Mummy Has A Ball In Tummy And 18 Other Funny Childhood Misconceptions That Made Us Stupid

Excuse: we were innocent then!

Shivani Yadav

Jul 18, 2018|7 min read


In childhood, the things worked in their own presumed way. These ways were so well advocated, that even if they were false, they seemed to be true. Even God Hanuman in his childhood became the part of these hilarious misconceptions, where he ate the giant sun, assuming it to be a big orange fruit.

Although thinking about them now is quite funny, we bet many of you still don't know the truth. Here are 18 memories of childhood misconceptions that you will relate to your own.

1. Parents Bought Us From A Doctor

The very chucklesome misconception was about the birth of a baby. We all believed that one fine day, our parents went to a doctor, who had a direct connection with God. The doctor gifted them a baby because God is the owner of a factory where babies are produced. You too must have believed this.

2. Wherever We Go Sun And Moon Follow Us

That top of the world feeling, when we were crazy about the fact that Sun and Moon are moving with us, all the time. We were totally lost in our own world, gazing out of the window of a car, looking steadily towards the Sun and Moon. Didn't you do that?

3. Swallowing A Seed Can Grow A Tree Inside Your Belly

Although it was rare but it did exist. The very playful thing about this misbelief was that our parents got the chance to tease us. They often mocked it by saying that one fine day that seed will grow out of your belly-button. And none of us wanted to carry a tree on our body!!

4. Terror Of ‘Jholi-baba’

We literally used to panic by seeing any old man, thinking him to be a ‘jholi-baba’, and that he will catch us and pack us up, and take us away. Even though it was a trick played by our parents to save us from any stranger or prevent us from doing any mischief, we were really scared about the Jholi Baba. Weren't you?

5. Illusions About Getting Supernatural Powers

This stress-free period of being a child was so magical. We were so influenced by the Superhuman characters showed in our T.V, that we frequently tried to gain the Supernatural powers. Many of us kept the magnet in water for a minute, and then drank it, you probably know why! Besides this, dressing up in superhero styles, was also very common.

6. Kids Have Reflection Of God

We took this statement of adults so seriously that we began imagining ourselves as God. And the funniest thing about it was that we used this authority while we wanted to eat the sweets offered to God, even before God can consume it! We were the one to put our first swallow trademark on ‘prasad’, without a miss!

7. Grandma Is Sitting On The Moon

As a child, many of us had misconstructed the shape of the moon. We perceived the moon in our own way. The sign of immaturity was so high that we were resolute on having our Grandma sitting under a tree, on the moon with our ‘Mama’. Stop laughing for you did the same!

8. A Big Ball Inside Our Mother’s Tummy

We all had this misunderstanding about the pregnancy of our mother when we are a child. Repeated questions from our side forced our mother to make stories like she swallowed a big ball and she fell in the bathroom. And we cried, forcing her to take that big ball outside so that we can play with it! It was the biggest misconception of our childhood.

9. Mystery Behind The Electric Socket Hole

Even today, we see many kids putting their fingers inside the electric socket hole, to find out the mystery. We had a misbelief that there is something mysterious inside that hole and as a result, we have had got many shocks to be included in our childhood memories. How many shocks did you have?

10. Cumin Seeds As An Insects Floating In Daal(Lentils)

We used to separate cumin seeds or other elements from our food, thinking them to be insects. Often, we were scolded for doing so, but the misconception was deep enough to consume it like that. Didn't you do that?

11. Money Grows On Money Plant

The hilarious thing about childhood is that we took things way too seriously. We believed them to be true anyhow. There were this funny thought and witty misunderstanding that money plant is something where money grows. The more the money plants, the more the money.

12. Undertaker Died 7 Times

Though we were small, we were a die-heart fan of WWE. We blindly trusted everything we saw in it. The spookier Undertaker died seven times and came back to life, was actually our childhood misconception. But we were ready to fight for it!

13. Eraser Can Be Made With Milk

Childhood is a period where we are very much curious about anything and everything. Adding to the list, there was a misconception about making an eraser with the mixture of milk and flakes of a sharpened pencil. We were the talented engineer of our own time, without a doubt.

14. ‘Ja’ In Multiplications Were Real

Till now we have this mistake regarding the pronunciation of ‘Ja’ in multiplication. We pronounced it so confidently as Two One ‘Ja’ Two or Five Two ‘Ja’ Ten and so on. Though it was the wrong way to pronounce it, we did it with great confidence.

15. Our Rules Of ‘Katti’ and ‘Mucchi’

Remembering the funniest thing about our childhood is the concept of ‘Katti’ and ‘Mucchi’. When we were angry with our friend, we officially broke the friendship by doing ‘Katti’ and to become friends again, we needed to do ‘mucchi’.

16. Person Wearing Spectacles Are ‘Genius’

Yes, this is also one of the misapprehensions we use to have as a child. The person, who wore spectacles were studying a lot and they were thus, ‘genius’. Though it often turned to be true, it was a very popular misapprehension.

17. The Stories About Milk Tooth

Here comes one of the most trusted misconceptions about the breaking of the tooth, and its growth. There was a tooth fairy, who comes and takes our broken tooth placed under the pillow. The most followed function was to put it inside the rat hole so that the rat will exchange it from your given milk tooth.

18. Drinking Milk And Kissing Can Give You A Baby

Oh! The Bollywood scene of the wedding night, where the groom drinks milk and kisses his bride, only to get a baby in the next scene was so trusted. It seemed to us so genuine that we believed it to be the only way of getting a baby.

These are some of the most common misconceptions that you can relate to your childhood. And we know there may be more to extend this list.

What have been your craziest misconceptions of childhood?

Let us know them!


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