10 Best Forever Fashion Trends That Are Sure To Raise Your Style Meter
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10 Best Forever Fashion Trends That Are Sure To Raise Your Style Meter

Timeless forever!

July 16, 2020

Article By- Shreya Srivastava

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Fashion is what keeps you updated and trendy, which makes you desirable and wanted in this world. Fashion is something that speaks for the person, describes an individual's personality, and speaks of the choices a person makes. 

As a fashionable person, it is important to know about yourself - things that suit you, things that go with your personality. At the same time, you have to be comfortable and confident with anything and everything you put on.

In a nutshell, fashion is something that keeps you in line with the trends without compromising on your comfort. Now the question, which may come to everyone's mind is, how can we keep up with the trends when fashion keeps changing every day?

Are there any forever fashion trends we can adopt and incorporate in our lives? We have all done strange things in the name of fashion, but some trends are definitely not worth our sacrifices. In this article, you will find 10 forever fashion trends to adopt and stay fashionable. 

These 10 timeless fashion trends never go out of style and highlight your personality. These are fashion trends you will love and you can wear forever. 

1. Form-fitted bodycon dress

Many of you must be wondering what is a form-fitted bodycon dress? To answer this, dresses that fit the body and bring out the real silhouette of the covered body are known as form-fitted bodycon dresses. 

This skin-tight garment has been in fashion for so long, that almost all celebrities are still picking this garment for red carpets, promotion events, formal events, and many more. These dresses are so trendy that they go with both a casual look and a formal look. 

Generally, the form-fitted body dress is for formal purposes, but slowly it has made its way to be commonly picked as office wear and party wear. If you carry this dress with denim, boots, and smokey eyes, you are ready to rock any party. In case you have an interview, you can go to the same dress with flat footwear and a pony. You can also wear this dress at a family celebration, you just have to change a few accessories, footwear, and makeup.

2. Neon

“When confused, go with neon." This is a popular fashion statement. From Kiara to Kriti, every Bollywood celebrity goes with neon colors - standing bold and trendy. The neon colors have been in fashion for so long that they never go out of fashion. 

Neon Dresses can be paired with black heels, something universal it is. Likewise, Neon Footwear can be paired with a white tee, black tee, Neon bikini, or Neon denim jackets. It is up to your creativity how you play with the color and bring out something unique. 

Talking of the trends, Neon is a party rocker. You just have to carry it and forget about the look. The best thing about the neon is - it goes with almost every light-dark combination. Colors like white, black, red, green, and yellow are all good to go with neon. 

What you have to try is not to wear the same neon and normal color as pairing yellow with chartreuse (the color between yellow and green). If you keep a note of this, you will always be in line with the fashion and trends.

3. Bralettes

Blazer is a very formal dress. Generally, when you wear a blazer with any casual shirt or tee you think you lost the sparkle by being simple and regular. But if you can think differently, wearing a Blazer will make you look glamorous. For example, you can go with a bralette and pair them with any blazer, regular heels, and a bag.

Bralettes under sarees have also got so much attention these days. While trying this fashion trend, you can wear the bralettes under saree and then put on the blazer. You can complete the look with heels and clutch. Bralettes can go almost with everything like a fitted skirt, jeans, palazzo, saree, shirt, denim, etc. 

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and create a fashion look with Bralettes that stays in trend forever!

4. Silk Saree

Do you know what is an asset to a fashionable & trendy person? Something that always rewards. Silk Sarees are an asset to your closet. From Cannes to Durga pooja, form Rekha to Kriti Sanon, you can see silk sarees dominating everywhere. And Silk Sarees are never out of fashion. 

The silk sarees look is so gorgeous and attractive that you can’t take your eyes off. It is like the don of Fashion Trends that exist in the world. Be it the Kanjeevaram sarees or the Banasasi silk sarees, they are all so amazing and beautiful that you can never say not to silk sarees.

You can carry these silk sarees in both traditional and indo-western ways. For example, for traditional wear, you can traditionally drape the saree with the same silk blouse and complete the look with big jhumkas and bangles. You can also go with the traditional bun with gajra and a choker.

Foran indo-western fashion look, you can just go like Kangana in Cannes. Drape a golden Kanjeevaram saree paired with a golden peplum corset and purple long gloves. Go ahead, complete your look with nude makeup and the touch of retro hair.

5. 1970s Trends

Which goes around comes around - this same thing is called the fashion cycle. We were not at all surprised to see Ranveer Singh in deep polka dot full sleeve shirt, which was tucked into high waist shiny pants with vertical pink green yellow stripes on it paired with pastel pink shoes, a cap made of the same polka dotes as on his shirt.

This was in 2017 and since then, many celebs and fashion influencers have tried their ways to don that classic 1970s look. After Ranveer Singh’s appearance in the retro style, it’s all about trying new to that old look for the celebs. If you wish, you can go ahead and try this fashion trend too.

For example, slit long Kurti to puffed sleeves from that tie and dye shirt to ponchos, cap, military surplus clothing, everything has become trendy and fashionable again. So if you have your grandma’s saree or grandpa’s strive trouser and doted shirt, try doing the new and bring the old stuff into fashion again.

6. Polka Dots

From the couture fashion week in Paris to the street of Delhi, polka dots have always been in fashion and why would it not be? From Rambo and Ranveer to our Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra Jonas, they have left all of us stunned with these doted motifs and unimaginable styles. 

Polka dotes have always considered as a vintage style which was brought into a massive trend after the Movie “BOBBY” and since then there is no going back, I can bet on this that you would have any top, scarf, skirt, saree, or any other one garment that has polka dots, you would not even know it but you were always in trend just like that polka doted garment.

7. Loafer for footwear

Loafer has always been in fashion and it goes with almost everything. It’s just like Nutrela to your fashion. You can wear Loafer with almost everything - shorts to swims, jeans to chinos, suits to trousers, socks or sockless, dress them up or down, formal or casual - Loafer are in fashion. 

This is why the loafer is man’s most reliable footwear. Without thinking much, they can attend every occasion parties, give interviews, go for dinner dates, enjoy shopping, and even be part of a wedding. You may also get varieties that will leave you in awe.

8. Tie and Dye

When you almost thought that ‘tie and dye’ is out of fashion, here is the thing. ‘Tie and dye’ is a fashion forever trend and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. Tie and dye outfits are making major come back, and so it is in our forever fashion trends list. 

Form Celebes to influencers and form YouTubers to bloggers, everyone seems to like to play with the color. It seems like they are enjoying with the tie and dye designs, and when they are enjoying it is so much, why can’t we? That’s how you gonna try this look and will love it. 

Tie and dye is a very creative way to make your own old, plain tee a very funky and colorful tee. All you need to do is just tying it and dip the tied part in some fabric colors. Take it out and hang it to dry, so that the color doesn’t spread on the untied parts. Tada - you are ready to go.

Even plain dupattas, plain salwars, and plain sarees can be revamped with the tie and dye techniques.   

9. Leather

If you are to tell me you don’t have any leather shoes or a leather jacket, I will literary not believe you. Leather is something which can never go out of fashion ever - like ever. The possibilities with leather apparel are just endless. And knowing that it is in the fashion forever trends list, what you do with leather is you just add them more and more in your closet. 

Leather pants have come into fashion after “DIL CHAHTA HAI”. Since then, leather fashion and style have been unstoppable. Now you may see Alia wearing an off-shoulder leather frill top, Priyanka wearing Purple Leather skirt, Jahanvi wearing a brown leather crop top, and many more. 

We simply can’t deny the fact that the leather in different colors and different texture can leave anything behind. You just have to take care of leather like a baby - other than that, everything is nice, fashionable, and trendy about leather. 

10. Sunglasses

How can Sunglasses be out of fashion when the sun itself is in it? The last addition to the list of fashion forever trends is undoubtedly sunglasses. 

Originally designed and used to protect eyes from the sun, sunglasses have become part of that whole dress with the passage of time. It has become a look completer, so there is a whole new stylish range of sunglasses or goggles in trends. You will also find a few vantage goggles that you can wear and still be in fashion. 

So these were 10 fashion forever trends that have contributed to surviving the ever-changing fashion industry. If you don’t have any of these in your closet, consider adding them. 

Stay trendy, Stay fashionable!

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