33 Diwali Dishes To Enjoy The Festival with Taste and Lights

Time for a feast with Diwali delights!

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The whole of India brightens up with the grand Diwali, the festival of lights and fireworks. With beautiful fireworks in the sky and crackers around, nights seem like days. Such is the hype, such is the celebration. 

Diwali Special Food
Diwali Special Food

But this is one side of the coin-Indian festivals and dishes go hand in hand. There has to be an impressive list of dishes for Indian festivities, especially Diwali. Family gatherings, gossip, teen-Patti games, everything keeps revolving around food. 

There are so many varieties of snacks/meals to please your tummy, that you can go on insisting yourself to have more. Diwali dishes undoubtedly add dhamaka to Diwali.  Everyone says bursting patakhas, but until and unless there’s real patakhas or tasty food in your mouth, you will not know what Diwali is. 

Also, the list consists of many easy recipes, without taking much time and sweat. There are spicy, sweet, salty dishes for everyone to enjoy Diwali with distinctness. Choose from the list of Diwali dishes to have a wonderful Diwali:

1. Chirote

The best part about Diwali dishes like Chirote is that you can store them in a container and enjoy them for long days. A crunchy sweet snack made of maida and ghee, Chirote is a Maharashtrian recipe that is loved by all on all occasions, especially Diwali.

2. Barfi

Barfis come up with lots of varieties that one can get confused with. Condensed milk/full-fat milk is sweetened while cooking and later stored for hours to build a thick consistent texture. Later, it’s cut into different shapes and garnished with different nuts or other toppings.

3. Karanji

People with a sweet tooth keep this at the top of the Diwali dishes list. Desiccated coconut and dry fruits are stuffed inside the crispy fried pastry and are known as Karanji.

4. Samosa

Samosas are always at the top-notch, and it’s part of every Indian festival. Diwali is incomplete without a samosa party. Varieties of crispy and spicy samosas are made or ordered to enjoy with family or are kept for guests.

5. Mawa Kachori

A succulent Rajasthani dish that can make Diwali sweeter. Khoya/mawa dry fruit mixture stuffed inside crunchy crunch of kachori makes this dessert much tempting.

6. Laddoos

Laddoos are Subharamabh(lucky beginning, and probably one of the most important Diwali dishes. A sharp rise in laddoos can be seen in shops at the beginning of the Diwali celebration. How can one enjoy Diwali without soft, tasty laddoos? Be it motichoor or besan or any other type, laddoos add sweetness to the festival.

7. Lapsi

A popular Gujarati cuisine that has won the hearts of Indians for its amazing taste. Wheat grain and jaggery are blended together to make Lapsi, usually served after the meal or eaten as a snack on Diwali.

8. Kaju Katli

Kaju is true love. All-time favorite Kaju katli makes Diwali more special. The delicate sweetness of Kaju katli brings a delightful mood to celebrate Diwali with.

9. Soan Papdi

There can be no Diwali without Soan Papdi. A comparatively light sweet that has crispy and fluffy flakes, ideal for those who prefer less sweet. Made of besan, flour, ghee, and sugar, this dish

10. Gajar ka Halwa

Gajar ka Halwa is a classic dessert that’s made on almost all special occasions. With its delicate sweetness and creamy texture, Gajar ka halwa melts in the mouth as soon as we eat. The garnished dry fruits on the top make it more tempting.

11. Puran Poli

Popularly made for Ganesh Chaturthi, this Maharashtrian dish is made with chana dal and jaggery stuffing. This is a special sweet Indian bread prepared for Indian festivals.

12. Aloo Tikki

This is a light snack for all those who prefer aloo patty between a burger. These aloo tikkis taste delicious with mint chutney/Dahi chutney or regular tomato sauce.

13. Anarsa

Rice, Jaggery, or sugar, poppy seed is blended together to make an amazing sweet dish known as ‘Anarsa. Definitely, a noteworthy dish that’s eaten on Diwali.

14. Pakora

If you wanna make a Diwali snack without much thinking, then try Pakoras. Everyone loves pakoras and there is not much hustle or time that takes in making them. There are so many varieties of pakoras like onion pakora, moong dal pakora, veg pakoras to leave the taste buds in awe.

15. Choddo Shak

Choddo Shak is eaten generally before Kali puja- on ‘Bhoot chaturdasi’. It is believed that 14 herbs are cooked together for receiving protection from all evil forces. This dish dedicated to our ancestors as a sign of respect has medicinal properties and other nutritional values in it.

16. Gathiya

Simple and easy to make, Gathiya is an all-time favorite dish. These spicy and crisp gram flour strands are deep-fried in oil and served with deep-fried chilies, salad, and pickle. It’s too tasty and makes sure you take a lot of it while eating.

17. Mullu Murukku

Prepared from rice flour, moong dal, and channa dal, this south Indian dish is popularly made for Krishna Jayanthi. Light, crispy mullu murukku is ideal for enjoying Diwali with family.

18. Pohas

There’s one Poha recipe from each state/community from India that makes the list of Diwali dishes longer. It is known that Lord Krishna loved pohas. Even on Diwali, in many places, poha making is a ritual. There are different Poha recipes like Phodniche pohe, batate pohe, gul pohe, Dudh pohe, Dahi pohe, etc.

19. Dahi Bhalla

Dahi Bhalla is quite similar to Dahi Vada. Both of them are popular Diwali dishes. The only extra thing that’s added in Dahi Bhalla is papdis (fried flour crispies), boiled potato cubes & cooked chickpeas. Dipped in rich creamy curd,vadas taste extremely tasty, favor yourself with sweet imly chutney, or green chutney.

20. Mathiya

Spend a perfect Diwali evening with popular Gujarati dishes like Mathiya. Crunchy Mathiya has a balanced sugary-salty flavor and comprises urad dal flour, dal flour, all-purpose flour,carom seeds, chili powder. Take some pickle along with this or a cup of tea and get lost in the yummy world of Mathiya.

21. Chirongi Nuts

Most of us are unaware of the health benefits that the Chirongi nut accompanies with. Chirongi nuts have high nutritional values and taste delicious when used in kheer or other dishes instead of cashews or any other nuts.

22. Aloo Bonda

Aloo Bonda is a famous snack in Karnataka that makes one of the popular Diwali dishes all over India. There can be no great snack without potato, and these spicy potato balls with gram flour coating are deep-fried to make your Diwali celebration more memorable.

23. Gulab Jamun

Soft, milk-based sweet Gulab Jamun undoubtedly steals the show no matter what occasion it is. These fried sweet balls soaked in sugar syrup tastes delicious, make sure you have plenty in amount.

24. Sooji Halwa

Sooji ka halwa is one of the most sorted Diwali dishes that one can make. Not many ingredients, even no big deal in making, the easiest dish you can serve to guests or enjoy with family.

25. Paneer Tikka

Indian starters are now one of the popular Diwali dishes. There’s no better way to celebrate Diwali with spicy marinated paneer grilled on a stove or oven.

26. Onion Bhaji

Onion fruiters mixed with gram flour or besan turns into a delightful dish when deep-fried in oil. This is a popular street food/snack in Karnataka. Veg lovers would love this, especially on Diwali.

27. Rice Kheer

Rice kheer or pudding is a traditional and yet popular dessert made for all special occasions and even considered to bring good luck.  Rice boiled in milk/condensed milk turns out to be extremely creamy and tasty, extra special if garnished with dry fruits and nuts.

28. Moong Dal Halwa

Mung lentils and ghee combines to form deliciously irresistible moong dal halwa. This dish hails from North India but during Diwali, it’s prepared all over India.

29. Masala Peanuts

Peanuts coated with chickpea flour and other spices are fried in oil or baked. This popular snack can be eaten with tea or coffee.

30. Kalakand

A soft mouth-watering Indian sweet is one of the signature Diwali dishes. The grainy and creamy texture makes this sweet super tasty.

31. Batasha

Batashas are prashads, regarded as blessings of God. Batashas or sugar candies are not only important in Diwali but also for all festivities. These are processed from boiled sugar and later given shapes.

32. Roshogulla

Tempting Roshogulla is one of the most compulsory Diwali dishes. Tender, spongy delightful cheese balls blasts like patakas in your mouth and you simply experience foodgasm.

33. Puris

Puris are the most popular Indian dish served as breakfast/snack or meal on weekends or special occasions. It is generally served with potato sabzi or chana masala. On Diwali, add some complimentary sweets after eating this to have a fulfilling Diwali feast.

Diwali Special Food
Diwali Special Food

Indian festivities can never be complete without food. There’s a special list of dishes that comes with each festival. After all, It’s Diwali, there’s a family gathering, meetups with friends, gossip with neighbors, and so much that one cannot simply help preparing a feast.

Spicy, sweet, sour- there are so many varieties of dishes to indulge in. The best part is you can ask for your favorite Diwali gift from your relatives or close ones in exchange for a treat. No one gets a chance to indulge himself/herself as they do in Diwali, so make the best use of Diwali.

Let us know in the comment section which of these Diwali dishes you loved the most and the one you would love to try.

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