23 Gajendra Verma Songs To Listen And Heal From The Heartbreaks

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Chandrayan Choudhury

Dec 13, 2020|8 min read


Born on 20 April in the year 1990 at Sirsa, Haryana, Gajendra Verma is an Indian singer, songwriter and composer who is a sensation in the present days. Having songs sung in many movies, he got his first break with the song Tune Mere Jana, which took him to the limelight. 

Gajendra Verma has sung some ace romantic songs, but the fun fact here is that he has never taken any major vocal training for singing. His song 'tera ghata' was a major hit and was trending everywhere. So many memes got made on that particular song and now the song has more than 400 million views on youtube. 

Now in this feeding trends article, we would read about 23 best Gajendra Verma songs that we must listen to. The is the list that holds 23 Gajendra Verma songs for you to enjoy:

1. Ab Aaja

This is one of the recent Gajendra Verma songs that got released. This pure musical journey of 4 minutes is the best gift you can give to yourself.

2. Tere Nashe Mein Choor

Tere Nashe Mein Choor is a beautiful song by Gajendra Verma. A romantic song which is apt for every mood, be it a party or romantic environment. Turn on this Gajendra Verma songs and enjoy the moment.

3. India Together

In the past months, we know how this Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on every life across the globe. This song by Gajendra Verma was made to raise awareness in the common public. Listen to this Gajendra Verma songs and suggest this song to your known ones too.

4. Mein Aur Tu

One of the cutest Gajendra Verma songs that is worth listening to. If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, you can dedicate this song to them. 

5. Ja Ja Ja

An awesome creation by Gajendra Verma. And even one of the best Gajendra Verma songs to listen to. This song can be every common men's song who is fed up of their daily love life tantrums.

6. Yaad Karke

One of the best Gajendra Verma songs you can listen to and that too for multiple times, Yaad Karke is a very beautiful song. This song sounds beautiful yet has a fine mist of sadness hidden in it.

7. Milo Na Tum

Another beautiful song by Gajendra Verma. A romantic song with such a catchy melody. This song is a must-listen song from our list.

8. Khelegi Kya

One of the Gajendra Verma songs which is appropriate for dancing. Khelegi Kya is a hyped-up song which will create the buzz that you need in your party.

9. Tune Mere Jaana 

This is the song that took Gajendra Verma to the limelight. There are a lot of wonderful Gajendra Verma songs but this one is a little extra special. The attracting melody and wonderful voice expressions make this song a masterpiece.

10. Tujhse Door Jo Hota Hun

Gajendra Verma songs always have something special in them. Another song from his earlier days, both music and lyrics of this song is so beautifully done that people would still love it if they hear it.

11. Tera Hi Rahun

One of the most beautiful songs ever heard. Mind playing the song in the background when you are with your companion to add more beauty to the moment.

12. Tera Ghata

Okay now, this song needs no introduction. The single song that broke the internet. Tera ghata is indeed a wonderful song in itself but its usage in memes made this song so popular that this song became an internet sensation. 

13. Tera Ghata Acapella

The Acapella version of Tera Ghata is also available on youtube for remixing purposes. Mind hearing it for once.

14. Kyun Hai

Another from the best of Gajendra Verma, Kyun Hai is a wonderful composition. This is also one of the best Gajendra Verma songs from our list.

15. Anjaam

This is a sad song from Gajendra Verma. This song portrays the pain and agony of lovers when the relationship doesn't work out. Gajendra Verma songs are always meaningful. 

16. Maa Hai Yaar

A wonderful song made for the mothers only. Gajendra Verma made this song to gift it to the mothers on the occasion of mother's day. You can also dedicate this song to your mom. This is one of the best Gajendra Verma songs.

17. Hum Hain Naa

A beautiful creation to show the light of hope to the victims in Nepal. Nepal faced a devastating earthquake in 2015 where a lot of people got killed and more than that got injured. This Gajendra Verma songs was a tribute to all the brave hearts of Nepal.

18. Raati Saanu

Another sad song from Gajendra Verma, Raati Sanu can be a perfect partner for the recently heartbroken ones. Gajendra Verma songs have a wide variety of emotions.

19. Ik Kahani

This brings us to the most favourite song of mine from the list. One of the Gajendra Verma songs that feels like sugar syrup to the ear. Ik Kahani is one the most beautiful creation of his. Must listen to this.

 20. Mera Jahan

Yet another sad song from our Gajendra Verma songs list. Apart from the sad lyrics and video, this is a nice song to listen to.

21. Aashiq Ka Bhoot

Now it's not a song by Gajendra Verma. This is a funny video by Virtual Planet Music on youtube. Watch it and gift yourself a lol moment.

22. Mann Mera

Back with another catchy number by Gajendra Verma. Mann Mera is a romantic song from the film Table No. 21. This one of Gajendra Verma songs is the best tonic to your ear.

23. Hai Koi

Ending the list with this romantic number from the film Chor Bazaari. Gajendra Verma songs are always beautiful and refreshing. Enjoy this song on youtube or any other platform, you will love it for sure.

Gajendra Verma is undoubtedly a singing sensation. A singer with so many hits and the majority of his songs are of top class. This list gave me a lot of good songs that I can add in my playlist. Read the article and choose your fav ones too.


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