21 Irrfan Khan Movies Listed Here Mark The Best By The Late Actor

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We all know how 2020 has affected all of us. We all have been through so much, physically or mentally this was a tough year for all of us. Similarly, the Hindi Film Industry had a rough phase in 2020. We have lost so many gems in our country and their loss is surely unbearable.

We have lost the great actor Irfan Khan who was a magician on screen. He had done such remarkable work that only he could have pulled off. There is no one like him and never will be.

Irfan Khan Movies List
Irfan Khan Movies List

How do you even begin to describe Irrfan Khan?  He was such a renowned actor, a magnificent performer. He was the poignant star who perhaps doesn't look it but can pull off any kind of role. 

He has given us so many remarkable performances and he was the one who can pull off any type of role. Not just he gave mesmerizing performances in the Hindi film industry, he has also given us some amazing movies in Hollywood as well. He was a global star.

We have lost an extraordinary performer and a brilliant actor.  A loss that was very personal to the whole nation. What sets him aloof was his trademark dialogue delivery, the way he grumbles a romantic line into the ear of a lover, or a vindictive threat as he holds a revolver to someone's face with equal ease and poise.

So here we present our Irfan Khan movies list that marked the best performances by the late actor for you.

1. Hindi Medium

Hindi Medium is the first in our Irfan Khan movies list. This movie describes the hardships that parents must have gone through to give their children the best quality education so that they can do something in their future. 

Talking about the story, A couple from Chandni Chowk wanted to give their daughter the best quality education and therefore they moved to the elite society in Delhi so that they could be accepted by the elite. Irfan's role was as convincing as the story and his comedy punches in a few scenes were very joyous.

2. Angrezi Medium

Noted as second best in the Irfan Khan movies list, this movie tells us about the unconditional love of a father and his daughter. Irfan had portrayed his character beautifully and you can relate to this movie to quite a certain extent. 

Talking about the movie, the story revolves around Tarika who wants to go to London to pursue her higher studies, and what all problems did his father Champak faced because so that she would be able to get admission to London university. The movie describes the vigorous bond between a father and a daughter beautifully.

3. Piku

This movie is a quirky story between a father and a daughter. Piku has the most subtle love story that we have seen on screen in some time. Deepika's chemistry with Irrfan was just brilliant. 

There are many incredible moments in this movie that make it a perfect family entertainer and how a joyous father keeps us engaged throughout the movie is beautiful. The bond between the father and daughter is the soul of the movie. Irfan did a fan job as a supporting actor.

4. Qarib Qarib Single

The plot of the story is two opposite people meet on a dating app which leads to an exhilaratingly crazy and equally adventurous life-changing trip. 

They embark on a trip through three cities - Bikaner, Rishikesh, and Gangtok - to retrace their past relationships. Irfan's performance is par excellence in every film and there will be a rare opportunity for you to complain.

5. The Lunchbox

This movie is a romantic drama. The story revolves around a mistaken delivery in Mumbai's famously efficient lunchbox delivery system that connects a young housewife to an older man in the gloaming of his life as they build a fantasy world together through notes in the lunchbox. 

A precisely structured story, written with compassion and warmth is worth investing your time in.

6. Paan Singh Tomar

It is a story of Paan Singh Tomar who was an Indian athlete and was a national steeplechase champion seven times. Paan Singh Tomar later became one of the most dreadful dacoits in Chambal Valley after his retirement. This movie is the factual epic of a brilliant runner who then converted into a revolutionary.

7. Maqbool

Mumbai's underworld don, Abbaji's most trusted man Maqbool kills him, for the sake of his love towards Abbaji's wife Nimmi and also, to capture the throne after Abbaji's death. 

Soon, Maqbool's success turns out to be his downfall, as other members of the gang start plotting against him. It's a suspense thriller. Irfan's performance was critically acclaimed by the critics.

8. Slumdog Millionaire

Adapted from Vikas Swarup's novel Q&A by Simon Beaufoy, Boyle's film chronicles a Mumbai street urchin who makes it to the final round of India's version of Who Wants to be A Millionaire?

Alternatively jovial and heart-wrenching, grimly pragmatic, dream-like, and romantic Irfan has made a mark in Hollywood as well.

9. Life of Pi

The ravishing version of Yann Martel’s 2001 novel, in which Indian boy Pi is lost at sea on a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger. A beautiful and faithfully-adapted adventure story, demonstrating that Lee hasn’t lost his dexterity for turning literary subjects into cinematic gold. Irfan has given phenomenal performance in the movie.

10. Life In A Metro

Rahul works in a Mumbai-based BPO as an executive and secretly loves Neha, a brilliant employee in his office. Neha shares a special relationship with her boss Ranjeet. Ranjeet is the husband of Shikha and the couple has a six-year-old girl. 

Ignored by her husband, Shikha gets attracted towards Akash, a divorcee, and a struggling theatre artist. Mainly, the movie handles topics like love and extra-marital affairs. This movie gave him recognition after several flops of his career.

11. Madaari

The story revolves around Nirmal Kumar (Irrfan Khan) whose life turns upside down when his seven-year-old son dies in a bridge collapse. In his vulnerability, Nirmal decides to take revenge against the people who were involved in the bridge mishap.  

So Nirmal kidnaps the eight-year-old son of the Home Minister. This movie is a thriller and you'll be amazed after watching it.

12. D-Day

Four undercover agents Rudra Pratap Singh, Zoya Rehman, Wali Khan, and Aslam are appointed for a secret mission to snatch the dreaded peril gangster Iqbal Seth, who masks himself in the attire of a businessman in Pakistan. The film reveals the tedious journey of these four agents to nab the underworld, Don.

13. Jazbaa

This film revolves around the story of a mother's fight for the daughter. The movie contains action stunts paired up with drama. Talking about Irfan's character he played the role of a police officer and he nailed the character. Also, the famous dialogue from this film has won millions of hearts.

14. Karwan

Irrfan starred alongside Dulquer Salmaan and Mithila Palkar in the comedy-drama Karwan, which was directed by Akarsh Khurana. It was a romantic drama. Shaukat, a cynical, conservative automobile service station owner was essayed by Irrfan Khan and he did that beautifully.

15. Yeh Saali Zindagi

This thrilling romantic flick is about a Chartered Accountant Arun, who assists his senior in executing an illegal business. Arun finds his love in Priti. The further story entails aspects like a gangster, prison, kidnapping, hospital, and much more. Irfan's performance was incredible in the movie.

16. Billu

Talking about the story, Billu (Irfan Khan) and Sahir(Shahrukh Khan) are childhood friends where Billu is a simple barber living in a village and Sahir has become a famous movie star. From their amazing friendship to the remarkable story this movie is a must to watch.

17. Salaam Bombay

He was first seen on screen with the small role in Salaam Bombay. Though he had a very short role in the movie there was no turning point for him from back then. This movie was based on slums.

18. The Warrior

The Warrior’ is a 2001 film by British filmmaker Asif Kapadia. Irrfan Khan plays Lafcadio, a warrior in feudal Rajasthan who attempts to give up the sword. Filmed in Rajasthan, Irrfan Khan delivered a strong performance that garnered the film a ton of accolades. It is indeed a must-watch for Irrfan Khan fans.

19. The AmazingSpider-Man

In this Hollywood movie, the actor played the super scientist Rajit Ratha. Though this movie failed at impressing the audience at the box office, you can surely watch it once for Irfan.

20. Jurassic Park

Not just in Bollywood, Irfan has given us some incredible performances in Hollywood also. Talking about the story Jurassic Park is a movie where a theme park that has genetically-engineered dinosaurs turns into a nightmare for its tourists when one of the dinosaurs manages to escape.

21. Inferno

Tom Hanks, Irrfan Khan starrer is an adaptation of Dan Brown's torturous novel. Irfan is the only one among the cast who is having some fun and it is apparent. His Provost is in the joke and makes the film tolerable. For the moments of levity, he gives rise to Inferno, you can surely watch it once.

Here comes the end of our Irfan to Khan movies list. Irfan Khas is a man who took the Indian Cinema to new elevations. He has inspired millions with his artistic excellence and elegance. He was a great entertainer on screen. 

He is a man who would choose simplicity over everything was a man of simple choices. In his career of 30 years, he has been nominated and has received various film awards. He has been known as one of the finest actors in the industry and will always be.

He appeared in around a hundred films across all major film industries in the country, besides appearing in several Hollywood productions. An actor that has lived every character that he has played on screen. 

For his immense contributions to the film industry, the Indian government honoured the celebrated actor with the Padma Shri in 2011. He has also won a national award and Filmfare awards and several prestigious international honours to his credit.

The vibrant actor is not around us anymore, but he will always be there as an inspiration for all of us. May his soul rest in peace!

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