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Today I'm here with the most wonderful topic. What else can be more pleasing than music??

This article is about the beautiful songs by one of the most amazing American DJ and production duo of the era, The Chainsmokers. 

The members of the duo are Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, American DJs, and Matt McGuire who is the musical director for The Chainsmokers. They have won a Grammy Award, two American Music Awards, seven Billboard Awards, and nine iHeartRadio Awards. And according to Forbes 2019, The Chainsmokers were the highest paid duo dethroning Calvin Harris after six years. 

How amazing is that??

Well, the duo has got a place for itself in the industry and has imprinted their names with record-breaking music. Also are still working passionately towards it. Their music is like a library just with books filled with for people in love, after love or to even overcome the breakup phase. Their music has a large variety where it is emotional support to many out there. 

Let's get started with the listicle. To start with,

1. Closer

Closer | The Chainsmokers Songs

Closer is one of the most known Chainsmokers Songs. It was released in 2016 and features Halsey. It is from the album Collage and is electronic dance music. It has 27 billion views on YouTube. 

Story of romance dissolved in the past. It's about the same two people from the past who meet after a few years and find there is a relapse of love between them. They decide to get closer and cherish the love. 

“We ain’t ever getting old
We ain’t ever getting old”

The lyrics typically mean that they are not over each other yet and are still engaged in that young love.

2. Don’t Let Me Down

Don’t Let Me Down | The Chainsmokers Songs

Next on the list of best Chainsmokers Songs is Don’t let me down. This song was released in the year 2016 and is a part of the Collage album also featuring Daya. It belongs to the genre Trap music and pops. The song has 1.7 billion views on You-tube

Post break up song where she has not yet decided to give up on him also she doesn’t want him to give up on her as she is addicted to his support and comfort and wants it to continue forever. 

“Crashing hit a wall
Right now I need a miracle 
Hurry up now, I need a miracle
Stranded, reaching out
I call your name, but you’re not around
I call your name, but you’re not around”

When she crashes and hits a wall she is lost and stuck after the blow she got as she has always looked for him now without him everything seems difficult. And she needs a miracle to overcome this. 

3. Take Away 

Next on the list of Chainsmokers Songs is Take Away. The song was composed by Illenium and The Chainsmokers, feat. Lennon Stella. This belongs to the album world war joy. It was released in the year 2019 under the dance\ electronic genre of music. It reached around 119million views on YouTube. 

Most related to a phase where the couple is about to break up and still processing the decision. Here they are also making ways to break up in a way so they don’t receive heartbreaks instead give it to the other person. Also, they are very sure that even though for some reason they break up here they still believe that their hearts will be taken away by each other. 

“Before I leave you [ Nah, Nah, nah] 
I'm gonna leave you [ Nah, Nah, nah] 
Before I'm someone you leave behind 
I'll break your heart so you don’t break mine”

4. Something Just Like This

Something Just Like This | The Chainsmokers Songs

One of the coolest collabs of the time was ‘Something just like this’ by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay. It was released in the year 2017 in the album Memories…Do not open. It also falls under the dance \ electronic genre of music. The official video reached 1.9 billion views on YouTube. 

This pop song has a beautiful meaning in it just like the title’ something like this. The singer Chris Martin stands in place of the guy in a relationship who doesn’t feel good enough for the women and concludes that he is incapable after comparing him with various other things. While the lady tells that he doesn’t have to be a superhero to overcome all the struggles just like this instead just be a man who can take risks and face them boldly. It is one of the most popular Chainsmokers Songs. 

“She said, where’d you wanna go?
How much you wanna risk?
I’m not looking for somebody
With some superhuman gifts”

5. Call You Mine 

Next on the list of Chainsmokers Songs is Call you mine. This song by The Chainsmokers feat. Bebe Rexa was released in the album Call you mine – The Remixes in the year 2019. It is a pop dance \ electronic music. 

Very meaningful and a song with in-depth meaning where it is from the singer’s side when she is doubtful about the guy's love for her is it still the same when he saw her for the first time at the bar, won her and got into a relationship. So she is confused if it's still the same from his side. Also, he had once said that he never regretted calling her “mine”. Now she feels it's her turn to ask him if she can call him “mine”. 

“You said, ‘ hey, whatcha doing for the rest of your life?’
And I said ‘ I don’t even know what I'm doing tonight’
Went from one conversation to your lips on mine 
And you said, ‘ I never regretted the day that I called you mine 
So I call you mine 
Can I call you mine?”

6. Family 

Next on the list of Chainsmokers Songs is Family. Another perfect collaboration of the time was Family by Kygo and The Chainsmokers. This song was included in the album Family- The Remixes and was released in the year 2019. It is a dance and pop genre of music.

The song carries a powerful message of the good times that you spend with your family and encourages you to give it a try if you haven’t been a part of those amazing times. It conveys the positivity you get from your families so make sure you make time for your family or you might regret missing those golden times. 

“I know some people, they would die for me 
We run together, they’re my family
When I get up, they gon’ be high with me 
I’ll say forever, my family”

These lines from the song Family show how important family is for everyone’s growth in all aspects of life. 

7. Who Do You Love

Who Do You Love | The Chainsmokers Songs

Next on the list of Chainsmokers Songs is Who do you love. It was released in the year 2019 and was included in the album World war joy. It features the 5 seconds of summer band making it one of the best hits of The Chainsmokers. 

It is all about when a person in the relationship starts to lose interest and is noticed by the other person and he\she presents facts that feel weird and highlights it by asking them if they are in love with somebody else as they are no more important to them. 

"Who do you love, do you love now?
Who do you love, do you love now?
I know it’s someone new“

Aren’t they voice of so many out there?

8. Young 

Next on the list of Chainsmokers Songs is Young. This is an amazing song that supports young love and uplifts the struggles faced by them. It was released in Memories….Do not open the album in the year 2017. 

So, this song deals with the hardships dealt by those young hearts in love in this judgemental society. Not just that it also talks about ways to overcome the hard times and fills you with positivity to make your love successful. 

“Don’t worry, my love, we're 
learning to love
But it’s hard when you’re young”

You can build the best one. Keep up your hope and learn from your mistakes is what the lines above are trying to convey. 

9. Honest

Next on the list of Chainsmokers Songs is Honest. Another dance\ electronic pop genre music was released in the year 2017. It is from the album Memories…. Do not open. 

This song has and conveys a dark message of the guy being stuck between the state of being honest to his girlfriend about he who hooked up with another girl last night or make a move to hide it from her. 

10. My Type

My Type | The Chainsmokers Songs

The Chainsmokers and Emily Warren produced this masterpiece in the year 2017 from the album Memories. 

This song is all about just how you feel and fall for a person and what your heart tells about that person irrespective of knowing the person’s actual characteristics. Just that you are attracted to that person you ignore all other possible ways the person could be incompatible. 

‘’My type
Oh, I hate to say it, but you’re just my type
My type
Oh, I hate to say it, but you’re just my type’’

As you see the lyrics it clearly shows how the person is intensely attracted to his\her type. It is one of the best Chainsmokers Songs.

11. This Feeling 

The next one on the list of Chainsmokers Songs is This Feeling. This song was released in 2018 featuring Kelsea Ballerini from the album ‘Sick boy. This is dance\ pop genre music with deep meaning 

While you are in a wrong relationship and it is getting toxic day by day, also you are being advised by the people around you to get rid of this toxic relationship but you still choose to suffer in this painful pleasure just because of that feeling you have for the person which you can’t put into words or explain others. This is what the ‘This feeling’ song has for you!

‘’They tell me to think with my head, not that thing in my chest 
They got their hands at my neck this time
But you’re the one that I want if that’s so wrong
Then they don’t know what this feeling is like.’’

These lyrics just hit you hard!!

12. Somebody

Somebody | The Chainsmokers Songs

Somebody featuring Drew love was released in the year 2018 in the album Sick boy. 

The song talks about the struggles faced while trying to be true to yourself while the world around you is trying to live a materialistic life. 

‘’All the things I could live without
I need ‘em now’ cause they’re all around me
The only thing that I can’t afford is to lose myself
Tryna be somebody, somebody’’

Trying to be yourself rather than being somebody else is the greatest task existing!

13. Side Effects

Side Effects | The Chainsmokers Songs

Next on the list of Chainsmokers Songs is Side Effects. Another Emily Warren featuring The Chainsmokers song made into the list was released in the year 2018. From the album Sick boy. 

Like the title, the song is also very simple and important. As it is all about us making wrong decisions and then regretting them also going through all those Side effects caused. Mostly in terms of love and relationships. 

‘’Oh, you’re all that I want 
No good at giving you up
Come on and give me some love tonight, yeah
Oh, you’re all that I want.’’

Think before you decide!!

14. Everybody Hates Me

Everybody Hates Me | The Chainsmokers Songs

Next on the list of Chainsmokers Songs is Everybody hates me. This song is from the album Sick boy and was released in the year 2018. 

This is quite different from the other songs from the listicle because this song has nothing to do with love, bonding, relationships or so. It's just about the things The Chainsmokers experienced in the music industry as amateurs. Even though they were the face of the internet and started gaining popularity still were being hated by many around and the unwelcoming industry which gave them a hard time despite their hard work and dedication. 

‘’So I walk into the club like, everybody hates me
I walk into the club like, everybody hates me
I’m talkin’ to myself, shit, now they think I’m crazy
I walk into the club like, everybody hates me’’

They have just tried to express how they felt when everything was not right for the boys. 

15. Sick Boy

This catchy electro-pop song was released in the year 2018 from the album Sick boy. 

Well, this is a song for all the teens and youngsters who are busy putting up with Anxiety issues. Yes, The Chainsmokers have spoken about us struggling for identity in the crazy world, highly influenced by social media, also trying to survive as our true selves. And so here they have given you support to lean on to through Sick boy!

‘’And they say that I am the sick boy
Easy to say, when you don’t take the risk, boy
Welcome to the narcissism
Where we’re united under our indifference’’

Lyrics depict the pain of a teenager in a sick society who termed him ‘sick boy’.

16. Inside Out

Inside Out | The Chainsmokers Songs

This is a dance/electronic track that was released in 2016 featuring Charlee. 

This song talks about the strength and passion of the person as you are ready to know the deepest and the darkest sides of their life. And are not afraid of it being worse because you are more confident that you will still end up loving the person for who they are. 

“Bend your chest open 
So I can reach your heart 
I need to get inside or I’ll start a war
Wanna look at the pieces that make you who you are 
I wanna build you up then pick you apart
Let me see the dark sides as well as the bright 
I’m gonna love you inside out.” 

The Chainsmokers are gushing out the emotions with these lyrics. 

17. Paris

Next on the list of Chainsmokers Songs is Paris. It was released in the year 2017 in the album Paris. 

A slow song that showcases the emotion of wanting to run away to a place where everything seems okay. You go there and seek temporary happiness. This is more like a comparison to the state of you wanting to hold onto a relationship that is falling apart. 

Paris has always been a place to visit for the most so the place has been portrayed here as that place you want to escape to. 

18. Roses

Roses | The Chainsmokers Songs

The bouquet album with the Roses was released in the year 2015. It is a trap music \ dance \electronic pop genre. Featuring Rozes. 

Okay, so this song is about the girl in love who wants the relationship to go a step forward rather than just being stuck there. And she wants the guy to feel the same and make a move to take it forward and fall into a serious relationship. It is indeed one of the best Chainsmokers Songs.

“Say you’ll never let me go 
Say you’ll never let me go”

These two lines of hers say how passionate she is about having a serious relationship with him and hoping for the same from him. 

19. Erase

Erase | The Chainsmokers Songs

Next on the list of Chainsmokers Songs is Erase. A pop song feat. Priyanka Chopra was released in 2012 from the album Erase. 

Of course, a breakup phase song where it is just about wanting to erase all the memories of that person after getting apart. 

“My head is heavy, my mind is numb
I found myself in a stranger’s arms 
‘Cause I just want to make it fade away
Yeah, yeah”

20. Selfie

Selfie song was released in 2014, it was a breakthrough song for the Chainsmokers. It is from the album The Duff and is one of the best Chainsmokers Songs.

As the title suggests, this song is also as simple as that just about selfie obsession. Capturing all the moments, getting to see yourself and capture those happy faces, which was an obsession and was hard to overcome and it took a while to normalize.

The Chainsmokers have given a lyrical and musical interpretation of the selfie era.

The Chainsmokers are also well known for their remix collections. Out of which two are listed below. 

21. Push My Luck – Famba Remix

Push My Luck – Famba Remix | The Chainsmokers Songs

Next on the list of Chainsmokers Songs is Push my luck. This remix was released in 2019. 

It is a story that tells someone who was very nervous in the initial days of his love relationship. Where the girl felt that she was out of the league when he expressed his feeling he happened to get her and develop the relationship. 

“But last night
When you finally called me 
I ran straight through the lobby
I couldn’t keep you waiting”

These lyrics explain to us how desperate he was to get her as he was waiting for his reply.

22. Kills You Slowly – MOTi remix

Kills You Slowly – MOTi remix | The Chainsmokers Songs

The remix was released in 2019. 

The song is about a couple who are not into each other so they always end up fighting and arguing. Even after all that The Chainsmokers ask them to hold on to it even though it kills you slowly.

“But we dress up and pretend
Then we act like we’re good again
I do things I can't defend 
And even when you hold it in”

These lines show the act of pretense from both of them. 

23. Beach House – Ashworth remix

Beach House – Ashworth remix | The Chainsmokers Songs

The last one on the list of Chainsmokers Songs is Beach House. The Beach house remix version was released in 2018. 

It is the song where the writer misses his darling so much as she stays away from him. He doesn’t want anything else right now just wants to be in her loving arms. It is one of the most beautiful Chainsmokers Songs.

"Oh darling of mine
Where have you been?
Where have you been? 
Where have you been?"

Here it is just gushing emotions of him who is missing his love so much!!

However, the song was inspired by a Baltimore- based dream-pop duo Beach House!

Oh, yeah so we have reached the end of the musical ride. The Chainsmokers and their various collabs have brought a revolution to the music industry without any doubt. The American DJ band has justified music, giving the world a few of the best music for us to enjoy. 

So let's keep enjoying their music and yeah keep waiting for their comeback and get ready for the TS4 era of music. 

I hope it was worth the time and reading. Do listen to these amazing Chainsmokers Songs and let us know your favorite Chainsmoker song in the comment box below.

Thank you for your patient reading. Do like and share it with music lovers. 

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