7 Days Of A Week In English,Hindi And Urdu To Get Rid Of Confusions

Is it Sunday, Shanivar or Itvaar!

Mohammad Fahad

Apr 9, 2021|2 min read


We all are focused on our goals so much that sometimes we miss to adapt the small basics of the society’s culture we are living in! After about every 50 kilometers, we can find a new society who have their own way of acknowledging things in day to day life.

It’s not possible to learn each and every of them but we can still try to remember a few of them which are commonly used around the area we live, in order to avoid confusion.

We all are familiar that a week consists of 7 days but what if different places have a different name for each day! Yes, this could cause big chaos and may put us in danger if we have some urgent work assigned to do on that particular day which we misunderstood in first place.

Following is a list of names of days in a week in English, Hindi, and Urdu.

Days Of A Week In English,Hindi And Urdu

Names of Days In English:

  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

Names of Days In Hindi:

  • Ravivaar  रविवार
  • Somvaar  सोमवार
  • Mangalvaar  मंगलवार
  • Budhvaar  बुधवार
  • Guruvaar  गुरुवार
  • Shukravaar  शुक्रवार
  • Shanivaar  शनिवार

Names of Days In Urdu:

  • Itwaar  اتوار
  • Peer  پیر
  • Mangal  منگل
  • Budh  بدھ
  • Jumeraat  جمعرات
  • Jummah  جمعه
  • Sanichar  سنیچر

Names of Days In A Week:

→ Sunday in english, Ravivaar in hindi and Itwaar in urdu.
→ Monday in english, Somvaar in hindi and Peer in urdu.
→ Tuesday in english, Mangalvaar in hindi and Mangal in urdu.
→ Wednesday in english, Budhvaar in hindi and Budh in urdu.
→ Thursday in english, Guruvaar in hindi and Jumeraat in urdu.
→ Friday in english, Shukravaar in hindi and Jummah in urdu.
→ Saturday in english, Shanivaar in hindi and Sanichar in urdu.

Though it's the basic small thing to know the names of the days in a week in the different languages used around the area we are living in, but if we are not familiar with it, it can really be a disaster at times. Getting familiar with all these comes in handy and avoids confusion.

Now you know the names of each day of a week in hindi, urdu and english, so, don’t just keep it to yourself, share with the people who you think might need it. 

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