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When we talk about movies, two things that pop up in our minds, in general, are Bollywood movies or Hollywood movies. In the times of adapting to new things and making connections all across the world, talking about Hollywood movies has always been a perfect ice breaker to start a conversation with an unknown.

And what could be better when you have watched the best movies of the Legendary and Everyone’s favourite actor Tom Cruise? Tom Cruise is one of the prominent actors in the entertainment industry. Be it any genre, he never fails to impress us and portrays every character with perfection.

Let’s have a look at the list of the best and famous Tom Cruise movies:

1) Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011) 

This movie from the Mission Impossible series was one of the highest-grossing Tom Cruise movies across the globe in the year 2011. Tom Cruise reprises his role as an IMF agent and you will have all the right reasons to love him after watching him in this movie. It is the first one in the Mission Impossible movie series.

2) Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015) 

This movie also belongs to the Mission Impossible series and it is impossible to avoid watching this one. Played by Tom Cruise, the story is of an IMF agent, who tries to prove the existence of a mysterious International Terrorist Consortium. This is also one of the highest-grossing Tom Cruise movies across the globe and narrates the events that take place when Ethan Hunt

3) Mission Impossible- Fallout (2018) :

This Tom Cruise movie is the latest instalment of the Mission Impossible series and is the sequel of the Mission Impossible -Rogue Nation. It stands out to be one of the best action thrillers of all time. This movie is a must-watch for all the movie lovers and if you have watched the first part you won't wait long to watch this one!!

4) Risky Business (1983) 

This Hollywood movie gave Tom Cruise the breakthrough he needed. The movie deals with aspects such as loss of innocence, growing up, a mindset of a teenager, capitalism, and many more things that are relatable to Teenagers. This is a teen sex comedy and is considered to be one of the best movies of 1983. Thus, it is an important movie of his acting career.

5) Live Die Repeat - Edge of Tomorrow (2014) 

Next on our list of Tom Cruise movies is Live Die Repeat- Edge of Tomorrow, a science-fiction action movie adapted from the Japanese Novel “All you need is Kill”. The characters are in the future where most of Europe is invaded by an Alien run. This movie has some of the best Visual and Battle Effects you will ever witness. If you are a sci-fi lover then do not miss this one!

6) Minority Report (2002) 

This Tom Cruise movie is another action thriller which is loosely based on the 1958 short story “The Military Report” by Philip K.Dick. The movie is set primarily in Washington.DC in the year 2054 where Tom Cruise portrays the character of a Chief officer in a specialized Police Department. The movie can also be considered as a Traditional cat-mouse chase and is a treat to watch.

7) Rain Man (1988) 

Tom Cruise's Rain Man is a comedy-drama movie that includes all the elements needed for a movie to be a superhit. This Hollywood movie was one of the highest-grossing movies of the year 1988 and won several awards and accolades.

8) The Color of Money (1986) 

The Color of Money is an American Drama film starring Tom Cruise, based on a 1984 novel by Walter Tevis. It made a mark in the Hollywood movie industry as it was appreciated for its catchy storyline, acting by profound actors, and the direction of the movie.

9) American Made (2017) 

This Tom Cruise movie is an Action-Comedy movie which is based on the life of Barry Seal, a former CIA pilot, and how he later became a drug smuggler and then an information agent. The movie received positive reviews from the audience and Cruise’s performance made the movie a must watch!

10) Collateral (2004) 

This 2004 Hollywood Movie was chosen for the National Board of Review as one of the top ten Movies of 2014 and was nominated in different categories in the Oscars. Tom Cruise’s acting was very well appreciated by the audience and remains to be one of his finest works.

11) A Few Good Men (1992) 

This is a Legal-Drama Movie of Tom Cruise set in the late ’90s. The movie revolves around a court rivalry between 2 US Marines charged for the murder of a fellow marine. The movie is full of twists and turns and showcases a legal battle that keeps you entertained throughout.

12) Jerry Maguire (1996) 

Jerry Maguire is a romantic comedy movie starring Tom Cruise, which even has a sports angle to it. This movie was one of the highest-grossing movies of its time and was nominated for five academy awards. The movie was well appreciated for its writing and Tom Cruise’s acting. This movie is a light-hearted one and can easily make you feel super good!

13) War of the World (2005) 

This Hollywood movie received showers of love, appreciation, and positive reviews for all the elements in the movie. It is a movie based on an ordinary man’s life. The sparkle of war in his life is depicted beautifully and makes you experience every emotion to the fullest. Needless to say, it is one of the best Tom Cruise movies on this list.

14) The Last Samurai (2003) 

The Last Samurai is a period action film set in the 19th century, which couldn't have been successful without Tom Cruise and the persona he carries with himself. The movie is based on the westernization of Japan and some short stories. It was nominated for 4 academy awards!!

15) The Outsiders (1983) 

This Hollywood Movie is another coming of age drama adapted from a novel by S.E.HINTON. The movie revolves around a few teenagers and narrates their events in a funny and relatable way! It is among those rare Tom Cruise movies that make you laugh.

16) Valkyrie (2008) 

This Tom Cruise movie based on real-life events from the time of Nazi Germans during World War 2 depicts the Plot by German officers to assassinate Adolf Hitler. The movie is informative and makes us familiar with the events in our past which are never taught to us.

17) Top Gun (1986) 

An action-drama movie that revolves around the US Navy’s Fighter Weapon School. The movie was praised for its effects, action sequence, graphics, and the performances by the leading actors.

18) Oblivion (2013) 

This Hollywood movie is one movie that makes you believe in good scripts and restores your faith in the cinema if you watched a bad movie in the past. Set in 2077 this movie showcases how humanity had to leave earth and shift to another Planet after a war.

19) Knight and Day (2010) 

A comedy-action movie that helps Tom Cruise execute his skills to the fullest and carry his charisma throughout the film, making it an amazing movie that can be watched with friends or family at any time of the day!

20) Eyes Wide Shut (1999) 

This Tom Cruise Movie is an erotic psychological thriller where Cruise plays a doctor and when his wife cheats on him, his life changes and turns out to be a roller coaster of events. The movie received positive reviews from the audience.

21) Jack Reacher (2012) 

Another Action thriller movie from Tom Cruise which is based on a horrible crime and the hint left with the crime is just a Note!! Watch this movie and become a part of the thrilling journey to know what happens as the movie unfolds!

22) Vanilla Sky (2001) 

A sci-fi Action psychological thriller with an angle of romance is an adaptation of the Spanish movie “Open Your Eyes” which is a wrap of elements very different from each other. This Tom Cruise movie was nominated for three academy awards!

23) Jack Reacher- Never Go back (2016) 

This Hollywood movie is the sequel to the 2012 movie “Jack Reacher” adapted from the novel “Never Go back” by Lee Child. The viewers follow Jack Reacher on a run to unveil a dark side conspiracy. The Movie was well appreciated by the critics.

24) Cocktail (1988) 

A romantic comedy-drama film which revolves around a New-York City business Student, who takes bartending as a job to make his love life a memorable one. The movie was successful at the Box-Office and received positive reviews.

25) The Firm (1993) 

This Tom Cruise movie is a legal thriller film adapted from a Grimash novel. The movie was one of the highest-grossing movies of that year and was nominated for Academy Awards. Tom Cruise was appreciated for his skilful acting.

26) Legend (1985) 

An epic dark fantasy adventure movie that grips you till the movie ends. The movie revolves around Jack, who must stop the Lord of Darkness who plots to cover the world with eternal night. The movie won some of the most prestigious awards and is considered to be a fairytale movie.

27) Born on the Fourth of July (1989) 

This Tom Cruise Movie is a biographical war drama based on the 1976 autobiography by Ron Kovic. The movie was well appreciated and Cruise won the Best Actor Academy Award For this one!! The movie also won four Golden Globe Awards. This movie is a must-watch for everyone!

The above-listed movies of the Action Superstar “Tom Cruise” are some of the best movies he has done so far and we are very sure that there are more to come to extend this list a bit more. 

The purpose of watching movies doesn't always stick to getting entertained, it even makes us better with every character we see on screen. If you ever want to bring a character to life refer to Tom Cruise’s Movies.

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