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Not yet normal, this pandemic has been the biggest blow and still, we are struggling to cope up with it. On one hand, stepping out was scary to the core, on the other hand, it was equally exhausting and boring. 

Being a couch potato for the weekend is what we look forward to during the weekdays but the pandemic completely reversed this thought process, where every day felt the same. Well, when every passing day made each one of us physically and mentally unhealthy, because of every routine being hazardously disturbed just then web series and our hobbies acted as saviors. 

The advent of web series has truly changed our perceptions, our wants, our expectations. It is a boon to all our lives. By paving way for fresh and exciting content, creating new opportunities, these wonderful web series have kept us engaged throughout.

Okay, so if you people are done with watching the stuff on the biggest platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar then definitely do not forget to check on the Sony LIV app. And if you still haven’t watched those then what are you waiting for?! Sony LIV which aims at the Indian expectations is ensuring to provide the best of entertainment to its viewers.

Here are 25 of the Sony LIV web series which definitely won’t disappoint your expectations.

1. Scam 1992 – The Harshad Mehta Story

Scam 1992 – The Harshad Mehta Story | Sony Liv Web Series

This prodigious Hansal Mehta creation stands out erect in every category. A biopic that had all our eyeballs gripped to it from the beginning till the end is as majestic as the “Big Bull” of the Dalal Street Harshad Mehta. 

The perfect blend of the good script along with mesmerizing performance from the cast helped the series to be the biggest hits in 2020. If you haven't yet witnessed this cocktail of power, money, ambition, rise, and fall, then what are you waiting for? Go witness the creation.

2. Maharani

Maharani | Sony Liv Web Series

A political web series wonderfully portrayed. Karan Sharma exquisitely highlighted the politics in Bihar and every action that goes into the same. 

Spellbinding performance from Huma Qureshi as Rani Bharti depicting that women can do everything from the household chores to becoming a Chief Minister, and also the remaining cast is a must watch and believe me they did a stupendous job.

3. Gullak (Season 1 and 2)

TVF known for its acclaimed creations nailed it again by creating this heart-warming Song LIV web series which is picturized on a middle-class family and their bittersweet moments, their hardships and struggles, their ups and downs, and every other notable expression of their lifestyle. 

Both the seasons provided us with a unique performance from the entire cast to enjoy and stay engaged.

4. Lost and Found

Lost and Found | Sony Liv Web Series

Have you heard about opposites attracting? Well, then this Sony LIV web series is all about a love story depicting the two characters who are extremely opposite to each other and their quirky incidents which spice up the storyline and make it fun to watch. Well if you want gala time and fun then this one cannot be given a miss.

5. The Tudors

Though Sony LIV aims at Indian viewers, this American historical title is based on the life story of Henry VIII and how he fights the intruders and traitors and how he revolts against the threats from peoples inside the Kingdom. All together this majestic series with the splendid cast gave the required boost to Sony LIV.

6. Chutzpah

Chutzpah | Sony Liv Web Series

Highlighting the sad reality, the untold dark side of social media, this series is a lot to learn from. Well, we know that this era of social media rather than digital space can make you or break you but the latter is way easier. 

Hence, this cyberspace is a world in which it's not easy at all to escape. Wonderfully portrayed by the entire cast, it is an enjoyable Sony LIV web series to watch.

7. Kathmandu Connection

A spy revenge thriller directed by Sachin Pathak; this web series tried hard to gather attention but was sad that it failed to impress. A mix of Family Man and Special ops to certain extents all about investigating a murder case is a good option to be watched if thriller series are favorite.

8. Girls Hostel (Season 1 and 2)

Girls Hostel (Season 1 and 2) | Sony Liv Web Series

Related to the young millennial generation, showcasing the current scenario is a pretty fascinating web series to watch. Picturizing the ups and downs faced by the hostel students and also their lifestyle, bonds between roommates as well as seniors and juniors. 

A refreshing content and guess what there is a season 2 which is again wonderful and more promising.

9. Sandwiched Forever

Full of fun and excitement, well if you haven’t had a good relaxing session for a few days then definitely watching this web series would be my suggestion. This 15 episode Sony LIV web series is exciting and worth every wait. Directed by Rohan Sippy it gives the most required vibes.

10. Undekhi

An investigation-related script based on Sundarbans but later shifted to Manali. A decent web series with good performance from the cast can be watched if you prefer to watch a good detective story.

11. TVF Pitchers

TVF Pitchers | Sony Liv Web Series

Beautifully scripted and as previously mentioned TVF never fails to impress its audience, and this one is another example of it. 

Highly preferred and most viewed web Pitchers is all about the struggles and hardships faced by four young budding entrepreneurs and to be more precise it is termed to be a real-life story. No more spoilers, give it a watch.

12. Avrodh: The Siege Within

Directed by Raj Acharya a patriotic script based on a surgical strike performed by India to Pakistan. Nowadays patriotic movies are something which we are more eager to watch but not only movies, also patriotic web series are being created, and truly Avrodh gave goosebumps.

It highlighted not only the terrorist camps but also the role of journalists and a lot more details. A must-watch Sony LIV web series.

13. Ghar Ki Murgi

Released in 2020 directed by Bareilly Ki Barfi and Nil Battey Sannata fame Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari this Sony LIV web series was premiered on Women’s Day which highlights the life of a “homemaker” and how to date this full-time profession is viewed as. 

A superb web series and, over that, the marvelous performance from Sakshi Tanwar lights it up even more.

14. Your Honor

Your Honor | Sony Liv Web Series

For the sake of family, anything. We all have heard and have witnessed this saying; our parents are the living example. 

Based on an Israeli piece, this web series which walks a line dividing greys and whites shows even how a moral and reputed judge breaks down and uses his wits to save his son involved in a hit and run case from a dreadful gangster. Everyone was fantastic and can be on your watchlist.

15. JL50

A sci-fi thriller, mystery series JL50 is all about a plane crash in West Bengal and the mystery behind the crash which is being investigated by Shantanu played by Abhay Deol who did a fantabulous job and also the other heavy star cast who delivered an amazing performance, worth watching.

16. A Simple Murder

Under the direction of Sachin Pathak, this Song LIV web series turned out to be a good one. 

A crime series where all the characters are sketched with ease and an impressive performance has been delivered by the same. Well, it could have been something more than the unnecessary blame, yet it’s one among the others to watch.

17. College Romance (Season 1 and 2)

College Romance (Season 1 and 2) | Sony Liv Web Series

Well, I can completely assure the fact that maybe some of you haven’t watched it but have gone through some amazing viral clips of Trippy and his famous dialogues. 

The 1st season received some arresting responses as it was loved by all, nevertheless, 2nd season is more and will keep you hooked as it's simply outstanding. The gang of this superb cast will not disappoint you.

18. Shrikant Bashir

All about a man-made virus that has led to an epidemic claiming the lives of innocent residents and how it was brought to an end by two eminent officers Shrikant Mhatre and Bashir Khan whose tactics may be way different from each other but the aim is the same. Witness this Surgical Operation of both the officers.

19. Project 9191

A popular thriller web series based on crimes and investigation. A good one directed by Subramanian S. Iyer, where the script is all about an eminent officer, Amitabh Sinha, searching for a culprit in every nick and corner of the city. Watch the series to know whether he and his team succeeded or not.

20. Mahabharat: Ant Aarambh

An animation series having been marvelously done based on such an Epic, Mahabharat which has been a classic and the audience loves it anyway, and anyhow it is served on the platter. Undoubtedly it is among one of the favorite and suggested ones.

21. Hadh

Hadh | Sony Liv Web Series

The story revolves around the three men who are out for something large and are capable of attracting audiences to watch this series. Directed by Vikram Bhatt it highlights the extent to which an individual can proceed for power and money. This Song LIV web series can be a part of your watchlist.

22. Iru Dhuruvam

This thriller piece is surely enthralling and engaging with some amazing twists. Beyond extraordinary dealing with the hardcore investigation and some brilliant performance from the cast. The well-treated script, sure won’t regret after watching.

23. Love J Action

Directed by Saurabh Tiwari, it is a crime, romance web series where love sets out a girl from the shackles of an abusive family but things take a wrong turn very soon, and the whole storyline changes after a while. It’s loved by many hence can be a leisure time watch.

24. Sixteen

As the title suggests it’s about giving a social message and also creating a notion of suspense. A gang of sixteen-year old’s who want revenge from the rapists is all set, here the police want to take action against the rapist as well as stop the “16”. Watch this gripping tale to witness whether the mission is successful or not.

25. Married Woman Diaries (Season 1 and 2)

Married Woman Diaries (Season 1 and 2) | Sony Liv Web Series

A journey from being just married and dealing with the regular married life issues in season 1 to becoming parents and moving to a completely new phase in season 2. This series is well relatable to modern relationships hence would be fun to watch.

Listed above all are the refreshing contents though not many yet worth watching. All the gripping tales will help you keep yourself engaged and hooked. So, if you are bored and running out of content in this lockdown then do check out these series, pretty sure you won’t regret it. Over the past few years, the web series itself has evolved so much that its success is unfathomable.

Sony LIV has evolved lately with some amazing concepts; many are yet to be released. Hence to make your work a little easy here I have jotted the best Sony LIV web series to watch. Haven’t watched it yet! What are you waiting for then?

Comment down your favorite Sony liv web series and also don't forget to like and share this list.

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