40 Hindi Songs for Wedding of Our Times To Turn Up The Heat

Put on your dancing shoes!

Hosanna Balwani

Apr 1, 2021|5 min read


Songs are an integral part of our daily life as well as many cultural and auspicious birthdays and even parties. Until one or the other song is played nothing is complete (well according to me at least).

Hindi Songs for Wedding 

One of the many things that dial it up all the way at a wedding is the music, agreed right? So no point in leaving this major aspect behind. And to solve your interlocking spell, we have some Hindi songs shortlisted just to jazz it up at your or your friend’s and even any family member’s wedding or related occasions:-

1) Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi

This song is in the mouth of almost every single person right after it came out and to be honest, is a pretty great song.

2) Nai Jaana

Listening to this Hindi wedding song can easily give you wedding vibes and is kind of the whole point of the song, well at least according to me.

3) Leja Re

This song is actually pictured in and around a wedding and its lyrics are pretty appropriate if you notice and Dhvani Bhanushali’s voice just gives it a plus point

4) Kithe Reh Gaya

This Hindi wedding song has lyrics that are pretty relatable to people who might be getting married.

5) Saiyaan Superstar

This song is peppy and definitely has the dance vibe around and inside it.

6) Kudiye Ni

This song is sung by the actor Aparshakti Khurana and his voice just adds anything missing that might have been required into the song.

7) Morni Banke

Another song that is actually based around another wedding. This song has tunes that can definitely not stop you from dancing.

8) London Thumakda

This song has become a wedding slash sangeet favorite over time. The song is great for all listening to.

9) Gallan Goodiyan

A peppy song that forces you to get down on the dance floor with everyone else and just coordinate with the hook step.

10) Dil Chori

A song with the voice of Honey Singh is just made for dancing, don’t you think?

11) Dilliwali Girlfriend

This song is very catchy and is in the favorites playlist of like a million people.

12) Din Shagna Da

I think every ten-year-old in the entire country has been to enough weddings to figure out what song we are talking about here.

13) Navrai Majhi

This Hindi slash Marathi song is so calming to hear and so amazing to dance that no feeling can beat it

14) Baage Vich

This song is another beauty with all features up top. From lyrics to music, everything is just beautiful.

15) Punjabi Wedding Song

This song has a tune that can catch up with all types of dancing and is just perfect for performance.

16) Tareefan

This song is just all about the beauty of girls and women but no matter what the tunes of the song and a rap by Badshah just makes it excellent.

17) Pallo Latke

A classic dance song with a rap by Fazilpura just makes it like a Christmas tree with a star on top.

18) Laung Lachi

Whether it is the Hindi version or the Punjabi one both are eternally beautiful and just are amazing to hear.

19) Banno

This song has amazing lyrics and it definitely makes you dance which is kind of the whole purpose

20) Chittiyan Kalaiyan

This song has a tune that just drags you to the dance floor with everyone present there with you.

21) Nachde Ne Saare

Just reading the title of this song brings a picture of Katrina Kaif in our minds which is not what happens when someone else tries to dance on this number. Agreed?

22) Gud Naal Ishq Mitha

I don't think any wedding dance or performance is complete without playing this song. And now with a great Honey Singh remake, even people who were unaware of the name of this song can sing it word to word.

23) Nagada

This song has a strong dance vibe wrapped all around it no matter how traditional it sounds.

24) Dilbaro

At first, you might think that this is a sad song but you should rethink it and you will definitely find somewhere or other to fit this missing jigsaw piece.

25) Heer

Similar song, similar situation but like I said there is always someplace where we can fit any song we want to fit.

26) Sasural Genda Phool

To be honest, at some point this song might annoy some people but some things are just too necessary to leave.

27) Gal Mithi Mithi Bol

This song is a really great song and although it has bit slower tunes than the others but it can still make you dance.

28) Prada (Duro Duro)

The female part/version of this Hindi wedding song is actually sung by actress Alia Bhatt which (and its catchy tunes) made it go viral among all ages.

29) Gucci

This song has a beautiful voice behind which just makes it irresistible to hear it. And as instrumental tunes and on-point lyrics are always an addition.

30) Sweetheart

From the iconic movie Kedarnath, this song is so peppy that it can make you dance even while working.

31) Baari Barsi

This song is based around an actual ceremony in the movie and with so many celebrations and activities, there is always one that this song is played.

32) Tenu Leke

This song is actually about marriage from the lyrics to the video everything includes marriage.

33) Aivain Aivain

If you have seen the video of this song you know that this song is initially based around a wedding itself

34) Zingaat

This Hindi song for weddings is literally available in more than one language but in every language has the same energy.

35) Balle Balle

This song has the bold and beautiful voice of Daler Mehndi which if you ask me is quite enough for a song overall.

36) Lehenga

This Jass Manak song is kind of like a different vibe and all its lyrics are almost inscribed into the minds of his fans

37) Koka

This song is about the beauty of a girl displayed by/via a nose piercing aka Koka

38) Luv Letter

The lyrics of this song are about a girl missing her lover but once you tune into its tune you might not even remember what the song is about.

39) Desi Girl

This song makes us dance like it's in our heartbeat and the song literally pulses with the help of it.

40) Mauja Hi Mauja

This song has a tune that drags you to the floor and makes you dance like you were either born to dance or are a professional.

Well, that concludes the list of Hindi wedding songs but you can always make your own playlist (and secretly maybe even choreograph those songs) because there are literally millions of them.

Each song has its own importance so if you wanna replace any of these songs, nobody will judge or maybe they will. Just Kidding. But remember one thing, no matter what the song is just remember to light the stage on fire.

So, what are you waiting for, put on your dancing shoes, get on the floor and rock it!


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