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Dec 4, 2020|5 min read


Everybody knows him by the name Hardy Sandhu but very few people or maybe no people know that his real name is Hardavinder Singh Sandhu. Born on 6 September in the year 1986, Hardy Sandhu is a famous Indian pop singer from Patiala, Punjab. 

In his early life before becoming a singer, he was a wonderful cricket player but because of some serious injuries, he had to give up on cricket. From there he took upon music and is shaking the music industry with his one after one hits since then. 

Backbone and Naah are still some of the highest streaming songs of Sandhu. In this list, we shall be coming across a lot of Hardy Sandhu songs that are just perfect for making the party scene. Here below is a list of 24 Hardy Sandhu songs that will make your mood:

1. Titliaan

One of the recent Hardy Sandhu songs, Titliaan is an appropriate one to start the list with. Streaming everywhere, just tune in to the song and let it create a beautiful trance moment for you.

2. Kya Baat Hai

One of the best Hardy Sandhu songs to dance on. Wonderful beat structure of this song will compel you to move your body even if you are sitting. The lyrics of this song is somewhat Punjabi which adds extra beauty to the song. Must listen to this.

3. Naah

Another wonderful Hardy Sandhu songs to listen to. Naah is one of his ace songs that was enjoyed by the public everywhere. This song was highly appreciated by the listeners. Turn it on and enjoy.

4. Joker

Hardy Sandhu songs are mostly hyped-up songs. But this one is completely different. A soft cute song with an emotional video. The song is very nice but I prefer you to go to YouTube and watch the music video also.

5. Backbone

Around 450 million views on Youtube only, this song is a mindblowing creation in itself. Listen as many times you want, still, you won't be bored the next time you listen to it. All the Hardy Sandhu songs are so beautiful in their way.

6. Chandigarh Mein

One of the hyped up Hardy Sandhu songs, this song is perfect for occasions. The song is from Akshay Kumar's film 'Good Newwz'.

7. Soch

Soch by Hardy Sandhu is the perfect song you can dedicate to the love of your life. A sweet melody which can be enjoyed anytime, this is one of the best Harrdy Sandhu songs.

8. Dance Like

Another wonderful Hardy Sandhu songs to tune in to, Dance Like released a year ago and is one his best songs. Another superb song on which you can dance, this song is a must-hear one.

9. Yaar Ni Milyaa

The Punjabi music industry is huge and you can consider Hardy Sandhu as one of its gems. Yet another superb Harrdy Sandhu songs to listen to. This beautiful song carries a hidden pain in its lyrics.

10. Jee Karr Daa

From rocking the beach in Neon Shoes to making the street dance in funky clothes, apart from the hearing part, this song is a visual treat also. Watch for yourself to know why. This Hardy Sandhu song is a must-watch for all.

11. Hornn Blow

Another hit song by Hardy Sandhu, which is composed by B PRAAK and lyrics written by JAANI. Another awesome Hardy Sandhu songs to listen to.

12. Soch Na Sake-Sab Tera

For many of you who don't know or maybe didn't realise, the song Soch Na Sake from AIRLIFT is actually taken from Hardy Sandhu's song Soch. This song in our list is not one of the official Hardy Sandhu songs. This is actually a mixtape by T-series, an awesome mashup of both the songs. Sung by Hardy Sandhu and Neeti Mohan.

13. Ki Kariye Nachna Aaonda Nahin

A super hyped up yet very beautiful song from the film Tum Bin 2, this is one the best Hardy Sandhu songs to tune into. 

14. Yaar Superstaar 

If you want to swing while sitting on a chair, this is the song for you. This song features Harrdy Sandhu, Manjot Singh and Varun Sharma in the video. Streaming everywhere, this is one of the best Hardy Sandhu songs to listen to.

15. Naa Ji Naa

A song with a lovely video, the path of love is not always soft and beautiful. The person we love holds in them our whole world. Seeing that person leaving the world and too in front of our eyes, it's devastating. This one of Hardy Sandhu songs narrates a similar story.

16. Aashqui Te Loan

One of Hardy Sandhu songs from his early career days, even after so many years this song is still a beautiful one to listen to.

17. Goal

Four artists, Jassi Gill, Girik Aman, Ammy Virk and Harrdy Sandhu are featured in this song. Goal is a good song to listen to. 

18. Little Little

This song by Hardy Sandhu is from the film Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se. As shown in the song, the Deol trio is putting the bar on fire, you too can put the party place on fire by turning on this song.

19. Sohniye

Another Hardy Sandhu song from his starting days. These songs are beautiful in themselves and listening to them is totally worth it.

20. Tequila Shot

The first official song by Hardy Sandhu, Tequila Shot is from where it all started. He has come a long way, and that reflects in his work. And due to that hard work, Hardy Sandhu songs are always a punch of fresh air.

21. Tabbar

Now this song is a little special. This is the most bhangra- perfect song from our list. Hardy Sandhu songs are perfect for dancing but this one will drive all the Punjabi's crazy.

22. Karde Na Pyaar

Apart from only being a pop or a rock singer, how much of a trained classic (not classical) singer he is, this song proves that. Listen to the song and witness the real magic that his voice contains.

23. DJ Waleya

Another bhangra song in the house by Hardy Sandhu. I can write it down that the beat of this wonderful song will take you to the dance floor. One of the best Hardy Sandhu songs indeed.

24. Naah Goriye

Naah Goriye is actually a remake of his own song Naah which was a super hit. Can be a remake, but the remake itself is attracting for sure. Naah Goriye was remade for Ayushmann Khurrana's film Bala. And that brings us to the end of this Hardy Sandhu songs list.

Hardy Sandhu might be more popular as a pop singer but with all his songs he has proven that he is an allrounder versatile singer. Now after all this writing let us know in the comments which are your favourite songs from the list.

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