35 Hindi Suspense Movies Of Bollywood That Are Must-Watch

Movies that will make you go OH MY GOD!

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Movies are on-screen entertainment as well as a medium through which a message is passed into society be it of love, drama, tragedy, or a true story related to someone. In the past couple of years, Bollywood gave us to explore what it had in store for us in the area of - thrillers.

The Hindi suspense movie directors and writers really put their heart into what they were doing because Bollywood has really been serving edge-of-the-seat thrillers that keep you glued to the screen. 

Given below are some of the finest Hindi suspense movies that Bollywood made which will keep you packed through your holidays and weekends. 

1. Kahaani (2012)

Kahaani (2012) | Hindi Suspense Movies

A pregnant woman searching for her missing husband in the city of Kolkata with the help of a police officer. Vidya Balan as the lead is a delight to watch. This movie has one of the best climaxes of Bollywood. 

Watch this Hindi suspense movie on Disney+ Hotstar now. 

2. Manorama - Six Feet Under (2007)

A chill will run through your spine when you watch this murder mystery with the brilliant performance of Abhay Deol who plays the role of an amateur detective. 

Available on Prime, Netflix, and Jio Cinema. 

3. Samay - When The Time Strikes (2003)

A murder mystery starring Sushmita sen, this movie is about a CID officer and her assistant who fights time to find out about a serial killer who sets a countdown for every murder thag he commits.

Available on YouTube for free. 

4. Special 26 (2013)

Special 26 (2013) | Hindi Suspense Movies

A group of 4 con men who pretend to be CBI and Income Tax collectors used to raid houses of famous politicians and businessmen with the thought of no goodwill of others but themselves. This movie takes a drastic turn when they lure a police officer in helping them raid a politician's house.

With an exceptionally acclaimed cast of Akshay Kumar, Anupam Kher, Jimmy Shergill, Manoj Bajpayee, and Divya Agrawal. This Hindi suspense movie is available on Jio Cinema, Voot, and Netflix. 

5. Talaash (2012)

Aamir Khan and Rani Mukherjee's starrer film is about a cop who has lost his son in an accident, trying to solve a mysterious case of a car accident of a famous celebrity. He tries to solve this heinous crime with the help of a prostitute played by Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Watch now on Netflix.

6. Karthik Calling Karthik (2010)

Karthik Calling Karthik | Underrated Bollywood Movies

A must-watch Hindi suspense movie with a killer twist at the end. This movie revolves around an unknown caller who calls the protagonist Kartik from time to time. Farhan Akhtar had done a commendable job.

Available on Netflix. 

7. Drishyam (2013)

Drishyam (2013) | Hindi Suspense Movies

A small shop owner played by Ajay Devgan and his family of his wife and two daughters are in trauma after knowing that a young boy secretly films one of his daughters. This film takes a turn when they get to know that the boy is the son of an inspector general played by Tabu. To know the change of events watches the movie now.

Available on Amazon Prime Video. 

8. Kaun (1999)

One of Ram Gopal Verma's best thrillers to date. Urmila Matondkar and Manoj Bajpayee starrer movie is about a killer on the loose and a woman alone in her house when the doorbell rings. What happens after is pure brilliance. 

9. Gupt (1997)

A story where a man is accused and framed for the murder of his stepfather, but things get complicated as the movie progresses. Kajol's role is still one of the finest roles Bollywood has ever seen. 

10. A Wednesday! (2008)

A Wednesday | Underrated Bollywood Movies

A masterpiece is what this Hindi suspense movie is. A Wednesday is about a police officer recalling the most bizarre case of his lifetime, the one he never put on papers, the one that left him astounded. It all happened on a particular day, a Wednesday.

Watch only on Netflix. 

11. NH10 (2015)

NH10 (2015) | Hindi Suspense Movies

Anushka Sharma starrer, this revenge thriller is about a couple on a road trip that turns into a chain of incidents involving a gangster who literally makes them run for their lives.

Available on Jio cinema and Amazon Prime Video. 

12. Ugly (2013)

Directed by Anurag Kashyap is all I have to say. How the kidnapping of a 10-year old girl brings out the emotions of the characters involved leaves the audience in utmost awe. Great acting by the actors and a great plot. Well, what more do we expect from Anurag Kashyap movies?

Available on Amazon Prime Video. 

13. Khiladi (1992)

Abbas-Mustan in the duo that never fails to amaze their audience. With Akshay Kumar as one of the actors, this movie is about 4 friends who decide to play a prank on one of their friends by kidnapping him and asking for ransom. They are not cut out for what happens in the movie further. 

Watch this Hindi suspense movie on Amazon Prime Video. 

14. Johnny Gaddar (2007)

Johnny Gaddar (2007) | Hindi Suspense Movies

One of the best movies by Neil Nitin Mukesh. Directed beautifully by Sriram Raghavan, this movie shows the police officers recounting the story of five crooks who happen to have one thing in common and that is, a bag full of money, 2.5 crores. Dharmendra, Rimi sen, and Vinay Pathak have played their parts amazingly.

Watch with Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, and Jio Cinema. 

15. Sangharsh (1999)

This Hindi suspense movie is about a CBI officer seeking the help of a convict to find out about a religious fanatic responsible for the abduction of children. Preity Zinta and Akshay Kumar were great but Ashutosh Rana's acting was gripping till the end. 

16. Ek Hasina Thi (2004)

A gruesome climax is all I could remember from this film. A perfect love story takes a huge turn when the woman is convicted of underworld crimes. The moment she comes out of prison is what it's worth. Another gem of Urmila Matondkar with a brilliant storyline. 

Watch with Amazon Prime Video. 

17. Bluffmaster (2005)

Bluffmaster (2005) | Hindi Suspense Movies

A great conman, Abhishek Bachchan, gets dumped by his girlfriend Priyanka Chopra, after which he finds out he has a fatal disease and very little time to live. He plans to do some good, one last con, for his sidekick played by Riteish Deshmukh. The film gets a huge hike when there is the entry of Boman Irani and Nana Patekar. 

Watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Jio Cinema. 

18. Aamir (2008)

Aamir (2008) | Hindi Suspense Movies

Dr. Aamir has been leading a good life in the UK until on one vacation where he visits India, his life changes forever. He is forced into being a terrorist by an Islamic terrorist gang. This whole thriller makes you wonder where did Aamir go wrong? 

Watch on Netflix.

19. Ajnabee (2001)

Ajnabee (2001) | Akshay Kumar And Kareena Kapoor Movies

Raj and Priya befriended their new neighbors Vicky and Sonia. Everything was great until one day Raj finds himself being framed for murdering his own wife Sonia. Akshay Kumar, Bipasha Basu, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Bobby Deol have done commendable acting.

Watch with Amazon Prime Video. 

20. Andhadhund (2018)

Andhadhun | Best Hindi Movies On Netflix

The story revolves around a pianist played by Ayushmann Khurana who pretends to be blind to increase his artistic skills. The troubles began when he witnesses a murder while the pretention. A perfect Hindi suspense movie.

Watch this Hindi suspense movie on Netflix or Jio Cinema. 

21. No Smoking (2007)

Can smoking actually kill? Can it kill your whole family? A chain smoker is sent to a rehabilitation center but he manages to leave from there paying the people a hefty sum. But there's a catch, he is given a warning about smoking again, he tries and his whole family will be killed.

Watch with Jio Cinema. 

22. Talvar (2015)

Do you blame someone for a murder if you fail to find evidence? Will anyone ever find out? The double murder of Aarushi Talwar and her servant brings the investigation to a dead end when the officers are unable to find anything. With the failure of not finding anything concrete, the parents are blamed. India's one of the most controversial cases opens.

Watch on Disney+ Hotstar or Netflix. 

23. Table No. 21 (2013)

Table No. 21 (2013) | Hindi Suspense Movies

A game show turned to the chance of life and death, will Vivaan and Siya live till the end of the show or they would lose? A Hindi suspense movie that is bound to play with your mind.

Watch on Jio Cinema.

24. Ittefaq (2017)

The edge of the seat thriller is a murder mystery in which a famous novelist (Siddharth Malhotra) and the leading female Sonakshi Sinha, have their own versions of the stories to which the husband of Sonakshi Sinha was murdered. 

The job of solving this mystery has been given to a super cop played by Akshay Khanna. But will he be able to solve the crime with two stories and the actual culprit?

Watch it on Netflix. 

25. Ittefaq (1969) 

What if threats come true? Dilip loves his passion for art more than his wife. He threatens to kill her if she even harms his painting. Further in the story, the wife is murdered and the husband is to blame. He is accused of the crime and sent to a psychiatric ward. 

But is it really the truth?

26. Kahaani 2 (2016)

Kahaani 2 (2016) | Hindi Suspense Movies

A sequel to Vidya Balan's Kahani, Vidya is in a small town village with a girl named Minnie. When Minnie is kidnapped, Vidya tries to save her but in return meets with an accident and ends up in a hospital. Would Vidya be able to save Minnie? Watch as the story unfolds many secrets.

Watch on YouTube for free. 

27. Dus (2005) 

A group of terrorists is planning something catastrophic in Canada where the Indian Prime Minister is visiting. A team of special agents is sent from India to catch the terrorist.

Watch this Hindi suspense movie on Jio cinema. 

28. Aankhen (2002)

Aankhen (2002) | Hindi Suspense Movies

A man seeks revenge from a bank that fires him, trains three blind men, and plans a big heist. Brilliant acting is done by Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Arjun Rampal, and Paresh Rawal. 

Watch on Jio cinema and Amazon Prime Video. 

29. Game (2011)

An edge-of-the-seat trailer directed by Amitabh Shukla. On an island, 4 different people were invited by the owner and being accused of killing his daughter. The movie takes a twist at them when the billionaire Kabir Malhotra is found dead the next morning.

Watch with Netflix. 

30. Gumnaam (1965)

An amazing portrayal of Agatha Christie's famous novel 'And Then There Were None' with the story of 8 people being left stranded on an island. Though they find a shelter in a mansion, one by one the guests are murdered. Watch this thriller to solve the mystery.

Watch with Amazon Prime Video. 

31. Guilty (2020)

Guilty (2020) | Hindi Suspense Movies

Nanki, beautifully played by Kiara Advani, hits a dilemma when a girl accuses Nanki's boyfriend of having raped her on Valentine's Day. The movie entails the efforts of Nanki and a lawyer to find evidence to find out what actually happened that night.

Watch this Hindi suspense movie on Netflix. 

32. Detective Vyomesh Bakshi (2015)

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Sushant Singh Rajput Bollywood Movies

Indian fictional character inspired from Sherlock Holmes. He was a famous detective from 1932-1970. Taken from this character, this movie is based on Byomkesh fresh out of college to find out the mystery of a chemist named Bhuvan disappearing. 

While searching about this case, Byomkesh comes across a larger conspiracy that could shake Calcutta. 

33. Badla (2019)

Badla | Underrated Bollywood Movies

Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu starrer Badla is a great thriller when Naina, the protagonist is accused of her husband's murder and she hires a reputed lawyer to save herself and find answers.

Watch with Netflix. 

34. Wazir (2016)

A cop's daughter gets killed by the terrorist he is chasing. As a result, he plans to seek revenge and while doing so, he finds his confidante in a Pandit who also lost his daughter.

Watch only on Netflix. 

35. Race (2008)

Race (2008) | Hindi Suspense Movies

Two guys and one girl, it is bound to get messy. When the owners of a big farm and horse racing business, the stepbrothers fall for the same girl, they try to kill each other. But as we all know, everything is fair in love and war, this war of love mera in the most dramatic way possible.

Watch only on Netflix. 

I hope you all have already prepared popcorn because this is going to be fun. Watch these Hindi suspense movies now and feel the goosebumps. 

So, just grab a comfortable seat and start the movie marathon. Comment down your favorite Suspense Movies Of Bollywood from the list above.

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