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If you want to watch Tom Hardy's movie, so you have come to the right place, here are 18 Tom Hardy's movies available for you, you can watch them at any time.

 The following list of movies is available of 18 Tom Hardy's movies. If you love to watch Tom Hardy's movies, you should definitely watch them, and some movies which are available in Hindi.

Tom Hardy's movies are amazing, entertaining, and much more.

1. Tinker Tailor Soldier (2011)

The first movie on the list is Tinker Tailor Soldier. It is a 2011 drama Mystery thriller movie.

John Le Carré's masterpieces are far removed from James Bond's popular ideas. She’s in a world of dull clothes wearing a dull suit that tries not to think of corruption, embarrassing compromise, and betrayal. 

But in this excellent version of Tinker Tailor Soldier, Hardy character Ricki Tarr is the closest thing the drama has to 007, surrounded by Ms. and Qs. She is a young, physically fit informant with a minimalist female role and being a woman in her life, reporting surprisingly back to Gary Oldman’s Smiley since his post in Istanbul. 

He’s not like the others, and he’s wearing a sheepskin jacket, a racy denim shirt - and Hardy also has a bright red wig in this role. The awakening is irrational at the border, perhaps, but Hardy removes it and it fits perfectly with the times.

Encouraged, Hardy will make an excellent Bond. Don't forget to watch the best tom hardy movies.

2. The Drop (2014)

The Drop | Tom Hardy Movies And TV Series

The next movie on the list is The Drop. The Drop is a 2014 Crime/Drama movie. Don't forget to watch Tom Hardy's movie.

Of all the leading roles of the movie Hardy has played, this is likely to be the most sympathetic and heroic. In a Boston crime drama based on the story of Dennis Lehane, Hardy plays a handsome, ordinary boy named Bob, who works in a bar run by his glorious cousin Marv (James Gandolfini). 

The property is being used as a checkpoint by Chechen gangsters for their illegal money. Bob saves a puppy from a nearby trash can and this strange act of self-sacrifice and purity sets a series of catastrophic events. Bob is a unique person in Hardy's CV: he is basically charming and attractive, and Hardy's face and style have always resisted this kind of introduction. 

His character is also in serious danger, harassed by a local police officer and accused of abandoning the church. Drop, in many ways, is put forward for Hardy, but could point the way forward for his future career.

3. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Mad Max: Fury Road is a 2015 Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction/Fantasy movie.

For the majority of his fanbase, this is probably Hardy's key movie: George Miller's favorite re-launch of his franchise Mad Max - a bizarre chase in action in the post-apocalyptic Australian desert, where a military commander controls oil, water, ammunition, and milk. 

Hardy starred Max Rockatansky (probably a character played by Mel Gibson in the original), a former interceptor attorney who is now a wolf alone, tormented by the memories of his wife and child he could not save. He is captured by a hateful officer and taken to his castle where he flees to the powerful Charlize Theron company. 

She will lead a women's rights to struggle against the dictatorship that keeps women oppressed, like farm animals, and will create the same cause as Max. It’s probably the role of a silent movie in Hardy, but he's strong, powerful, violent presence and angry face - embarrassing, but with a mouth full of mouth - makes him a living cartoon of rage in the desert sun. This movie is the best Tom Hardy movie.

4. The Revenant (2015)

The Revenant | Tom Hardy Movies And TV Series

The Revenant is a 2015 Western/Adventure movie, don't forget to watch this best Tom Hardy movie.

This may have been a miraculous and very successful role in Hardy's work, although he may have easily taken the lead. Leonardo DiCaprio plays the real role of 19th-century frontier Hugh Glass, who was part of a tourist group setting up a furry center in Missouri. 

John Fitzgerald's Hardy is one of the shift men working alongside him who leaves Glass in his loss after the party was organized by a heroic nation, and later demanded more money because he allegedly buried Christianity. 

But Glass is still alive, survives the ordeal, and comes to be paid. Somehow, Hardy is there to include everything the character DiCaprio struggles with: he has to be a good alpha opponent, not a bad antagonist. His glorious presence marks the film's beginning and end - we are headed for a great fight.

5. Locke (2013)

The next movie on the list is Locke(2013). Locke is a 2013 Drama/Thriller movie.

This is a wonderful hour for Hardy, a film about what he can really do as an actor, in which all the films that made him famous seem to be suppressing the very subtle qualities and sensitivity he shows here. 

Hardy plays British construction manager Ivan Locke, and the entire film simply shoots him in the wheel of his car, like a dashcam, as he talks to key people in his life on his cell phone. He is an honest, professional, non-judgmental person who would oversee the pouring of thousands of tons of wet cement into the foundations of a new building in the Midlands. 

But just as he was needed personally, Locke left the site and drove south to London. He is dealing with marital problems and emotional turmoil, but he is keeping them together; Hardy's impressive little imitation shows the terrible damage this puts him to himself. It is a work of art and physique that can be compared to Richard Burton, but it is the work of a completely different person. This is Tom Hardy.

6. The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

This was one of the most difficult roles that put Hardy on the map in a big way. In the third and final episode of Nolan's movie Dark Knight, Hardy plays Bane's powerful and ruthless character, square with Batman. 

Bane is a man covered with heavy breathing skin to hide a serious disability and is the leader of the underground army of those who are not affected. The strangest thing is that he speaks in a mysterious way about his mask and you have to constantly focus on what he is saying. 

He sounds like Darth Vader shouting while playing the bass accordion with Harley Davidson's exhaust pipe. But Hardy has never given less than 100%.

7. Inception (2010)

Inception (2010) | Tom Hardy Movies

In Nolan's dizzyingly hi-tech, high-concept cerebral thriller, Hardy plays one of Cobb's (Leonardo DiCaprio) employees, and an industrial scam with minimal expertise to attack people's knowledge to steal their sensitive commercial secrets. 

Or, in this case, being a master of the inclusion (or initiation) of an idea that will destroy the business empire. Hardy is a Cobb man named Eames, who specializes in changing the nature of ownership, a skill that greatly helps to control the enemy. It’s a role that looks better, smoother, and more sinister than we expected from Hardy, and Nolan’s film reveals the whole character’s hidden style and threat.

8. Bronson (2008)

 Many Hardy experts believe that this film, from Danish employer Nicolas Winding Refn, has inspired the actor in the major leagues. In excess, he earned 100lbs (meaning he had a new kind of Russell Crowe stamina and stamina) to play the famous British prisoner Charles Bronson (the name he gave himself, as he was born Michael Peterson), living his mysterious deception and power in prison has kept him in prison for 30 years. ago. 

Bronson speaks directly to the audience, such as turning the droll and dapper music hall. An unusual film, but a strong performance from Hardy.

10. Warrior (2011)

Warrior | Tom Hardy Movies And TV Series

This was a film that was widely considered in his day to bring this hot game and bring action wowsers. Hardy plays the role of Tommy, an Iraqi military veteran who returns home to Philadelphia to settle points with his bully father, Paddy, played by Nick Nolte. 

Humbly, his father agrees to train Tommy in his career as an MMA fighter, but Tommy's opponent turns out to be Brendan's equally injured brother, played by Joel Edgerton. It’s mathematical stuff, but Hardy has an amazing ability.

11. The Reckoning (2002)

 Hardy took the wild side and was confident enough in his strong manhood to play the most sexually charged character in this bizarre 14th-century film. 

It consists of a leading team of players led by Willem Dafoe; one of them is Straw, played by Hardy, who specializes in dressing up and applying lipstick with radiant precision before stepping onto the stage.

12. London Road (2015)

This excellent, unreleased film from Rufus Norris has been one of the most shocking cinematic experiences of the past decade: the 2006 opera-based Ipswich serial killer case, in a narrative style, taken from eyewitness accounts - according to a stage play at the National Theater of London. Hardy plays the role of Mark, a minicab driver who does choric work, singing about his expertise in the case of psychiatry. 

He says in his defense: “I have learned the secret of the murderers; it doesn't mean I'm one.” (But there is a disturbing pause before the phrase: "I am.") Hardy nearby arrives at Travis Bickle.

13. Child 44 (2015)

Child 44 (2015) | Tom Hardy Movies

Hardy is here in the midst of his unfortunate hunk class in this top-notch retailer of the best-selling, based in the post-war Soviet Union and based on a real case. Hardy plays the role of Leo Demidov, a soldier who hoisted the Red Flag over the Reichstag in Berlin in 1945 and became a security official. 

He is on the way to becoming a murderous assassin, but he is hated by the state for his difficult refusal to accuse his wife of lying. It’s a heavy film for the film, but Hardy brings to it a playful role play.

14. Marie Antoinette (2006)

Hardy has a small role in Sofia Coppola's film, starring Raumont, a dissatisfied archbishop of the court of Marie Antoinette, a young idiot who participated sufficiently in the power politics of the time, but who did not think he deserved it. 

Hardy's low profile here is probably because he doesn't look as good as a boy and he's not yet grown up to be his strong, sharp point.

15. Rocknrolla (2008)

Rocknrolla (2008) | Tom Hardy Movies

There aren’t as many mockney-geezery roles in Tom Hardy’s career as you can imagine, though he has a chance at this and in Matthew Vaughn’s Layer Cake, where he plays one of the empty members of a group controlled by Daniel Craig’s cold-blooded cocaine dealer. 

In Guy Ritchie's infamous gang game, you play Handsome Bob, a winter giant, who has a secret emotional life, who works with Idris Elba. The film set my teeth on edge, but Hardy brings some of his most intriguing characters.

16. Dunkirk (2017)

Dunkirk (2017) | Tom Hardy Movies

This is a comeback, but what a tragedy and what a film, from the director who gave Hardy his best roles. The situation is a victory from Dunkirk, where thousands of stranded British soldiers are rescued from the beaches of northern France with the help of a flotilla of small boats. 

Hardy plays the Farrier, the only RAF pilot who uses the enemy at the top of the risk of suicide: it is a critical role considering how much the RAF is upset about the apparent failure to provide adequate air cover during evacuation.

17. Capone (2020)

Capone (2020) | Tom Hardy Movies

Capone is a 2020 biographical crime/Drama movie. This movie shows the story of Al Capone. 

The IMDB rating is a 4.7/10 of this movie. Watch Tom Hardy's movie, and don’t forget to add this movie to your watching list.

18. Venom (2018)

Venom | Tom Hardy Movies And TV Series

The last movie on the list is Venom. Venom is a 2018 Action/Sci-fi Adventure movie. The movie story is symbiotic, he comes from space to earth and he needs the human body to live. 

The movie is the best. You must watch this movie. The IMDB rating of this movie is 6.7/10. include this movie in your watching list.

The above movies are best for watching. and these movies are sci-fi and adventures. If you love to watch these types of movies then follow this page, you will get more information about those types of movies.

Which movie you will be watching, comment here, and if one wants to watch Tom Hardy's movie then share the list with them. Don’t forget to like and share this list of Tom Hardy Movies.

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