime.

31. पीठ हमेशा मजबूत रखनी चाहिए
क्यूँकि शाबासी और धोखा दोनों पीछे से ही मिलते हैं।

It is very essential to keep yourself strong as stated in this Shayari by giving the metaphor of our back because we never know what can be painful betrayal or congratulations.

32. रिश्तो में निखार सिर्फ हाथ मिलाने से नहीं आता,
विपरीत हालातो में भी हाथ थामे रहने से आता हैं।

If you have a relationship with someone then it is very essential that you hold his/her hand during tough times. Not just shaking hands with the other person makes a bond.

33. ज़िन्दगी शायद इसी का नाम है:

Best Shayaris On Life

Life is all about three things, that are: distance, helplessness, and loneliness and nothing can better state this than this Shayari.

34. जो भूल चुका है तुम्हे
वो भी याद करेगा
बस उसके मतलब के दिन आने दो।

People will only remember you when they have some work from you or they need your help otherwise they don’t know you. So just focus on yourself.

35. शेर खुद अपनी ताकत से राजा कहलाता है
जंगल में चुनाव नहीं होते।

This best Shayari on life tells us that in order to be the best, you have to work hard yourself. It doesn’t matter if you have lots of people in your favor, in the end, your strength is going to define you.

36. रिश्ता दिल में होना चाहिए
शब्दों में नहीं और
नाराज़गी शब्दों में होनी चाहिए
दिल में नहीं।

Best Shayaris On Life

When you have a love for someone it should be from your heart and not just in your words. Even the fakest of people can be nice with words. You should not be upset with anyone from your heart.

37. तू छोड़ दे कोशिशे इंसानो के पहचानने की
यहाँ ज़रूरतों के हिसाब से सब बदलते नकाब है
अपने गुनाहो पर सौ परदे डालकर
हर सख्श कहता है
ज़माना बड़ा ख़राब है।

Best Shayaris On Life

This best Shayari on life asks us to stop trying to understand people. Those efforts are not worth it. People are very selfish; they change with time. They just know how to blame others and can never talk about themselves.

38. में कल को तलाशता रहा दिनभर
और शाम होते होते
मेरा आज डूब गया।

Best Shayaris On Life

Again, this Shayari talks about the importance of living and working in the present instead of worrying about the future. It is one of the best shayaris on life. 

39. अपनी कमजोरियां उन्ही लोगों को बताइये,
जो हर हाल में आपके साथ मजबूती से खड़े होना जानते है।

Best Shayaris On Life

It is very necessary for you to realize to whom you should tell your weakness. People are used to taking undue advantage of one’s weaknesses. Tell your weakness to the people you love.

40. किसी ने क्या खूब लिखा है:
कल न हम होंगे न गिला होगा,
सिर्फ सिमटी हुई यादों का सिललिसा होगा,
जो लम्हे हैं चलो हंसकर बिता लें,
जाने कल जिंदगी का क्या फैसला होगा।

Best Shayaris On Life

You have to live in the moment. Stop worrying about the future and start enjoying your today. Once we are gone there would be nothing left except some bunch of beautiful memories.

Shayaris are an important part of life as they can change anyone’s life. Read this list of the best shayaris on life and apply them in your life and tell me which Shayari helped you the most. 

Do like and share this list of best Shayaris on Life with your friends and family to make them feel special.

If you are a Shayar or a Shayara, feel free to share your composition in the comment box below. IRSHAAD!

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