35 Short Stories For Kids To Develop Their Moral Character

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Stories are one’s imagination directed in written or picturized in a movie to influence others. There are different types of stories dramatic, romantic, sad, patriotic, some biopic of a celebrity or moral stories. Kids get most influenced by stories they relate themselves with a character and through their imagination create their fantasy and even learn new things.

Kids' favorite bedtime activity is listening to a story, so being a parent it becomes difficult to bring a new story every day for their kids and also the story through their kid easily understand and get something new from it.

So, here a content for all those parents, 35 short stories for kids which will enhance your kid’s imagination and also give them a moral lesson too.

1# Frog and Turtle

Frog and Turtle | Short Stories For Kids

The most common and all-time best learning short story for kids is this one which tells them that hard work always pays, you just have to keep patience and believe yourself, must read this definitely, kids will understand and would gain something.

2# Single and 4 Stick Story

Single and 4 Stick Story | Short Stories For Kids

Single and 4 Stick Story is one of the most famous short stories for kids.

This is the one where an old man gives a lesson to his sons the power of being united, firstly he gave one stick to each of his sons which they easily break than he gave a stack of 4 sticks which they were not able to break so this tells us the unity is everyone’s strength.

3# The Lion and The Mouse

Short Stories In English With Moral

This short story for kids teaches that good deeds indirectly come back to you in a much larger way. That they should help others and should make good relations to go on a long run

4# The boy who cried wolf

Short Stories In English With Moral

Another short story for the kid is this one where a boy pranks the people first and then when actually he needs the help no one was there to help him. This story gives a moral that trust is the most important weapon, don’t break that and we should never lie.

5# The fox and the swan

In this short story for kids, tell the true means of friendship. It also tells that friendship should not contain a selfish point in it. Karma always comes back it tells your kids to always do good.

6# Shakechilli

It is a story of an Indian boy who was always in his dreams and used to imagine a world that would never happen. Similarly, he lost everything because of over ingenuity. So this says that we should lie in present, not in the future.

7# The crow and the fox

Another one in the list of short stories for kids is The crow and the fox, in which the fox with his cleverness fills his stomach. So this gives a moral that always working hard isn’t enough sometimes we have to work smart.

8# Two mom one kid

This story urges the love and sacrifice of true motherhood, this short story tells your kid about how parenting is a difficult task and why they should value that.

9# Monkey and Crocodile

Another short story is based on friendship, it begins in a jungle with a friendship of a monkey and a crocodile and gets a twist when crocodile wife’s asked Crocodile to invite his friend to dinner where she plans to eat monkey only as her dinner, in this monkey smartness help him to escape this situation and tells that we should make loyal and wise friends for our betterment

10# The Woodcutter and the Golden Axe

Short Stories In English With Moral

This short story gave a moral that honesty is the most policy, where the woodcutter aside his greed and go with the truth and at last wins everything.

11# Thirsty Crow

Short Stories In English With Moral

Another most common and fun short story for kids is this where a Thirsty Crow. Where a crow with his intelligence arrange himself and satisfy his thrust.

12# The ant and the grasshopper

This story gives you the teaching that hard work always pays off whenever you do hard work one or the other day you might be receiving the pleasure fruit of it.

13# The Grey Duck

Further, this short story is based on a social issue where it teaches that beauty lies inside you. Every person is beautiful in spite of any color or features

14# Three Fishes

This short story helps your kid to develop act wisely, was three fish friends decided to leave the pond where two were wise they left and the third didn’t take the right decision and got caught so this taught us that we should act wisely.

15# The cap seller

Once upon a time, there was a cap seller, who was once caught by monkeys. But with his cleverness. He saved all his caps and himself too.

16# Fathers Gift

This story gives you the moral to be grateful for what you have and maybe it’s less for you but maybe much harder for your parents to arrange it for you.

17# Lion Kids

This story tells you that your identity is based on what your surroundings are and with whom you are connected. In this story, the lion kids lost in the herd of goat’s and goats took care of him very nicely, after some time the lion’s kid started behaving like a goat. So we should choose are surrounding wisely

18# Tortoise and Geese

Another fun and knowledgeable short story are this one where it teaches us that we should think before talking and acting, as a small mistake of ours could be a great loss to us. In this story, the tortoise loses his life because of excessive talking.

19# Two friends and the bear

This again short story for kids teaches your kid about a lesson of intelligence that through intelligence you can even save your life from a great threat.

20# Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood | Short Stories For Kids

This short story is full of lessons, which your kids listen to great curiosity as they relate themselves and gives them a whole life teaching that they should never talk to any strangers because we never know what is in the mind of strangers.

21# Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast | Short Stories For Kids

This short story is a fairy tale where a princess changes a beast into a handsome man. This story gives a lesson that good deeds can change anyone.

22# The Bubble, the straw, and the shoe

This short story is about three friends bubble, straw, and shoe who went to the forest once and tried to cross a river so they decided that straw will stretch himself, this was the plan of bubble and shoe to trouble the straw while they were crossing the river over straw, the shoe fell into the water and bubble started laughing and burst due to excessive laughing this gives lessons that who creates pit for others will themselves fell in it.

23# Three Little Pigs

This Little Piggy | Best Story Books For Kids

This short story is based on brotherhood and smartness. This story tells that you can overcome any situation with help of your family members. They are your strength.

24# Mittu and the yellow mango

Another short story for kids is this one about a parrot called Mittu who in search of a yellow mango got scared by a crow, and then comes suspense where Mittu takes their revenge and fight back. So in this story, we learned that we should fight back the injustice.

25# Circle

Further, this short story defines the bond of grandmother and her granddaughter that, Grandparents teaches different things to their grandchildren and why they are important for a family you grow well, and also how new age children learn and adapt new things.

26# Sundari

This short story for your kid is the best bedtime story as it is based on a child’s imagination itself through which your child imagines himself in the story. And tells that you always have to fly high and achieve a lot in your life.

27# The tiger and the mosquito

This is a kindergarten story, in this story, a small mosquito teased the tiger a lot and made the tiger helpless this proves that no one is small or big, you shouldn’t have the ego of yourself, everyone is great in his own way.

28# The tailor and his friend

This short story tells you that if you did wrong with others some or the other day you have to face it. In this story a tailor Kalu was a friend was an elephant Aapu, he used to give bananas to him every day but one day out of prank Kalu pricked Aapu. 

Appu ran away in pain two days later Aapu came back with water filled in his truck, which he threw on Kalu's shop and destroy the material in his shop, that’s why it is said what you sow you get.

29# A Loyal Mangoose

This story explains two lessons, First is being loyal, loyalty should be in everyone’s blood and the second is to act before you think. Read the full story to know.

30# Foolish cats and selfish monkey

Additionally, this story is funny and enjoyable. Which is based on divide and rule policy and in this the poor cats cried at last and clever monkeys enjoyed the treat alone. So, be united and avoid being divided.

31# Belling the Cat

Another short story for kids is this one. This story begins when there were many mice and a cat who trouble them a lot so wise mice said that they should bell that cat so that when the cat come they get to know that she is coming but no one was ready to do so. So at last that wise mouse only went and was murdered by the cat so this story tells us that it is easy to say but actually difficult to do.

32# The foolish lion and the clever rabbit

There was a greedy lion who used to hunt every day today was the turn of a clever rabbit but the rabbit being clever escaped from there and even saved the lives of other animals too by killing a lion, read the full story to know-how.

33# Krishna meet Sudhama

Another short story is a spiritual one that brings religious knowledge to your kid. Read this story in front of your kids so they can know what is true friendship and also the teachings of Lord Krishna would embrace them.

34# The Greedy Dog

The Greedy Dog | Short Stories For Kids

This is a very short story to realize that greed is a curse not only for kids but also for adults. Once a dog was very hungry so he found a piece of meat and was crossing a bridge he saw his reflection but he thought that there was another dog with another piece of meat and wanted to take it from it and as soon as he went to take it and opened his mouth the piece of meat in his mouth fell into the pond. This shows that being greedy is very bad.

35# Lord Ganesh

Our Indian mythology Is dense and our young generation needs to know the reasons behind what we have today. So I added this story in the end that how lord Ganesha has a face of an elephant. One day Parvati, mother of Lord Ganesha made him from sand and said him to guard her door as she was going to take a bath.

Meanwhile, Lord Shiva enter and he was unaware that Parvati said to guard Ganesha so a big fight took place between Shiva and Ganesha, and in anger Shiva cut the head of Ganesha. When Parvati came back cried a lot and ask Shiva to bring Ganesha back so he send his followers to find a head for Ganesha and they found the head of a dead elephant, So this how lord Ganesha had a face of an elephant.

The stories are the most amazing way to gain knowledge and also it’s the kid's favorite fun time. Enjoy reading stories for your kids as this is the best activity and also it increases the listening power of your kid.





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