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Nov 30, 2020|7 min read


To freshen up our mood, some sort of entertainment is what we all seek to bust the hype in our life. Movies and TV shows happened to be the mode of refreshment and are still one of the best ways to freshen one's mood but the revolution came along when the OTT platforms hit the market. The OTT's provided us with a new concept of storytelling, 'Web Series'. 

But OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos and more come with an expensive subscription cost. Many of the viewers might not be able to afford that. Some might be financially weak whereas others might be students. Now at this point, Youtube comes to the rescue. 

YouTube, being one of the leading OTT platforms, has lots of Web Series which are equally famous and are interesting to watch at the same time, and that too for free! YouTube web series 'Kota Factory' is one of the greatest hits that made the crowd go mad. Here below is the list of 30 Indian Youtube Web Series that you'll surely appreciate watching:

1. Kota Factory

With an IMDb rating of 9, Kota Factory is an Indian YouTube web series directed by Raghav Subbu. Aired on the channel The Viral Fever, this free web series was a huge hit and took over the whole youth of the country by storm. 

2. Girl in the City

Girls in the City is a YouTube web series starring Mithila Palkar in the lead role. The story is about a sweet girl Meera who eventually comes from Dehradun to Mumbai to fulfil her dreams.

3. Bang Baajaa Baaraat

With an IMDb rating of 8, Bang Baajaa Baaraat is a comedy-drama youtube web series which narrates the lives of Pawan and Shahana who eventually fall in love and plan to get married. But the story takes a hilarious turn when both their families meet for their wedding occasion. 

4. What the Folks

What the Folks is a YouTube web series which aired on Dice Media's YouTube channel. This is a  story about modern families trying to break stereotypes and erasing generation gap despite having different views. This free web series is a must-watch along with your family.

5. Little Things

Another Dice Media creation, Little Things features Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Sehgal in the lead roles. This YouTube web series was later on purchased by Netflix. A story of a couple in a live-in relationship, the ups and downs that they go through and all. This is a must-watch one.

6. Please Find Attached

Yet another Dice Media creation, this YouTube web series depicts the lives of Shaurya and Sanya where they struggle to maintain the balance between their work life and personal life.

7. Official Chukyagiri

This YouTube web series is every youngster's story. The plot of this free web series revolves around Spandan who starts his internship at an MNC. The hardships and challenges that he faces will surely resonate to all the newbies who have just started their work life.

8. Soulmates

A free web series by Zoom, Soulmates is a story about a boy Priyanshu who reaches Shillong chasing a girl in a rock band and suddenly bumps into Anshul, his once classmate. This YouTube web series 'soulmate' is a romantic one and watching it with your soulmate won't be a bad idea!

9. Home Sweet Office

A dice media creation about two sisters Adhira and Shagun, this YouTube web series is indeed very fun to watch. The story is about two cousins who start their startup on candid wedding films and quirky wedding merchandise. 

10. The Reunion

Featuring Sapna Pabbi, Anuj Sachdeva, Veer Rajwanth Singh and Shreya Dhanwanthary as BFFs in the story, this YouTube web series aired on Zoom's official YouTube channel. A story of 4 BFFs who come together again after years to revisit their school to freshen some memory up will surely make you nostalgic. 

11. Bachelors 

Being a bachelor has its own pros and cons. This free web series on YouTube shows the life of 4 bachelor roommates, who come across all the bachelor life problems. Watch it and get ready for your turn if you are also a bachelor.

12. Cubicles

This TVF creation is about Piyush, an engineer who goes through the ups and downs of life. This YouTube web series is fun to watch and super relatable for those who have started adulting recently. 

13. Happily Ever After

The story of Happily Ever After YouTube web series about the millennial couple Roneet and Avani who plan their dream wedding and eventually face tons of problems. But this YouTube web series is so good that their problems will make you laugh to tears for sure.

14. Adulting

We all think of adulting in some or not point of our lives, right? This YouTube web series is based on that very scenario. How Ray and Nikhat dig out non-existent problems to fill their life with chaos is worth watching.

15. Operation MBBS

This Indian YouTube web series is about three individuals Huma, Sakshi and Nishant who are 1st-year medical students. Watch to know how they come along and cherish and fight their friendship and hardships.

16. Minus One

The story of this YouTube web series revolves around Riya and Varun who decide to move to a live-in relationship but end up breaking the relation. But they keep living together which triggers some allegations. Such a heartwarming free web series to watch.

17. Man's World

Ever happened that you wished for something very vague and it happened, well in this YouTube web series it happened. Having had enough of the fact that females always get more opportunities than males do infuriates Kiran and he wishes for men and women to swap their places. For knowing what happens next, you need to watch the web series and remember, your time is worth it.

18. Ladies Room

Ever wondered about what happens inside a ladies room? Then this YouTube web series might give you your answer. A story about two girls, Dingo and Khanna, who'll here take you inside the ladies room where all men have probably peaked in but couldn't break into.

19. Pitchers 

The story of this YouTube web series is about four friends Naveen, Jitu, Yogi and Mandal who drop their jobs in order to start their own startup company. Interesting to watch, this free web series is one of the bests in this list.

20. Permanent Roommates 

The first web series of India, this YouTube web series has a fantastic story proceeding a couple Mikesh and Tanya who after a long-distance relationship moves into live-in. The first season of this series is still loved by the audience.

21. Baked

The story of this YouTube web series is about 3 friends/roommates who start a business of late-night food delivery service. The misadventure of the 3 roommates is worth watching.

22. AISHA My Virtual Girlfriend

A YouTube web series by Arre based on a story revolving around Sameer, an app developer and an A. I simulated humanoid AISHA. The story is fun to watch and indeed a great creation.

23. Star Boyz

A story of three south Indian boys busy in exploring the space while doing pretty much nothing, this YouTube web series is a hilarious one. Mind watching it and let the punch lines make you laugh to tears. 

24. Not Fit

Want to laugh out loud, yes then this is the correct YouTube web series for you. The plot revolves around Neerav Kapoor who is a struggling actor facing a lot of rejections. But his hardships in this free web series will surely make your cheeks hurt.

25. Engineering Girls

A 'The Timeliners' creation is about three girls thriving in an engineering college, totally different from each other by nature. This YouTube free web series will surely resonate to all the college students.

26. Flames

We all adore our first school love or first love in general, right? This YouTube web series will make you revisit those sweet memories for sure. The story is based on a cute teenage romance between Ishita and Rajat. It's a must-watch for all the romantic hearts.

27. Tripling

This YouTube web series narrates the story of three siblings Chanchal, Chandan and Chitvan who set out on a road trip, discussing life and its problems. This free web series contains a gust of fresh air and is indeed one of the best available YouTube web series.

28. College Romance

College Romance, in short, is all about three best friends who fall in love but end up welcoming tantrums while being in college. This YouTube web series is a Timeliners creation and a good one to watch too.

29. The Trip

This YouTube web series traces the story of four girls who set out on a road trip. From the makers of Girls In The City, this web series is based on the bride's bachelorette for which they go on a road trip in Thailand. This free web series is an emotional rollercoaster. 

30. It Happened In Hong Kong

On a solo trip to Hong Kong, Amol and Aahana accidentally bump into each other and from there the plot hits its start. This wonderful YouTube web series is romantic and fun to watch and is highly recommended. 

Web series have somehow become an integral part of our lives. YouTube has so many wonderful web series lying there and that too for free. Why not watch them and spend some quality time with yourself. Even I got to know about a lot of good YouTube web series that I can binge-watch later while writing this article. Hope this article helped you with the same.

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