47 Places To Visit In Hyderabad To Get The Best From The City Of Pearls

The City of Pearls!

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Hyderabad is the capital and largest city of the Indian state of Telangana. It occupies 650 km2 on the Deccan Plateau along the banks of the Musi River, within the northern part of South India. With an average altitude of 542 m, much of Hyderabad is situated on hilly terrain around artificial lakes, including the Hussain Sagar lake, predating the city's founding, in the north of the city center. 

According to the 2011 Census of India, Hyderabad is the fourth-most populous city in India with a population of 6.9 million residents within the town limits, and has a population of 9.7 million residents within the metropolitan region, making it the sixth-most populous metropolitan area in India. With $ 74 billion in production, Hyderabad has the economy of India's fifth-largest city.

The pearl city of Hyderabad combines its unparalleled history and modernity to fascinate everyone who sets foot in the beautiful city of Nizams. With 400 years of history and metropolitan status, Hyderabad promises to provide a unique and refreshing experience for everyone or anyone. 

From historical landmarks to natural resorts, delicious world-famous cuisine, charming shopping venues, and exciting entertainment parks, the city has it all. This city may be a place worth visiting at least once in your life. No one can indulge in the many charms that this city offers in a limited time.

Hyderabad is often divided into the historic city established by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah on the southern side of the Musi River that forms the Old City, while the New City encompasses the urbanized area on the northern banks. The Old City consists of a maze of disorienting alleyways that expand outward from the Charminar. Most of the historical attractions are situated within the old city.

Here are some places to visit in Hyderabad and discover the beauty and elegance of these places and learn about the history and different facts: -

1. Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City | Best Places To Visit In Hyderabad

The place is suitable for all movie and Bollywood lovers! Established by Ramoji Rao, Ramoji Rao was the tallest of the Ramoji group in 1991. Ramoji Film City can also be a spectacular resort on the outskirts of Hyderabad. It covers an area of ​​over 2,500 acres and has been certified by Guinness World Records as the largest film studio in the world. 

Hengdian Studios accommodates 20 films at a time and has multiple filming locations such as London Street, Hollywood Signs, Japanese Gardens, Airports, Hospitals, Landscapes, Buildings, and Laboratories. Being one of the foremost popular places to visit in Hyderabad. Ramoji Film City may be a fun and diverse venue where you'll enjoy several activities starting from film city tours to adventure sports and toy train rides to many gardens. Smaller renditions of famous monuments within the country like the Amer Palace also are present here. 

What's more, you'll also stroll through several other sets and settings like royal courts and other locations that have drawn inspiration from different architectures throughout the planet. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

2. Durgam Cheruvu

Durgam Cheruvu may also be a peaceful and picturesque lake, an ideal place to spend quality time with friends and family. Located in a quiet place in the bustling Internet city, it is hidden in the rocks because it is surrounded by granite on all sides. It is also called the "secret lake". 

The lake is considered to be the best source of water for the residents of Golconda Fort, so it also has excellent historical significance. Tourists here are mainly because of its tranquility and beautiful scenery, so they can enjoy the amazing sunset. Durgam Cheruvu is the hub of various interesting activities. It has recently emerged as the go-to place for the locals, whether it's a party with friends or a family gathering. 

An artificial waterfall and fountain have also been created here which beautifies the world even more. Boating is a must-do activity here as it gives you a chance to get up close and personal with this enchanting destination. Furthermore, if you wish to travel on impromptu hikes, you'll easily take a walk up the rocks to realize a far better viewpoint. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

3. Charminar

Charminar | Best Places To Visit In Hyderabad

An identifying feature of the town, Charminar is that the most prominent landmark is located right within the heart of Hyderabad. The monument was erected by Quli Qutub Shah to suggest the founding of Hyderabad. 

As is clear from the structure, it had been so named because it consists of 4 minarets. Although it lies right in the center of the city with traffic and crowds milling all about it, Charminar certainly manages to hold the gaze. It is also famous for the market that sprawls around it and is named 'Laad' or 'Chudi' Bazaar. Since the development of the monument in 1591, Charminar has been synonymous with the culture of Hyderabad standing tall as a reminder of the fantastic days of the past era. It is a massive structure that has four minarets which many believe stand for the first four 'khalifas' (Prophets) of Islam. 

Towards the north of the monument, there are four gateways referred to as Char Kaman which are constructed within the cardinal directions. The structure was intended to function as a Madrasa or a Mosque. In its present form, Charminar, alongside Qutub Shahi Tombs and therefore the Golconda Fort, has been added to the 'tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

4. Golconda Fort

Situated within the Western a part of the gorgeous city of Hyderabad at a distance of roughly 9 km from Hussain Sagar Lake, Golconda Fort is one among the region's best-preserved monuments. 

The construction of this fortress was completed in the 17th century and is known as the world where the powerful Kohinoor diamonds were once stored. It is said that if you applaud at the bottom of the fortress rock, the echo will often be heard at the top! The architecture, legend, history, and mystery of Golconda Fort add to its charm, making it one of the must-see places in Hyderabad. 

The mines here are known to supply a number of the foremost coveted and popular gems ever known within the world like Idol's Eye, the Hope Diamond, Darya-i-noor, and the famous Koo-i-noor. At night, Golconda Fort surrounds life with sunlight and sound performances, showing fragments of its royal past. The greatness, rise, and decline of the fortress are all spectacular in its title. With its fascinating history, it is one of the must-visit attractions in Hyderabad.

5. Hussain Sagar Lake

Hussain Sagar Lake | Best Places To Visit In Hyderabad

Hussein Sagar Lake is recognized as the largest reservoir in Asia and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hyderabad. The lake itself was commissioned by Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah in 1563, and it is famous for its huge Buddha stone in the center. 

By the way, this overall structure is the highest of its kind in the world! Hussein Sagar Lake, also known as the Tank Bund, is located on a tributary of the Musi River. The attraction also has a 3 km long dam wall connecting the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Hussein Sagar Lake is a popular place for fish farming, water sports, and boat trips. 

The statue of Buddha was installed within the year 1992 and was inaugurated by His Holiness Dalai Lama himself. Standing at the Tank Bund, you'll see the entire lake shimmering around you because the lights sparkle on the shore. Owing to its unique heart-shaped outline, the Hussain Sagar Lake has been declared as the 'Heart of the World' by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

6. Chowmahalla Palace

Once the seat of the Asaf Jahi dynasty, the Chowmahalla Palace was built in Hyderabad between the years 1857 and 1869. In essence, Chowmahalla can be translated to mean 'Four Palaces'. The magnificent monument consists of two massive courtyards also as a grand dining hall referred to as 'Khilawat'. 

This splendid monument that served as the official residence of the Nizams of Hyderabad during their reign still retains a number of its past splendor. It is still the property of Barkat Ali Khan Mukarram Jah, heir of the Nizams, and has been decorated with UNESCO's Asia Pacific Merit award in 2010 also. The architecture of the Chowmahalla Palace is an imposing sight to behold. 

The facade itself may be a delicate artwork of domes, arches, windows and meticulously carved out designs. The complex is elegantly embellished with gentle fountains, expansive lush gardens, numerous palaces, towers, Roshan Bangla, and therefore the Council Hall. The Courtyard here may be a fairytale venue to carry the foremost exquisite dinner parties, with the palace standing firmly within the background. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

7. Purani Haveli

Purani Haveli is an integral part of Hyderabad's heritage and spirit, displaying many of the finest handicrafts. Purani Haveli is a palace originally built to serve as the home of the Peshwa, Mir Mormon of Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah. Today, Purani Haveli is undoubtedly one of several parts of Hyderabad's golden age, known for its fine art and talent show and its function as a museum. 

This is a beautiful structure that provides great enjoyment for history buffs! One of the most important unique features of Purani Haveli may also be the wardrobe, which is the longest wardrobe in the world! It is built on two floors and has a manually operated elevator. This venue includes a 240-foot-long wooden room with approximately 150 walk-in cabinets, built by the sixth generation of Nizam, and is said to be the largest wardrobe in the world. 

The highlight of this place is the extraordinary displays of memorabilia, gifts, memorabilia, and models that were shown to him on the occasion of the 1927 Silver Jubilee celebration. It is one of the places worth visiting in Hyderabad.

8. Birla Mandir

The Birla Mandir in Hyderabad forms a satisfying serene atmosphere and should be an ideal place for people who wish to urge away from city life and immerse themselves in prayer and meditation. 

The Mandir is dedicated to the Lord Venkateshwara of Tirumala and is modeled after and is the replica of the idol of Balaji of Tirupati. It was founded in 1976 by Swami Renganathananda of Ramakrishna Ashram and built by the Birla Foundation. The temple itself sits on the top of a 280-foot-high mountain named Naubat Pahad. 

The main idol in Birla Mandir is 11 feet high and is made entirely of white marble. It weighs about 2000 tons. It is from Rajasthan and is very spectacular. The idol is additionally covered by a carved lotus canopy made from granite stone which vastly contrasts with the marble of the idol. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

9. Nehru Zoological Park

Nehru Zoological Park | Best Places To Visit In Hyderabad

With over 1500 species finding habitat here, the Nehru Zoological Park is one of the foremost loved attractions within the city. Neighboring the Mir Alam tank, it's also referred to as Hyderabad Zoo. The massive enclosure plays host to Indian Rhino, Asiatic Lion, Bengal tiger, Indian elephant also as panthers, pythons, deer, and antelopes. 

Given the proximity to the tank, several migratory birds can also be spotted here. It is among the most important zoos in India at 380 Acres. The zoological park offers several safaris including Lion, Tiger, and Bear Safaris. For kids, there are many fun activities and enclosures a bit like the Dinosaur Park visit, Mini train ride, and elephant rides. 

The zoo also features a museum detailing its explanation. Migratory birds are known to arrive per annum at the Mir Alam tank lake and its embankment, making it their home for a couple of months and adding to the biological diversity of the place. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

10. Qutub Shahi Tombs

Located in Ibrahim Bagh, Qutub Shahi Tombs are a group of mosques and tombs built by the rulers of the Qutub Shah dynasty. Qutub Shahi tombs are built on a raised platform and have a dome-shaped structure. The little tombs are single-storeyed while the larger ones are double-storeyed. In the center of every tomb may be a sarcophagus that overlies the particular vault during a crypt below. The domes were originally overlaid with blue and green tiles, of which only a few pieces now remain. 

The tombs form an outsized cluster and stand on a raised platform. The tombs are domed structures built on a square base surrounded by pointed arches, a specific style that blends Persian and Indian forms. The tombs are structures with intricately carved stonework and are surrounded by landscaped gardens.

The tombs were once provided with carpets, chandeliers, and velvet canopies on silver poles. Copies of the Quran were kept on pedestals and readers recited verses from the holy book at regular intervals. Golden spires were fitted over the tombs of the sultans to differentiate their tombs from those of other members of the royalty. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

11. Lumbini Park

Lumbini Park may be a gorgeous urban park named after Lumbini of Nepal. Located alongside Hussain Sagar, the park has a man-made cistern. A huge statue of Lord Buddha is installed within the tank which can be reached through paddle boats.

The multimedia fountain show of Lumbini Park plays daily to an outsized audience, the installation combines a full spectrum of media elements, from dazzling laser animation, live video, stunning sound quality, rhythmic musical fountains, and extraordinary beam effects, all astonishingly portrayed on one among the most important water screens in India. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

12. Taj Falaknuma Palace

Taj Falaknuma Palace is perched around 2000 meters above the town of Hyderabad. Once the royal residence of Nizam- probably the richest man within the world, the palace has now been converted into a five-star luxury heritage hotel. With its sheer opulence and elegance, the Taj Falaknuma Palace treats all its guests royally. 

An English architect William Ward Marret designed the palace. Sir Vicar's monogram "VO '' is on the furniture, walls, and ceiling of the palace. It is made completely with Italian marble with stained-glass windows and covers a neighborhood of 93,970 square meters. The palace was built in the form of a scorpion with two stings opened up as wings within the north. 

The middle part is occupied by most buildings and therefore the kitchen, Gol Bangla, Zenana Mehal, and harem quarters stretch to the south. The Nawab was an avid traveler, and his influences show in the architecture, which combines Italian and Tudor influences. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

13. Salar Jung Museum

Salar Jung Museum | Best Places To Visit In Hyderabad

Salar Jung Museum is found at Darushifa and is one of the crowning jewels of Hyderabad. It is one among the three national museums within the country and also among the most important at 10 Acres and a couple of Floors. The most astounding part of browsing Salar Jung Museum and its collection is realizing that each one of the artifacts inside belonged to and was collected by one man alone! 

The collection inside the museum is owned by Mir Yousuf Ali Khan. With over a million paintings, sculptures, carvings, manuscripts, and artifacts, the museum may be a repository of art collections a couple of of which date as far back because of the first century. Some of the precious and rare pieces within the museum are - A painting of Raja Ram Mohan Roy - the artist, Aurangzeb's sword, daggers that belonged to Shah Jahan, Jehangir, and a full wardrobe of Tipu Sultan. 

The museum also has several priceless sculptures such as Veiled Rebecca, Double Statue of Mephistopheles & Margaretta, and many more. The biggest attraction at the museum is the musical clock that dates back to the 19th century and consists of quite 350 parts. It also houses a superb library with quite sixty thousand books and almost eight thousand rare manuscripts. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

14. Hyderabad Botanical Garden

Situated within the Hi-Tech city, around 16 km from the town center of Hyderabad, Hyderabad arboretum may be a major attraction of the town. The park boasts an upscale sort of plants, shrubs, trees, flowering plants, and medicinal herbs. 

The park is supposed to possess large water bodies, rolling meadows, natural forests, rich grasslands, and exquisite rock formations. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

15. Inorbit Mall

Inorbit mall is one of the most favorite shopping destinations for people. The mall has all leading retail shops for shopping like Hush Puppies, Lifestyle, Pantaloons, Inc.5, Baggit, etc. Various sales and offers are provided to the consumers. The food court is spread across a good space. There are fine dining restaurants to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. 

There are 3 PVR cinemas, multiplexes, and a gaming zone called Fun City which has a bowling alley. Inorbit mall, Hyderabad has a unique location which makes it an attraction for people. It provided a wide range of choices to the consumers in shopping, entertainment, restaurants, and leisure. There is also an amusement arena with swings and other kid’s entertainment facilities. Various events are held at the amphitheater space provided within the mall. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

16. Chilkur Balaji Temple

Chilkur Balaji Temple | Best Places To Visit In Hyderabad

Chilkur Balaji Temple is situated within the picturesque village of Chilkur, about 30 kilometers away from Hyderabad. It is also called the VISA Temple and sits prettily on the banks of the Osman Sagar Lake. It is believed that paying your obeisance to the presiding deity, Lord Balaji Venkateswara, alongside Sridevi and Bhoodevi can grant your wishes of gaining a US Visa! The temple houses the Visa Balaji or the Visa God! 

The belief finds its roots in an event when a couple of students who had their Visa applications rejected, came and prayed here only to have their applications accepted. Chilkur Balaji Temple or Chilkoor Balaji Temple, because it is usually mentioned, is additionally reputed for being the oldest one in Telangana and is believed to possess been built half a millennium ago during the time of Madanna and Akkanna, the uncles of Bhakta Ramadas. 

It is also the only temple in India that has continued to stay out of government control and which does not accept any monetary donations from its devotees. The temple is so popular that around 75,000 to 1,00,000 devotees visit the temple hebdomadally. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

17. Osman Sagar Lake

On the outskirts of Hyderabad, also referred to as Gandipet is the Osman Sagar lake. Elless world, Ocean Park, and Treasure island surround this lake, making it a famous tourist destination. 

The water body was made by building a dam on the Moosi River in the year 1920 by Mir Osman Ali Khan and the cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad find a water source in this lake. Spend some relaxed and enjoyable time here, with gardens and a pool, all making it a perfect spot for picnics. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

18. B.M. Birla Planetarium and Science & Technological Museum

One of its kind planetaria, the Birla Planetarium was inaugurated in 1985. With technological help from Japan, this planetarium has had some huge development. With periodical sky shows throughout the day, the theme is varied, teaching us about various elements of the universe, like comets, meteors, the cosmos, the eclipses. 

With its startling sound quality and thus the quantity of knowledge disseminated, Birla Planetarium and museum is one of the places to travel to in Hyderabad.

19. Sudha Cars Museum

Sudha Cars Museum is an automobile museum located in Hyderabad, India. The museum displays "crazy cars" that resemble everyday objects. These cars are handmade by Kanyaboyina Sudhakar (known as K. Sudhakar Yadav) who started it as his hobby in his school days and opened the dedicated museum in 2010. He has been inclined towards motor cars and mechanics since childhood. He created his first car at the age of 14 collecting the necessary articles from junkyards. 

His name was within the Guinness World Records in 2005 for the most important tricycle. On 1 July 2005, he rode the largest tricycle in Hyderabad which had an overall height of 12.67 meters. Yadav and his museum are mentioned within the Limca Book of Records and have also been featured on Ripley's Believe It or Not! The museum also has the smallest double-decker bus in the world which can accommodate 10 people. Twelve different motorcycles in small size are on display of which the smallest is 33 centimeters (13 in) in height and can be driven at the speed of 30 kilometers per hour. 

For Women's Day, he designed a car-shaped sort of handbag and stiletto that was powered by a 6cc engine. For Bal Diwas (Children's Day), he designed cars that supported a pen, pencil, and sharpener. A condom-shaped car was unveiled to commemorate World AIDS Day. The homemade cars cost around ₹85,000–₹150,000 for manufacturing; but aren't purchasable. The cars are often brought out of the museum for roadshows where people can see them being driven. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

20. Snow World

Snow World | Best Places To Visit In Hyderabad

Snow World is quite popular among the locals and the tourists alike. It is the world's third-biggest and therefore the first snow-themed park in India. What makes it unique is the incontrovertible fact that the snow here is produced by drinking water and is free from any harmful pollutants! 

Snow World sees 3 tonnes of snow added a day for its myriad attractions and maybe a place enjoyable for adults and youngsters alike with various games and activities like skating, ice boarding, snow slides with bumping-car, toboggan rides, and lots of more. It was built for INR 20 million and was designed by Nitish Roy, an Indian art director, production designer, and architect. 

There are slides, play areas, sculptures, and mountains that are all made up of artificial snow. You will even be given warm jackets, shoes, socks, and gloves to possess fun without freezing out there. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

21. Laad Bazaar

Laad Bazaar, just adjacent to the favored landmark of Charminar may be a famous and historic market known for its shopping souvenirs and most significantly, bangles. The sparklingly colorful bridal bazaar, as it has also been called, has been operating since the times of Qutb Shahis and therefore the Nizams. 

The word 'Laad' refers to the lacquer which is employed to form bangles here that are studded with artificial diamonds. Apart from the beautiful accessories, one can also buy traditional Hyderabadi artifacts here such as the 'soorma' - natural kohl that comes in an exquisite bottle and colorful dupattas! There are quite 150 workshops located here that produce a number of the best bangles called lac bangles. 

Also referred to as Choodi Bazaar, the kilometer-long road is dotted with shops selling cheap jewelry, clothes, bangles, and wedding items at reduced rates. Silverwares, paintings, and fabrics are highlights of the market also. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

22. Necklace Road Tourism

Necklace Road could also be an extended boulevard that encircles Hyderabad’s Tank Bund, resembling a glittering necklace. Tank Bund consists of the beautiful Hussain Sagar Lake with a giant monolithic statue of Gautama Buddha at the center of Gibraltar Rock. Necklace Road also connects Hyderabad to its twin city Secunderabad.

It is a popular neighborhood to unwind by the lake and a favorite picnic spot for families and tourists. Lined with beautiful green gardens, eat streets, and native shopping, Necklace Road may be a major tourist area and is busy all year round. The neighborhood surrounding Necklace Road consists of many of Hyderabad’s famous attractions. 

Eat Street, and Water Front are two favorite restaurants in the area offering views of the city and the lake. Getting around the Necklace Road area is very convenient with local buses, autos, and taxis running till the wee hours of the night. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

23. Shilparamam

Situated within the Madhapur area of Hyderabad, Shilparamam may be a traditional crafts village created with the thought to preserve and conserve traditional crafts. 

The village has been set amidst cascading waterfalls and plush greenery; its sections are designated to depict each region of the country. Besides, Shilparamam features a rock museum, a rural museum, a recreational area, and boating activities for visitors. The rural museum, surrounded by trees, maybe a miniature depiction of a typical Indian village. 

Over 15 life-sized huts, authentically constructed out of baked clay and thatch, depict rural and tribal lifestyles and thus the lifetime of varied artisans. It provides a window to rural life for city dwellers and people who haven't visited a village before. The museum houses sculptures and life-size models depicting the day-to-day activities of the agricultural artisans. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

24. NTR Gardens

NTR Gardens | Best Places To Visit In Hyderabad

Located adjacent to the Hussain Sagar Lake in Hyderabad, NTR Gardens could also be a small but gorgeous park dotted with brightly colored plants and tall trees. 

Boasting well-groomed landscaping, ornate lamp posts, and brilliant water fountains, the NTR Gardens park also features a souvenir shop, toy train, freefall, restaurants, and a spread of fun activities for both kids and adults. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

25. Amaravathi

Known as the Capital of Andhra Pradesh, Amaravathi may be a planned city on the banks of the River Krishna. Amaravathi is renowned for being a site of a Buddhist Stupa that's a semi-hemispherical structure containing Buddhist relics and is typically called the Abode of God. Amaravati may be a prime hub of pilgrimage and sightseeing.

Being built on a 217km riverfront, the city is designed to have 51% of green spaces. Its stone was laid on 22 October 2015 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After the separation into two states within the year 2014, Hyderabad was declared the capital city of the then newly formed state Telangana. It led to Amaravathi being chosen as the Capital of Andhra Pradesh. 

The word Amaravathi in itself was derived from the ancient capital of the Satavahana dynasty. Pilgrims visit this town almost throughout the year due to the number of temples and shrines that adorn the small town in several parts. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

26. Iskcon temple

Iskcon is understood everywhere for being a number of the foremost beautiful, active, spiritual, and nonsecular centers within the country. One such temple, Iskcon Hyderabad is often found within the Nampally region. The main deity within the Iskcon Hyderabad temple is Lord Krishna. 

One can also see idols of Sri Gaura-Nitai, Sri Jagannatha Baladeva-Subhadra, and Sri Radha Madana-Mohana. Iskcon Hyderabad is additionally referred to as Sri Radha-Madana-Mohana temple. The followers hold sessions in institutes, corporates, etc., to show the techniques of spiritualizing lifestyle. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

27. Taramati Baradari

Taramati Baradari | Best Places To Visit In Hyderabad

Taramati Baradari could also be a historical Sarai as a neighborhood of Ibrahim Bagh, a Persian-style garden built during the reign of Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah, the fourth Sultan of Golconda. The Baradari was constructed on the banks of the Musi river. 

The tourism department promotes the situation by romantic stories linking the then-Sultan with a courtesan named Taramati. One such story goes that within the reign of Abdullah Qutb Shah, he used to hear Taramati’s voice as she sang for travelers at the Serai, while he sat two kilometers away at Golconda fort. Her voice was carried by the wind, and the prince would listen from the fort. Another fable tells of two ravishing dancing sisters, Taramati and Premamati, who danced on ropes tied between their pavilion and therefore the balcony of the king and patron, Abdulla Qutub Shah. 

About half a mile north of the fort lies his grave amid a cluster of carved royal tombs. Here lie buried the Qutub Shahi kings and queens in what once was their rose gardens. As a tribute to Taramati and Premamati, they both were buried within the royal cemetery of the Qutub Shahi kings. This pavilion has 12 doorways and was constructed to permit cross ventilation and is one among the foremost indigenous techniques to have been used at that point. 

The open pavilion includes other facilities like an air-cooled theatre with a capacity of 500 people, an open-air auditorium with a capacity of 1600 people, a Banquet Hall with a capacity of 250, a multi-cuisine restaurant, and a swimming bath. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

28. Paigah Tombs

Paigah Tombs are the tombs belonging to the nobility of the Paigah family, who were fierce loyalists of the Nizams, served as statespeople, philanthropists, and generals under and alongside them. 

The Paigah tombs are among the main wonders of Hyderabad State which are known for their architectural excellence as shown in their laid mosaic tiles and craftsmanship work. These tombs are made out of lime and mortar with beautiful inlaid marble carvings. These tombs are 200 years old which represent the ultimate resting places of several generations of the Paigah Nobles. With marvelous carvings and motifs in floral designs and inlaid mosaic tile-works, the tombs are exquisite to steer around. 

The tombs and their walls are delicately carved and enclosed in pierced marble facades, a number of them in rows and a few with beautifully carved screens and canopies. The Indo-Islamic architecture may be a mixture of both the Asaf Jahi and therefore the Rajputana sorts of architecture. You will also see décor in fabulous stucco work, representing the Mughal, Persian, and Deccan styles too. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

29. Sanghi Temple

Sanghi Temple is devoted to Hindu God Venkateswara situated at a distance of about 35 km from Hyderabad in Sanghi Nagar. Perched atop the Parmanand Giri Hill, the Sanghi temple features a magnificent gopuram and boasts marvelous architecture. 

The temple houses idols of other Hindu deities also and is claimed to be a reproduction of the Tirumala Temple. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

30. Mecca Masjid

Mecca Masjid | Best Places To Visit In Hyderabad

Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad is one of the oldest and largest mosques within the city. Commissioned in 1614, it had been built through the efforts of Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah. The mosque forms the four vital heritage attractions within the city. Located near the famous monument - Charminar - it is often easily reached from any part of the town. 

With a capacity to accommodate as many as 10,000 people at any given time, the imposing facade of the Mecca Masjid is indeed a humbling sight to behold. Its interiors are a testament to the grandeur of the rulers of the Quli dynasty. However, at present, only followers of the Islam religion are allowed to enter the mosque. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

31. Wonderla

Wonderla Funfair is the most enjoyable place, with its loud and cheerful atmosphere and mind-boggling opportunities to spend a whole day together with your family and friends. 

There are water pools for those that are trying to find some relaxation under the sun, there are exhilarating, and adrenaline-pumping rides for those trying to find adventure and there are rides for casual fun and frolic also. There are enough food stalls to enjoy a correct meal and souvenir shops to require home something to recollect the day. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

32. Nizam's Museum

Nizam's Museum could also be a museum located at Purani Haveli, a palace of the erstwhile Nizams. The museum may be a repository mainly of souvenirs, gifts, and mementos presented by dignitaries to the last Nizam gifts and mementos presented to the last Nizam on the occasion of the silver jubilee celebrations in 1936. 

A golden throne used for the silver jubilee celebrations of the Last Nizam, a gold tiffin box inlaid with diamonds, a miniature replica of the Jubilee Hall, glass inlay painting of Mir Osman Ali Khan. Also, a wooden writing box studded with mother-of-pearl, diamond, and diamonds, and other jewel-studded golden daggers, caskets, and silver ittardans (perfume containers) presented by the Raja of Palvancha. 

Silver coffee cups studded with diamonds and silver filigree elephant with a mahout, replica made from the silver tree with Lord Krishna playing are on display. A 1930 Rolls Royce, Packard, and a Jaguar Mark V are among the vintage cars on display. 

The museum also features the wardrobe of the sixth nizam which is additionally the world's biggest or largest though wardrobe which is one among its kind, a 150-year-old manually operated lift, and 200-year-old proclamation drums. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

33. Nagarjunasagar Dam

Nagarjunasagar Dam | Best Places To Visit In Hyderabad

World's largest masonry dam protected with 26 gates measuring 14m in height and 13m in width, Nagarjunasagar Dam located in Nalgonda District is built across River Krishna. The dam features a storage capacity of nearly 11,472 million cubic meters with an irrigation capacity for 10 acres of land. 

The dam measures 150m tall and 16 km long while also being a serious tourist attraction. It is among the primary irrigation projects started by the Indian Government as a component of the revolution. 

Today, apart from offering not only an irrigation facility, but it is also a source of hydroelectricity. The dam attracts an enormous number of tourists due to its great magnificence also because of the cover of dense green surrounding it offering a captivating view. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

34. Peddamma Temple

Situated in Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad, Peddamma Temple may be a Hindu temple enshrined by the supreme mother. She is the most supreme of the 11 forms of village deities. 

Besides the most shrines, the Peddamma temple also has idols of Lakshmi, Ganapathy, and Saraswati. The temple accepts only coconuts as offerings. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

35. Papi Kondalu

Papi Kondalu may be a hill home in Khammam district, one shouldn't miss this area. These hills are one of the most visited tourist attractions in Andhra Pradesh. The beautiful scenery all around blends with the luxurious green hills and sparkling skies. 

The river is clean and an exquisite place to enjoy a ship ride. Papi Kondalu also features a big variety of natural vegetation and wildlife that spreads across three districts of Andhra Pradesh. Papi hills lie in the Eastern Ghats. 

It is a wildlife sanctuary that is a shelter for animals including tigers, panthers, antelopes, hyenas, jackals, spotted deers, and many types of birds. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

36. Sri Jagannath Temple

Jagannath Temple could also be a contemporary Hindu temple built by the Odia community dedicated to Hindu God Jagannath- God of the Universe. 

Constructed in red sandstone, the Jagannath temple follows the traditional shikhara style pattern. Besides the main deity, the temple has smaller shrines dedicated to Lakshmi, Shiva, Ganesha, Hanuman, and Navagraha. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

37. Toli Masjid

The Toli Masjid may be a flamboyant mosque located nearly 2 km far away from the Golconda fort. The masjid is one among the various gorgeous memorials in Hyderabad. It is a breathtakingly beautiful example of the architecture of Qutb Shahi. It is embellished by two minarets of about 20 meters on either side. It was constructed in 1671 by Mir Musa Khan Mahaldar. 

The frontage of the Toli Masjid comprises 5 arches, each of which consists of lotus decorations within the spandrels. The main arch is somewhat broader and more elaborate. As per the regal records, the Toli Masjid is additionally called Damdi Masjid. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

38. Spanish Mosque

Spanish Mosque | Best Places To Visit In Hyderabad

Located within the Paigah Palace Begumpet, Spanish Mosque may be a massive Muslim mosque that will accommodate around 3000 people directly. The Spanish mosque features a beautiful architecture almost like that of Spainês. 

The mosque features a church-like appearance thanks to its structure and styles and is one-of-its-kind in India. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

39. KBR National Park

KBR National Park, or Kasu Brahmananda Reddy Park, is a world-famous national park. Boasting picturesque beauty and a good sort of flora, fauna, and avifauna. The park is additionally referred to as ‘jungle amidst the concrete jungle’ and was recently declared a park in 1998. 

The complex houses the Chiran Fort Palace, a Mor bungalow on a hillock, Gol bungalow, stables for pet animals, motor khana for the vehicles, several water tanks and wells; all of which are enveloped by a dense forest. 

The park may be a beautiful respite from the hustle-bustle of the town life and is frequented by locals and tourists alike; to unwind and rejuvenate within the surroundings of rich wildlife and bounteous nature. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

40. Mrugavani National Park

Mrugavani park is the hottest weekend getaway for the locals and a standard favorite destination for tourists. Sprawling over a huge area of 1211 acres, the park houses a whopping 600 species of animals and plants. 

The park was declared a park only in 1994 and has been successful ever since. In addition to birdwatching and jungle safaris, the park also houses a tall tower that allows you to take a glance at the mesmerizing view of the wildland below. 

Besides providing the experience of witnessing exotic species of flora, fauna, and avifauna; the Mrugavani park also features a jungle resort that allows you to unwind and relax amidst nature. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

41. Mallela Theertham

Mallela Theertham | Best Places To Visit In Hyderabad

Mallela Theertham is a waterfall. The River Krishna flows through this forest. Mallela Theertham is within the middle of the dense forest. A walk down 350 steps is required to access the waterfall. The best flows are from October to February. March to June is the dry season. The remaining months are rainy, and it is very difficult to drive on the muddy road. 

The water comes from a little rivulet and this area flows through the dense jungle then meets the Krishna River. This place is near Achampet. It is said that many sages have performed penances there for Shiva and Shiva has himself appeared there too many of his devotees. It is believed that a lot of tigers visit there to drink water during summer. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

42. Malwala Palace

Malwala Palace was built in 1845 & located along the road leading towards the east from Charminar. It was constructed in Mughal and Rajasthani style and Hyderabadi courtyard style was known for its richly carved, wooden pavilion. 

Other than Raja Bhagwandas Bagh Pavilion, Malwala Palace was the only other palace in Hyderabad having a wooden pavilion. Barring the grand gateway, the whole palace complex was demolished in August 2000 and a mall has been inbuilt its place. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

43. Khammam

Khammam city, erstwhile referred to as Kammamet, is the fourth largest city within the Indian state of Telangana. A historically significant city, Khammam hosted many movements during India's freedom struggle. The Khammam Fort, which had periods of reign by both Hindu and Muslim leaders, could also be a famous cultural landmark of the town, and a popular tourist destination. 

The present name of the town has been derived from an area hill referred to as Stambhadri. Earlier it was also known as Stambhadri, Kambhadri, Kambham Mettu, and Khammam Mettu. With the recent addition of 14 nearby villages, the town earned the status of a municipal corporation. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

44. Nizamabad

Nizamabad may be a district located within the North-Western region of Telangana. It is a serious urban suburb that's the third-largest city within the state of Telangana. Previously part of Andhra Pradesh, Nizamabad has declared the district headquarters that's governed by the municipal corporation after the reorganization act of 2014. 

Popularly referred to as the "City of Nizams", Nizamabad springs from Nizam and Abad meaning "The Nizam of Hyderabad" and "Long Live" respectively. The city may be a perfect example of co-existence with both history, religion, and natural resources like lakes and rivers. Situated further afar away from the coast, Nizamabad features a tropical climate with occasional rainfall and less humidity. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

45. Nalgonda

Nalgonda | Best Places To Visit In Hyderabad

Nalgonda may be a city in Telangana, with deep-rooted rich history and equally intriguing cultural heritage. With its roots going back to the Paleolithic Age proved by enough evidence excavated from Yeleswaram, Nalgonda also displays the hints of Neolithic culture with the further unearthing of sling stones and other such objects. 

The city derives its name from a mixture of two Telugu words 'Nalla' and 'Konda' meaning 'Black Hills'. Today the town of Nalgonda presents a vibrant blend of diverse religious cultures and traditions reflecting the superb past of the town that was once ruled by several Hindu and Muslim rulers at different points in time. 

Earlier mentioned as Neelagiri, Nalgonda at present is blessed with the footprints left behind by several great kingdoms and dynasties that called this place their home. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

46. AP State Archaeology Museum

AP State Archaeology Museum is now mentioned as Telangana State Archaeology Museum. It is located within the public garden of Hyderabad. It is also one of the foremost ancient museums not only in Hyderabad but also in the entire South of India. 

The site where the museum stood was explored way back within the 19th century by a very well-known archaeologist named Henry Cousens. The architecture of the museum is one of its kind and has its kind of beauty. It has adapted the Indo-Saracenic style. Its existence is obligated to the last Nizam of Hyderabad who wished to save lots of the culture and heritage of the state of Hyderabad within the middle of British rule which is why he created the department of archaeology in 1915.

From then on, the department played a big role in exploring and excavating historical sites as well as preserving the traditional monuments. But, later a point was reached when there was no place to house the collection which led to the construction of the museum in 1930. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

47. Mount Opera Theme Park Resort

Mount Opera Theme Park Resort | Best Places To Visit In Hyderabad

With a startling amount of choices available on amusement rides, from Ferris wheel to Columbus, the Mount Opera amusement park resort are ideal for each day filled with enjoyment and excitement. 

They even have a couple of eccentric ones just like the Jumping Frogs, Thrillarium, and therefore the Alien Planet. The exciting Mount Opera amusement park Resort also features a whole Waterworld with Adult slides, a wave pool, and ritual dancing. If you are not just like the wet and icky feeling of all the water during this park, you'll relax together with your friends and family within the indoor section and play a game or two of chess, billiard table tennis, or carrom. 

Done with the sweaty and hard workout in the gym here, you can head to the sauna and massage section and loosen all those muscles. Next are the various consoles within the Broadband cafe to urge engrossment in virtual adventures. It is one of the places to visit in Hyderabad.

To the traveler, Hyderabad offers a desirable panorama of the past, with a richly mixed cultural and historical tradition spanning 400 colorful years. Some of the tourist attractions include: The Charminar is the maximum amount the signature of Hyderabad because the Taj Mahal is of Agra or the Eiffel Tower is of Paris. 

In Hyderabad's history of enchanting pearls, Beautiful poetry, mouth-watering multi-cuisine, we even have the Hyderabadi Bangles. Since time out of mind, bangles, like Bindhi, became an integral part of an Indian woman, more so, for a standard Hyderabadi woman.

Cultured pearls in gold and silver jewelry are Hyderabad's specialty. The rice pearl, a small sort of pearl, lends itself to exquisite designs. The precious Basra, a pearl unmatched in luster, color, and therefore the price is additionally available. Bidriware is the most well-known of Andhra's handicrafts.

To bring back a typical Hyderabadi souvenir, buy a specimen of Ikat weaving. It is one among the foremost unique of Andhra's handloom heritage, a craft that survives even today. Weavers prepare the yarn for weaving by dipping it in oil. Then the yarn is woven into fabric. 

The semi-finished fabric is waxed and covered in clay as per the planning. Bronze casting is another specialty of Hyderabad. Metalworking has been transformed into a work of art by the artisans of Andhra Pradesh. Icons of various gods and goddesses are molded to perfection in bronze. The beauty and grandeur of the realistic bronze castings are treasured items of those who buy them.

Colorful and bright, these lacquered wooden-shaped wares make an interest in your drawing-room. Decorative objects like flower vases, dolls, small containers, bowls are lacquered. The traditional styles have changed; today intricate designs embellished with stones, mirror glass, and beads are available.

Hyderabadi biryani, also mentioned as Hyderabadi dum biryani, could also be a kind of biryani from Hyderabad, India made with basmati rice and goat meat and cooked with the dum pukht method. Originating within the kitchens of the Nizam of Hyderabad, it combines elements of Hyderabadi and Mughlai cuisines. Hyderabad biryani may be a key dish in Hyderabadi cuisine.

'Kuchipudi' is one of the most celebrated forms of dance in Hyderabad. The dance may be a mixture of acting and poetic movement, amid classical Carnatic music. The movements are scintillating and heavy on the feet. This dance originated after the reign of the Nizams. During the Asaf Jah dynasty, dance forms like 'Kathak' were popularly performed in courtyards. A local dance, called 'Perini', also hails from this city. It is usually performed by males and maybe a warrior dance representing the various sorts of Lord Shiva.

These are some of the places to visit in Hyderabad and some of the specialties of Hyderabad that one can enjoy or learn when you visit Hyderabad. This place has everything for one starting from food, dance, music, different places to visit and learn about the rich culture and heritage of this historical place.

I hope this list of places to visit in Hyderabad has helped you in exploring the city to the fullest. Do like and share these with your travel buddies.

Also, let us know your favorite place to visit in Hyderabad in the comment box below.

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