30 Dirty Talking To Your Boyfriend Quotes To Make Him Naughty

Ye naughtiness roka na jaye!

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Thinking of naughty quotes to make your boyfriend crazy? Don’t try so hard, we have provided you with 30 dirty talking to your boyfriend quotes that will not only make him naughty but also seduce him at the same time. Don’t think so much, try these quotes to enjoy the perfect naughty moment with your boyfriend.

 Dirty Talks With Boyfriend

“Roses are red,  violets are blue,
Let’s break the bed, Me and you”

Love is in the air, but it doesn’t travel to bed just like that, does it? There’s naughtiness and dirty talking that connects all of us to the wild shades of love.

Love songs and other melodramas may not work always, especially when you want your boyfriend to turn on badly. Talk dirty to your boyfriend and spice up your relationship. Charge yourself, the scene would last for long surely, your horny boyfriend may get super horny, you never know!

Forget drug addiction, the thrill of naughtiness and sex is so addictive that the whole world seems crushing down when you and your boyfriend shake the bed together.

Adrenaline crushing in starting with soft kisses and then ending up in making love- the wildness is hard to resist, dare you to stop! Seducing is a skill, and these quotes are here to master you up with this skill.

Create a crazy steamy moment and indulge in this holy sport of love!

1) Your face would look better between my legs:

It’s a sin if your men don’t give a good tongue job! Yes, dirty talking to your boyfriend quotes may sound too bold, but isn’t this true? Don’t worry, your boyfriend would not resist himself to make you happy through this action.

2) Your tongue can do a better job of teasing you than your words can: 

Aha, there’s no need for pleasing words when the tongue is there. Men simply love doing all kinds of stuff that makes their women crazy and moan loudly.

3) I love it when I can see how much you want to put it inside me: 

Intercourse is the best fuel that makes a woman run, but it makes a man more naughty if appreciated! Intercourse seems wilder and fun with men puts more pressure and pleasure.

4) Be naked when I come home: 

Just copy these dirty talking to your boyfriend quotes and send your boyfriend/man, you will be shocked to see him naked surely in his room, next time! Isn’t it exciting for a man to see his lady initiating everything? Go and let him fuck you like crazy!

5) “Be gentle with me. Be sweet and kind, oh hell! Who am I kidding? Flip me over, ride my ass and pull my hair!”: 

Sweetness? Huh! There’s a candy shop for that. But on the bed, your man would love to be wild, ride on you and make love fiercely with you. You are gonna make him wet with these dirty talking to your boyfriend quotes.

6) “Push me up against the wall and do dirty things to me”:

This is what films show us, but honestly making out after pushing against the wall seems heavenly, too good. Wait for him to push you against the wall, followed by the long breaths and the heart pumping fast, eyes meeting each another’s…..do I need to say the rest?

7)  “Don’t keep calm. Rip my clothes off, spin me around, grab my hair and fuck me…”

Calmness is often followed by a storm. Well, this rule is similar here on the bed too! Let him arouse you by undressing first, and then grabbing your hair to fuck you in a passionate way. No wonder, both men and women love fucking from the back.

8) “I want you to taste me on your fingers.”:

This list of dirty talking to your boyfriend quotes can seriously make you go crazy! No man can ever resist this seducing line once you utter, make sure you are wet enough to let him taste you.

9) “Weekend mood: Orgasms. A lot of orgasms”:

Orgasm is love, and to some extend addiction. There can be no better option than spending the weekend with orgasms. Orgasm is so stimulating, it makes us happy, and maybe that’s why we crave more orgasms!

10) “I love the way you slide your fingers inside of me”:

In one word- ‘Fingering’! Say this to your man and see his magic. You are gonna be dripping wet, and this is how the trailer of foreplay welcomes the ultimate moment of union. No wonder, orgasm with fingers feels intense.

11) “All I can think of is you. The way you make my heart smile and the way you make my pussy wet.”:

Dirty talking to your boyfriend quotes has not been only erotic, some of them indicate sweet romance with a slight hint of sensuality. A woman smiles with happiness for her man’s love, and at the same time feels horny and gets her panty and pussy wet for his naughtiness.

12) “I love your fingers between my legs”:

No sooner you say this, your man will come crawling to you. The sensual pleasure of fingering is desired by all women, but it seduces a man when they see their women moaning.

13) “I swear to you, I won’t stop until your legs are shaking and the neighbors know my name.”:

These dirty talking to your boyfriend quotes are not only meant for reading purposes, use them to your full advantage. Your man is supposed to fuck you with all energy until your legs are shaking until you moan loudly and scream with his name.

14) “I love the way you explore my body using your hands and the way you call me your girl.”:

Even a man expresses his love and satisfaction during sex. Gentle rubbing with hands all over the body is what every woman desires. But it seems more fantastic when your man calls you ‘you are my girl’, isn’t it naughty too?

15) “I licked it so it’s mine.”:

Such tempting dirty talking to your boyfriend quotes makes the readers horny too. Men love to hear comments about their dicks, it simply makes them crazy. It’s so pleasurable for them when you play and claim their sensual parts, it literally drives them crazy.

16) “I had a rough day, give me a rough night.”:

Sex is the best stress buster. Ask your man for rough and wild sex, there’s no way round to have more fun and ditch all that rough day effect.

17) “Save water. Shower together.”

Shower sex! Save water and make your fantasies real. Play with water and have fun, make memories under the shower with some steamy moments.

18) “Paint my Face.”:

You should read these naughty dirty talking to your boyfriend quotes alone, you will surely blush if you read them.

19) “I wanna get down on my knees and then taste you.”:

This is probably one of the wildest dirty talking to your boyfriend quotes that will make your boyfriend crazy from head to toe, well how can a man resist this? 

20) “I’m dripping wet.”: 

That’s what every man wants. It drives them crazy, so if you are saying this to your man, be sure that he would be coming straight to you quickly!

21) “Can I blow you, right now?”

No matter how gentle a man seems, there’s that much wildness inside him too. Tell this and see their reaction, they will be all naughty!

22) “Can’t wait to feel you inside me”:

You don’t need any other dirty talking to your boyfriend quotes if you say this. Naughty enough to turn on your boyfriend and initiate everything till the end.

23) “Fuck me like an animal”:

Probably hard and harder, that’s what every man enjoys the most on the bed, but if you are saying this, it’s gonna make him more naughty!

24) “Why aren’t you here right now, I’m so fucking horny”:

Let your man come all the way to you running because he will be horny too!

25) “What do you want me to wear in bed tonight?

You know that he really doesn’t want you to wear anything, but let him say this at first! So ask this and make him more naughty!

26) “Why can’t we just quit our jobs, live together, and fuck all day, every day.”:

Lol. It’s what probably every man wants after a tiring day of office, and if you say this, your man may surprisingly take a holiday to spend some intimate time with you.

27) “I love the way you explore my body.”:

Simple staring and exploring can turn him like crazy. Appreciate the way they do everything and that’s it; he is already horny.

28) “Nice pants. Can I test the zipper?:

He knows what can be ‘testing the zipper’ mean. He would get super horny, we bet, try this!

29) “A naked pillow fight? Yes, please!”:

Who doesn’t love pillow fights? A pinch of love loaded with cuteness before you could start with steamy moments? This is will definitely make him more curious.

30) “I love the way you fuck me.”:

And how can he resist after hearing this? He’ll be anxious to make you feel more loved in his ways! Explore the love in all shades of naughtiness and wildness!

And that’s it, it’s the end. But make sure that you have a superb beginning with these quotes. Love is dull without the touch of naughtiness and in this fast day life, sex leads us to a healthy life.

The easiest way to end up fights and all sorts of quarrels is to have sex again, you can’t help it, right? But this is the truth.

So share love and naughty quotes among your friends who need this especially, for a fulfilling dose of happiness.

Do let us know about your opinions and we would love to get your feedback and bring you back with more amazing content.

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