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Getting a good job is one of the most important things for every young person. A few decades ago, the only way people could choose to “get to know someone” was to turn them into job vacations or to browse the newsletter. Indeed, that was a time when public services were the only professional alternative available to many talented Indians.

As a result of economic liberation, multinational corporations have flourished in India over the past 25 years. In almost every field, there are a number of companies that work with a large number of employees.

As India's economy grows faster and faster, there will always be a need for skilled professionals to work for these companies. In line with that, there has been an increase in the number of job sites. It is estimated that more than 80% of vacancies are filled by India's top 10 job portfolios. 

In addition, the majority of the Indian people are under the age of 35. With young people with technical knowledge, job sites offer easy access to many lucrative job opportunities.

The question remains as to which ones to look for. Ideally, a job seeker would like to have all the options available under one roof. Here are the best 21 job portals in India to know about. Let's take a look.

1. Naukri.com

Naukri.com | Job Portals In India

Launched in 1997 Naukri.com is one of the oldest and most popular job portals in India. The site is accessible to thousands of job seekers every day and is updated with daily postings of jobs from employers.

The site can also provide you with a variety of services that include visual redesign so that you can impress the tenant with a resume that draws attention.

2. Monster India

Another popular and oldest job portal in India is Monster. In addition to job postings, the site also has a detailed blog section where you can find useful tips about job interviews and job search and offer a variety of continuous resources. The site works both on the web and as an app for those who like to apply for jobs on the go.

3. Times Jobs

Times Jobs | Job Portals In India

Next on the list is TimesJobs.The site is owned by the Times Group and has more than 25 million job seekers. An important feature of this job portal is to recommend jobs and companies based on the profile of the selected person.

It also has a dedicated section of public works as well. It also has a TechGIG.com site intended for IT jobs only. Apart from this, you can also get jobs in other industries.

4. Shine

The job site is owned and managed by a popular newspaper brand - HT Media Limited. It is known as one of the creative workplaces that offer professional tips for job seekers. 

The site provides key job seekers features including an advanced job search feature, job alert, job hiding feature, resume builder, company reviews, and much more.

5. Indeed

Indeed, the US-based job site is now world-famous, including India. In addition to job vacancies, the site also offers features such as company reviews and ratings, so job seekers can have an idea of ​​the company they are applying for. 

Search filters are useful and easy to use, so one can easily narrow down their job search.

6. Quikr

Quikr | Job Portals In India

The brand has become the leading and No.1 Classified India platform. As simple as possible, job seekers or employers can post anything and everything. 

This free Indian job posting site is a great way to convey the important message of relevant positions in the company.

7. Linkedin

Linkedin | Job Portals In India

LinkedIn is a popular professional networking site where you can manage your professional identity. Build your business and partner with professionals. Find information, access knowledge, and opportunities. 

If you are looking for a job, LinkedIn is considered a good option because when you get a chance to showcase your work and share your ideas.

8. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is one of the world's largest and fastest-growing job sites where reviews and ratings are given to an organization or company by its current and ex-employees. 

This is a useful feature for job seekers as they get an unbiased and immediate experience of how it is to work in a company where they are applying.

9. Google Jobs Portal

Easy to use just like Google. One of the key benefits of Google Jobs is that it eliminates redundant results and displays only one listing for each open position. Search, find, and apply to job opportunities at Google. 

Bring your understanding, imagination, and healthy disregard for the impossible.

10. Facebook Careers

The unique culture of interaction with people is something that has impressed many youths today. Jobs near you are a special feature that attracts many young people.

A Dunged up remote work option is also offered on the sites and you believe that each of these opportunities is truly amazing. Facebook Careers allows you to easily connect with your real audience without fear of hidden costs. For billions of users, this is one of the most reliable free sites that put jobs on finding the right talent.

11. Careesma

Careesma | Job Portals In India

The website has recently been launched but remains promising for the Indian Job markets. The amazing thing about the site is that there are 7.5 million unique visitors and over 9 million job seekers already using the site. 

Job search sites have a complete picture of both employees and employers.

12. IIM Jobs

Iimjobs.com is a special online rental platform for middle and senior management positions in India. With more than a million registered professionals, jobs.com is focused on providing advanced job opportunities and advanced job search experience. IIM Jobs is ready to hire management talent in areas such as Banking & Finance, Consultation, Sales and Marketing, HR, IT, and Operations.

13. Jobrapido

Jobrapido | Job Portals In India

A well-known employment site Founded in 2006, Jobrapido counts more than 20 million jobs every month, records 55 million visits per month, and has more than 90 million registered users. Joborapido has jobs in 58 countries and is a global tool for job creation. 

Jobrapido analyzes and integrates job listings across the web, so candidates can find all the right jobs in one place. Using pioneering technology and innovative products, Jobrapido connects the dots between major and star-studded employers.

14. Placement India

Placement India is a job search site with job postings for all major companies in all employment sectors. From medical to retail, hospitality to oil and gas services, you can find work in all fields here. All you have to do is enter your skills, the location you choose and click the search button.

There are categories based on jobs, location, industry, skills, role, new jobs, walk-in jobs, and more. People who want to hire can post a list of free jobs on this website. So, it’s a win-win situation for all. You can also post questions and access them for free later.

15. Instahyre

Instahyre | Job Portals In India

Employees can hire at 5X response rates compared to other Job sites. There are tons of listing options available even for start-ups. 

If you are an employee and looking out for free job posting sites in India then it's worth adding this platform.

16. Jooble

There are a number of factors involved in hiring an employee and in developing talent for achieving those simple goals. Every day more and more users use this forum. Whether it's a trip to the hiring process or a dream job, 

Jooble can do it all in a very easy way. Jooble is becoming a very popular platform As job search websites become a new way to find dream jobs.

17. Cutshort

Whether it comes to testing new jobs or hiring, Cut Short is the smartest way to reach the ladder of success quickly. It lists the wealth of job seekers who are more than 4,50,000 professionals and more than 16,500 companies. Sign-in rewards are very fast. 

Even for employers or personnel departments, short listings can be done at very fast prices, employers can be tested for skills and the hiring process can be completed without any kind of headache. If you are checking out free shipping sites then here is a trial period.

18. Jobgrin

Jobgrin | Job Portals In India

With over 5 million subscriptions the site is becoming one of the company's most preferred options for looking to hire new talent. 

This site is accessible to any part of the world thus a good bridge to distinguish between talent and opportunity. This is one of the free places to post jobs.

19. Neuvoo

Neuvoo is a world-famous job search site. It helps people to find jobs in more than 72 countries. From office functions such as software, banking, and customer service, to site services such as construction, housing and architecture, and the arts, Neuvoo caters to everyone.

You can search for job opportunities by skills, keywords, companies, etc. Just enter a location of your choice and leave. All you have to do is register on the site and provide your CV and basic information to be recognized by potential employers. The company has recently rebranded itself to Talent.com.

20. Hirist

Hirist | Job Portals In India

Hirist.com is an all-inclusive search site that allows you to find jobs in popular and developing destinations. All types of functions are available here, such as software, product-based, Oracle and SAP-based, UX-UI design, marketing, marketing, semiconductor functions, business analysis, etc.

Just sign up with your email ID and open up a whole world of possibilities. Hirist is for new generation job seekers who like to get all the right information under one roof and choose the most suitable among the many options. Check out this website to get them job-ready.

21. Updazz

Updazz.com is a career platform designed exclusively for marketing and BPO professionals across the country. The concept of updazz.com is to provide the most relevant services to those who are looking for them and the most suitable for employers. 

We are already working with 10,000+ recruits, and we are growing every day, to help them find great marketing and marketing talent. 

22. Guru

Guru | Job Portals In India

Guru.com is a private marketplace. It is one of the independent websites to find and hire Freelancers online and get the job done. Freelancers can also search for jobs to find independent work. 

It allows companies to hire independent employees for their assigned work. It was founded in 1998 in Pittsburgh as Moonlighter.com and still operates there.

As the job market grows faster, there are also millions of new professionals who graduate each year. As a job seeker, you must first focus on your skills and find out what you are good at.

Many companies select professionals who, along with the necessary skills, are as good at communicating, collaborating, and have a good level of creativity. What that means is that you need to invest some time each week in professional development.

And if you are ready to change jobs or decide which field you would like to work in, just look at the names of the best jobs portals in India listed in this article.

We promise you that this is all you need. Good luck to you!

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