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It's my life And it's now or never!

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Music affects us in ways that different sounds don’t. A song can encourage such robust emotions and bind us so tightly to different people.

Music also can be defined as a remedy for humans as it has the energy to heal the issues of many.

According to few doctors, the tune remedy has been an awesome supply of assist for them withinside the remedy of issues like dementia, depression, anxiety, trauma, etc.

Music can remodel the feelings and emotions of human beings in no time. It can reduce stress, pain, struggle, distraction and convey positivity and tranquility in our everyday life. Music holds the strength to deliver human beings collectively in one-of-a-kind ways. Music could make us expressive and assist us in know-how our emotions and feelings in a higher manner.

Bon Jovi is a band that sticks in our minds all the time even if you are now no longer a rock fan. Some may think about them as a tacky band with corny lyrics, however, they've had inspirational and motivational songs for days!

This suggestion comes from the mixture of lyrics and sounds. Powerful refrain and difficult drums, first-rate guitar riffs, or lovely melodies. And of the route the notable vocal overall performance of lead singer Jon Bon Jovi.

Here are some amazing 30 Bon Jovi Songs that will take you into the world of music

1. "It's My Life"

It's My Life | Bon Jovi Songs

The first in the list of Bon Jovi Songs is this music that is the overall bundle with lyrics and a robust melodic tough rock sound. The message coming from this song is so powerful! 

Claiming your existence and you're proper to stay it beneath your rules!

"It's my life
And it's now or never
I ain't gonna live forever
I just want to live while I'm alive" 

2. "I’ll Be There For You"

This is an excellent electricity ballad from the past due '80s with an appropriate melody. It's approximately dedication to a love courting it's falling apart.

"When you breathe I wanna be the air for you
I'll be there for you
I'd live and I'd die for you
I´ll steal the sun from the sky for you
Words can't say what love can do"

3. "Born To Be My Baby"

Born To Be My Baby | Bon Jovi Songs

Another conventional rock track from the overdue 80's alluding to a love dating from a center magnificence couple and their unconditional love no matter all out of doors troubles of their lives, honestly lovely and romantic. The refrain is so effective with notable devotion.

"You were born to be my baby
And baby, I was made to be your man
We got something to believe in
Even if we don't know where we stand
Only God would know the reasons
But I bet he must have had a plan
Cause you were born to be my baby
And baby, I was made to be your man"

4. "Bed Of Roses"

Bed Of Roses | Bon Jovi Songs

Probably the excellent recognized Bon Jovi song and it is featured in any series of Bon Jovi's hits.

The establishing guitar riffs are simply excellent and it is genuinely an undying tune that turned into a massive hit returned withinside the '90s.

The lyrics establishing inform us all we want to understand approximately whilst this tune turned into written:

"I want to lay you down in a bed of roses
For tonight I sleep on a bed of nails
I want to be just as close as the Holy Ghost is
And lay you down on a bed of roses"

5. "Keep The Faith"

This music has an identical name because the 92 "Keep the Faith" album marks a brand new fashion and sound from Bon Jovi, leaving the large hairs and metallic roots behind.

"Faith, you know you're gonna live through the rain
Lord, you got to keep the faith
Faith, don't let your love turn to hate
Right now we got to
Keep the faith, Keep the faith
Keep the faith, Lord we got to keep the faith
Indomitable faith that's what we all need!"

6. "Always"

Always | Bon Jovi Songs

Another power ballad from the 90s Bon Jovi. This Jon Bon Jovi song has his huge and deep vocal performance.

This song is about a breakup of course, but if you were around in the 90s teens just loved this and it was an anthem.

It was the love theme for many couples from that time and beyond.

"This Romeo is bleeding
But you can't see his blood
It's nothing but some feelings"

7. "We Weren't Born To Follow"

The next Bon Jovi song on our list is from his album released in 2009. It's dedicated to a usual suspect in the band songs, the working middle class, and everyone who endures in hope of a change for a better life, simply inspirational!

"We weren't born to follow
Come on and get up off your knees
When life is a bitter pill to swallow
You gotta hold on to what you believe
Believe that the sun will shine tomorrow
And that your saints and sinners bleed
We weren't born to follow
You gotta stand up for what you believe"

8. "You Give Love A Bad Name"

Ok, another one from the 80s, no real clip, we spare you the pain to see their hairstyles...but we would like to concentrate on the lyrics. The song is about a wife cheating on her man, the song intro it's just brutal and classic, indeed inspirational. The drums are strong as they come for this great hard rock classic.

"Shot through the heart
And you're to blame
You give love a bad name
I play my part
And you play your game
You give love a bad name
You give love a bad name”

9. "Livin' On A Prayer"

Livin' On A Prayer | Bon Jovi Songs

You had to affect their hairstyle in any case on this one, but we couldn't skip this classic clip and in fact ... we couldn't leave Tony and Gina out from our top 10 list either! This is the best-known Bon Jovi song in the world probably and the way beautiful it's. 

A couple dealing with the usual middle-class struggles that make the faith in their love their biggest asset. How this song pumps you up with such a lot of adrenaline it's just bombastic!

"She says, "We've gotta hold on to what we've got.
It doesn't make a difference if we make it or not.
We've got each other and that's a lot."

10. "Have a Nice Day"

You would possibly hate “Have a Nice Day.” And that’s okay. This Bon Jovi song, without questioning, is an unapologetic and established try at a mid-2000s alt-rock tune. 

But it worked, going gold and retaining Bon Jovi applicable at a time while all of its friends from the Eighties had been living in obscurity.

"Shining like a diamond, rolling with the dice
Standing on the ledge, I show the wind how to fly
When the world gets in my face
I say, have a nice day
Have a nice day"

11. "Dry County"

Dry County | Bon Jovi Songs

It is set the decline of the American home oil enterprise and its impact on the ones whose earnings trusted it. 

In stay variations of the song, in the course of the accumulation to the second one guitar solo, Jon Bon Jovi regularly consists of a monologue approximately the struggles of lifestyles generally.

"Down in dry county
They're swimming in the sand
Praying for some holy water
To wash these sins from off our hands
In dry county, The promise has run dry
Where nobody cries
And no one's getting out of here
Dry county, No one's getting out of here
Dry county"

12. "Never Say Goodbye"

Never Say Goodbye | Bon Jovi Songs

Never say goodbye is a tune via way of means of American glam steel band Bon Jovi, written via way of means of Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora? 

It becomes music off the band's 1/3 album, Slippery When Wet, on June 15, 1987, and reached wide variety eleven at the mainstream rock charts and wide variety 21 withinside the UK Singles Chart. 

Because it become now no longer launched regionally as a commercially to be had single, "Never Say Goodbye" become ineligible to chart at the Billboard Hot a hundred, Nevertheless, it reached a wide variety 28 at the Hot a hundred Airplay survey.

"Never say goodbye
Never say goodbye
You and me and my old friends
Hoping it would never end"

13. “Thank You for Loving Me"

Thank You for Loving Me is an American rock band Bon Jovi song. Written via way of means of Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora,[1] the track changed into launched on November 6, 2000, because the third single (2d withinside the United States) from their 7th studio album, Crush (2000).

"Thank you for loving me
For being my eyes
When I couldn't see
For parting my lips
When I couldn't breathe
Thank you for loving me"

14. "Lay Your Hands on Me"

Lay Your Hands On Me is an American glam steel band, Bon Jovi song. It became launched on August 1, 1989, because the fourth unmarried from the band's 1988 album New Jersey. 

It peaked at #7 at the Billboard Hot 100, turning into the band's fourth unmarried from New Jersey to chart withinside the Top 10 and it additionally charted at #20 at the Mainstream rock charts.

"Lay your hands on me, lay your hands on me, lay your hands on me
All you got to do is
Lay your hands on me, lay your hands on me, lay your hands on me
Now listen up!"

15. “You Give Love a Bad Name”

"You Give Love a Bad Name" is a Bon Jovi song through American rock group, launched because the primary unmarried from their 1986 album Slippery When Wet. 

Written through Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, and Desmond Child approximately a female who has jilted her lover, the tune reached No. 1 at the U.S. Billboard Hot one hundred on November 29, 1986, and have become the band's first primary hit. 

In 2007, the tune reentered the charts at No. 29 after Blake Lewis carried out it on American Idol.

"And I am
Shot through the heart as I lay there alone
In the dark through the heart
It's all part of the game that we call love"

16. "Bad Medicine"

Bad Medicine | Bon Jovi Songs

Bad Medicine is a Bon Jovi song through the American glam metallic band. It turned into written through Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, and Desmond Child, and turned into launched on September 3, 1988, because the lead unmarried from the band's fourth album New Jersey.

"Your love is like bad medicine
Bad medicine is what I need
Oh, oh, oh, shake it up, just like bad medicine
There ain't no doctor that can cure my disease"

17. "She Don’t Know Me"

She Don't Know Me is a Bon Jovi song by an American rock band. It was the second track from their self-titled debut album Bon Jovi (1984). It was written by Mark Avsec (of Donnie Iris & The Cruisers fame) and charted at #48 on the Billboard Hot 100.

"She don't know me, she don't know
She don't see me, she don't care
She can't hear me, can't hear
Can not help me, she don't want
She don't want me like I want her
Like I want her got to tell her
Got to tell her that I love her
That I love her
She doesn't even know my name"

18. “Blood On Blood”

Blood On Blood | Bon Jovi Songs

We Don't Run" is a Bon Jovi song recorded by an American rock band for their 2015 album Burning Bridges. It was later included as a bonus track on the deluxe versions of their upcoming album.

"We don't run
I'm standing my ground
We don't run
And we don't back down
There's fire in the sky
There's thunder on the mountains
Bless each tear and this dirt I was born in (run)
We don't run, We don't run"

19. “Miracle"

Miracle | Bon Jovi Songs

The miracle is the second solo unmarried via way of means of American rock singer Jon Bon Jovi. It changed into launched in 1990 from his debut album Blaze of Glory, the soundtrack album from the movie Young Guns II. The song video for the tune capabilities Jeff Beck in addition to Matt LeBlanc.

"Gonna take a miracle to save us this time (ooh...)
And your savior has just left town
Gonna need a miracle 'cause it's all on the line
And I won't let you down
(No I won't let you down, ooh...)
The river of your hope is flooding
And I know the dam is busted
If you need me I'll come running
I won't let you down... no, no"

20. "All About Lovin' You"

All About Lovin' You is a Bon Jovi song by the American rock band. It was released as the third single from the band's eighth studio album, Bounce (2002).

"Every time I look at you
Baby, I see something new
That takes me higher than before
And makes me want you more
I don't wanna sleep tonight
Dreamin's just a waste of time
When I look at what my life's been comin' to
I'm all about lovin' you"

21. “I Would Die 4 U”

I Would Die 4 U | Bon Jovi Songs

"I Would Die four U" is music via way of means of Prince and therefore the Revolution, the fourth unmarried withinside the US from their 1984 album, Purple Rain. 

The up-pace dance music turned into a pinnacle 10 hit—the very last one from the album—withinside the US, accomplishing variety eight at the Billboard Hot 100.

"'Cos you
I would die for you, yeah
Darlin', if you want me to you
I would die 4 you"

22. "Someday I'll Be Saturday Night"

Someday I'll Be Saturday Night is a Bon Jovi song through American rock band from their 1994 best hits album, Cross Road. Released as an unmarried on February 13, 1995, the tune reached wide variety seven on the United Kingdom Singles Chart and have become a top-10 hit in Australia, Finland, Iceland, and Ireland.

"Someday I'll be Saturday night
I'll be back on my feet, I'll be doin' all right
It may not be tomorrow baby, that's OK
I ain't goin' down, gonna find a way"

23. "Because We Can"

Because We Can | Bon Jovi Songs

Because We Can is that the primary unmarried launched from Bon Jovi's 12th studio album, What About Now.[1] The unmarried premiered on radio on January 7, 2013. 

Richie Sambora characterized the brand new cloth as a compilation of "extraordinary elements"; but reassured antique lovers that they may be simply as thrilled with the brand new paintings as they were with the antique for over 30 years.

"I don't wanna be another wave in the ocean
I am a rock not just another grain of sand
I wanna be the one you run to when you need a shoulder
I ain't a soldier, but I'm here to take a stand
Because We Can"

24. "What Do You Got?"

What Do You Got? is a Bon Jovi song with the aid of using an American rock band. It is one in every of 4 songs written for the band's Greatest Hits album, launched in November 2010.

The track is the primary unmarried from the compilation album.[1] The track turned into launched at the band's professional internet site on August 27.

"What do you got, if you ain't got love
Whatever you got, it just ain't enough
You're walkin' the road, but you're goin' nowhere
You're tryin' to find your way home, but there's no one there
Who do you hold, in the dark of night
You wanna give up, but it's worth the fight
You have all the things, that you've been dreamin' of"

25. “Blaze of Glory”

Blaze of Glory | Bon Jovi Songs

Blaze of Glory" is the debut solo single by Jon Bon Jovi which reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and the Mainstream rock chart in 1990, his only chart-topper away from his band Bon Jovi.

"Shot down in a blaze of glory
Take me now but know the truth
But I'm going down in a blaze of glory"

26. "In These Arms"

In These Arms is a Bon Jovi song through an American rock band. The tune turned into written by Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, and David Bryan. It turned into launched on May 3, 1993, because of the third unmarried from the band's 5th studio album, Keep the Faith (1992).

"These prayers keep me strong, and I still believe.
If you were in these arms.
I'd hold you, I'd need you,
I'd get down on my knees for you.
And make everything alright,
If you were in these arms."

27. “Every Word Was A Piece Of My Heart”

This Jon Bon Jovi song - Every Word Was A Piece Of My Heart was released in 1997. It is of rock and pop genre. It is from the album Destination everywhere.

"There's no love, there's no hate
I left them there for you to take
But know that every word was a piece of my heart (hey now)"

28. "(You Want to) Make a Memory"

(You Want to) Make a Memory is a Bon Jovi song through the American rock band, which turned into launched because the first unmarried from their 10th studio album Lost Highway (2007). 

Written through Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, and Desmond Child, it turned into launched for radio airplay on March 20, 2007, and for download at the US iTunes Store on April 17, 2007. The tune is a ballad and turned into completed at numerous nationally-televised activities which will sell the unmarried.

"You wanna make a memory?
You wanna steal a piece of time?
You can sing the melody to me
And I can write a couple lines"

29. "Santa-Fe"

Santa-Fe | Bon Jovi Songs

Santa-Fe (from time to time spelled "Santa Fe" or "Santa Fé") is a tune that became recorded via way of means of Bob Dylan and the Band withinside the summertime season or fall of 1967 in West Saugerties, New York. 

It became recorded throughout the classes that could in 1975 be launched on The Basement Tapes however became now no longer protected on that album.

"I swear, I'm gonna live forever
Tell my maker he can wait
I'm riding somewhere south of Heaven
Heading back to Santa Fe
It's judgment day in Santa Fe"

30. “Little Town”

Little Town | Bon Jovi Songs

Little Town is a brand new association of the conventional Christmas carol "O Little Town of Bethlehem" via way of means of English singer-songwriter Chris Eaton. Eaton tailored the lyrics (with a few rearrangements of components of verses) to a brand new melody he composed in a present-day Christmas song style. 

It became first recorded via way of means of English singer Cliff Richard and launched as an unmarried withinside the UK for the 1982 Christmas season, achieving quantity eleven on the United Kingdom Singles Chart.

"God let these wheels roll
To where the girls are pretty
When the nights explode
And life is still living
Down this open road
The arms of pity
Wait to greet me tonight in a little city
Music soothes the soul"

Music can even change our perception of life. Music and mood are carefully interrelated – listening to songs can even make you feel so elated or dull. Music has the capacity to hit on us a deep level.

Whether it's a fun and happy song that facilitates us to sense relatable while we're going thru tough instances or a completely happy song that provides a further leap on your step, the song is exceedingly powerful.

Bon Jovi grunge rock music has shown a remarkable increase in happiness, and extensive discounts have been located in feeling low. 

It is simple to consider rock tune as being irritated and aggressive, however, new studies indicate that being attentive to difficult rock may want to genuinely make you happier and healthier.

He has explained perfection in imperfections, friendship, love, heartbreak, betrayal, and loads more through his songs.

Do like and share if you are also a Bon Jovi fan. Also, let us know your favorite song in the comment box below.

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