16 Darshan Raval Songs That Give The Perfect Festive and Romantic Feels

Darshan the romantic voice!

Hosanna Balwani

Jan 19, 2021|4 min read


Darshan Raval is a talented person with a mesmerising voice. Although he first appeared in the reality show, India's raw star, he started gaining eyeballs long after that. Most of his creations are centred around the romantic or festive feel.

The songs sung by Darshan Raval are usually written by him too and if I were you, there would be no doubts in mind. He has a mesmerizing voice and if you listen to Darshan Raval songs once you will be stuck to his playlist minimum for a week and will listen to all the songs in a loop.

If you are planning to spend the upcoming weekend alone with your special one or partying with all your friends, I can assure you this list of Darshan Raval songs will get you through them both. His music and videos are widely loved for a reason. Let’s get started!

1. Teri Aankhon Mein

It is pretty clear by the title itself but the actual song is quite different. The tunes of this song are pretty peppy but the lyrics are partially heartbreaking and partially romantic. My suggestion for this song would be a nice dance number.

2. Kamariya

This hit Gujarati number is a Darshan Raval song which can be included in the part-ay playlist of yours. Since it's release, it has been a favourite among people playing Garba and Dandiya!

3. Main Kisi Aur Ka

This number is appropriate for a slow dance, wherein you are missing the separation with your lover. This number is just on point and the violin tune segments just raise the bar.

4. Chogada

This is another energetic and peppy Darshan Raval song which brings out the hidden dancer in people of all ages. You will be forced to dance when this song plays during the festive season.

5. Asal Mein

To be honest, this song is completely related to heartbreak and one-sided love. Yet Darshan Raval just brings life to lyrics representing a dead relationship. He shows how hard it is to try and accept that the person you loved was not meant for you.

6. Odhani

This number of Darshan Raval has the coordination of tunes, beats, and lyrics which would not let you resist stepping to the dance floor. It is another perfect festive song by Darshan Raval.

7. Main Wo Chand

This beautiful song is another romantic number in the list of Darshan Raval songs. The tune of this song might be or seem slow but the instrumental beats embrace the song.

8. Yaar Teri Yaari

This song is a very special one. It represents the relationship between two friends as one of the most special we can ever find. If you do listen to this song do not forget to share it with your friends.

9. Baarish Lete Aana

If understood in the right way, pretty much the name itself declares that the song is a romantic one. The mix of the calming instrumental tunes and the dreamy voice just nails the song.

10. Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga

Featured in the Bollywood movie with the same name, this song is a recreated version of the old song. it is all about how the boy falls in love with the beauty of a girl, and what after feelings or effects her beauty has on him.

11. Kaash Aisa Hota

This song is a must-recommend from my side. The song shows the story of a lover boy, who is a gambler actually. It is a combination of the perfect tunes, dreamy voice, and on-point lyrics.

12. Ek Tarfa

This song is completely based on the feeling of one-sided love. All his singles are sure to give peace and heal the wounds of broken hearts. If I were to rate this song, the only word that comes to my mind is- ‘Breathtaking’.

13. Mehrama

This song is from the movie ‘Love Aaj Kal 2’ and depicts the emotions that occur after the separation of people from each other. In the romantic voice of Darshan Raval, it offers great solace to the lovers.

14. Hawa Banke

This peppy yet romantic number will make it into your favourites playlist the second you listen to it. The song is a description of how people come and go in our lives like the wind (aka in seconds).

15. Do Din

This song is a depiction of the restlessness the heart feels after meeting someone special. For some people, it would be really nostalgic while for others, they might not even understand the songs. But no matter what, the song is a must-hear.

16. Saari Ki Saari (2.0)

One of the most romantic Darshan Raval songs, this one runs in the veins of youngsters. Darshan Raval along with Asses Kaur has sung a beautiful ballad of wholesome love expressing the melancholy of separation.

I really hope that these Darshan Raval songs make it into your playlist. My advice would be to check the videos out as well because once you do you will not be able to resist re-playing all of them. And if you can then please answer my question ‘HOW?’ because I can’t.

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