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Do you feel patriotic while watching Indian War Movies? Indian War Movies consist of a different level of hype. Even if you are not interested in this genre, then also these movies can make your day.

These movies are best to watch with families. Watching these with families will not only unites the family members. It will also make each member aware of the sacrifices made by numerous people for the sake of our lives.

Indian War Movies have a special place in the heart of Indians. People from every age group love watching Indian War Movies. Every time we watch those movies, we feel proud, especially being an Indian. Indian War Movies make people realize the struggles and sacrifices of our soldiers. It also makes us aware of the contributions of our soldiers and ancestors for the welfare of our society.

Many of the Indian War Movies are not Fictional. Either they are based on real-life incidents or inspired by some of the real-life incidents. Even the Indian War Movies that are fictional also give us a lot of messages. 

This article 25 Indian War Movies lists some of the best movies on battles. These movies will make you love your motherland. 

Without any delay, let us begin with the list of some of the best Indian War Movies:

1) Uri: The Surgical Strike (2019)

Uri: The Surgical Strike (2019) | Indian War Movies

Uri: The Surgical Strike is of the incidents of the Uri attack that took place in February 2016. The plot of this movie centers on Major Vihaan Singh Shergill, Para Special Forces.

2) Border (1997)

Border (1997) | Indian War Movies

It is the story of a band of 120 Indian Soldiers. They were placed in the Longewala region for defense all night. This movie from Indian War Movies is related to the events during the Battle of Longewala in 1971.

3) Maa Tujhe Salaam (2002)

This film revolves around Major Pratap Singh and his team. They are assigned to duty at the India-Pakistan border. The story tells how Major Pratap Singh and his soldiers fight against the terrorists and save the lives of their fellow countrymen.

4) Avrodh: The Siege Within (2020)

Avrodh: The Siege Within tells the story of the Uri Attack of 2016 along with several other attacks. It is a Hindi military drama streaming TV series. Its story is based on a chapter from the book India’s Most Fearless by Shiv Aroor and Rahul Singh. 

5) The Forgotten Army - Azadi Ke Liye (2020)

The Forgotten Army - Azadi Ke Liye (2020) | Indian War Movies

It is a TV series that first premiered on 24th January 2020 on Amazon Prime Video. The story of The Forgotten Army centres on the life of and real-life events about the men and women in the Indian National Army (INA).

6) Vijeta (1982)

This one from Indian War Movies centers on a confused teenager Angad. He decides to become a fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force. Angad is a MiG-21 pilot and flies during the ground attack role in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971.

7) Tango Charlie (2005)

Tango Charlie (2005) | Indian War Movies

This film from Indian War Movies centers on a rookie army officer, Tarun Chauhan. He undergoes ups and downs during his mission. During his mission, he learns the true meaning of war to overcome his weakness.

8) Haqeeqat (1964)

Haqeeqat depicts the story of the time of the Sino-Indian War of 1962. The main plot of the story focuses on a small platoon of Indian soldiers in the hilly terrain of Ladakh. Captain Bahadur Singh is a keen young soldier in charge of that platoon.

9) Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyo (2004)

Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyo (2004) | Indian War Movies

This movie centres on the life of Kunal, an unwilling individual who joins the Army to maintain the tradition of his family. Later, he finds himself battling with the ruthless terrorists. Those terrorists were willing to destroy the harmony between India and Pakistan.

10) Lakshya (2005)

Lakshya | Hrithik Roshan Movies List

This film from Indian War Movies is the fictionalized backdrop of the Kargil war of 1999. It is the story of Lieutenant Karan Shergill, a lazy and aimless young lad who went into an army officer. 

11) 1971 (2007)

1971 (2007) | Indian War Movies

1971 narrates the story of six soldiers from the Indian Army. They were at the prison of the Pakistan Army. Those soldiers got caged during the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971. The rebellion of East Pakistan preceded that war. They wanted to separate themselves from West Pakistan and create a new country. 

12) Aakraman (1975)

Aakraman is the story of two army soldiers who fall in love with the same woman. Later they are posted on the front line during the war. During that, a Pakistani sentry with deceit killed Sanjeev Kumar.

13) Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi (2019)

Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi (2019) | Indian War Movies

This one from Indian War Movies tells the story of the queen of Jhansi, Manikarnika. During the rule of the East India Company, she refuses to bow down in front of them. Her rebellion turns into a revolution against Britishers. 

14) Panipat (2019)

Panipat (2019) | Indian War Movies

Panipat is the story of the battle of Panipat, one of the biggest wars in Indian history. King of Afghanistan, Ahmad Shah Abdali announces war against the Marathas. Sadashivrao Bhau is the army chief of Marathas gets their soldiers ready for the epic battle. He did it by overcoming several obstacles. 

15) Lalkar (1972)

This one from Indian War Movies tells the story of two brothers. One is in the Indian Army and the other in the Indian Air Force. They both went on a secret mission against the Japanese to destroy their secret airport. 

16) Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: The Forgotten Hero (2004)

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: The Forgotten Hero (2004) | Indian War Movies

This film focuses on the story of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose during the time of World War II. He resigned from the presidential post of the Indian National Congress. After that, he plays a vital role in the independence of the nation. 

17) Paltan (2018)

Paltan centers on the story of Lieutenant Colonel Raj Singh Yadav. He was in the pain of losing his loved ones. Besides that, he has to protect the Nathu La Pass from the Chinese along with his soldiers. 

18) Padmavat (2018)

Padmavat (2018) | Indian War Movies

Padmavat is one of the historical films from Indian War Movies. It centers on the story of Queen Padmavati. She is happily married to a Rajput ruler. Later, an evil sultan, Alauddin Khalji declares war due to his obsession for her. 

19) Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior (2020)

Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior (2020) | Indian War Movies

This film depicts the story of a Maratha Warrior Tanhaji. He is Shivaji Maharaj’s most trusted lieutenant. Mughals invaded and conquered the Kondana fort. Then Tanhaji fought against them to reclaim it with his troop of soldiers.

20) State of Siege: Temple Attack (2021)

State of Siege: Temple Attack narrates the heroic story of NSG commandos. This film from Indian War Movies is inspired by the real-life events when NSG commandos. They step in to save the innocents from the terrorist attack in Gujarat.

21) Mission Kashmir (2000)

Mission Kashmir is the story of Altaf Khan, a young boy who lost his family because of some police officers. Those police officers adopted him. When he becomes aware of the truth, he decides to take revenge and turns out terrorist.

22) The Ghazi Attack (2017)

The Ghazi Attack (2017) | Indian War Movies

This one from Indian War Movies depicts the incident of 1971. An Indian submarine, S21, intercepts a Pakistani submarine named PNS Ghazi. PNS Ghazi is sent to attack India but, during routine surveillance, it counters with S21.

23) LOC: Kargil (2003)

LOC: Kargil is the story of a fierce war between India and Pakistan. Indian soldiers get to know that Pakistani troops are on the way to crossing the Line of Control (LOC). After that, the soldiers of the Indian Army try to locate their patrol officers. 

24) Kesari (2019)

Kesari (2019) | Indian War Movies

This film narrates the story of one of the bravest battles ever fought. Havildar Ishar Singh, a soldier in the British Indian Army leads the team of 21 Sikh soldiers. They fought against 10,000 Pashtun invaders. 

25) Shershah (2021)

Shershah (2021) | Indian War Movies

Shershah is the life story of Indian army captain Vikram Batra. The story unfolds the life of Param Vir Chakra-awardee Captain Vikram Batra. The story starts from his first posting in the Indian Army to his death in the Kargil War.

Above is the list of some of the best Indian War Movies which will make you feel patriotic. Watching the above-listed movies will make you love and respect the nation.

Also, these are the best source to know the struggles and sacrifices of the individuals to win any battle. Especially the soldiers who fought for the lives of the citizens. There is many more Indian War Movies present. Still, the mentioned movies are enough to understand the values and bravery of an Indian. 

As already said the list of Indian War Movies consists of fictional, biopics and also some real-life incidents and wars that happened in the past. You might be especially aware of the recent film Shershah. 

Shershah not only displayed the lives and values of Captain Vikram Batra, but this film also sets an idle example of how the mindset of an Indian is. Each movie mentioned will help you gain a lot of life lessons. 

That is all for the list of Indian War Movies you should watch and enjoy being alone, with family, or with friends. That’s all for now, see you soon. 

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