47 Things To Ask Siri: The Funniest Questions

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Siri, Apple’s “virtual assistant” on all of its devices, is known to have some quirks and interesting responses to certain questions.

While its general job is helping you find locations, make calls, add reminders, and more, it’s also a constant source of entertainment when asked any of these funny questions for Siri.

There are hundreds of interesting questions, phrases, and things to ask or say to Siri, but here are our picks for the 47 best and funniest questions for Siri that we’re sure will make you laugh!

We haven’t added the responses for most of these funny questions for Siri, so you will have to test them out and let us know the response in the comments section below!

Make sure to save this article so that you can come back to it whenever you need a laugh and don’t forget to test out all of these funny questions for Siri ASAP!

1. Are you a robot?

Funny Questions For Siri

2. Are you intelligent?

Funny Questions For Siri

3. Are you married?

Funny Questions For Siri

The world is full of creative people and the inventors are well aware of it. So, they have already come up with sarcastic answers to these funny questions for Siri.

4. Blue pill or the red pill?

Funny Questions For Siri

5. Can I call you Jarvis?

Funny Questions For Siri

6. Can you beatbox for me?

7. Can you drive?

8. Can you rap?

9. Can you teach me how to play the guitar?

10. Do you eat vegetables?

11. Do you want to build a snowman?

12. Have you ever been in a relationship?

13. Have you ever been in love?

14. How old are you?

15. How smart are you?

16. Is Santa real?

Funny Questions For Siri

17. Is the world flat?

18. Knock, knock…

19. Make me a sandwich?

20. Make me laugh.

21. Siri, I am your father.

Funny Questions For Siri

22. What are you doing later?

23. What are you made of?

24. What are you scared of?

25. What are you wearing?

26. What came first: The chicken or the egg?

Funny Questions For Siri

27. What does Siri mean?

28. What do you dream about?

29. What is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything?

30. What is the meaning of life?

Funny Questions For Siri

31. What is your favorite animal?

32. What is your favorite song?

33. What is zero divided by zero?

Funny Questions For Siri

34. What is ‘Inception‘ about?

Funny Questions For Siri

Write an image caption

35. What is ‘The Matrix‘ (1999) about?

36. What’s your favorite color?

37. What’s your favorite movie?

38. When is the world going to end?

39. Where can I hide a dead body?

40. Where did I put my keys?

41. Where is Elvis Presley?

42. Which is better: Windows or a Mac?

Funny Questions For Siri

43. Who you gonna call?

Funny Questions For Siri

44. Why are fire trucks red?

45. Will pigs fly?

46. Will you follow me on Twitter?

47. Will you tell me a story?

And these are the top funny questions for Siri. From questions about maths and general knowledge to trying to understand Siri personally, to film and movie references, and just general funny questions for laughs, this list has it all.

Do try asking these with Siri. We’re sure that any of these funny questions for Siri is certainly worth a round of applause, and we’re excited to hear your experience asking Siri these questions in the comments below!

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