10 Hanuman Songs in Hindi To Charge Up In The Bajrangbali Style

Jai Jai Bajrangbali!

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Lord Hanuman, or Bajrangbali, is one of the widely worshipped and commended Hindu Gods. One of the most cherished deities in Hindu Mythology, his loyalty and fidelity towards Lord Rama has been venerated by his devotees.

Hanuman and Bajrangbali songs
Hanuman Songs List

He is also known for his love, compassion, fearlessness, courage and wisdom, apart from his altruistic devotion towards Lord Rama. Bajrangbali is worshipped by various who wish to attain courage and strength in their lives.

For the ones who are the greatest devotees of Bajrangbali or have faith in him, here is our list of 10 Hindi Hanuman songs which you can play and listen to and charge up the Bajrangbali style.

1. Selfie Le Le Re - Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Starting our list of Hindi Hanuman songs with the most popular energetic soundtrack dedicated to Bajrangbali, the song’s lyrics pay homage to Lord Hanuman with a new form of energy and the rhythmic music of the song charges up the Bajrangbali style inside.

2. Jhoom Ke Aaye Hai Hanuman - My Boss Bajrangbali

Another energetic track to charge up the Bajrangbali style, this song in our Hanuman songs playlist celebrates Lord Hanuman and his deeds.

3. Lanka Mein Danka Bajane Aaya - Toofan

Back from 1989, starring Amitabh Bachchan, this yet another energetic song sings about how Lord Hanuman played a huge role in Ramayana by destroying Ravana’s Lanka.

4. Jai Hanuman - Pranaam

It is said that Lord Hanuman is still alive in this world and keeps a close watch on human beings, and extricates them who are in trouble. This track from our Hanuman songs playlist apprises that whenever in trouble, Bajrangbali is always there to rescue us. Have faith in him.

5. Hanuman Chalisa - Vaah Life Ho Toh Aisi

Hanuman Chalisa, a hindu devotional hymn for Lord Hanuman, is known by all of us. And this hymn is sung extraordinarily by Shankar Mahadevan and Ajay Gogavale for this movie. It is one of the most peaceful Hanuman songs in Hindi.

6. Hanuman Chalisa - Return Of Hanuman

Sung by young singers, this version of Hanuman Chalisa will give you another kind of peace of mind and devotion as the voice of the young singers will give the soothing feel.

7. Mahabali Maharudra - Hanuman

One cannot stop singing the praises of the selfless deeds of Lord Hanuman, and this soundtrack from the animated movie ‘Hanuman’ is implementing the same.

8. Aasman Ko Chukar Dekha - Return Of Hanuman

This track in our Hindi Hanuman songs playlist is another energetic track which portrays how fun-filled and errant Lord Hanuman was when he was young. Having the powers to fly, the Pavan Putra flew everywhere and explored places just like a child likes to do.

9. Hanuman Prarthana

Next in our Hanuman songs in Hindi list, this hymn is by the soothing voice of Shaan, praising the great Bajrangbali.

10. Jai Hanuman - Hanuman

Ending our Hanuman songs playlist with another soulful track praising Lord Hanuman, this track also makes one a devotee of Lord Hanuman and calms the mind.

This brings us to the end of our list of Hanuman songs in Hindi. Get your Hanuman songs playlist prepared for Hanuman Jayanti or any day when you feel endearment and devotion towards our mighty Bajrangbali.

The Hanuman songs in Hindi mentioned in this list are written and composed with a perception of great devotion and faith. No matter what happens in life, have belief in the powers of Bajrangbali and he will help you out in your hard times.

Evoke devotion inside you for Lord Hanuman by listening to our Hindi Hanuman songs playlist. Jai Bajrangbali!

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