30 Navratri Songs That Make Your Mood More Devotional

Jalao batti, jagao bhakti!

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While planets rotate around the Sun, our hearts rotate around nine days of Navratri. Hopping around the pandals of Devi maa and capturing moments with a big smile on the face. That’s what Navratri is-the fountain of joy for Indians. 

Breaking all barriers of caste, religion, and other differences, India celebrates Navratri with all grandeur and pomp. Shopping, sweets, pandal hopping, themes of puja, performance -the list goes on and it’s difficult to describe everything in words. 

Navratri Songs
Navratri Songs

But much of the hype remains centring Navratri songs- dandiya, Garba, and a lot of performances take place, even the songs played in makes are very essential to bring the Navratri vibe. How can you even feel the Navratri vibe without Navratri songs? We need a long list of Navratri songs. 

Let’s peep into the list of 30 Navratri songs:

1) Mein Balak Tu Mata

The first one from the list of Navratri songs has to be the famous bhajan ‘Mein Balak Tu Mata’. This classical song uplifts the spiritual mood with its beautiful tunes and lyrics.

2) Jai Ambe Gauri

The popular aarti song ‘Jai Ambe Gauri’ is mostly sung in the beginning to welcome the arrival of the mother. Navratri songs like this celebrate the existence of various forms of God with pride and joy.

3) Tune Mujhe Bulaya

Sung by late singer Narendra Chanchal, ‘Tune Mujhe Bulaya’ is dedicated to Maa Sherowali. Definitely, a perfect song to wake up your devotional spirit.

4) Aa Maa Aa Tujhe Dil Ne Pukara  

Call and pray with all devotion- that’s what this song implies. A true devotee sings with all devotion and dedication to make Navratri more meaningful.

5) Meri Akhiyon Ke Samne Rehna

Most of the Navratri songs display love unending love and devotion to God. This song conveys a strong message of request to mother for her constant presence.

6) Chalo Bulava Aaya Hai

“Tune Mujhe Bulaya” from the film Avtaar is one of the all-time favourite Navratri songs. Sung by late singer Chanchal, this song is a famous bhajan dedicated to Goddess Vaishnodevi. The song gives a deep insight into the power of one’s faith in God that rescues us from difficult times.

7) Namo Namo Durge Sukh

Navratri songs performed in chorus attain a different kind of beauty. This particular song is slow and light yet pleasant for ears to hear. Good to hear in the early morning time or during evening prayers.

8) Pyara Saja Hai Tera Dwar

The door of Maa’s temple, where she resides is beautifully decorated with flowers. The door awaits the prayers of devotees and welcomes them with all love and affection.

9) Ambe Tu Hai Jagame Kali

There are many Navratri songs sung by late singer Narender Chanchal dedicated to Maa Sherawali. This one is played mostly during the evening Aarti of Devi maa.

10) Dholi Taro

If you are well acquainted with Garba, then you would definitely know this. One of the popular Navratri songs that celebrate Navratri with Garba performance. This is the first song that comes into mind for Navratri’s performance.

11) Udi Udi Jaaye

How about romantic Navratri songs? Perform with ease on the light beats of this song. A joyful Gujarati vibe is captured in the mood of this song.

12) Nagade Sang Dhol

Celebrate Navratri with this beautiful song capturing the great Gujrati essence of celebration. Attractive tunes, beats, and lyrics make this song iconic. Deepika is seen performing to this song with a heavy lehenga and other traditional jewellery worn in Navratri.

13) Lahu Muh Lag Gaya

Another hit track from the film “Ram Leela” to make your Navratri memorable. With a catchy melody and rhythmic tunes, this song injects the Navratri vibe directly into your soul.

14) Chogada

Be ready to hit the dance floors because you can’t resist yourself if you hear this track. Navratri songs with Gujarati fusion are all made for Garba performance. The dance performance gains much more hype as it’s shown with a background setting of the London bridge. The beats-melody-music, everything about this song makes it the Navratri anthem.

15) Dholida

A great track to perform Garba on Navratri. ‘Dholida’ from Loveyatri is a famous track that beautifies romance on the occasion of Navratri.

16) Shubhaarambh

A brilliant fusion of traditional Navratri songs with some western beats, Shubhaarambh paints the picture of Gujrat’s Navratri celebration. Play this track for a gorgeous Garba dance performance.

17) O Re Gori

Let’s peek into some Navratri songs that show both Dandiya and Garba. This song brings the beautiful combination of slow-tempered tunes with fast beats, perfect for a Navratri celebration.

18) Radha Kaise Na Jale

Few Navratri songs sketch mythological stories woven in crispy tunes and fantastic lyrics. Over the years the popularity of ‘Radha Kaise Na Jale’ has been the same. This song is accompanied by a spectacular dance performance combining traditional dandiya and classical steps.

19) O Sheronwali, Suhaag

The ’90s had some fabulous Navratri songs in store. Sung by the famous Mohammed Rafi and Asha Bhosle and performed by Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha, this song has managed to be instilled in people’s minds over the decades. Celebrate Navratri with this popular Garba track.

20) Radha Ne Shyam Mali Jashe

This is another latest Garba song that describes how the fellow beings of Krishna and Radha stayed in awe of these two lovers and their chemistry. Raas Garba would blossom on the banks of the river Yamuna and even the love between Radha Krishna would blossom just as much!

21) Main Toh Bhool Chali - Saraswatichandra

Sung by great Lata Mangeshkar ‘Main toh Bhool Chali’ portrays the journey of a woman from her father’s home to a married home.

22) Chand Aya Hai- Dil Hi Dil Mein

Despite its slow beats and tunes, one can perform gracefully with soft music. The stunning dhol beats in this track can be seen accompanying dandiya steps. A very charming and yet simple song to uplift the Navratri mood.

23) Main Toh Aarti Utarun Re Santoshi Mata Ki-Jai Santoshi Mata

Just like other Navratri songs, this song signifies the greatness of Santoshi Maa. Devote all your prayers in Navratri to seek the blessings of Santoshi maa.

24) Jai Ambe Jagadambe Maa -Krantiveer

A popular bhajan for celebrating Navratri in a joyous mood. This is mostly sung in chorus to feel the energy of the rhythm in leaps and bounds.

25) Disco Dandiya-Love Love Love

Disco and Dandiya merged together to form an amazing track that you can’t stop loving. Unique and popular, this song has dared to slay with its style.

26) Ghonghat Mein Chand Hoga-Khoobsurat

Kumar Sanu and Kavita Krishnamurthy have sung a beautiful romantic Navratri track that presents the beauty of a woman’s veil and other ornaments in beautiful lyrics.

27) O Re Gori- Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage

A stunning romantic track to make your Navratri more special. If this is your first Navratri with your special someone, make sure you play this song.

28) Moti Veraana - Songs of Faith

This Navratri, experience the Garba vibes with 'Moti Veraana', an energetic song created by Amit Trivedi. This is an original Gujarati composition about Goddess Ambika, also known as Durga Maa and Ambe Maa.

29) Radhe - Songs of Faith

This is one of the best Navratri songs, going with a poignant yet naughty take on Radha-Krishna's love story. This song speaks of Krishna's love and waits for Radha where he is singing in her memory.

30) Maiya Teri Jai Jaikaar - Arijit Singh

On this auspicious occasion of  Navratri, do not miss playing this song and sink into a devotional feel. You will increase your trust in Durga Maa and gain the strength to go on unknown paths. This Navratri song tells us that Maa is always there for her children.

Navratri Songs

It would be unfair to sit idle on this special day of Navratri. Most of the songs are available with easy dance steps that can help you to perform with ease. Old or new, there are so many songs to cheer your mood for Navratri that you are gonna get crazy with.

Celebrate this festival with your loved ones. Have fun, light diyas, click selfies, laugh, and don’t forget to mention which song you perform on. It’s not about nine days, but the memories that you ultimately make. Don’t forget to comment with your feedback.

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