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Goddess Laxmi Is The Goddess Of Wealth And Fortune. She Seats On A Lotus Gracefully And She Is The Wife Of Lord Vishnu. 

Her Glory And Auspicious Blessings Cannot Be Measured Nor Described In Mere Sentences. She Bestows Prosperity To Those Who Deserve I.E Those Who Respects Wealth, Cleans Their Environment, Respects Their Elders And Most Importantly Who Do Their Dharma And Leads A Rightful Life.

There Are Many Mantras Or Stotram To Recite While Worshipping Goddess Laxmi. We Chant Various Mantras As Well As Sing Songs While Performing Aarti And Offering Prayers. In Hindu Dharma, Singing Devotional Songs To Gods And Goddesses Is A Way Of Showing Love And Devotion To Them.

So, in this article, I Am Providing A List Of 18 Pleasing Devotional Mahalaxmi Songs. Listening To Devotional Songs Not Only Shows Our Love Towards God But It Also Miraculously Affects Our Body And Mind By Reducing Stress And Anxiety To A Great Extent. 

Most People Fail To Acknowledge The Impact Of Spiritualism On Our Mental Health. Spiritualism Brings Positivity In Life Which Is A Necessity In Today's World. So, Some Of The Melodious Mahalaxmi Songs Are As Follows:-

1. Om Jai Laxmi Mata

Om Jai Laxmi Mata | Mahalaxmi Songs

This Is One Of The Most Popular Mahalaxmi Song As An Aarti Sung By Anuradha Paudwal. Worship Of Devi Laxmi Is Incomplete Without This Song. A Pure Melody Which Will Fill Your Mind With Positivity.

2. Jaya Jaya Laxmi Devi

This Particular Song Is Sung In Telugu Language And Is Sung By Sullochana Pattabhi Raman. It Is A Beautiful, Soul-Touching Mahalaxmi song.

3. Sri Mahalaxmi Stotram

Sri Mahalaxmi Stotram | Mahalaxmi Songs

A Hymn, Powerful Enough To Energize Your Body And Mind. This Individual Hymn Is In Honor Of The Eight Forms Of Goddess Laxmi And Is Sung By Atam Sanyal.

4. Vande Mangala Karini

Devotional Songs Are Magical. Like, It Has The Power To Heal Not Only Your Body But Also Your Mind. One Such Telugu Song Is Vande Mangala Karini, Sung By Vishnu Priya.

5. Dhanya Laxmi

Dhanya Laxmi | Mahalaxmi Songs

Goddess Laxmi Has Many Forms. ‘Dhanya Laxmi’ Represents Wealth, In Any Form, It Can Be Gold Or Money. This Mahalaxmi Song Is For Pleasing Her In Order To Attain Prosperity In One's Life And Is Sung By Vani Jayaram And N. Surya Prakash.

6. Sri Suktam 

It Is A Powerful Vedic Chant By S. Rajagopala Sharma In Honor Of Goddess Mahalaxmi. This Stotram Is Worth Listening to.

7. Laxmi Gayathri mantra

You can seek the blessings of Mahalaxmi by chanting this beautiful mantra during your prayer time. This Mahalaxmi song is from the album Shubh Laabh and is sung by Shweta Pandit.

8. Devi Namosthuthe

Devi Namosthuthe | Mahalaxmi Songs

A song to celebrate the auspiciousness of Goddess Mahalaxmi. The word Namosthuthe itself means 'I bow to you.' Not only the common man but also God's bow in front of the Mother of the Universe. Devi Namosthuthe is a soulful song sung by Arun Alat and composed by Shah Rahman.

9. Suprabhatam

This particular song by MS Subbulaksmi marks the dawn of many households. A day is incomplete without listening to this wonderful song.

10. Lakshmi Sahasranamam

It is actually a Hindu text from the Brahmanda Purana and is sung as hymns or stotra by the worshippers. It has exactly 1000 names and is used while worshipping Goddess Durga, Laxmi, Parvati, Kali, etc.

11. Aadi Laxmi

Aadi Laxmi | Mahalaxmi Songs

A Telugu song is sung by Gayathri and GV Prabhakar from the album Ashtalakshmi Nithyanjali. A very popular and refreshing Mahalaxmi Song.

12. Baare Bhagyada Nidhiye

In my opinion devotional songs have their own charm, be it in any language. It has its own authenticity. It will in no time touch your heart and uplift your soul. This song is in the Kannada Language sung by Sangeetha Katti and is from the album Jaya Jaya Laxmi.

13. Tu Maa Vaibhav Dene Wali

In Hindu Dharma, prayer is considered incomplete without bhajan, kirtan, and aarti. ‘Tu Maa Vaibhav Dene Wali’ is a song describing her great power of showering wealth and prosperity to people. This song is sung by Anjali Jain.

14. Mata Laxmi mere Ghar mein

Mata Laxmi mere Ghar mein | Mahalaxmi Songs

A soulful Mahalaxmi song is sung by Pamela Jian, written by Shardul Rathod, and composed by Samuel Paul.

15. Laxmi ka Vaas ho Jis Ghar mein

Singing devotional songs to the Divine power is denoted as a gesture to please them in order to attain knowledge, prosperity, good health, etc., by the common man. 'Laxmi ka Vaas ho Jis Ghar mein' is one such song sung by Anjali Jain.

16. Oo Meri Laxmi Mata

Oo Meri Laxmi Mata | Mahalaxmi Songs

Religion has impacted music for ages. It has been producing devotional songs dedicated to the Almighty. This individual song is a mesmerizing Mahalaxmi song and is sung by Lakhbir Singh Lakkha.

17. Sampoorna Shree Suktam

A mesmerizing Hindi devotional Mahalaxmi song, sung by Mani Venkat. It was released in the year 2019.

18. Shree Laxmi Amritwani

Shree Laxmi Amritwani | Mahalaxmi Songs

Last but not the least, a popular Diwali special bhajan is sung by Kavita Paudwal.

So, here are the most popular and soulful Mahalaxmi songs. Knowing the impact of listening or singing devotional songs is immense and I want to mention some of those. Listening to devotional songs can connect you to the ultimate core of energy that is within you. 

It does not just enhance your mood, it also allows you to find the sole purpose of your life as well as gives a totally different perspective of your life. It connects you to the blissful realities of life.

Comment down your favorite Mahalaxmi song from the list. Also, like and share this list of Mahalaxmi songs with the devotees.

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