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This famous Bollywood song is sung by the cutest and the sweetest artist, singer, and actor Shirley Setia. She is basically from India (daman), with 7 million followers on Instagram she is a singing sensation of Bollywood, and talking about the mesmerizing voice she has bestowed us with a remarkable playlist.

Shirley Setia’s songs are very sentimental but in contrast, they are most romantic as well. She has given her voice in many albums and also in many movies and make them super-duper hits. Her voice is very delightful and pleasing to hear. She is one of the prettiest and cutest singers of Bollywood and even she was recognized as a national crush of young boys.

Addressing her songs there is a long list but here are some of the most beautiful Shirley Setia songs.

1) Jab Koi Baat- Recreated

Jab Koi Baat- Recreated | Shirley Setia Songs

"Ho Chandni Jab Tak Raat
Deta hai Har Koi Saath
Tum magar andheron mein
Na chhodna mera Haath"

This song was originally launched in 1990 in the film Jurm but in 2018 it was recreated by Shirley Setia and Atif Aslam and it was bang on hit in Bollywood. They just make the lyrics worth it with their adorable voice. This was launched as an album, after being already a hit song Shirley Setia, by her talent, makes it a hit again.

2) Disco Disco

Disco Disco | Shirley Setia Songs

"Dil disco disco bole sari raat sajna
Dil disco disco bole sari raat sajna"

Next Shirley Setia’s song is Disco Disco from the movie A Gentleman 2017. She with Benny Dayal flaunts the music industry with their strong partnership makes it the most popular party song.

3) Koi Vi Ni

Koi Vi Ni | Shirley Setia Songs

"Ve kahnu enna tu sataune marjaneya
Jaan jaan ke ruwane marjaneya
Je mere baajon koyi vi nahi tera
Je mere baajon koyi vi nahi"

This is Shirley Setia’s song released in 2018 with a co-singer Gurnazar Chattha. This was a very sweet and college romance song and Shirley’s voice suits it the most. It was a Punjabi song and after being not from a Punjabi background Shirley attempts it incredibly and makes it a hit one.

4) Electro Folk: Bhumbro

Electro Folk: Bhumbro | Shirley Setia Songs

"Bhumbro Bhumbro
Shaayaam Raang Bhumbro
Caash Taak Yuth Naa Laaaano
Ho Ho O, Ho Ho O Ho"

This is recreated by T Series in Shirley’s voice on YouTube and with 490+ likes it again leaves a mark. The co-vocalists were ParryG and Aditya Dev. In 2019 it was released as a recreated version but now this one is more popular than the original one.

5) I Wanna Hang With You

I Wanna Hang With You | Shirley Setia Songs

“Ye kahani sahi si hai anjaani 
Nayi si sirf hamaari 
You know I wanna hang with you I wanna hang with you”

This Shirley Setia song was from the Netflix movie Maska 2020. The male vocalist was Ip Singh. As we know Shirley is multi-talent in this movie Maska she not only gives her voice but also she did fabulous acting.

6) Naiyo Jaana

Naiyo Jaana | Shirley Setia Songs

"Naiyyo jana, naiyyo jana, naiyo jana
Mujhse tu door mahiya
Naiyo rehna, naiyo rehna, naiyo rehna
Tere bagair ranjheya"

This song is the sole record of Shirley. This Shirley Setia song is sad although she has a cute voice but she attempted this one very satisfactorily.

7) Tenu Vekhan Da

This is another Punjabi album by Shirley and his co-male singers Romy, Shashwat, and Rishab. Shirley also performed dance in this one. Shirley’s voice sounds very soothing in this one and I bet this song will remind you of your love.

8) Rockabye

Rockabye | Shirley Setia Songs

"You're gonna grow and have a good life
I'm gonna do what I've got to do
So Rockabye baby, Rockabye"

The best Shirley Setia song is this on another collab album with Kurt Hugo Schneider with the support of IGNIS. This one is a fun and happy song perfect for long drives and a house party. Shirley with her happy voice makes it a joy to listen to this.

9) Na Chah Ke bhi

From the movie 5 Wedding starring the most talented actor Rajkumar Rao, this Shirley Setia song is again a love one in the list. With her co-singer Vishal Mishra, her voice totally suits the track and also the actors.

10) Silk Song

This one was an advertisement song for Cadbury dairy milk silk, I guess all have listened to it they didn’t know the voice in the song is of Shirley. This is the most popular advertisement song and also it is very peaceful and after listening to it you would certainly be having a craving to eat it.

11) Dil Ko Tumse Pyaar Hua

Dil Ko Tumse Pyaar Hua | Shirley Setia Songs

"Dil Ko Tumse Pyar Hua
Pheli Baar Hua, Tumse Pyar Hua
Main Bhi Aasihq Yaar Hua
Pheli Baar Hua, Tumse Pyar Hua"

An original solo record by Shirley launched one year ago in the production of saregama music company today has 39+ likes and lots and lots of fabulous comments. This Shirley Setia song was in alliance with Abhijit Vaghani.

12) Koi Shor

Shirley is enough for herself this is another solo song by her which she beautifully executed and her voice was just blessing our ears. With the 2 lakh plays this was another hit song by Shirley. If you like the sad and deep song you should add this to your playlist.

13) Luv U Luv U

Luv U Luv U | Shirley Setia Songs

"Just tell me need u, need u, need u jigeumiya
I wanna hold you hold you hold you nal gajyeoga
eoseo saranghanda malhae neutgi jeone malhae
because i luv u, luv u, luv u nohchigi silheungeol"

Shirley is really multi-talented this one is a Gujarati song from the movie Guju movie Best Of Luck Laalu. In the composition of Sachin Jigar. In this also Shirley blasted.

14) Tu Mill Gaya # Swipe It Right Yaar

Further in Shirley Setia’s song playlist, we have this enjoyable and loving song, with a little college romance spice. This is perfect for one-to-one house dates and also for raining long drive with your partner.

15) Tu Hi Tha

Tu Hi Tha | Shirley Setia Songs

"Meri haseen kainat ka farsihta
Han tu hi tha han tu hi tha
Meri khushi meri chahatoon ka rasta
Han tu hi tha han tu hi tha"

The second last one is a sad song by Shirley. The emotion and the feeling she depicted touches the deepest cord of your heart. This song has a lot of painful emotion one understands after a heartbreak.

16) Na Tum Jaano Na Ham

Na Tum Jaano Na Ham | Shirley Setia Songs

"Dhadakta bhi hai, tadapta bhi hai
Yeh dil kyun achaanak behakta bhi hai
Mehakta bhi hai, chehakta bhi hai
Yeh dil kya wafa ko samjhata bhi hai"

This incredible remake concludes our list of Shirley Setia songs. The song was released during the lockdown and was an absolute blockbuster. Definitely one of those remakes, that's on almost everyone's playlist.

Shirley Setia’s songs are the blessing we have in today’s generation. Where there are only wannabe rappers spreading noises we deserve some voices like Shirley to give peace. 

She is not only a good singer but also a kind-hearted human everyone should admire her simplicity and also her cuteness.

I hope you liked the list. Do comment down your favorite Shirley Setia song below.

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