40 Pop Hindi Songs That Honestly Talk of Love and Relationships

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Valentine’s day is around the corner and the only plan I have with me is listening to the old and evergreen Hindi pop songs. Music is an eternal partner for each one of us, especially when we are to celebrate it alone.

Our artists have never backed-off from making Hindi pop songs, which talk of love and relationships as honestly as possible. This is the only reason why they are relatable to most of the youngsters like me.

Hindi Pop Songs

Even though songs of legendary Mohammad Rafi and new-age singers like Darshan Raval also give a romantic feel, Hindi pop songs have a different essence that hits the heart like a cupid arrow. 

In order to provide you with a great playlist, we have listed 40 Hindi pop songs for you. Listen to these songs and spend a great evening in your cosy abode.

1. Made in India (Alisha Chinoy)

This pop Hindi song is about a girl looking for a heart that will love her and belongs to India. The lyrics of this song are a perfect match for the voice of Alisha Chinoy.

2. Tanha Dil (Shaan)

In the mesmerizing voice of Shaan, this song is about a wanderer trying to find a girl who he loves. But no matter what the song says, its tune will carry you like the wind carries dry leaves.

3. Paree Hoon Main (Suneeta Rao)

This pop Hindi song is for all the people who love living in a fictional world of their own or for all people who consider themselves as the prince/princesses.

4. Aankhon Mein Tera Hi Chehra (Aryans)

This song is about a boy obsessed with one girl and she is the only one he can see everywhere. Happened to you too?

5. Maine Payal Hai Chhankai (Falguni Pathak)

This song has an amazing tune and voice and describes the eternal beauty of all girls and women.

6. Kya Surat Hai (Bombay Vikings)

This pop Hindi song is about the adoration of the beauty of a girl and that is what the title actually means as well.

7. Maaeri (Euphoria)

This classic ghazal is soul-soothing and is a must-hear. I bet that this song might be helpful for meditation and calming.

8. Tunak Tunak Tun (Daler Mehndi)

This all-time favourite party song can suit all the steps you wanna do/perform. With the brilliant and bold voice of Daler Mehndi, this song has a great and catchy tune as well.

9. Mujhko Bhi Tu Lift Karade (Adnan Sami)

In the beautiful and mesmerizing voice of Adnan Sami, this pop Hindi song is actually a request to God. What he is exactly requesting is something for you to find out.  

10. Deewane To Deewane Hai (Shweta Shetty)

The basic message or definition of this song is that those in love will stay in love no matter what. I think up to an extent this might be true. Any thoughts?

11. Gur Naal Ishq Mitha (Yo Yo Honey Singh)

This song can make you groove at any place, any time. The beats and the voice both coordinate really well thus, resulting in this masterpiece.

12. Tum Toh Thehre Pardesi (Altaf Raja)

If you are not aware of this song, then my advice would be to go listen to it right now. What else did you expect I'd say?

13. O Sanam (Lucky Ali)

Another hit ghazal in this list. This pop Hindi song has a great and catchy tune with the mesmerizing and dreamy voice of Lucky Ali.

14. Gori Teri Aankhen Kahe (Lucky Ali)

This pop Hindi song is a trying to justify words and making them somewhat equivalent to the beautiful and innocent eyes of a girl

15. Sawan Mein (Falguni Pathak)

In this song, a girl is making a wish to dance in the rain with her heart as a whole and her lover

16. Aiyo Rama (Falguni Pathak)

This pop Hindi song has an amazing and kind-of hilarious chorus because it says that the girl's heart went missing from her hand.

17. Meri Chunar Ud Ud Jaye (Falguni Pathak)

This amazing, calming and yet romantic song according to me is already in the favourites list of more than half the people reading this.

18. Deewana Tera (Sonu Nigam)

This love song is about a guy singing to a girl who loves and is nuts over her. If you haven’t heard the song yet, go give it an ear.

19. Kuch Tum Socho (Sonu Nigam)

This song is actually about a guy who doesn’t end up lonely. I know it is something all of us have heard before, at least once.

20. Chain Mujhe Ab Aaye Na (Adnan Sami)

With the soothing voice of Adnan Sami, this song is worth listening at least once. It will connect with your heart at once if you have recently experienced love.  

21. Ab Mujhe Raat Din (Sonu Nigam)

This song, if explained in short, is basically about two people deeply in love with each other. The tunes of this song are really great and are absolutely on-point

22. Yaad Piya Ki (Falguni Pathak)

Also commonly known as chudi, this song is about a girl missing her love/lover.  

23. Woh Chali Woh Chali (Bombay Vikings)

This pop song is a great song and is accompanied by English lyrics. The unique voice of Bombay Vikings is a must-hear suggestion.

24. Dil Le Gayi (Jassi)

Dil Le Gayi is a must-play pop song in almost any/every wedding this song is an amazing choice if looking for an upbeat dance song. The Punjabi beats take all the credit.

25. Kabhi Aana Tu Meri Galli (Euphoria)

This pop song is more like a promise composed into a song where a guy secretly meets his to be a wife and makes her promises.

26. Kala Sha Kala (Anamika)

This pop Hindi song is pretty famous and is heard on a large scale during some of the wedding ceremonies.

27. Piya Basanti (Ustad Sultan Khan)

This ghazal is utterly amazing and the voice of Sultan Khan just makes it impossible to ignore.

28. Purani Jeans (Ali Haider)

This song is all about past memories and mostly, friends and friendships. It convinces you that college days were the best days of your life.

29. Yaaron (KK)

This song can be considered as a dedication to your bond of friendship and all your friends. You will find it very relatable and may even ring up your friends after listening to it.

30. Ab Ke Sawan Aise Barse (Shubha Mudgal)

This upbeat song has really catchy tunes and really different lyrics which might attract you to it.

31. Chana Ve Ghar Aaja Ve (Kunal)

This pop song can be interpreted as a return to home request but with a little more love than it sounds.

32. Piya Re Piya Re (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)

With the mesmerizing voice of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, this song is about how someone feels kind of half or alone without their loved ones.

33. Aafreen Aafreen (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)

With approximately a hundred covers and million ears, this song is one of the most renown romantic songs till date.

34. Sayonee (Junoon)

This pop song is actually a form of qawwali and is worth listening to once.

35. Breathless (Shankar Mahadevan)

If you did not recognize by the name let me remind you, that this the record-setter song. Shankar Mahadevan has sung it without taking pauses.

36. Ahista (Pankaj Udas)

This song is basically about the falling in love of two people from different cultures, according to me if you watch the video it might be more clear.

37. Dooba Dooba (Silk Route)

This pop song is quite upbeat and is great for the particular purpose of dancing. It narrates the feeling of a heart lost in the sea of love.

38. Bijuria (Sonu Nigam)

If you are listening to this song advice would be definitely its music video because it is hilarious and as for the song the voice of Sonu Nigam just amplifies the song.

39. Chupke Chupke (Pankaj Udas)

This pop song is actually a melodious ghazal sung by Pankaj Udas. It is about a girl who is always with her friends. That is actually all the girls, isn’t it?

40. Kabhi Yaadon Mein Aao (Abhijeet)

With the mesmerizing voice of Abhijeet and harmony of tune, this song is about love and heartbreaks at the same time. I think if not all ears you should give it one at least.

Hindi Pop Songs

This is pretty much all for this listicle about Hindi pop songs. However, there are tons of songs for your playlist to choose from. Each song has a different set of lyrics, tunes and composition, which means each one should be heard once at least.

Each word has a deep and separate meaning of itself in Hindi pop songs and it could leave you in tears. Just swing in the mood and sing along. Enjoy a nice evening at your abode!

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