30 Best Bollywood Motivational Movies That Fill You With Hope

Babu moshai, Zindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nahi!

Shreya Gadoya

Jan 27, 2021|12 min read


Bollywood movies have played a vital role in influencing us with their stories. They always find a way to teach us some precious life learning messages through their movies. They change your way of thinking or bring about subtle changes to your life.

Best Inspirational and Motivational Bollywood Movies
Best Inspirational and Motivational Bollywood Movies

The messages they convey to their audiences impacts the viewers in a very deep way. They indeed change one view towards life. Bollywood is not only been restricted to romantic or action films, they also portray some motivational and inspiring movies for the viewers.

Here we list out 30 best Bollywood motivational movies that will inspire and motivate you and will help you be positive towards your life. Each movie listed here gives us some important life lessons that one must have a look.

1. Taare Zameen Par

Taare Zameen Par is one of the finest and best Bollywood motivational movies. The movie makes us realise the real potential of a student. The movie teaches us that not all students are alike, every student has his capabilities and understanding and it does not lie with education alone. 

It reminds every parent and teachers that education is not the only factor to judge a student's potential.

2. 3 Idiots

The oscar-nominated movie, 3 Idiots, is a must-watch Bollywood movie for all the students and parents. This fantastic portrayal of cinema taught us to invariably follow dreams overlooking and overriding the glitches of the education system. 

Chase your dreams, work hard and run through the system and achieve them is fantastic learning from the movie. The movie teaches us that dream what you want from life and try hard to fulfil that. No matter what society thinks of you be happy with who you are.

3. Chak De India

One of the best hit movies of Shahrukh Khan, Chak De India, is next on our best inspirational Bollywood movies list. It is a sporty movie where women of different race and beliefs come together for their passion for the game. 

The movie teaches us how to keep going even after facing humiliation from everywhere. This movie is about how the coach and team face all the challenges still they overcame all of them.

4. Queen

If you have ever been rejected in your life then Queen movie is a must-watch. The movie directly motivates and boosts self-confidence. The movie is all about an Indian girl named Rani and shows how she fights against all the odds and rejection faced by people and still manages to live a happy life. 

The movie teaches us how to enjoy your company and how to be self-independent.

5. Lagaan

The movie, Lagaan, takes us back to the time when Indians were under the control of the British. The story is about how villagers struggle with paying the tax since there was no growth of crops. The dedication and optimism shown by the villagers to win the game are incredible.

6. Wake Up sid

Wake Up Sid is yet another inspirational movie that talks about a lazy boy, who is living his life on his father's money and has no goals for the future. The moment he meets a girl, Aisha he realizes that he needs to wake up and complete his passion for photography and pursue a successful career.

7. Mary Kom

Mary Kom is a Bollywood movie about the real-life struggle of a female boxing champion. Based on the life struggles of five-time female world boxing champion Mary Kom, this movie tells you about the chronicles of her life. 

The movie brings out the several hardships she had to face before accomplishing her ultimate dream. In the end, you rise full of motivation.

8. Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year

Rocket Singh is th story of an average student, who has high ethics and principles. He gets a job as a salesman but is not capable to cope up with the misuse of power and ugly competition. However, he does not quit. He takes up the challenge and starts with his firm and becomes a salesman of the year. 

Cut-throat market competition coupled with the power politics played by some bigwigs but in the end, he succeeds. Through this flick, students can imbibe the traits of hard work and honesty as the virtues of a professional salesman.

9. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

The literal title of the movie is “You will not get this life again” and it is a great message to show people to take a break once in a while, to step out from a rather busy life and enjoy a life you will only get once. It is one of the best inspirational Bollywood movies, teaching us how to live life to the fullest and ake each moment count.

10. English Vinglish

English Vinglish belongs to the category of movies that inspire an average Indian on daily basis. The little ventures read challenges that a lady faces and challenges them back outshining the barrier of merely a language. It will inspire and motivate you to get up and fight the challenges for your life!

11. Lakshya

The movie Lakshya is about an aimless man with no dreams or ambitions. However, due to his girlfriend's urge, he joins the Indian Military Academy with his friend. How joining army makes him a disciplined guy. He finally comes to terms with life in IMA and becomes focused. 

He became a Lieutenant and then a Captain while the Kargil war. Karan led his battalion into a battle and won. There were loses and wins, but he led his team with passion and conviction to glory.

12. Chillar Party

Chillar Party is a Bollywood movie featuring a few children who show their love and affection towards a stray dog. They step ahead to fight against the higher authorities of their housing society without any fear, just to keep the stray dog where they live. 

It shows the unity and affection to fight for a cause that we adults hardly possess nowadays.

13. Black

Trapped in her inability to see, hear and express, Michelle Mcnally triumphs over all her challenges and fulfils all her dreams in the Bollywood movie Black. The film draws inspiration from Helen Keller's life and struggle. This is a must-see movie which definitely will motivate you to follow your dreams.

14. Neerja

The movie Neerja is inspired by the real-life story of a strong determined girl, Neerja, who was a flight attendant. She boarded Pan Am flight 73 in 1986 and didn’t know what evil plans faith had in store for them. 

When the flight is hijacked by terrorists, Neerja does all she can to stall the terrorists from attacking the passengers on board. She died but successfully​ saved 359 lives. It is noted among the best inspirational Bollywood movies for showing the bravery and courage that many of us don’t have in tough situations.

15. Yuva

Originally titled as "Howrah Bridge", Yuva it is a political drama of 3 students from different strata of society and how their lives take a turn after one fateful incident at Kolkata's Howrah Bridge. The movie makes us realize the power of youth and what more you can do for your own country.

16. Manjhi

Ketan Mehta's biopic Mountain Man, adapted as Manjhi,  tells this powerful story of a common man from Gehlaur village in Bihar's Gaya district. With a spirited story and talented actors like Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Radhika Apte, Mehta has ensured that the film is true to its hero.

The movie is about the strong determination and belief Dashrath Manjhi (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) has to carve out a path through the mountain so that no one else would suffer his fate.

So he sets out on a mission, which goes on for 22 years, all by himself, with just a hammer and a chisel, he breaks through the rocks, till a path is carved out from the mountain.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui played this role that vacillated between grief and grit with rare talent. So real was his performance that you not only sympathised with his loss but also were inspired by the lesson. Faith can truly move/break mountains.

17. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is an Indian biographical sports drama based on the life of athlete Milkha Singh, a national champion runner, famous as "The Flying Sikh". Declared a superhit domestically and overseas, this movie motivates the core to never give up and keep trying until success is achieved.

18. Iqbal

It doesn't matter where you are from. If you are dedicated to fulfilling your dream, you definitely will, this is what the movie Iqbal teaches us. Iqbal's journey from a small village to the Indian Cricket Team is highly inspirational. It portrays the dedication he carries even after having so many hurdles in his path to success.

19. Rang De Basanti

Fueled with patriotism, the movie Rang De Basanti has every reason to be on this list of inspirational Bollywood movies. The movie is so well scripted, it gives you jitters no matter how many times you have watched it. 

Besides the criticism, it is a movie that will wake up the patriotism in your heart you have. It teaches us to be united no matter what.

20. Dangal

Dangal is another biographical movie on the first women wrestling champions of India Geeta Phogat and Babita Kumari. It is the story of a father who wasn’t able to fulfil his dreams of winning a gold medal in wrestling. 

He wanted to live vicariously through his son. But he had 4 daughters in a row. He almost gave up but his two daughters Geeta and Babita beat up boys after they abused the girls. He sees a spark of hope, he starts training the girls to be wrestlers, despite the disapproval of the village.

At first the girls felt burdened but, started enjoying the sport and ended up becoming world-class boxers with their father as their coach. It is an inspiring Bollywood movie of two girls breaking all stereotypes against women and following their dreams to make their place in a male-dominated industry.

21. A Wednesday

This inspirational Bollywood movie narrates a sequence of events that unfolded on a Wednesday. There’s no record of the incident, The awareness of it only exists in his mind and in the people who were involved, willingly and unwillingly, and how those events affected the lives of all the concerned people. There is a crazy chase.

22. Jo Jeeta Woh Sikandar

Jo Jeeta Woh Sikandar is a Bollywood movie that highlights the power of hard work along with a sense of dedication that can become the pillars of success. After several twists and turns, the hero begins to understand the very purpose of his life. 

That is when he trains hard to partake in a prestigious cycle race braving many physical and emotional odds.

23. Do Akhen 12 Haath

This Motivational Hindi movie is based on humanistic psychology! It won a Golden Bear at the 8th Berlin International Film Festival and a Golden Globe Award in the new category Samuel Goldwyn International Film Award for the best film produced outside of the United States. 

The film is based on Adinath, who is a very humane jail warden. He carefully plans out to release six murderers on parole and take them to a barren farm. Adinath teaches them lessons of life. He rehabilitates them through hard work and guidance. 

They eventually produce a great harvest. This movie portrays a strong moral lesson that shows the necessity of hard work, and how it helps in accomplishing any feat in life.

24. Munna Bhai MBBS

Munna Bhai MBBS is another motivational Bollywood movie, which went on to become the biggest hits of Sanjay Dutt. He plays a Good-hearted goon, Munna who sets out on his journey to fulfil his father’s dream.

His father wanted him to be a doctor. He wanted to get into a Medical college, he did get through it by cheating completely. He went on to change the atmosphere of the college and the hospital.

His cheerful nature and “Jaddu ki Jhappi” is a phrase still used to this day. This movie shows his character changing his way of living and making people around him happy. Though it is a comedy movie, it has underlying hints of the pursuit of happiness

25. My Name Is Khan

The combination of Karan Johar behind the camera and Shah Rukh Khan in front of it has always worked wonders and the movie My Name Is Khan is no exception. My Name Is Khan is a story about a Rizwan Khan (Shah Rukh Khan), who lives in the US and who’s suffering from Asperger’s syndrome, a form of high functioning autism. 

That complicates his social interactions to an extent. Rizwan eventually finds love and marries a single mother, Mandira (Kajol). And then happens the 9/11 terrorist attack, which saw the collapse of the twin towers and devastation in New York. And soon hatred against Muslims snowballs into an ugly truth. 

Mandira’s son is killed because he has a Muslim surname. A shattered Mandira asks Rizwan to get out of her life. Determined to prove that he’s not a terrorist, Rizwan sets out on the journey to narrate his tale to the then President of America, Barrack Obama. 

How he wins over the haters and his wife forms the crux of the story. The movie spoke about equality and fraternity even as it spoke about triumphing over your shortcomings – both mental and physical.

26. Mardaani 2

An action-thriller film, the sequel to Mardaani, this Inspirational Bollywood movie shows Shivani Shivaji going up against a 21-year-old rapist and murderer. This movie is about a strong independent woman who manages to find evidence against the crime but the rapist eliminates the witness right under her nose and she is transferred to another place for irresponsibility. 

She has a final 48 hours to find evidence against him, she takes a small team and heads towards the clues. A movie about strong determination and fearless woman is an inspirational movie for all the women out.

27. The Sky Is Pink

The Sky Is Pink is a Bollywood movie is based on a real-life story of Aisha Chaudhary who was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis. In the movie, Aisha Chaudhary narrates the story of her parents from the afterlife. 

Aditi and Niren are a young couple from different backgrounds, Aditi was rich while Niren was from a middle-class family. Aditi loses her first child, Tanya within months of birth due to Severe combined immunodeficiency condition. A few years after they have kids names Ishaan and Aisha

The couple discovers Aisha being diagnosed with the same disease Tanya was diagnosed with. Aditi grows overprotective over Aisha and Niren works double-time to accumulate a cost for her surgery. 

She gets better, but the side effects of a surgery start showing up and Aisha has very little time left and Aditi sets out to fulfil everything on Aisha’s bucket list. But after Aisha dies there are problems with the family. The family takes a heavy toll after losing a second child.

28. Mera Naam Joker

The plot of this Inspirational Bollywood movie follows Raju, a clown. His family had bad experiences and reputation at their circus times, but Raju felt like he heads a calling toward it. The film shows us the journey from his childhood to his last performance as a joker. His teacher makes him realize his dream, he wanted to make the world laugh despite his sadness.

Raju’s father lost his life while performing a stunt, years later his mother watches him do the same stunt, and she dies during his very performance. Along the way he falls for three women at different stages of life, he gets his heartbroken every single time. 

Raju’s character is an inspiration, he found the positive in everything, and he followed his dream no matter what. His intentions were so pure, but life played cruel games.

29. Swades

The movie Swades tells us that no matter where you go, no matter how rich one gets, one will never forget the fragrance of their nation. Mohan, who works in NASA decides to return to India for his nanny where he finds problems faced by villages in India. 

The story develops as he drops his post in NASA for the welfare of villages. The movie will grow a seed in you, of social change you can bring.

30. Anand

Anand is a motivational Hindi movie about Bhaskar, a cancer specialist who writes a book named Anand. He shares the experiences with his actual patient named Anand. Bhaskar had a soft-heart and felt guilty of all the ailments he couldn’t treat. 

But, as time passed he became pessimistic after witnessing death, illness and suffering around him. One day he meets Anand with rare cancer, but he was always cheerful and keeps everyone happy around him. Bhaskar and Anand become close friends. 

But, they both know Anand has few months left. He becomes softer and mature after he met Anand. The movie shows a dying patient choosing to make people around him happy and to not limit himself just because he is sick. He lives his life normally. Anand’s character is an inspiration and shows how precious life is.

Bollywood has the power of expressing our emotions and sentiments through their movies. Movies give us more than just entertainment. They become inspirational after making us emotional.

Everything and everywhere which involves time should be made worth learning. While these flicks give us pure entertainment, one could also look in to grasp some part from it. Above are some of the best Bollywood motivational movies you should see to motivate yourself.

There are times when we all need a little push to get things done, to stay motivated and these Bollywood movies will help to get motivated. Everyone finds peace and positivity in inspirational Bollywood movies.

With times of crisis like these, we need a little motivation and hope to hold onto. We are here with the best Bollywood motivational movies of all time.

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