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We've all sat down with our parents to watch movies as movie buffs. What their children should and should not watch is determined by their parents. But, as we get older and more curious, we wonder why our parents won't let us see those sleazy 'A' rated movies and scenes, 

Well, we've all found the method to see mature content without our parent's knowledge, whether it's through slipping into a movie theatre, browsing the internet, or watching TV. As we evolve into adults, we understand ourselves and the movies that have mature content and should not be seen with our parents or elders, whether in theatres, on the internet, or on television. 

We do watch family movies safely at home, but some of the most recent Bollywood films have been a resounding 'No' with your parents. Bollywood Adult movies are blended with a lot of nasty secrets and adult scenes.

Bollywood is like a hub of those kinds of "No from parents" type movies, Fans of Bollywood can be found all over the world. They have a large fan base thanks to their romantic situations, memorable language, and catchy tunes Bollywood has also produced some edgy and sensual films. Every time a controversial, pornographic film was released, it sparked outrage.

The moral police used to make a huge deal out of it, claiming that these films were undermining Indian culture. In contrast, these flicks pique the curiosity of every moviegoer. The same of these films were only released after the censor board removed all of the (ostensibly vulgar) sex scenes. So, here is the list of the Bollywood Adult rated Movies that you should watch alone.

1. Jism

Jism | Bollywood Adult Movies

So, let's start our list of Bollywood adult movies with this sensational movie. Jism is a remake of the 1981 Hollywood film Body Heat, and it is also regarded as one of the first adult Hindi films in Bollywood's daring genre. In addition, the film's plot fully supports its label, and it is one of the "A-certified" pictures in the genre.

The plot of the film centers around an alcoholic lawyer who falls in love with a beautiful woman and becomes involved in a murder ruse. It was regarded as one of the best adult Hindi films of the period, with a reputation for being hot and seductive. Also, the leads, such as Bipasha Basu, performed an excellent job in their roles.

2. Girlfriend

This Bollywood adult film is about two childhood best friends who resolve to continue their friendship. by working and living together. Taniya, one of the friends, was a homosexual and disliked man. Indeed, the friendship between these two pals indicated that they were more than just buddies. The plot revolves around a lesbian girl's love and affection for her straight friend. With the arrival of Maya's boyfriend, though, things take a turn for the worst.

To discover out which road Tanya will take on her voyage of envy, love, affection, and hatred at the same time, add this classic to your list of fantastic Bollywood adult movies.

3. Kya Kool Hai Hum 3

Kya Kool Hai Hum 3 | Bollywood Adult Movies

The story revolves around a man named Kanhalya who is on the lookout for true love but becomes sidetracked anytime he sees a red color. The plot also includes Kanhaiya's friend Rocky, who is always looking for sex and fun with the ladies. Because they were obsessed with sexual urges, they end up as porn stars in Thailand. 

Kanhaya later discovers true love, but his professional decision becomes an impediment to his love life. He plans to assemble people from the porn industry and form a fictitious family to make a good impression on the girl's father. Soon after, a trip of fun, mayhem, falsehoods, and many other things begins, making the film entertaining to watch. This is one of the most famous movies among Bollywood adult movies.

4. Aastha

Aastha was an economic success, therefore the filmmaker wanted to make a remake. This adult Bollywood film follows the lives of a married woman named Mansi and her poor husband Amar in a certain city. Essentially, it focuses on a lady who has enormous goals, and she wants to empower her mind. The film has a different kind of story in the list of Bollywood adult movies.

5. Julie

Julie | Bollywood Adult Movies

Julie is an adult Hindi film about inter-caste marriages and unintended pregnancies, Julie, an Anglo Indian Christian girl, falls in love with Shashi Bhattacharya, a Hindu lad, who is her best friend's brother, in search of affection she didn't get from her alcoholic father and illiterate mother. When he accidentally, causes her to become pregnant, things from bad to worse.

This greatest Bollywood adult movie will undoubtedly take you on a trip of her giving birth to an undesired child and dealing with all the difficulties that come with it till she is settled in her married life.

6. Ex Choti Si Love Story

The plat of this adult Hind film revolves around a teenage boy and a woman in her late twenties. Although the film does not come within the bold category, some of the scenes do contain sensuous issues such as women masturbation, making it a must-see among the best Bollywood adult movies, it's also based on a Polish short film about love that was a huge hit and belongs to the same

Ek Choti Si Love Story is a classic masterpiece among Bollywood adult movies. It is all about the effects of changing sex hormones on growing youths and their out-of-control physical cravings

7. Lipstick Under My Burkha

Lipstick Under My Burkha | Bollywood Adult Movies

When it was first released, this film sparked a lot of debate. The film's plot focuses on the hidden lives of four lively women, as well as their four hidden passions. The plot of the script depicts their riot, in which they use a little daring to get what they desire. 

A mother of three children wants to earn more than just à saleswoman title; a beautician wants to escape her village's constricted life, and a 55-year-old widow wants to rekindle her sexual impulses through a simple phone conversation with a young swimming coach. This is again one of the best Bollywood adult movies among the list of Bollywood adult movies.

8. Love Sex Aur Dhoka (150)

Love Sex Aur Dhoka (150) | Bollywood Adult Movies

Three short stories are featured in Love Sex Aur Dhoka, a 2010 anthology film. The film is directed by Dibanker Banerjee and centers on three subplots MMS controversies, sting operations, and honor killings. 

The film was shot solely on a digicam, making it the first Bollywood film to be shown in found footage style. This amazing film among Bollywood adult movies has some different concepts in approach.

9. Ragini MMS-2

Ragini MMS-2 | Bollywood Adult Movies

Ragini MMS-2 is a sequel to the film Ragini MMS that features some of the film's crew members who are supposed to be young, as well as visits to the house where the Ragini MMS couple's incident occurred. 

However, they become entangled with the house's mysterious spirits. Wrestling back the demonic spirits and their inexplicable supernatural presence is the only way to get out of the paranormal scenario. They need to learn about the house's troubling history to solve the situation. This is among one of the most-watched Bollywood adult movies.

10. Ek Paheli Leela

Ek Paheli Leela | Bollywood Adult Movies

Meera is the central character in the story. essence, she is a top model who flies to Rajasthan to shoot an advertisement campaign. During the shoot, she falls in love with and marries Rajasthani royal Ranveer Singh. 

On the other hand, a young musician named Karan sees the vision and has dreams about his prior existence, Karan, on the other hand, is instructed by Guruji regarding those dreams, and he quickly realizes that Meera and Ranveer's past is linked to his. all of these people's lives become intertwined with their present and the past.

11 Kamasutra: A Tale of Love

Kamasutra: A Tale of Love | Bollywood Adult Movies

The storyline of this masterpiece is based on ancient Indian literature, the Kama Sutra, and is considered one of the best adult Hindi films. It is set in 16th-century India, and it tells the story of a princess named "Tara and her beautiful maid. This is surely a masterpiece among the list of Bollywood adult movies.

However, Tara's friendship with her maid, who always provides her soiled and ripped garments, crumbles over time due to unwelcome envy and anger. From here, as both females approach marriageable age, a true fight jealousy, and loathing emerges Kamasutra is one of the most sensuous movies among Bollywood adult movies, having both adventurous and personal themes.

12 Bandit Queen

This wonderful and impressive movie among Bollywood adult movies, Bandit Queen is based on the life of Phonian Devi". The story starts with the child marriage of Phoolan to a twenty-year-old fellow man named Putthilal Later, she is sexually and physically assaulted by Puthhilal, and she flees her husband's house before returning home to save her life. 

However, assaults by several strong, important, and so-called grown-up males continue in her area. Every time, destiny fails her, and she is subjected to difficulties and molestations, it lasted, though, until she became a Daku or Dakoit.

13. Mastram

Mastram | Bollywood Adult Movies

Mastram tells the narrative of Rajaram, a small-town clerk who dreams of one day becoming a writer. Only his wife recognizes his literary abilities. He does, however, abandon his work to pursue his dream of being a full-time writer. Soon after, he receives an offer from a publisher, but the criteria for publication included the inclusion of masala or sexual aspect in the story. 

As the film progresses, an elderly man named Chacha introduces him to the spicier side of village life, and his adventure of developing sensuous writing talents begins. This film in the roll of Bollywood adult movies has received a lot of praise for its authentic and bold plot, as well as enough criticism.

14. Nasha

Nasha | Bollywood Adult Movies

Nasha is a film about a fearless actress who is recognized for her sexy social media posts and photos. It also follows a teenage kid who is romantically attracted to his teacher but becomes suspicious after learning of his teacher's love relationship. 

Later, he falls into difficulty, as a result of his strong wants, and a boy's passion causes a commotion in the life of a teacher. It's undeniably a mix of exhilarating and sexy encounters, as well as intimacy and emotion. With bold and daring scenes throughout the watch, leads like Poonam Pandey have been just outstanding. This is worth watching movie among the index of Bollywood adult movies.

15. B. A. Pass

B. A. Pass | Bollywood Adult Movies

The tale of B. A Pass is around a teenage kid and his life after the death of his parents, Mukesh is placed under the care of his unpleasant aunt to continue his studies after the horrific tragedy. While deciding on a B. A program and pursuing it, he is also concerned about his two sisters, who have been placed in an orphanage due to an unfavorable circumstance. Mukesh and the aunty eventually become entangled in their paid sex connections while keeping it hidden. 

But will it always be a secret, or is there something else in store for them on their journey? To learn more, follow the twists and turns of this sexual film with sensual sequences. This film is worth of watch among the index of Bollywood adult movies.

16. The Dirty Picture

The Dirty Picture | List Of Vidya Balan Movies

Dirty Picture is based on a true story about South Indian actress Silk Smitha, who was known for her provocative parts in various adult Hindi films. Many people assumed the film was a biopic of Silk Smitha, however, this was not the case. 

However, some of the moments are unmistakably based on Sak Smitha's life The story represents a woman's assertive attitude in a male-dominated society. The principal actress, Vidya Balam, was dubbed "the film's hero," The film was hailed as a super-hit and reflected the slew of challenges that women face in the entertainment industry.

17. Hate Story

Hate Story | Bollywood Adult Movies

Hate Story, which was released in 2012, was the most popular Erotic Thriller at the time. It is based on the story of Kaavya, who becomes a prostitute to exact revenge on the man who betrayed her. It is directed by Vivek Agnihotri. In this film, Paoli Dam created some striking, out-of-the-box moments. 

This film is counted among the best Bollywood adult movies of his time.

18. Murder

Murder | Bollywood Adult Movies

This is the first blockbuster Bollywood adult movie, and it dramatically transformed the traditional age by depicting love, lust, and sexual delight. The film, starring Mallika Sherawat and Emraan Hashmi, was a fascinating blend of romance, sex, and murder. In this film, Mallika is given some very daring situations. 

This film is a perfect blend of a strong storyline and deep, sensual hot scenes. It is a perfect example of sensuous projection among the index of Bollywood adult movies

19. Matrubhoomi

Matrubhoomi is a non-profit film that you should not miss witnessing. This film was hailed by critics from all around the world. The movie showed how women, especially those from rural India, are subjected to a plethora of sexual abuse. 

Because it depicts the realities of Indian society, this film is deserved of all the praise. The film also depicts female infanticide and foeticide. This film raises the bar of Bollywood adult movies.

20. Sin

With this film, the director took a risk. We're confident that the film's director, Vinod Pande, was well aware that the story would be panned. The story follows a catholic priest who had sexual contact with a young girl.

The film, which starred Shincy Ahuja and Seama Rahmani, featured some edgy love scenes that generated a lot of backlash from India's Christian population. This is a true story about a Kerala priest accused of both adultery and murder.

21. Julie 2

Julie 2 is an adult film in Hindi, Julie, a modest girl who aspires to be an actress, lands a major role in a film and rises to stardom, Success, on the other hand, only leads her down a dark path of passion, sex, and the casting couch.

22. Hate Story 4

Hate Story 4 | Bollywood Adult Movies

2018's Top Erotic Bollywood Films Tasha is the same woman both Aryan and Rajveer fell in love with Urvashi Rautela, Karan Wahi, and Vivan Bhatena play the key characters in the film. Drama, romance, strong content, and revenge abound in this film.

23. Hunterrr

Hunterrr is another sleazy Bollywood sex film that you should avoid seeing with your parents and should watch alone. The film followed a sex maniac, played by Gulshan Devalah, who sleeps with several women before finding his true love. 

The film depicted a man's development from adolescence through marriage, as well as how he deals with his physical desires. This film also dealt with men's sexual disorders in an indirect manner, which is one of the reasons you shouldn't watch it with your family. This film is counted among the best Bollywood adult movies of his time.

24. Delhi Belly

Delhi Belly | Bollywood Adult Movies

Imran Khan, Vir Das, Kunaal Roy Kapur, Poorna Jagannathan, and Shenaz Treasurywala star in Aamir Khan's black sex comedy Delhi Belly, which was directed by Abhinay Dea and stars Imran Khan, Vir Das, Kunaal Roy Kapur, Pooma Jagannathan, and Shenaz Treasurywala. 

The film, which dealt with the love lives of three bachelors living in a substandard apartment in Delhi, went on to become a success due to its profanity and sexual content. Although this fam is not suitable for viewing with parents, it is suitable for viewing with friends, and people continue to look for Delhi Belly movies online.

25. Mastizade

Mastizade | Bollywood Adult Movies

Sunny Leone played a double role in Milap Zaver's adult sex comedy Mastizzade, with a caption that read Sikka Hilega to go with it. Tushar Kapoor and Vir Das played two privileged brats addicted to sex who meet Sunny Leone and fall in love in the film. Despite the censor's objections to its sex gags, Mastizaade was released to a mediocre response at the box office. This film is counted among the best Bollywood adult movies of his time.

These are the top 25 Bollywood adult movies with an A-rating that have been released. The above-mentioned Bollywood adult movies or adult Hindi films are well-known for satisfying fans who need to watch adult content. These are some of the best Bollywood adult movies, made to both entertain and teach a young audience about intimacy, sexual cravings, and dreams

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