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Wanna plan a fun getaway with your boys? Do you wanna mingle with hot chicks from various countries? Looking for an escape from your mundane life or planning your bachelor trip and need help with which country to visit, we got you checked.

sex tourism in various countries
Sex Tourism

There are a lot of sex tourism countries across the globe, where they offer sexual encounters to their tourists to enhance their travel experience. You can surely find plenty of women or men for one night stands to have the ultimate orgasm of your life.

Sex Tourism involves engaging in sexual activities which might be legal in some countries and illegal in others. The quality of sex you may experience depends from country to country. Also, it might be expensive in some countries and quite cheap in some. So before booking your flight to your next sex tourism country, check with how much you can afford spending on the girls you wanna hook up with.

There are different types of sex tourism, which include prostitution, mail brides, sex shows, strip clubs, massage parlours etc. Satisfy your sexual needs and enjoy the women in various sex tourism countries spread across the globe

Check out the below list for 21 sex tourism countries you must pay a visit to once in your lifetime and let loose all your inhibitions.

1. Hungary

Hungary’s capital Budapest is the hottest sex tourism destination as prostitution is legal here. Wanna get sleazy? Go ahead with Pegazus, a lap dance bar where you will find lots of Hungarian beauties. Also check out strip clubs such as Hallo Bar, Mambo Cafe, P2 Strip club and many more.

Nightclubs in Budapest also to look out for such as 4 PlayLounge, DreamLand(Swingers Club) and P1 Nightclub. For a sexual Tantric massage go for Massage 666 and destress yourself. Videlany is a huge escort mall where you will find a portfolio of girls to pick from. So what are you waiting for?

2. The Caribbean

The Caribbean is a place on earth where female sex tourism is wildly popular. Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica and Barbados are the top sex tourism countries. The Vikings Exotic Resort is one of the finest five-star service resort you can find on this planet. Caribbean Relax is a must for a luxury vacation providing beautiful escorts, Relax Cabaret night & strip club in Punta Cana, where you can attend Gay parties, Lesbian parties and Swingers parties. They also provide private boat parties including girl’s company, food and DJ.

3. Japan

You can find the best themed based clubs in Kabukicho -Tokyo, where girls are dressed as nurses, secretaries, maids etc. You can also get paid companionship by going to the hostess club. Last but not the least, there are exotic naked karaoke, sex dolls on rent and a soapy wash before you get dirty. 

Love Hotels such as Love Hotel Hill in Shibuya, Kabukicho near Shinjuku Station, Ikebukuro’s north side, and around Uguisudani Station in the Ueno area are quite popular. If looking for something cheaper, go ahead with Karaoke Booths or Manga Cafes.

4. Hong Kong

For a terrific sex experience, one must never forget Hong Kong, as it is the marketplace for sex. At its bars and restaurants, you will find full of prostitutes for a wild nightlife. Wang Chai is one of the red light areas in Hong Kong, as prostitution is legal. 

Also, adult toy shops called Taketoys is widely popular with tourists. Don’t forget to visit Hong Kong’s Erotic Museum having collections from all over the world. Do check out the love hotels for a casual hookup such as Essex Lodge, Beverly Hotel, the Windsor Palace Hotel, and Hotel Victoria.

5. Belgium

Prostitution in Belgium is also legal, shocking right? Villa Tinto in Antwerp is one of the cleanest and safest red light areas in Belgium. You can find gorgeous girls trying to lure you from storefront glass. Villa Tinto has 51 suites, a safe to store cash and also a control room to see the action and many more facilities. 

There are also a lot of massage parlours and strip clubs that offer sex shows. Private Amber is a domestic brothel where you can see women wearing sensual underwear. Sauna Bora Bora is a private sauna ideal for private escorts where you can relax peacefully.

6. Brazil

Brazil is very well known for football, but also famous for its exotic-looking beauties. As prostitution is legal in Brazil, you can visit Brazil’s red light area in Rio De Janeiro. Explore the area as you could see a lot of prostitutes dancing around you asking for sex. Also, visit the legendary red lights and adult attractions at Barbarella and Mab’s. 

Copacabana is very much in demand for sex tourism in Brazil. Vila Mimosa also has a lot of bars and shops, which are brothels. Moreover, you can attend the Brazilian carnivals, where you can find half-naked female dancers, wearing a thong. So, you can approach them for a sexual escapade and have the time of your life.

7. Malaysia

If you want to visit Malaysia for a sexual experience, do spend time in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh. The nightlife in Kuala Lumpur is to die for where you can hot foreign prostitutes, such as the China KL Bar- the best pub and club. Also, you can find erotic massage parlours and spas which are a front cover for brothels. 

You will also find several red-light areas in Kuala Lumpur. There are a lot of escort services to have sex. You can find information in escort directories as well.

8. Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina is famous for “transitory hotels”, a place where couples can book private rooms for a few hours for some sexy time. For random hookups, you can visit General Paz Hotel, where you find the room filled with mirrors, jacuzzis, small windows and way too many porn channels to surf through. 

They too have strip clubs to admire the kinkiest beauties such as Cocodrilo, Hook/Keep, Newport, D’ Lirio. Plenty of massage parlours, Swingers clubs, Brothels and Cabarets to choose from. Like it is said, have sex till you drop.

9. Singapore

The great part of Singapore is that it has its official red-light district known as Geylang. There are more red light areas in Singapore such as Orchard Towers, Petain Road Desker and Rowell Road. 

For nightlife, you can check out the best nightclubs and pick up bars such as Zouk Club at 17 Jiak Kim Street, F Club Singapore at 3B River Valley Rd, Kilo Lounge at 21 Tanjong Pagar Road,1-Altitude at 1 Raffles Place and Orchard Tower in Orchard Street. 

The best places that offer erotic massage in Singapore are Chakra Tantra in 111 North Bridge Road, Lollipop Massage, Top Tantric Massage in Robinson Road.

10. Ukraine

Extreme sex tourism in Ukraine can be found in Kiev and Odessa. To find sex girls in Kiev places you can visit bars and pubs where you’ll end up meeting street hookers, underground brothels, erotic massage parlours and strip clubs. Arena city entertainment complex is popular among tourists and is a splendid red light zone. 

The Princess is a strip club in Kiev to find the sexiest ladies. Odessa city has the best nightlife clubs such as Palladium club, Ibiza club, Captain Morgan Club, Itaka club are a few to name which offers all the sexy nightlife all under one roof.

11. France

For your next adult adventure, you should visit France, as it has so many X rated stuff to offer. Consider, Pigalle in Paris, where you can find sex shows, strip clubs, cabarets, peep shows and live shows. Also, Burlesque shows are quite popular where you will be able to see a lot of female nudity. 

Another place to visit in France in Cologne, where you can visit Pascha, the first-ever high rise brothel in Europe. Rue Saint-Denis in Paris can also provide a lot of sex workers, sex shops and peep shows at a cheap rate.

12. Germany

Germany is known as Europe’s biggest brothels as prostitution is legal in this country. You never know you might end up meeting your soulmate. One can visit Paradise, a brothel in Stuttgart, one of Germany’s “mega-brothels”. It comprises a restaurant, a cinema, a spa, and 31 private rooms visited by hundreds of male customers every day.

The Reeperbahn in Hamburg is a street and entertainment district, which not only includes restaurants, night clubs and bars, but also sex clubs, sex shops and brothels.

13. Greece

Looking for your life partner? You might end up meeting your Greek God/Goddess in Greece. Athens, its capital is the favourite hotspot, as prostitution is technically legal. Brothels can be found in certain areas of the city like Metaxourgeio and Filis St. 

You can also visit strip clubs for entertainment, while sexy girls dance around tables and give you a lap dance. Strip clubs such as Alcatraz, Kinky Opera, Mousses Club and many more should always be on your bucket list.

14. Indonesia

Bali is the go-to place in Indonesia for strip clubs, massage parlours and a top-class destination for parties and nightlife. There are a lot of massage parlours and karaoke bars in Kuta, Legian, Sanur and Denpasar. Bali also has a lot of pubs, clubs and beach club bars which offer fantastic food and world-class DJ. 

Prostitution is a huge business in Bali, with dozens of brothels and massage plus joints. Maybe you could end up finding your bride over here!!!

15. Netherlands

The Redlight area in Amsterdam - Capital of Netherland has an area known as the “De Wallen” famous for sex shows, strip clubs, brothels and sex shops where you can find prostitutes providing services from behind the window. 

If you looking for some Erotic Theatre, do visit the “Casa Rossa” for some titillating content such as striptease and live sex shows. Enjoy the Bonton sex club tour where you can interact with a prostitute and ask them about their job and lives.

16. Mexico

The most popular destinations in Mexico are Mexico City and Tijuana. The most visited brothels include Zona Norte in Tijuana and Adelitas, the largest and oldest brothel in Mexico. If looking for strip clubs, one can check out La Coahuila where women wait to escort you inside. 

Mexico has the nightlife to offer. Pacers Showgirls International in San Deigo, Cheetahs, Expose, San Deigo Male Strip Club are some of the best strip clubs around. There are also many strip clubs/brothels in Mexico City such as Joy Room, Kinky Bar, 40 Grados, Coliseum, Dreams and many more.

17. Philippines

The best places for sex tourism in the Philippines tourists is Manila and Boracay, also Olongapo City and Angeles City are not to be missed. You can find prostitutes at bars and massage parlours in these cities. Palawan is a beautiful island that is highly recommended for Bohol famous for its spectacular Chocolate Hills.

Make yourself comfortable at these nightclubs like Treasure Island Bar, Airforce One, Crystal Palace, Blue Book, Chiz Miz where you will find young Phillipina girls serving you cocktails in the most revealing clothes.

18. Thailand

Bangkok and Pattaya are popular for Go Go Bars famous for red-light districts and sex shows. Sex shows known as the Pong Pong shows are in demand, where women blow out ping pong balls out of their vagina. The Nana Plaza is a three-story building, known as the world’s largest adult playground, with short-time hotels, rented per hour for sex and has 30 bars.

Go Go Bars in Phuket and Patong Beach surrounding area is a must-visit as well. The Soi Cowboy is a must-visit and is seen as one of the best red light areas in Thailand.

19. Czech Republic

Prostitution is legal in the Czech Republic, which makes it a part of everyone’s bucket list. Gloryholes are every tourist's fantasy where you get to have sex with a girl, but can’t see her face. For red light, areas go for Wenceslas Square, a tourist attraction filled with strip clubs and late-night bars. 

In Prague, check out ShowPark Market and ShowPark Da Vinci. Visit Night Club Karla, Pension Lola, Angel Nightclub for Nightclubs and for Strip clubs visit Magic Club Prague, Hot Peppers, Strip Bar Rio. Looking for a nude beach, hit Seberak Lake. Isn’t this tempting?

20. Cambodia

Cambodia is full of Asian hotties in short skirts ready to pounce on you in an open market. Street prostitution is widely popular with karaoke bars and massage parlours. Do visit the “Heart of Darkness” the night club for foreigners to meet Cambodian hookers and massage parlours where you will get an exclusive erotic massage for an extra tip. 

You can also rent a private room for 10 USD plus 5-10 USD per girl per hour to accompany you. You can also get laid by paying a street hooker. Also spend time in Phnom Penh, with the highest no. of hookers at a cheap rate.

21. Spain

If one was to explore sex tourism in Spain, you must visit Madrid, the capital of Spain and also Ibiza and Barcelona. In Madrid, Gran Via street is a hub for prostitutes, while part of the Figueretas area of Ibiza has a red-light district. 

Madrid has to offer a wide variety of Brothels, erotic massage parlours, three red-light districts and strip clubs. The beach bars at Malaga, guarantee to hook up opportunities with both locals and tourists. An immense amount of pool parties, clubs and live DJ is one in a million as the nightlife here is to die for.

Sex Tourism Countries

Each of the countries mentioned above is heaven on earth, carefully handpicked as they have gorgeous scenic beauty and spectacular surroundings along with Sex Tourism making them a mission to visit for all the sex addicts out there.

Sex Tourism is a million-dollar industry growing rapidly at a fast rate and so sex tourism countries are coming in demand. Tourists all around the world want to explore not only the destination but also to look for random hookups and one night stands.

As you will be having a lot of sex after reading this, please make sure that you use protection at any cost, so that you don’t end up contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Always carry condoms along with you or buy them at the local pharmacy in the city you will be visiting.

Moreover, make sure you don’t end up breaking the law or offend the ethics of the country you are visiting and end up locked in jail. Make sure you are not being a creep, regardless of their profession, and treat them with the utmost respect as they are just doing their jobs.

With that message, don’t forget to have the wildest days of your lives while you are in sex tourism countries. To meet new people, make new friends, go on romantic dates and have as much sex as possible.

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