40 Zayn Malik Songs That Illustrate The Pure Talent Of The Singer

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Zain Javadd Malik a.k.a Zayn Malik a.k.a Zayn is a British singer and songwriter who started his career at the age of 17 by auditioning as a solo participant at The X Factor, a British music competition, back in 2010.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t succeed much as a solo participant at The X Factor and thus was put together in a group with four other solo participants- Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson. Together, they formed the British-Irish boyband One Direction. Check out the list of One Direction songs here.

Together with the other four band members, Malik faced fame and stardom as One Direction stepped further in its journey to becoming the biggest and one of the best-selling boybands in the world. But the future of the boyband demolished the hearts of millions.

Zayn took the decision to leave One Direction in March 2015 to pursue a solo career. It left all of the fans around the world heartbroken and highly devastated. He embraced the path of R&B music style which is entirely different from the songs that he sang while he was in the band.

He released his debut solo album ‘Mind Of Mine’ in 2016, a year after he left One Direction. The singles from his debut solo album topped several charts, with his debut single and album acquiring the 1st position, and with these, Zayn became the first British male artist to secure the number one position as a debut artist in both the UK and US. To date, he has released three studio albums.

Zayn’s incredible works have bagged him several awards, which includes an American Music Award and also two Billboard Music Awards for New Artist of the Year, which made him the only artist to win twice in this category.

Zayn’s masterpieces are quite underrated, but still, he has millions of dedicated fans, known as Zquads, across the globe. As a proud Zquad, today I have brought the list of Zayn Malik songs which you should definitely check out and then listen to the masterpieces that the international heartthrob has created.

1. Let Me (Icarus Falls)

Zayn Malik Songs

“Baby, let me be your man

So I can love you

And if you let me be your man

Then I'll take care of you”

One of the best Zayn Malik songs, through the lyrics of this romantic song, Zayn is trying to tell his lover that if she becomes his girl, he will take care of her and give her a life like no one else would. This Zayn Malik song will make you want to fall in love right away once you hear it.

The music video of the track is a sequel to the song ‘Dusk Till Dawn’ which is mentioned next in our list of Zayn Malik songs.

2. Dusk Till Dawn (Icarus Falls)

Zayn Malik Songs

“But you'll never be alone

I'll be with you from dusk till dawn

I'll be with you from dusk till dawn

Baby, I am right here”

Dusk Till Dawn topped several charts after its release. It is one of the best Zayn Malik songs, is a total hit, and is also heard by many people. Zayn collaborated with Sia for this song whose lyrics detail two lovers who are willing to cross all borders to stay with each other.

A significant part of the song is featured in the trailer of the film ‘The Mountain Between Us’ which was released in the year 2017. It is the first Zayn Malik song that has crossed 1 billion views in its official music video on Youtube.

3. I Don’t Wanna Live Forever

Zayn Malik Songs

“I don't wanna live forever

'Cause I know I'll be living in vain

And I don't wanna fit wherever

I just wanna keep calling your name

Until you come back home”

A masterpiece from the ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ movie, the second installment of the Fifty Shades Trilogy, Zayn gave his vocals for the track and agreed to a collaboration with the pop queen Taylor Swift, and left both the fandoms to go gaga.

This Zayn Malik song is the only song from the Fifty Shades franchise that has peaked several charts. The song was also nominated for 9 awards, including a Grammy, a Teen Choice, and a Brit, and won 4 of them, which includes an MTV Video Music Award for best collaboration.

4. Vibez (Nobody Is Listening)

Zayn Malik Songs

“Don't keep me waitin’

I've been waiting all night to get closer

And you already know I got it for ya

You know the vibes, know the vibes”

Through this song, the last single of his third studio album, the singer asks his partner, supermodel Gigi Hadid, not to hide her true self and reveal everything that she has got. This Zayn Malik song also explores the theme of sex, but you will instantly start vibing to the mellow tunes of the song once you hear it because it knows the vibes.

5. Pillowtalk (Mind Of Mine)

Zayn Malik Songs

“I'm seeing the pain, seeing the pleasure

Nobody but you, 'body but me

'Body but us, bodies together

I love to hold you close, tonight and always

I love to wake up next to you”

This Zayn Malik song is probably heard by most people because it was an instant hit after its release. Zayn made his debut as a solo artist with this song after he left One Direction for pursuing a solo career.

The song is completely different from what the singer used to sing during his days in the boyband, with its trippy and sexy tune perfectly combined with the powerful voice of the heartthrob and the lyrics exploring the theme of sex- paradise and warzone in bed.

After Dusk Till Dawn, Pillowtalk is the second Zayn Malik song that has crossed 1 billion views in its official music video on Youtube and this Zayn Malik song has also topped several charts, including the first position on Billboard Hot 100.

6. Better (Nobody Is Listening)

Zayn Malik Songs

“Cause sometimes it's better that way

Gotta let it go so your heart don't break

'Cause I love you

Yeah, baby, I love you”

Better is the lead single of Zayn’s third studio album ‘Nobody Is Listening’ and through the lyrics, he is asking his love interest to give a second chance to the love and relationship between them despite the troubles that they have faced in the past.

7. Like I Would (Mind Of Mine)

Zayn Malik Songs

“He won't touch you like I do

He won't love you like I would

He don't know your body

He don't do you right

He won't love you like I would

Love you like I would”

This Zayn Malik song is the third single from the artist's debut album that sings about him being the best in comparison to his lover’s current partner, who lacks the potentials in bed. The groovy and upbeat music will get you hooked on the song and you would like to dance while you hear it.

8. Who

Zayn Malik Songs

“Who you gonna call, gonna call?

Who you gonna call, gonna call?

When you need somebody

When you need someone”

Zayn wrote this song for the movie ‘Ghostbusters’ which was released in the year 2016.

9. TIO (Mind Of Mine)

Zayn Malik Songs

“I, I, I, I just want to watch you when you take it off

Take off all your makeup, baby, take it off

I just want to watch you when you take it off

Take off all your clothes and watch you take them off”

Take It Off, abbreviated to TIO, is a very sexy song by the heartthrob that serves double interpretations. Lyrically, the song is just like Pillowtalk that has sexual allusions and asks the girl to take everything off, specifically her clothes, but if we dive deep into the lyrics to find the hidden meaning, Zayn is asking his girl to show her true self and bring down the walls that she has built for the world. 

10. Outside (Nobody Is Listening)

Zayn Malik Songs

“I know I'm always in my head

Some things, they must be said

Hurts me when I think about it

Someone else being in your bed”

A song that has a tune that makes peace with the ears, the simple guitar chords, Zayn’s powerful and soulful voice combined with the deep lyrics will make your heart weep softly. Through the song, Zayn asks his love interest to embrace and accept him back after leaving all the past mistakes at the door.

11. Flames

Zayn Malik Songs

“If I go, let me go

Don't you follow me, let me go

I will let you down, let me go

Even if your heart can't take it

Light me up in flames

Light me up”

Zayn, R3HAB, and Jungleboi collaborated on this electro-pop track which is one of the best Zayn Malik songs.

12. There You Are (Icarus Falls)

Zayn Malik Songs

“Need you when I'm broken

When I'm fixed

Need you when I'm well

And when I'm sick

Friends that I rely on

Don't come through

They run like the river

But not you”

This Zayn Malik song is an ode to the person who has been there for the singer through thick and thin. It is one of the best Zayn Malik songs.

13. She Don’t Love Me (Mind Of Mine)

Zayn Malik Songs

“It's kinda hard to walk right

When you're walking on my left

With your high heels on

And your sexy ass dress”

In this song that belongs to his first studio album, Zayn sings about unrequited love. Many of us will find this Zayn Malik song quite relatable, and the song perfectly devises the emotions that one develops when their love is unrequited.

14. No Candle No Light (Icarus Falls)

Zayn Malik Songs

“Can't handle my love

Can't handle your lies

No friend zone to my love

Quit burning all of my time

I, I woke up on the wrong side of ya

No candle no light for you”

This Zayn Malik song from our Zayn Malik songs list witnesses the collaboration between the heartthrob and the rap queen Nicki Minaj. The song took a path of electronic beats rather than R&B, which is Zayn’s usual jam and expresses the dying romance between two lovers.

15. Sour Diesel (Icarus Falls)

Zayn Malik Songs

“Walks in the place, hands on her waist

Gun on her thigh, big shooter game

She did this before, murdered to gain

Promised her ma she won't kill again”

Sour Diesel is a funky single from Zayn’s second studio album in which he collates a woman to ‘sour diesel’, a marijuana strand.

16. Scripted (Icarus Falls)

Zayn Malik Songs

“So I

I don't wanna say what's scripted

Whether you are or aren't with it

I know what I need”

This is one of those Zayn Malik songs that have truly a profound meaning. Zayn sings that he doesn’t want to repeat those lines that he is expected to say because all of those lines are scripted and are not completely true.

This is true for all the celebrities who have been under the spotlight for quite a time. The media and the fans only get to know half of the story that is presented before them, and the back or complete story is left behind the walls.

17. Stand Still (Icarus Falls)

Zayn Malik Songs

“If time stands still

Move, I will to you

This world's filled

Somehow I see you

Move, I will to you”

The song, with its mid-paced melody and romantic lyrics, expresses that the artist would go back to his love interest one way or the other no matter what.

18. Lucozade (Mind Of Mine)

Zayn Malik Songs

“I'm sipping pink Lucozade

We're blazing on that new found haze

I'm seeing in the blacks and grays

I'm hoping that the basket sways”

Lucozade is a brand from the U.K. that manufactures sports and energy drinks, and Zayn found the inspiration to write the lyrics of the song from a pink Lucozade drink that he was sipping after a Bonfire night with his friends and all the moments that he spent and the feelings that he felt at that night.


Zayn Malik Songs

“I've been havin' dreams

Splashin' in a summer stream

Trip and I fall in

I wanted it to happen”

Zayn agreed to give his vocals for the remix of Shaed’s song ‘Trampoline’. The beats and whistle notes that make the song unique will keep you hooked.

20. Wrong (Mind Of Mine)

Zayn Malik Songs

“You're looking in the wrong place for my love

Don't think because you're with me, this is real

You're looking in the wrong place for my love

Don't stop what you're doing 'cause I like how you're doing it”

This Zayn Malik song from our list of Zayn Malik songs witnesses the collaboration between Zayn and R&B singer Kehlani. The R&B song with a hint of mellow and relaxed tempo will get you grooving with the endeavoring voices of Zayn and Kehlani. The lyrics of the song explore the usual theme of sex.

21. Rainberry (Icarus Falls)

Zayn Malik Songs

“Rainberry, please

You think I'm on my knees

But don't you worry

I know what you don't know oh oh”

The lyrics of this song from our list of Zayn Malik songs express that Zayn is trying to ask himself if his partner is cheating on him or not and if she’s cheating on him, she must acknowledge it early enough. The beats of the song will make you sway from side to side.

22. Fool For You (Mind Of Mine)

Zayn Malik Songs

“This love is tainted

I need you and I hate it

You're caught between a dream

And a movie scene

In a way, you know what I mean”

This Zayn Malik song from our Zayn Malik songs list is influenced by the songs of the Beatles and is a mid-tempo piano ballad that talks about going back to the same person again and again despite the tainted love.

23. Entertainer (Icarus Falls)

Zayn Malik Songs

“You were my favorite entertainer

I’d watch you, I’d laugh, I would fake it too

Don't you take me for a fool

I’ma show you thing or two”

This song serves as the sequel to Zayn’s songs ‘Dusk Till Dawn’ and ‘Let Me’ and is one of the best Zayn Malik songs that is truly soothing to the ears. Zayn describes in this track that his love interest was his favorite entertainer as she used to entertain him with all her lies.

24. Tightrope (Nobody Is Listening)

Zayn Malik Songs

“Why's it gotta feel like I'm walkin’ a tightrope

Why you wanna see how far I fall

'Cause I'm already up here and I got my eyes closed

And I ain't ever fell from a love this tall”

In this beautiful and melodic song that is quite calming, Zayn describes his relationship with his love interest and girlfriend Gigi Hadid and that he is entirely committed to this relationship.

As Zayn is a great fan of Indian music and some of the Indian singers such as Mohammed Rafi, he has added and sang a verse of Mohammed Rafi’s song ‘Chaudhvin Ka Chand Ho’ in this track and used the lines to praise the beauty of his lover.

The song surfaces lots of emotions of the Indian Zquads because we feel incredibly happy to hear a Hindi/Urdu verse in a song in Zayn’s album and that too in his euphonious voice.

25. Freedun

Zayn Malik Songs

“All the stars are still shining

But you're the only one I see

I can feel when your heart beats, yeah

Babe, you can't keep your eyes off me”

Freedun witnesses a collaboration between rapper M.I.A. and Zayn and it is one of the best Zayn Malik songs that are underrated.

26. Befour (Mind Of Mine)

Zayn Malik Songs

“I don't drink to get drunk

I feel all the right funk

If there's something I want

I'll take all the right wrongs”

One of the best Zayn Malik songs, this track was written by the singer just after he left One Direction. Coming off as the third single from his debut solo album, Zayn expresses through the lyrics that he has faced all the stardom before- with the rest of the One Direction members- but not like this, as he is now traveling solo around the world and walking a different career path where he will face the world without the other band members with him.

Further, he also aims at the critics and the haters who judged him for living the greatest boyband of all time.

27. Rumors

Zayn Malik Songs

“All these rumors spreading around

And I kinda like the way they sound

All these rumors 'bout you and me

How can we make this a reality? Oh”

This song from our list of Zayn Malik songs marks the first collaboration between Zayn and Sabrina Claudio and is quite straightforward with the lyrics. The mellow voices of both the artists make the song even more beautiful.

28. A Whole New World

Zayn Malik Songs

“A whole new world

A new fantastic point of view

No one to tell us "no"

Or where to go

Or say we're only dreaming”

Zayn agreed to give his soulful and soothing voice to this Grammy-winning Disney song along with American singer Zhavia Ward. This remake of the 90s’ Disney classic is what we exactly needed from Zayn.

The song itself, lyrically, is dreamy, and the mellow vocals of Zayn added to it with a hint of Indian classical vocals at the beginning and the end makes it one of the best Zayn Malik songs that explores the powerful and flexible vocals of the artist.

29. When Love’s Around (Nobody Is Listening)

Zayn Malik Songs

“Never feels right

Never feel that type of way

But I need you in my life

Yeah, you could be my wife for real”

Zayn and Syd collaborated for this song from our list of Zayn Malik songs. The limpid voices of both the artists and the groovy tune will make you want not to skip this song whenever it pops up in your playlist.

30. She (Mind Of Mine)

Zayn Malik Songs

“She puts her spirit in a nightcap

She always knows where the crowd's at

She puts her mouth round the cigarette

I put it out 'cause she likes that”

The song, lyrically, talks about a woman who hasn’t been treated the right way all the time. The synth sounds and the beats that complete the song will get your body moving, and that is why it makes one of the best Zayn Malik songs.

31. Still Got Time (Icarus Falls)

Zayn Malik Songs

“Just stop lookin' for love

Girl, you're young, you still got time

Girl, you're young, you still got time

Girl, you're young, you still got”

In this song from our list of Zayn Malik songs, Zayn collaborated with singer and rapper PARTYNEXTDOOR. The lyrics of this upbeat track ask those women to enjoy the moments and have fun who are desperately trying to find love.

32. Connexion (Nobody Is Listening)

Zayn Malik Songs

“Funny when you come to mind

That's when you hit me up

That's when we feel a little closer

Just when I started thinkin’”

Through this song, Zayn expresses a love that is stronger than a drug and he wants to fall into that love and experience a true connection with someone.

33. Good Years (Icarus Falls)

Zayn Malik Songs

“I'd rather be anywhere, anywhere but here

I'd rather be anywhere, anywhere but here

I close my eyes and see a crowd of a thousand tears

I pray to God I didn't waste all my good years”

Through this another melancholic track from our list of Zayn Malik songs, the artist tries to detail the life that he has spent in the spotlight before and hopes that he hasn’t wasted all those years when he could have been something that he wanted to be.

Fans and critics have to say that the song looks back on the days that the heartthrob has spent with One Direction, and speaks about all the struggles that Zayn has faced while he was a part of the band and also after leaving it.

34. Back To Sleep(Remix)

Zayn Malik Songs

“Baby, just stay comfortable, I want you as you are

Baby, just lay there naked waiting for me

Let's not get emotional, let's be who we are

Can we do that? Can we do that? Can we?”

Zayn joined the team of Chris Brown and Usher for this sexy remix of the song ‘Back To Sleep’ by Chris Brown. The song is a perfect bedroom jam and the lyrics say that sex is the medicine for a good night’s sleep.

35. It’s You (Mind Of Mine)

“I won't, I won't, I won't cover the scars, I'll let 'em bleed

So my silence, so my silence won't be mistaken for peace”

Zayn Malik Songs

It’s You is one of the greatest works of Zayn that flaunts the powerful, smooth, and unparalleled vocals of the artist. The second single of his debut album, this song is a sedate pace R&B ballad that expresses heartbreak.

Fans and many others have to say that the song indicates the failed relationship of Zayn with Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards. The slow tempo, upsetting lyrics, and Zayn’s potent voice will bring out all the emotions from within you.

36. Sweat (Nobody Is Listening)

Zayn Malik Songs

“Oh, drippin’ down your body like gold

Slowly steamin’ up the windows

My skin on your skin, again and again

Sweat for me, sweat for me”

This Zayn Malik song from our list of Zayn Malik songs also explores the usual theme of sex with much sexier lyrics and the voice of the artist. The slow beats of the song will make you sway from side to side while you enjoy the song.

37. Windowsill (Nobody Is Listening)

Zayn Malik Songs

“Cigarettes and fuckin' on the windowsill

In my bed, yeah, tell me when you're gettin' here

Only thing I wanna know

Is how far away you are”

For this track from his third studio album, Zayn teamed up with Devlin. This is one of the best Zayn Malik songs that bring out the talents of the singer and is an ideal bedroom jam when you want to set the right mood.

38. Satisfaction (Icarus Falls)

Zayn Malik Songs

“Nobody said this would be easy

Nobody said this would be hard

Nobody gave me a rulebook to follow

And my soul's not hollow”

In this song, Zayn concedes that no one is satisfied with the circumstances that we come across in our life and that we are deprived of happiness. The song has a truly deep meaning.

39. To Begin Again

Zayn Malik Songs

“And it's alright, it's okay

We will get another day

To begin again, to begin again, to begin again”

This song from our list of Zayn Malik songs marks the first collaboration between Zayn and Ingrid Michaelson. The lyrics of the song express both pain and happiness, that there has been a dreadful time but the good times are not too far away, and Zayn’s expressive voice brings out all the emotions to the surface.

The song has been released while the world is surviving through a pandemic, thus the lyrics might fit in like pieces of a puzzle with our current situation and indicate that when the pandemic will end, everything will be blissful as before.

40. Cruel

Zayn Malik Songs

“It's such a cruel world

Savin’ all my love for you, girl

It’s such a cruel world

Maybe I found somethin’ good, girl”

R&B duo Snakehips collaborated with Zayn for this awesome song from our list of Zayn Malik songs. Marking their first collaboration, the pop song topped several charts after its release.

With that, our list of Zayn Malik songs ends here. Though several bops have been missed out on, you can start with listening to these underrated numbers by the artist if you have just started the journey of becoming a Zayn Malik fan, a.k.a, a Zquad.

If you are already a Zquad like me, add a comment mentioning which song is your favorite from our list of Zayn Malik songs, and also let us know if your favorite songs haven’t been included in the list. 

Don’t forget to like the list and share it with your fellow Zquads as well as other friends and family.

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