13 Lucky Ali Songs That Tell You To Wander With A Free Spirit

The man is still a sensation!

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Jan 18, 2021|4 min read


Who doesn’t love travelling and wandering? Whether we travel with a friend, family or alone, songs are always a part of our journey. We sing along or even dance to the rhythm of the songs, thinking of getting lost.

Everyone has a different taste of songs and can choose from a variety of them to go about. But Hey! When it comes to Lucky Ali Songs, you cannot say let’s play some other song, right? 

We know Lucky Ali songs have been evergreen and have touched a million hearts. People from all age groups are attracted to his songs. Lucky Ali songs pour love, soothing the mind and soul of a person.

Below you will find Lucky Ali Songs List and how these songs add happiness in the air, telling you to go somewhere away from this dimension. 

Let us begin with the most widely loved songs of Lucky Ali of all time.

1. O Sanam

Recently, the new presentation of this song by Lucky Ali had gone viral on social media. Talking about its original version, this song is the greatest hit of all times. An iconic song by Lucky Ali which proves to be good when you are with your loved one and have met them after a long time! Or more interestingly when you travel with your loved one this song gives you amazing feels! 

2. Na Tum Jaano Na Hum

This is another song which can be best enjoyed with your spouse or a loved one. While you are going on a short trip to the mountains with your special someone turn this song on and sing along!

3. Hairat

This song by Lucky Ali again deserves a lot of praise as it has amazing music and beats which you can enjoy while travelling especially if you want to dedicate it to a romantic partner.

4. Ek Pal Ka Jeena 

“Ek Pal Ka Jeena, Phir To Hai Jaana,” tells us about the importance of a moment, enjoying and valuing it, and at the same time not dwelling much onto the materialistic plane of this world. This beautiful song is sung by Lucky Ali and can be enjoyed while travelling with your family or even with your loved one.

5. Jaane Kya Dhoondta Hai

Jaane Kya Dhoonda Hai is a slow and loving romantic song by Lucky Ali which has calming music to give you a relaxed state of mind. It helps you calm down when you feel confused or undecided.

6. Aa Bhi Jaa

Aa bhi jaa is a song which 90’s kids have grown up listening to! A slow song with a little romantic touch which can be listened to with your dear one or even family. (Someone who doesn’t like high voice notes may avoid this song!)

7. Gori Teri Aankhen 

This one is a melodious song by Lucky Ali which is best enjoyed while travelling at night with your dear one. The song talks about a girl, who has not slept all night waiting for her lover. It is very soothing, a must listen!

8. Dekha Hai Aise Bhi

What a euphonious song! This song narrates the experiences once has had while going places. It is best to listen to when you are travelling alone.

9. Safarnama

Featured in the Tamasha movie, Safarnama is a song mixed with alluring background music and a perfect mix of high and low pitches. This one is a must to add to your travel list!

10. Kabhi Aisa Lagta Hai

A love melody in Lucky Ali voice, what else do you need? If you are travelling solo or with your spouse or want to ask them out while on travel? Go for this song!

11. Aahista Aahista

Going out on a date with your special one? Or want to express yourself through a song while travelling, this song by Lucky Ali will help you for sure! 

12. Teri Yaadein

Want to make your loved one understand how much you miss them? Play this song! A beautiful blend of soft music with little beats. While going on a long trip or even a long drive in breezy weather, turn this song on and enjoy the moment!

13. Kitni Haseen Zindagi

Say hello to your life once again with Lucky Ali this song. Travelling to mountains, with winds blowing and this song on is a perfect match! It tells about the momentariness of life while a little bend of love in it.

This was all, dear readers! Also for the ones who are die-hard fans of Lucky Ali Songs, there are some interesting facts you might want to know about him. 

1. Lucky Ali's real name is Maqsood Ali. Lucky is loved by his fans, so he is called by this name. 

2. Before the rise of his career, he tried his hands at a number of odd jobs from carpet cleaner to oil rigger, even an organic farmer.

So folks we know, Lucky Ali himself and his songs have been evergreen. Apart from the ones listed here Lucky Ali Songs have touched everyone’s hearts. Hope these songs prove helpful to you in your travel guide whether you travel solo, with family, with friends or with your special one!

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