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Hey, it's us again.

Stop wondering,
read along

Feeding Trends is an online media company organising literary styles for interactive journalism. We publish global trends, which are important, relevant and interesting.

We don’t waste our time in declaring the end of the world. We do not discriminate between Hockey and Cricket. We value our soldiers and celebrities equally. We celebrate all festivals with zeal and we laugh more than we fight.

Our prime focus lies in the curation of highly engrossing content. We work diligently to convince people into spending time with our content, through effective imagination, creation and presentation.

All we wish for is to uplift the notion that ‘media is dead’. We want to do wonders with our content, with people talking about us, anywhere and everywhere - night outs, road trips, birthdays parties, conferences, and even family functions!

We don’t mind getting a mention even when someone is not online. Additionally, we also look forward to providing a platform to people, and encouraging them by saying - ‘Set your trend.’

Thank you for being a worthy part of Feeding Trends. We hope it was worth your time.

We love you, and your silent support.