3 Best Online Collaboration Tools For Better Teamwork

Tools For Teamwork

Shruthi Paladugula

Jul 23, 2021|2 min read


Teamwork involves a lot of understanding, patience, helping, and communication/interaction with the teammates. Everyone in the team should communicate with the others and should work together to complete their project/task. 

So, the tool which brings them together is online collaboration tools.

Many online collaboration tools are available for us. Different tools will have a different appearance, look, and features. Online collaboration tools help us to communicate virtually, sharing the screen and video conferencing. 

Some other features are chat box also available and recording option also provided, etc.

Online Collaboration Tools For Better Teamwork

Online collaboration helps us to work smartly, efficiently, and with the best interaction. It helps us not to waste more time and completing the task within the deadline.

1. GoToMeeting:

GoToMeeting is one the trusted online video conferencing software which is used by millions of users. It has different options like chat, presentation of screens, and video chat. 

It is fast and easy to use. Its usage is very reliable and effective. It can work on any device and at any time. It is more flexible to use.

2. Slack:

Slack is a popular online collaboration tool. It has more features where it can transfer files, messages can be sent. Any updates about the task can be posted. 

In slack, different groups can be created with different numbers of people. By using this, team members can communicate and discuss the project.

3. Flow dock:

Flow dock is designed for social team collaboration. It has different features for chatting and different inbox enables here. Here, groups can discuss different functions and all that chat can be saved for future use.

It is more popular because it combines communication and collaboration features in a single product. It is easy and effective to use and can be adopted by anyone. It is a trusted tool that the information will not be lost.

Do use these online applications for a better teamwork and let us know which one of these helped you. 

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