30 Punjabi Motivational Quotes To Boost Up The Morale

There is no language of wisdom!

Sheryl Therattil

Jun 2, 2021|7 min read


Sometimes we feel an existential void in our lives and get completely lost in these situations. We seek motivation and sometimes just a single line can boost up the energy in you and bring out the motivation you require. 

We are talking about energy in people and it would be unfair to not include the Punjabi's. The energetic and positive auro they have around them is incomparable. Their dance, music, and culture are so alluring that one can't resist getting involved in it. Talk about Bhangra, I don't think there's anyone who can stop themselves from grooving on the beats of the dhol once they hear them.

Punjabis are full of positive vibes and so are their language. So here is the list of best Punjabi Motivational quotes that are truly empowering. These quotes will motivate you to look forward in life and achieve wisdom and great success. 

1. Maadi sangat nalo ikale rena changa hai!

Punjabi Motivational Quotes

This Punjabi quote means that it is better to be alone than being with the wrong people. How can anyone not agree to this!

2. Hausle buland raakhi malka, change madey din tan aunde he rende ne. 

Punjabi Motivational Quotes

The above quote in Punjabi suggests everyone to always keep the courage as good and bad days are a part of life.

3. Waqt jado badalda ae tan baziyan ni zindagia palat jandia ne.

This quote states the truth of life. When the time changes it's not the game that changes, life changes. 

4. Kismat de lakeeran te yakeen karna chhadta hun, Je insaan Badal sakde aan tan ehh lakeeran kyoun ni.

Life is too uncertain and can be unpredictable at times. This Punjabi quote says not to believe in your fate because if people can change, so can fate. 

5. Sadde dil, kaleje faulaad de ne! Jakham kha ke vi, jarna jande haan! Nadi zulm di paave tufan ban jaye! Doob doob Ke vi Tarna jande han!

Our bodies are made with steel, though wounded we still work. So even if the river of violence becomes a storm we dive in, swim, and make our way. 

6. Ainian thokaran den lai tera vi thanwad ae zindagi! Chalan da nhi sambhalan da Hunar tan aa he gia!

Life, Thank you for all the hardships you have given me, though I didn't learn how to carry myself but learned how to manage. 

7. Kise piche maran nalo changa! kise lai jeena ae!

This Punjabi quote says that it is better to live for somebody than to die for. 

8. Banda bande nu mile, par pyar naal mile! Roti Haq di mile, pave achar nal mile!

Punjabi Motivational Quotes

I wish I get what I deserve even if it is less. 

9. Talash na karo change insanna di, khud change ban jao, Shaid tuhanu mil ke he kise di, talash khatam ho jave!

This quote in Punjabi suggests us to never search for a good person, instead be the good person so that somebody else's search ends. 

10. Mehanata chal rahiya ne jaldi aagey aawange, Jag khad-khad vekhu aisa naam banawange!

Hard work will pay off and the world will stare at my name. 

11. Zindagi vich kade vi umeed na chhado, Kyuki tusi ehh kade nahi jaan sakde ki aaoun waala kal tuhade lai ki lai ke aaoun wala hai!

Never leave the expectations in life because you don't know what tomorrow has got for you. 

12. Mahanta kade naa digan vich nahi, balki dig ke utthan vich hai!

Greatness is not in always succeeding, it is in failing, working again, and then succeeding. 

13. Kise da kita ehesaan kade na pullo te aapna kade yaad na karo!

Never forget the favors done by others and never remember yours. 

14. Utho jago ate roko na, jado tak manzil na mile.

Punjabi Motivational Quotes

Punjabis are one of the most courageous people. They never fear the future. This Punjabi quote says never to stop working hard until you reach your destiny. 

15. Jitan da maza vi udron aaounda ae jado saare tuhadi haar da intezaar karde hon!

You only enjoy your win when people have expected you to lose. Turning the negativity of people to boost up your own morale.

16. Mitra nakal Saadi zaroor ho sakdi! par barbari kade vi nahi!

You can copy me but can't get equal to me. Straight and simple, so be a unique version of Yourself.

17. Koshish Karan naal tajurba milda ae!

You get experience by trying. We all know that someone who is trying is always ahead of someone who is just sitting and thinking of trying. This Punjabi quote states this fact.

18. Je tusi dukh nahi seh sakde tan safatlta kiven samb loge!

Punjabi Motivational Quotes

If you can't handle failure, how will you handle success? Success is a result of lessons we learned from our failures and never repeated them again. There's no direct route to success. Everyone has to go through failures to conquer the milestone of success.

This quote in Punjabi states that in order to handle success, we have to first learn how to handle and overcome failure.

19. Galti ton seekh ke daler bande! Kachiyaan ton pakke Baer bande! Baar-baar dig ke vi jigraan dhai bas! Dig-dig zindagi ch sher bande!

Your failures will make you succeed one day. In order to succeed, learn from the failures.

20. Pave raste ne mushkil, te manzil vi dur ae! zid Saadi vi aan yaara! Fateh karni zaroor ae!

Even if the road is full of terrors, we will achieve victory. The road to success is never easy. It's full of sacrifices, troubles, issues but those who believe in themselves, always overcome these.

21. Ehi raste lai jange Manzila tak honsala rakh kade suniya hai ki hanere ne sawera na hon ditta hove.

These roads will take you to your destiny, keep courage because the night has never let the morning stop.

22. Ni tu bheed’ch parai ban khadiya karengi! Bheed khadeya karugi tere yaar karke!

You will stand among the people like strangers and the people would have gathered for me. 

23. Zindagi di raftaar bohot tez ae, Savere da duka saham nu purana ho janda ae!

Past is past! No one can change it. So, why waste our present worrying about what happened in the past. This Punjabi quote states that life is too short to grief in the evening for what happened in the morning. 

24. Ainve loki kende change din udeek de, Change din aunde ni liaunde painde ne!

Punjabi Motivational Quotes

People talk about the good days, Good days won't come to you, you need to bring them. 

25. Changian kitaban ate sache dil, Har ik di samajh vich nahi aounde.

Not everybody gets the meaning of good books and good people. We all have two eyes but only a few of us can see the opportunities through them.

26. Ghadiya theek karan wale tan bohot ne, Par saman tan banda aap he theek karda ae..

People can repair your watch, but you repair your time yourself. 

27. Zindagi vich ucha udan lai kise degree di lod nahi, Sohne shabd he bande nu badshah bana dinde han

You don't always need degrees in life to accomplish, sometimes your words are enough. We all can relate to this Punjabi quote. Your degrees can only open a path for you but it is you who have to walk on that path in order to be successful.

28. Niyat kinni vi changi hove, duniyan tuhanu tuhade dikhave ton jandi hai, Par dikhava kinna vi changa hove, Rab tuhadi niyet ton janda hai.

The world doesn't know you from your intention, it knows you from the way you flex, but however, you flex god knows you from your intentions. 

29. Tuhadi zindagi de sab ton zaroori do din, Jado tuhada janam hunda ae, Ate dooja jado tusi pata kar lainde ho tuhada janam kyoun hoya….

This Punjabi quote has the deepest meaning that in our whole life there are just two important days, one once you were born and two once you find your destiny.

30. Zindagi nu enna serious lain di zaroorat nahi hai doston, aithe jiyounda Bach ke koi nahi gaya.

Punjabi Motivational Quotes

Punjabis never take the load to worry about anything for a long time which is a wonderful habit in order to live a happy and peaceful life. This Punjabi quote states the same that never take life too seriously because, in the end, everybody has to go.

These were the best inspirational and motivational Punjabi quotes for you straightaway coming from the land of the five rivers, Punjab, to overcome your laziness and boost up your energy.

These quotes in Punjabi will motivate you for your life and give you reasons to work hard and believe in yourself. Now, since you know these, do share them with the people who you think need to read these and bring some motivation in their life.


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