45 Places To Visit In Kolkata That Can't Be Missed If You Travel Here

The City Of Joy!

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If traveling is an affinity then take it a step higher and visit a city that provides essence to life, gives memories for a lifetime, yet never turns pale despite unfurling old charm. No wonder why Kolkata is loved by one and all, Bengal and its magnanimous beauty need no introduction, as well the State Capital Kolkata which decades ago served as the Nation's Capital till date continues to bask in its long-lost glory and takes immense pride in continuing the legacy which depicts elegance in every way. 

Mr. Vir Sanghvi righteously quoted that “Calcutta is not for everyone, if your city has to be posh and impersonal then Bombay is the place if your city has to be tech-savvy then stick to Bangalore, if your city has to be clean and green then visit the Nation Capital but if you want a city with a soul then do visit Kolkata.” Not only a city of history, heritage, and charm but emotions, Kolkata breeds nostalgia in every nick and corner. Not just one of the crowded and populated metropolitan cities, Kolkata is also known to be the cultural and intellectual hub of the country.

Marvelously quoted “The city of Joy” is indeed an absolute treat to every beholder. Kolkata, located at the Eastern banks of Hooghly is also the center of the industrial revolution and the nucleus of the Indian Independence Movement, still resides in that bygone era with old charms and resilience in it. These various blends have garnered Kolkata to be one of the most popular and endearing travel destinations in India.

Here are the renowned places to visit in Kolkata and enjoy leisure by capturing enthralling visions. 

1. Jorasanko Thakurbari:

Jorasanko Thakurbari | Places To Visit In Kolkata

The first one on the list of best places to visit in Kolkata is Jorasanko Thakurbari. The Historical house now converted to a museum and Rabindra Bharati University boasts of an illustrious past is also the native residence to the renowned family of Bengal, the birthplace of the pioneer of Bengali literature, Noble Laureate Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore is a famous historical destination to pay a visit.

2. Indian Museum:

Next on the list of best places to visit in Kolkata is the Indian Museum. Home to antiques, the Indian Museum, the largest and the oldest multipurpose museum of the Nation built-in 1814, displays a plethora of paintings, sculptures, mummies, fossils, etc. which highlights the rich cultural and historical heritage of the world.

3. Victoria Memorial:

Known as the “Heart of Kolkata”, a white monument Victoria Memorial represents grandeur. 

Counted amongst the most famous monuments built, this masterpiece is dedicated to Empress Queen Victoria, designed in Indo-Saracenic Style houses approx. 28,396 artifacts are now converted to a museum and are perfect for history buffs. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kolkata. 

4. Fort William:

Next on the list of top places to visit in Kolkata is Fort William. This huge structure once known as the “Blackhole of Calcutta” Fort William that overlooks the lush green gardens is a must-visit place. Once served as the temporary jail, it now serves as the Headquarters of the Eastern Command.

5. Howrah Bridge:

Howrah Bridge | Places To Visit In Kolkata

One of the most famous landmarks to hang out, considered to be the busiest and the oldest bridge of the Nation, Howrah Bridge or Rabindra Setu is the unofficial emblem of the city. Built over the Hooghly River, connecting the two major cities Howrah and Kolkata look resplendent in the setting sun. It is indeed a must-visit place in Kolkata.

6. Belur Math:

Founded by Swami Vivekananda, this pilgrimage site serves as the Headquarters of the Ramakrishna Mission makes it an exhilarating travel destination. This prominent architectural creativity resembling every religion is an icon of unity.

7. Marble Palace Mansion:

Next on the list of top places to visit in Kolkata is the Marble Palace Mansion. The magnificent Palace built in the nineteenth century by Raja Rajendra Mallick depicts the neoclassical form of architecture and is considered to be a well-restored Royal Palace that boasts rich artifacts, statues, antique furniture, and paintings by renowned artists such as Van Gogh, Rembrandt, etc.

8. Science City, Kolkata:

Inaugurated during the late nineties, this architectural beauty housing India’s largest Science center is the place to be visited to gain a lifetime experience. Worth every penny, this tech wonderworld is a major attraction hosting more than 25 lakh annual visitors defining the perfect blend of education with fun.

9. Mother House:

Popularly known as the “Missionaries of Charity”, the place where the tomb of Mother Teresa is, was established by Mother herself. 

Till today Mother’s legacy is continued by the Sisters of the house who practice selfless devotion and provide free services to the needy. It also houses a museum displaying Mother Teresa’s belongings.

10. Sundarbans:

Sundarbans | Places To Visit In Kolkata

Hotspot for tourist destinations listed as one amongst the UNESCO World Heritage sites, Sundarbans is the epitome of natural beauty having the largest Tiger reserve in the country. Breath-taking visions of the surreal landscapes make it another famous National Park of India. Worth every click!

11. Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Botanical Gardens:

The lush green sprawling gardens depicting the beauty of nature Botanical Gardens houses more than 13000 approx. different species of plants and trees are located on the western banks of River Ganga. One of the beautiful places to visit.

12. St. Paul’s Cathedral

Highlighting the Indo-Gothic Style of architecture, St. Paul’s Cathedral is the largest, and the first Cathedral built overseas hosts, numerous visitors, every day. Its vision during Christmas and New Year’s is galvanic.

13. Eden Gardens:

Eden Gardens | Places To Visit In Kolkata

Termed as the 3rd largest Cricket Stadium in World, this sprawling garden has witnessed terrors, legends, and the creation of History in the field of cricket often called the Cricket Colosseum is considered to be one of the iconic grounds and most popular tourist places in Kolkata. If you are a cricket lover, then you can’t afford to miss out on visiting this place.

14. M.P. Birla Planetarium:

Inaugurated by Jawaharlal Nehru in 1963, popularly known as the “Taramandal” is a single storied circular structure resembling the Sanchi Stupa and termed as the largest Planetarium in Asia.

15. Birla Mandir, Kolkata:

This magnificent Hindu temple Birla Mandir dedicated to Lord Radha Krishna is renowned for its architectural style and beautiful craftsmanship which showcases traditional and contemporary art. 

16. Rabindra Sarovar:

Want to catch a glimpse of the picturesque landscape and admire the beauty of nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city! then do visit this place. A popular recreational spot overlooking the erstwhile Dhakuria lake gives some wonderful experiences and is the best place to visit in Kolkata.

17. Alipore Zoo:

Alipore Zoo | Places To Visit In Kolkata

A wildlife photography enthusiast! Then this major tourist attraction is your place. Alipore zoo known as the Calcutta Zoo is the oldest Zoological Garden established in the country which is home to innumerable species of animals, One-horned Rhinoceros, white tigers, migratory birds, etc.

18. Kumartuli, Kolkata:

Known as the traditional potters headquarter, Kumartuli highlights the artistic talent of the city. Renowned for clay idol manufacturing, the skilled potter’s community there create majestic Durga Idols which are even exported during Durga puja perhaps one of the extravagant festivals celebrated around the state.

19. College Street:

College street situated adjacent to Calcutta University also known as Boi para is a book lover’s hub. Everything from novels to stationery items to subject matters is available at a relative price. Don’t forget to haggle.

20. Dakshineswar Kali Temple:

Built by Rani Rashmoni, this magnificent Hindu temple is dedicated to Maa Bhavatarini, an aspect of goddess Kali and is considered to be an important pilgrimage site for Hindus, the sacred place in the city. Don’t miss out on the splendid architecture.

21. South Park Street Cemetery:

Once served as a cemetery, now a heritage site is considered to be all spooky and haunted due to past incidents, yet the tombs here are hypnotic and especially the architectural works, draws several tourists. A humble reminder, visit during the day to view the enthralling beauty.

22. Mother’s Wax Museum:

Mother’s Wax Museum | Places To Visit In Kolkata

Built in 2014, Mother’s Wax Museum is a museum that houses a spectacular collection of Wax figures is a kid-friendly place providing useful insights and a legendary place to visit.

23. Shobhabazar Rajbari:

Founded by Raja Nabakrishna Deb, this palatial building belongs to the Shobhabazar royal family. The embellished architecture has visitors from around the globe throughout the year, and especially exploring it during the Durga Puja celebration is an experience.

24. Eco Park, Kolkata:

Next on the list of top places to visit in Kolkata is Eco Park. The biggest urban park is an exceptionally beautiful place to enjoy an interesting excursion or a holiday. Overlooking the sprawling green meadows with an island in the middle Eco Park displays the city’s rich flora and fauna is also rented at times.

25. Nakhoda Mosque:

Nakhoda Mosque | Places To Visit In Kolkata

Considered to be the largest, Nakhoda Mosque can hold more than 11,000 people at a time and is a very popular place for worshipping. The spectacular architecture with the colossal size makes the mosque a prime tourist destination.

26. Princep Ghat:

Ghats ensure soothing experiences. Similarly, Princep Ghat built on the banks of the Hooghly River and surrounded by greenery describes natural beauty along with a memorial depicting the Greek-style architecture that offers scenic views. A perfect place to spend evenings.

27. Kalighat Kali temple:

Town Hall | Places To Visit In Kolkata

Among the 51 shakti places of India, Kalighat kali temple is a renowned one where it’s believed the toes of Sati’s right foot fell. A temple that attracts numerous devotees every day is located in a busy neighborhood of Kolkata, Kalighat.

28. Babu Ghat, Kolkata:

There are numerous ghats in Kolkata, among which Babu Ghat is another famous tourist destination named after the zamindar of Janbazar and Husband of Rani Rashmoni, Babu Raj Chandra Das. Are you a photography enthusiast? then definitely do not miss out on this place offering stunning scenic views. 

29. Nicco Park, Kolkata:

An ideal park for amusement and adventure has regular visitors from around the country and beyond. Often known as Disneyland, it is an entertainment and recreational standout. An important feature to highlight is the park operates on Solar Energy.

30. Aquatica:

A water-themed amusement park, termed as the busiest and best resort to spend a rejuvenating time with family and friends consists of fun rides, entertainment with sparks of adventure. Aquatica is thrilling as well as soothing. It is one of the best fun places to visit in Kolkata. 

31. National Library:

Previously the residence of the Governor-General of India is now the oldest and the largest book hub situated. The National Library is a destination for book lovers and nerds housing treasures from old drafts to ancient writeups, manuscripts, etc. An absolute retreat for bookworms. 

32. Maidan:

The sprawling lush green land is also the Brigade parade ground including several stadiums alongside and facing the famous white monument, Victoria Memorial. Maidan is a perfect place to make a memory for a lifetime. Do not forget to miss out on this beautiful place.

33. Park Street:

Park Street is forever awake! the major access route, the hub of Instagrammable restaurants to cafes, the iconic and classy pubs to major hangout hubs, Park Street has everything. The modern Kolkata amalgamating with the old charm is well displayed here.

34. New Market, Kolkata:

Do you enjoy street shopping and have a passion for bargaining? then to add a unique essence shop from the stalls of New Market kind of resembles Sarojini Nagar Delhi, which is the oldest market built. The crowd of youngsters shines bright on the weekends to avoid which weekdays are ideal.

35. Old Chinatown, Kolkata:

Next on the list of top places to visit in Kolkata is Old Chinatown. The oldest and the sole Chinatown is Situated in the City of Joy. Want to taste the authentic dishes of Asian countries and those of traditional Chinese delicacies like meatballs, fish ball soup, pork sausage, etc. then definitely pay a visit.

36. Town Hall, Kolkata:

Town Hall | Places To Visit In Kolkata

Built in the 1800s proves to be an ideal heritage landmark in the Heart of Kolkata. Designed in the Roman-Doric style of architecture as a place for social gatherings of the Europeans is a well-restored historical gem.

38. Indian Coffee House, Kolkata:

Next on the list of top places to visit in Kolkata is the Indian Coffee House. “Coffee house er sei adda ta...” the renowned Bengali song well describes this place. Often referred to as the College Street Coffee House, is one of the oldest and the preferred place to hang out with friends and family also to organize any meetings (adda).

39. Sabarna Sangrahashala:

Named after a well-known Zamindar Sabarna Roy Chowdhury, This iconic heritage building maintained by his family has preserved and displays a vast collection of historical documents, articles, etc. which provide insights to generations.

40. Mullick ghat flower Market:

India’s largest wholesale flower market is an ideal place to capture the scenic views of early morning Kolkata. The colorful glimpse of Mullick Ghat flower market washes all the tiredness away and the fragrance of those fresh flowers gives the energy to start a fresh day. 

41. Sree Paresh Nath Jain Temple:

The majestic temple architecture which attracts numerous visitors is dedicated to the four Jain Tirthankaras. Devotees from all over the world visit the sacred complex intricately designed to give a charismatic vibe. 

42. Millennium Park:

Located on the banks of the Hooghly river, Millennium park situated in Strand road exhibits beautiful scenic views with the lush green gardens in the surrounding. It is truly one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kolkata. 

43. Academy of Fine Arts:

Next on the list of top places to visit in Kolkata is the Academy of Fine Arts. The oldest and finest among the places to explore around to get a vivid knowledge about the passion of art and culture the city holds. Numerous exhibitions are held in this art gallery to stroll where which gives immense pleasure.

44. Birla Industrial and Technological Museum:

The pioneers of Industrial Development Birlas established this museum to exhibit their achievements in the field of science, industry, and technology and proves to be an eminent specimen in inspiring generations where the museum has its workshops to galleries. 

45. Writers Building:

Writers Building | Places To Visit In Kolkata

The last one on the list of top places to visit in Kolkata is the Writers Building. An iconic architectural building of the land which decades ago served as the office for junior clerks of British East India Company is now left unused but is considered to be the metonym for Left Front Government of West Bengal and was once the Bengal Chief Minister’s office. 

The second-largest city of the nation buzzes till today in its dazzling culture and invites one and all to be a part of its vibrant fantasy. Kolkata offers ample scenic views to witness the charm of its alluring paradise. Dubbed as the cultural capital, there are still certain heritage buildings, the colonial walls, yesteryear charms that demand a visit. 

From the exquisite tram rides to the yellow taxis to the hand pull rickshaws Kolkata proves to be one of a kind. Generations through generations have witnessed it develop into another authentic and majestic beauty shining bright and spreading its light.

Hence, when are you planning to visit this mesmerizing paradise of the Nation? There are innumerable places apart from the listed places to visit in Kolkata therefore take time off your hectic schedule and spend a memorable holiday. 

Pretty sure Kolkata won’t disappoint you. We would love to hear about your travel experiences to these places in Kolkata.

Do like and share this with your travel buds and ask them to take some time off from their schedule and plan a trip.

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