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Exceptional Abilities of Hanuman Ji!

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Lord Hanuman is one of the most prayed for in gods. The one who has watched RAMAYANA, or has read it, already knows why Lord Hanuman is one of the most prayed gods.

He is one of the seven Chiranjivis, who is still alive and present at some part of the Earth. The parents of Lord Hanuman are Kesari and Mata Anjani. In addition, he is also a son of wind-god Vayu. 

Along with Ramayana, the name of Lord Hanuman also comes in the epic Mahabharata and various other Scriptures. He is also known as God of Wisdom, Strength, Courage, Devotion, and Self-Discipline.

According to Ramayana, the birthplace of Lord Hanuman in Kishkinda. Gangavathi Taluk Koppal district, Karnataka is one of some places that claim to be the location of Kishkindha.

Although, being one of the greatest powers in the Universe, Lord Hanuman only considers himself as a devotee of Lord Shri Rama. Also, he had never shown off his supreme powers to fear people. The demons at that time were aware of his unbeatable powers.

This article will list the “Ashta Siddhi Powers of Lord Hanuman Ji”, which will let you know about his supreme powers in detail. So, without any further delay, let us begin with the Ashta Siddhi Powers of Lord Hanuman Ji. 

1. Ahima: The ability to become smaller than the smallest, reducing one’s body to the size of an atom or even becoming invisible.

Ahima | Ashta Siddhi Power Of Lord Hanuman Ji

Ahima is the first one from the Ashta Siddhi Lord Hanuman has. With this skill, Lord Hanuman bears the ability to become as small as an atom. We have evidenced this at the time when he entered Lanka. 

To hide from the demons of Ravana, Hanuman Ji transformed into the size of an insect. That allows him to move anywhere freely in search of Mata Sita. 

2. Mahima: The ability to become infinitely large, expanding one’s body to an infinitely large size.

Mahima | Ashta Siddhi Power Of Lord Hanuman Ji

The second ability of Hanuman Ji from Ashta Siddhi is Mahima. You can refer to this as the opposite of Ahima. This ability allows him to become as giant as he wants. That is one of the abilities which is mentioned many times in Ramayana, and once in Mahabharata as well. 

In Mahabharata, when Bheema requested Hanuman Ji to show his giant form, then Hanuman Ji accepted his request and kept his words. The same happened just before Hanuman Ji was about to cross the Ocean, to reach Lanka. 

You might have heard or seen the story of Hanuman Ji when he thought Sun as a fruit. After that he became multiple times mightier than Sun itself, to eat it. That is the evidence of this ability from Ashta Siddhi.

3. Laghima: The ability to become weightless or lighter than air.

Laghima | Ashta Siddhi Power Of Lord Hanuman Ji

This ability from Ashta Siddhi allows Hanuman Ji to become as light as he wants. Even he could become weightless. 

We evidenced this ability from Ashta Siddhi when Hanuman Ji reached Ashok Vatika in search of Mata Sita. When the King of Demon visited Ashok Vatika, that time Hanuman Ji used this skill. He became weightless and sat on a leaf (or branch). Till the time Ravana and his servants were there, Hanuman Ji sat on that leaf (or the branch). 

4. Prapti: The ability to instantaneously travel or be anywhere at will.

Prapti | Ashta Siddhi Power Of Lord Hanuman Ji

This one from Ashta Siddhi allows Hanuman Ji to travel anywhere without any sort of limitation. For him, this is just a matter of seconds to reach anywhere. 

Whether it is the depth of the Earth or the peak of the sky he can go anywhere. Also, Prapti gives him the ability to survive inside water without any problem. This one from Ashta Siddhi also fulfills whatever one wishes. The implementation of this Siddhi is mentioned multiple times in our scriptures, especially Ramayana.

5. Prakamya: The ability to achieve or realize whatever one desires.

Prakamya | Ashta Siddhi Power Of Lord Hanuman Ji

This Siddhi from Ashta Siddhi gives the ability to achieve or accomplish whatever one desires or dreams of. Through this ability, one can also communicate with animals, birds, and various other species. Also, it allows us to know the future happenings as well.

Using this ability, Hanuman Ji communicated with a lot of animals in search of Mata Sita. That helped him to find Mata Sita on short notice. 

6. Isitva: The ability to control nature, individuals, organisms, etc, supremacy over nature, and ability to force influence upon anyone.

Isitva | Ashta Siddhi Power Of Lord Hanuman Ji

This ability from Ashta Siddhi allows one to control nature, living beings, etc. Also, it lets one make an impact and influence others. 

This supernatural ability helped Hanuman Ji to control the whole Vanar army. During the war against Ravana’s army, Hanuman Ji led from the front, impacting every fighter who was fighting for Dharma. 

This thing also helped Hanuman Ji to save the lives of many warriors. In addition, because of this Siddhi from Ashta Siddhi, Hanuman Ji is one of the most beloved gods globally, especially in India.

7. Vasitva: The ability to control all material elements or natural forces.

Vasitva | Ashta Siddhi Power Of Lord Hanuman Ji

This ability from Ashta Siddhi allows one to control whatever one wants. It might be any material or any sort of natural force. This supernatural ability allows Hanuman Ji to control his mind from all sorts of distractions and materialistic things. That lets him focus on his meditation and work.

This one from Ashta Siddhi also makes Hanuman Ji able to control the forces or minds of others as well. Using this, Hanuman Ji controlled the minds of numerous beings. 

8. Garima: The ability to become infinitely heavy and be immovable by anyone or anything.

Garima | Ashta Siddhi Power Of Lord Hanuman Ji

This one from Ashta Siddhi allows Hanuman Ji to make himself or anything as heavy as he can. 

A great example of this ability is when he and Bheema met each other in Mahabharata. Bheema was in the misconception that he is the most powerful man alive in the whole Universe. To show him the path of Dharma, Lord Hanuman transforms himself into an old ape. 

The old ape (Hanuman Ji) slept in the path from where Bheema was supposed to arrive. After seeing that old ape, Bheema became too furious. Hanuman Ji was aware of the thoughts running in Bheema's head. That’s why just by the desire of Hanuman Ji, his tail became so heavy that Bheema was not even able to move his tail. That made Bheema realize who is the most powerful being alive in the Universe.

These were the list of Siddhis from Ashta Siddhi powers of Lord Hanuman Ji. You might have got an overview of the power and some exceptional abilities of Lord Hanuman. Well, these powers are more than enough to control or destroy the entire world. But, he never used any abilities from Ashta Siddhi for his own sake or deeds. His motive is to establish righteousness and devotion towards god.

In childhood, Hanuman Ji was a mischief. He loves making fun, irritating people, and doing whatever he loves. But after getting the curse from a saint, he forgets all his powers. Before the Ramayana war, during the search of Mata Sita, he got all of his supreme powers back. That also teaches an important life lesson, it does not matter where you start or how many times you have failed. If you are passionate enough about that particular goal, you will surely succeed. 

That is all about the Ashta Siddhi powers of Lord Hanuman Ji and how he uses those Siddhis. His incomparable abilities, righteousness, and devotion towards Lord Shri Ram make him one of the most prayed gods worldwide.

I hope this information about Ashta Siddhi would have encouraged you in strengthening your belief. Do like and share with others.

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