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Jun 3, 2021|9 min read


You don’t need guns when you have poetry. Not bullets, but hearts bleed severely with the words of love and pain. The buried emotions rise again from the shackles of memory and melt the stone inside in no time. 

Flashbacks pop out, and you visit the broken pieces of joy and pain down the memory lane. Especially when emotional poems of love-betrayal, dreams-departure is of Hindi, you can’t resist the feeling. 

Poems are that expression of your soul which you cannot express verbally. Poets create poems with their heart, and one reads poems with insight and not mere sight. 

The famous poet Kumar Vishwas has gifted us some lovely poems. Read these poems and feel the magic of poems.

1. Mera Phela Pyar:

Kumar Vishwas Poetry

"Aur mera phela pyarr, 
Mujhe tu yaad na aaya kar"

Kumar Vishwas's poems center on the reality of love and departure. The sky turns pink, violins play at the back, and what doesn’t happen when you fall in love for the first time. 

But, we mostly recognize first love as the first lesson in the journey towards adulthood, where you handle heartbreak all alone. 

This poem beautifully portrays the moments of desperation and excitement that first love associates with, but then no one wants to recall the pain of how it turned out to be a failure.

2. Jiski dhun par duniya nache:

“Tumhare pass hoon lekin jo doori hai samajhta hoon
Tumhare bin mera hasti adhuri hai samajhta hoon”

Love has so many names, so many forms. One can find love in every corner of the universe and nature. 

Even nature has its way to respond to the broken hearts. The incomplete story of love can never be complete, but nature expresses the intensity of pain in its own way. 

Kumar Vishwas's poems put us on a time travel journey, just to look back at our own incomplete stories.

3. Tumhe main pyar nahi de paunga:

"Par main bat jaisa saghan chaoo vistar nahi de paunga
Tum mujhko karna maaf tumhe main pyarr nahi de paung"

Who said that love can exist only between humans? Nature’s love is supreme. 

We, humans, are nothing in front of nature’s purity and beauty. 

Kumar Vishwas rightly justifies why he’s incapable of loving nature. According to him, human love is much inferior in front of the serene beauty that flashy snow peaks, Amaltash’s Amalaki..etc.

4. Dukhi mat ho:

A true human can never turn out to be a sad philosopher. It's important to realize self-worth and hence reflect it on life. 

These self-love poems are so inspiring that we can’t help but fall in love with Kumar Vishwas's poems.

5. Mere swapno k bhaag mein:

"Aise utar aati ho tum Raat-raat bhar
Mere swapno k bhaag mein"

Wanderlust is addictive. To see the unseen and to know the unknown is human instinct. 

No matter how hard the battlefield of life has been, no one ever stops dreaming of roaming around the world. 

The bright images haunt him in his dreams and set him free of any weakness. He gathers all courage to take up the journey again.

6. Koi Deewana Kehta Hai:

Kumar Vishwas Poetry

“Ye tera dil samajhta hai ya mera dil samajhta hai”

Some view love with their sight, while others view it with insight. The tear you struggle with is often the pearl of love, the genuine part of love for many. 

You cannot defy love with logic. There are so many tales that the poet Kumar Vishwas has thought of. But when he descends to reality, it denied everything. 

The tales of love turn into an illusion. 

7. Aana tum:

"Aana tum mere ghar
Andhere par has liye"

This poem is particularly a letter of invitation for the poet’s love. Crossing all limitations and hurdles, the poet’s lover must come over to the poet’s house to resonate honeymoon. 

The arrival is compared with some scenic beauties of nature, which make the wait more worthwhile.

8. Main Tumhe Adhikar Dunga:

"Main aparimit pyarr doonga
Main tumhe adhikar doonga"

Unconditional love accompanies liberty and respect. The poet justifies the greatness of his love by confessing that his lover will have all rights, authority, will of love along in the relationship. 

We can’t think of any greater love after reading Kumar Vishwas's poems where love comes up with different perspectives.

9. Pita ki Yaad: 

"Phir purane neem k niche khada hoon
Phir pita ki yaad aayi hai mujhe"

The warmth of a father’s love continues to be around us, even after he’s long gone. The poet recalls the memories of his father under the neem tree and feels nostalgic. 

He feels his father asking him the reason for his loneliness in the crowd. The sense is his own intuition because he is quite a consciousness that he misses his father. 

Kumar Vishwas's poems beautifully portray the incessant pain of a son that keeps erupting and reminds him of his father’s loss repeatedly.

10. Kuch chote swapno ke badle:

"Kuch chote swapne k badle,
Badi neend ka sauda karne,
Nikal pade hai paao abhaage ,jaane kaha therenge"

Life is not a bed of roses, only thorns and obstacles that you can expect. There’s no fortune or victory that you can achieve without hard work and sweat. 

Only a rigid and strong mind goes against the odds and makes him step forward. In front of his powerful will, everything gets defeated, even the intensity of the Sun’s heat fades away. 

So, gear up for your dreams and set those comfortable sleep nights aside.

11. Bansoori Chali Aao:

Kumar Vishwas Poetry

"Tum agar nahi aayi, geet ga na paunga
Saaans saath chodegi, sur saja na paunga"

The lover plays flute with the strings of his heart; the melody created is his overwhelming love and joy. What melody can be there if the heart is full of agony and pain? 

The poet urges his love to overcome all the distance that makes him suffer. Lonely nights, loneliness to see his love -makes the poet more desperate, and he waits eagerly for his lover’s arrival. Only then he can play his flute again.

12. Khud Ko Aasan Kar Rahi Ho Na:

“Khud ko aisan kar rahi ho na
Hum pe aisaan kar rahi ho na"

Everyone loves to sleep, dreams, peace, expectations, but for a few, they are just obstacles. We forget that our life is nothing but a fountain of problems that push us forward. 

What you think is easy, maybe not be easy. What you think as love, maybe a casual acquaintance. The sporty attitude of considering difficulties as a ladder to success is just brilliant. 

The themes of Kumar Vishwas's poems are simply unique.

13. Ye Wahi Purane Raahe Hain: 

Kumar Vishwas Poetry

“Ye wahi purane raahe hain,
Ye din bhi wahi purane hain”

There's no beginning or ending, the paths remain the same. Once lovers are strangers today. 

The relationship died, no the memories not the love. Love is immortal, it reminds us of everything of yesterday. The broken strings can join again because dreams and hopes are indestructible.

14. Hai Naman Unko:

"Hai naman unko ki jinki samne bauna himalaya 
Jo dhara par gir padhe par aasmani ho gaye"

Humans have shown enough examples to earn millions of salute. 

The mother who keeps fasting for the long livelihood of his husband, the soldier who fights for his country risking his life, the elders who are ready to usher us with the fountain of knowledge, the faith of a sister - they all earn huge respect and salute for their sacrifice, loyalty, and love. 

15. Jab Bhi Muh Dhak Leta Hoon:

The eyes close under the logs of hair, and a dreamy world opens in his mind. The village, the frenzy earth everything turns out mystic when his love is nearby.

The joy turns out to be a melodious song on his lips, prickles his feet like a thorn, overwhelms his heart with all love. He is in awe with the hide n seek game of sunshine and shadow that he feels with his closed eyes.

16. Maa:

“God couldn’t be everywhere, so she created mothers.” 

The only person who loves us more than anyone, the one who bears us like a tree, cares for us, brings us up. 

We are all part of her blood, water, and flesh. She provides us with vision and makes us tall enough to stand on our own feet, and only after that she roots away to hollowness.

17. Tumhara Phone Aaya Hai:

Kumar Vishwas Poetry

"Mer aankhon mein aansoon ka sitara jagmagaya hain,
Tumhara phone aaya hain, tumhara phone aayaa hain"

The no contact state is the most painful part of the separation. You are exhausted, yet waiting for a phone call. 

You are tired, but you don’t give up. Days pass by and the silence-numbness has swallowed you, but when the phone call finally arrives, happiness bursts in. You cry in excitement. Yes, this poem is all about that thrill and shrill. 

The most interesting fact about Kumar Vishwas's poems is that they are based on the daily incidents of life.

18. Pawan ne kaha:

"Pawan ne kaha Sab saup de mujhe 
Apna sab satya"

Air asks for poet’s company, for brass and silver, for the best speed. But the poet firmly denies, he wants to visit the sandalwood forest and he won’t let Air snatch that essence. 

He postpones the meet and gives him a diplomatic answer.

19. Preeto:

"Tum Samajh toh rahi ho na, preeto!
Wo sab baatein Jo main Iss sune kamre ki
Deewaro ko samjha raha hoon"

We often cry for our dearest person, say and imagine a lot of things inside the four walls of an empty room, sing songs with a broken hearts. 

But is it audible or visible to your dearest person? Is it a belief or doubt?

20. Main Toh Jhoka Hoon:

Kumar Vishwas Poetry

"Shohrate, jinki wajah se dost dushman ho gaye!
Sab yahin reh jayengi, Mai saath kya le jaunga!"

A gust of wind is enough to wipe away all coverings, and leave what’s real. The gust of wind can take away all the flowers, yet flowers remain. The gust of wind is enough to reveal the true enemies who remain disguised as friends. 

The gust of wind can snatch your fake polish and show your true self. There’s nothing that the poet can take with himself because he realizes he has nothing to take with him, not even his own success.

That’s it, hope these 20 poems have touched your heart with their spell. 

Kumar Vishwas's poems are so delightful, every time you read, you are gonna fall in love with his poems for sure. We are all poets and hopeless romantics when we read poems, everyone has something to write a poem on, isn’t it? 

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