50 Fun Facts That Are Hard To Believe

Facts that will make your brain upside down

Tushar Sahu

Apr 19, 2021|11 min read


Ever you heard some of the fun facts, which take you in a state of happiness and simultaneously at the same time take you in a situation where you can’t even believe that, How this is possible in real life?

We all went through the above-mentioned situation, where after listening or reading some of the fun facts, we can’t even believe that they are actually true. Despite being unbelievable, most of the fun facts, which we go through are part of our daily lives and much necessary to keep the biological system in balance. 

Fun Facts That Are Hard To Believe

In this article, I am gonna take you through many fun facts about the universe and life, in which some of the fun facts can really let you go beyond your belief and will really amaze you. 

Also, after reading this article till the end, you’ll surely get some of the knowledgeable and useful stuff. So, without letting you wait, let's enjoy the unbelievable fun facts which are as follows:

1) Your stomach acid is strong enough to dissolve metal.

Did you remember this one of the fun facts? Being a student, you might have studied the fact that the acid in our stomach has a very low pH, which can easily dissolve the metal in it.

2) That apple you buy in the grocery store, could be over a year ago.

Unless anyone cuts the apple into pieces, an apple can be stored for more than a year without getting its taste changed.

3) A dog’s sense of smell is so brilliant that it can detect a teaspoon of sugar in a million gallons of water.                              

The smelling sense of a Dog is out of anyone’s imagination. We humans can't detect the smell of sugar which is just a meter away from us, but a dog is millions of times better than us when it comes to smell.

4) Los Angeles full name is, “El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles de Porciúncula”.   

One of the best fun facts, which is known by a little population across the world. Remembering this name is itself a big challenge for the majority of common people.

5) Banging your head against a wall for one hour burns 150 calories.

One of the unbelievable fun facts, which most of us will underestimate after reading this. But it actually works. If you still have doubt, just try it!

6) The Twitter bird actually has the name ‘Larry’.

It’s certain that you are aware of Twitter and the bird featured in its logo. The name of that popular bird is Larry Bird.

7) You can never see your face, you can see only the pictures and reflections of yours.

One of the best Science fun facts, which is related to illusion. We can only see either our reflection in the mirror or our picture captured by the camera, but can’t even see our own face.

8) Tears are different under the microscope depending on the cause.

One of the fun facts most people are unaware of. It always seems that our tears are transparent in color and the same for every situation like sadness, happiness, etc. But it isn’t true, as proven by the scientists that our tears for various emotions differ from each other.

9) One-quarter of all your bones are located in your feet.

25% of the total bones which is 52, is located just in both of your feet, having 26 on each one. Sounds really crazy, but this is the reason we can easily jump, walk, run and do various physical activities.

10) The fuller your refrigerator is, the more energy-efficient it will be.

In this fact, the reality is just the opposite of what the majority of us believe. We believe that if we put more edibles in the refrigerator, its efficiency will decrease, but it actually increases the efficiency of energy.

11) Dolphins sleep with one eye open.

One of the weirdest fun facts, you may know earlier. Being one of the smartest animals on Earth, Dolphins sleep with their one eye open to look continuously around their surroundings, which keeps them aware even when their brain sleeps.

12) Under certain conditions, hot water actually freezes faster than a cold one.

Coldwater can be easily frozen while hot water usually evaporates faster. But there are some proven conditions where the hot water got frozen before the cold one, even when the process started at the same time.

13) The term “OK” comes from the misspelling of the phrase “All Correct”.

Whenever we got agreed with someone’s statement or the work, we used to say “OK” to them. People very rarely use the term “All Correct”, especially when texting someone online. The reason we nowadays use “OK” is the misspelling of the phrase “All Correct”.

14) Spider webs were used as bandages in ancient times.

Again, this also seems unbelievable to you. The Spider webs contain natural antiseptic and antifungal properties in it, which promote clotting, and are earlier used as bandages.

15) While you are sleeping, you can’t smell anything, doesn’t matter how disgusting or how pleasant the smell is.

One of the facts connected with our daily lives and didn’t even show any attention towards it. During the time we sleep, our smelling senses used to sleep as well, as a result, we can't smell anything.

16) Some tumors can grow your teeth, bones, hairs, and even fingernails.

One of the most practical one from fun facts, which many of us experienced in surroundings. There are many such tumors that can cause the continuous growth of your bones, teeth, hairs, and fingernails.

17) Your brain uses 10 watts of energy to think, without feeling any pain.

With ease and convenience, your brain can use 10 watts of energy and you weren't even able to experience it. 

18) Sea Lions have rhythm. They are the only animals, who are capable of clapping to a beat.

Other than humans, there are various animals that exist in this world who can clap on their own. But other than humans, Sea Lions can clap to a beat in rhythm.

19) Kangaroos can’t walk backward.

The structure and functionality of the body of Kangaroos didn’t allow them to move backward. They can easily walk forward by can’t able to walk backward, like other animals.

20) You can always see your nose, but your mind just ignores it.

Surely this fact from fun facts seems to you that it’s completely a lie. But your eyes can see your nose easily, but due to your mind ignores it, you can’t be able to see it unless you look into the mirror.

21) Humans are capable of echolocation, just like a bat or a whale.

Echolocation is a quality we humans have along with bats, whales, and some other creatures. We can easily identify the direction of any object or body just by listening to their sound. 

22) It’s impossible to hum while holding your nose. 

One of the most interesting fun facts, which you must have to try. Whenever we try to hum, our mouth gets shut and the nose leaves some air. If the nose also gets blocked, then it’s impossible for air to go out, and thus we can’t be able to hum.

23) Your body contains enough fat to make seven bars of soap.

Our body consists of too many fats i.e., the amount of oil, from which 7 bars of soaps can be made. The amount of fats differs from person to person, but on average it can make 7 bars of soap.

24) The longest hiccupping attack lasted 68 years.

The hiccuping attack seems very annoying and disgusting, and it’s quite tough to manage a hiccuping attack just for an hour. But the longest hiccupping attack lasted for 68 years and you can imagine how painful it would be.

25) Chewing gum can’t be digested. 

One of the most common facts, after chewing the Chewing Gums, we used to throw the gum in the dustbin. It can be digested, and there is also a probability that it can be stuck in the neck.

26) Toilets seats are cleaner than your cell phones.

One of the hilarious fun facts known by only a few people. The mobile phones are in frequent contact with us, while we came in contact with the toilet seats for a very short span of time. That’s why Toilet seats are much cleaner.

27) Hippopotamus has pink milk.

Including humans, the color of milk of the majority of the mammals is white or yellowish-white. On the other hand, Hippopotamus milk is pink in color, which is exceptional for other creatures.

28) Glass balls can bounce higher than rubber balls.

Here comes the most unbelievable fact from fun facts, which you may know, if you belong to Science Stream. Glass has more elasticity than rubber, so the glass balls can bounce higher than the ball that is made by rubber.

29) Vatican City is the smallest country in the world having only 0.2 sq. miles of area.

Again the unbelievable one from fun facts, depicting about the world’s smallest country in the world has only 0.2 sq. miles of area. The population of Vatican city lies between only 800-900.

30) The Pacific Ocean is larger than all landmasses on Earth combined.

We already know the fact that the Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean in the world. But, even if we add up the areas of all landmasses, still the combined area will be smaller than the area of the Pacific Ocean alone.

31) The pressure in the deepest part of the ocean is over 8 tons per sq. inch, which is equivalent to having 50 jumbo jets piled on top of you.

The pressure of only several jumbo jets is really tough to hold for us. Imagine the pressure level of the deepest part of the ocean which is nearly equivalent to the pressure of 50 jumbo jets on the top of your head.

32) Your fingernails grow faster when you are cold.

Did you ever notice that in which season your nails grow faster? Probably, your answer will be NO. But it is proven that, in the cold surroundings, our nails grow faster.

33) Applesauce was the first food eaten by astronauts in space.

Applesauce is just a sauce made from Apple, which is saffron in color. Also, it is neither a complete liquid nor a complete solid item and is the first food eaten by astronauts in space.

34) Snails take the longest naps, some of them last as long as 3 years.

The one from fun facts, which very rare people believed that it is true. Sleeping just for a whole day will be an impossible task for you, while the snails can sleep up to 3 years. 

35) You can’t visit the world’s biggest waterfall, because it’s actually deep underwater in the ocean, between Iceland and Greenland. The flow of Denmark Strait is 2000 times more powerful than Niagara Falls.

We’ve taught in Geography that Niagara Falls is the biggest waterfall on Earth. But it’s partially true. In reality, there is the Denmark Strait which is 2000 times more powerful than Niagara Falls but situated underwater. That’s why we can’t visit it.

36) Wild Dolphins call each other by name.

Dolphins are known as the most clever and intelligent animals on Earth along with Humans. Wild Dolphins used to call the other wild dolphin by their name, like humans. Sounds crazy! But it’s true.

37) Sperm Whales are the loudest animal on Earth at 230 decibels, while an Airplane is 150 decibels at takeoff.

Are you able to hear the sound of Airplane takeoff conveniently? The sound of an airplane during takeoff will make your ears vibrate, even when they are far from us. But the sound of Sperm Whales is like the compound sound of takeoff of two Airplanes simultaneously.

38) Cows can walk upstairs but not down them.

One of the unsolvable fun facts, which is hard to believe that, when it comes to walking upstairs, Cows can climb easily. But, when it comes to returning down they can’t do it by themselves.

39) Eating too many carrots will lead you to turn orange.

Again the hilarious one from fun facts, which most people underestimate. Eating carrots in excessive amounts will turn your face orange. It happens only with carrots.

40) The surface of Mars is covered with rust, making the planet appear red.

Mars is known as the Red Planet. The reason behind it appears red is the rust. The whole planet Mars is covered with rust, which leads to it appears red in color.

41) Your small intestine is the largest internal organ in your body.

We usually underestimate the size of our small intestine and believe that it is one of the smallest internal organs, as its name suggests. But it is the largest internal organ throughout the whole body.

42) Giraffes hum to each other at night to make sure their herd stays together.

Giraffes used to hum to each other at night. This makes sure that everyone from their herd is safe and secure. This also helps them in letting them know about the missing Giraffe from their herd.

43) More people have been to the Moon than the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the ocean.

The Mariana Trench is the deepest part of the ocean, and only several people went to that place. If compared, more people went to Moon till now, than Mariana Trench.

44) Tsunamis can move at speeds over 500 miles per hour.

The speed of Tsunamis is too quick i.e., 500 miles/hour which is over 800 km/hour. The speed of Tsunamis under the ocean is equivalent to that of some of the jet planes and can cover the whole ocean within a day.

45) The expiry date on the water bottles is for the bottle, not the water.

We believe that after the expiration date of a water bottle, the water inside it may cause some side effects. But the expiry date mentioned in the bottle is just for the bottle which shouldn’t be used after it, instead of water.

46) “Can I ask you a question?”, scares 99% of people.

“Can I ask you a question?”, after listening to this question, about 99% of the people got scared because no one knows, what questions the other person is gonna ask. This fun fact is one of the shocking, yet unbelievable ones.

47) The total population of insects is estimated to be a billion times greater than that of the human population.

These ones from hilarious fun facts are just unbelievable for everyone. Even after having billions of human population, but still, the insects are a billion times more than us. This is due to the thousands of insect species that exist in this world. 

48) Nepal is the only flag that doesn’t have a rectangular flag.

This is the fact that the majority of people in the world already know. The flag of Nepal is shaped in the form of two triangles which symbolize the Himalayan Mountains.

49) Chicken are more than twice as numerous as Humans.

Does this fact sound strange to you? Chicken is one of the favorite non-vegetarian foods people used to eat. But still, the population of Chickens all over the world is nearly double that of humans.

50) There are more living things on and inside your living body if compared to the people living on Earth.

This one is the most shocking and hilarious one from fun facts. You can’t even imagine the numbers of living things inside your body, which is billions and also more than the population of total humans across the world.

These were some of the fun facts, which are taken from the various areas of the studies like Human Psychology, Biological System, and from different other branches of Science. Fun facts mentioned above are arranged in a mixture pattern, which makes it far more interesting to read. 

These fun facts are not just for entertainment purposes, also I hope that these fun facts add some value to your life and also help you to improve your general knowledge. Also, these fun facts will take you to the other side of the world, due to its attractiveness and the way it is presented.

As the conclusion of this article, I hope that you surely like to read this whole article including each and every fun fact that is mentioned in this article. These articles are some of the best when it comes to fun facts and also I believe that this article made you satisfied.

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