25 Benefits Of Exercise For A Healthy Life

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Mohammed Fouzia

Jul 6, 2021|9 min read


Are you enthusiastic to know the benefits of exercise? If your searching for something like this. then following is a must-read for you. 

“Exercise” sounds tedious. But lemme tell you something about it, if you can make exercise a your life mantra, you can bring out the best version of yourself. 

Do I have to exercise every day? What if I exercise less? 

Do such questions arise in your head? Well, I have an answer for that, if you do less exercise, your muscles weaken and lose bulk. You become deconditioned and more breathless.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of exercise.

Benefits Of Exercise

Exercise is a lifestyle, it is not a quick fix. It is something that you must incorporate into your daily regime. If you make exercise one of your life mantras, you’ll bring out your best self.

It’s no secret that exercise is important to a healthy lifestyle, but you may not be aware of its benefits. 

The benefits of exercise extend inside and outside of the body. If you wish to know more benefits, the following points will definitely help you to know more about exercise’s benefits.

1. Helps You To Lose Weight

The first one on the list of benefits of exercise is to lose weight.

On a scale of 0 to 10, you wanna look that perfect 10? Well you can get that, if you combine exercise with a Healthy diet because, that’s the more effective way to lose weight. 

To lose weight you need to burn more calories, exercise can help you to achieve this by burning off some extra calories. 

Walking, cycling, yoga, are some of the best exercises to lose weight.

2. Gives You A Healthy And Glowing Skin

Next on the list of benefits of exercise is for skin lovers.

Not a single one, can say nay to a healthy and glowing skin. 

If you want such flawless, healthy and glowing skin just exercise. Because exercise tones the skin and improves blood circulation and grant you that healthy and glowing skin.

The sweat you lose through exercise it makes your Skin feels fresh and gives you a good feel.

3. Protects Against Many Chronic Diseases

Health scenario in our country today, specially urban India is undergoing an epidemic of chronic disease. Heart disease, diabetes, stroke ,and cancer are the leading causes of death.

If you want to get free from these the only thing you need to do regular exercise. It helps insulin more effectively lower Your blood, sugar level and boost your energy.

4. Enables You To Have Good Sleep

These days work pressure have been increased majorly for tech people who work 6 to 8 hours before computers. This leads to problems while sleeping. Stress, pressure everything takes control of the mind.

All u need to do is “Exercise”. I know it sounds crazy, but exercise improves the quality of your sleep and extends its duration. If you want to energize your mornings, you must have a good sleep to get good sleep you need to exercise.

5. Boosts And Sharpen Your Memory

‘Hush Hush!’ what if I tell you that there’s something which helps you to boost and sharpen your memory.

Recent research from UCLA demonstrated that exercise increases growth factor in your brain.

Yes you heard it right! There are some powerful effects of exercise which boosts and sharpen your memory. Exercise increases the oxygen to your brain and turns down memory loss.

This one is the interesting benefit of exercise which is must for everyone. 

6. Helps You To Fight Against Covid-19

During these crises, we all have realized the importance of exercise in our lives. We observed all the benefits of the exercise closely and made it our routine.

It’s just so important for us to maintain physical and Mental health and stay connected with our families, and figure out a way that we can get through this way altogether.

Covid-19 (coronavirus) an infectious disease which is unfurling rapidly. To say fit and healthy during this pandemic Regular exercise is a must. 

Because exercise boost your Immune and help fight off infections.

7. Help You Quit Smoking

Disclaimer !!!

“Smoking is injurious to health.” “Smoking causes cancer.” I’m sure everyone of us spotted this disclaimer on pack of cigars .

It is hard to quit smoking but you can do this by replacing it with exercise. You can quit smoking through some moderate aerobic exercise. 

Aerobic exercises like running, dancing, cycling, swimming, and boxing. All these aerobic exercises decrease the desire to smoke.

8. Reduces Feelings Of Anxiety And Depression

Next on the list of benefits of exercise is for the people suffering from depression.

Feeling sad or stressed, feeling restless, being irritable, having sleep problems. all these are signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Wanna divert yourself from these, then just move your body. 

Yes, you heard it right! Exercise is a way where you can divert your mind because “Storms don’t last forever", brisk walk, dance class can be a powerful weapon to fight anxiety and depression.

9. Increase Metabolic Rate

Have you ever wondered why some people eat a lot and never gain weight. It is because of their metabolism their BMR that is basal metabolic rate is high they burn more calories even while resting, and even they eat a lot they don’t gain weight. 

And you might also had observed some people who eats a little but gain too much weight. It’s because they have low metabolism. To increase your metabolic rate you need to exercise. exercises like cardiovascular which helps you to burn your calories and increase your metabolic rate.

10. Reduces Chances Of Stroke

Another benefit of exercise is that it reduces the chances of stroke.

Stroke is the leading cause of disabilities world wide. a stroke occurs when the flow of blood in the brain interrupted which causes neurons to die. 

Victims of stroke often have difficulty of reading and writing expressing themselves verbally. 

But a study done on stroke patients have shown that the use of aerobic exercise can improve post-stroke conditions, It enhances ability to balance and overall motor functions.

11. Allows For Healthy Pregnancy

Maintaining a regular exercise program would help you stay healthy during pregnancy and help you feel best during pregnancy. 

Exercise would help reduce back pain, improve your posture and also improve your stamina to Endure through labor pains and delivery. 

Exercise during pregnancy would usually be a light aerobic activity in the form of walking. doing moderate exercise in pregnancy Is safe.

12. Regulates Hormones

Hormones are tiny chemical messengers that travel throughout our body delivering messages to organs and tissues. In our day to day life we see people suffer with hormonal imbalance. and the symptoms of these hormonal imbalances are weight gain and hump between your shoulders.

Well, if you don’t wish any of these and wanna stay healthy you need to exercise. exercise boosts your mood, puts you in touch with your body and helps you maintain healthy weight.

13. Can Relieve Tension Headaches

Do you have 5 minutes because if you do i could take your tension headache.

What is a tension headache? A headache in your head that comes from tension in another part of your body most often it’s the neck, it’s the base of your skull. 

To eliminate this you need to exercise. there are some core and cardio exercise which can relieve your tension headaches.

14. Enhances Quality Of Life

Want to improve physical fitness, well-being and quality life so exercise can be part of the equation. 

By exercising you can enjoy better health. It can help you live a longer life and healthier life. 

The CDC(center for disease control and prevention) states that regular exercise reduces health conditions like Type2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure.

15. Improves Eyesight Naturally

Next on the list of benefits of exercise is that it improves eyesight.

Eyes are prime organ of our body we don’t usually think about doing exercise. but they are part of our body We do strain each day with our modern lifestyles because of the amount of time we spend on screens.

But there are some exercises to keep the eyes strong and relaxed some of them are 10 times blink, focus exercise etc.., all these exercises can make your vision stable.

16. Strengthen Our Bones

Our entire body stands on our bones, they give our body a proper structure. Hence, bone health is extremely important. 

But today's food habits and lifestyle are causing bone deterioration and loss of bone mass.

To make your bones stronger, there are some bone strengthening exercises like brisk walk, running. All these moderate aerobic exercises help to strengthen your bones.

17. Reduces Cholesterol Level

Another benefit of exercise is that it reduces cholesterol levels.

Our liver naturally produces cholesterol, and this cholesterol travels through the whole body with the help of protein. In our body there are bad as well as good cholesterol. 

The bad cholesterol deposits in the blood vessels and causes strokes. So such a cholesterol can be really dangerous

Don’t be scared of this coz exercise is always there for you, Exercise lowers triglyceride levels and increases good cholesterol. 

Exercises like jogging, few yoga postures, etc., reduces cholesterol level.

18. Enhances Your Mood

Exercise is vital for mental health and doing exercise directly influences the brain and your mood. 

Studies have shown that exercise can alleviate symptoms depression and for this reason people struggling with depression are recommended to regular exercise. 

In some cases exercises have been best Way of enhancing a person's mood.

19. Improves Oxygen Level Naturally

By now everyone knows that corona targets the respiratory system. Hence, patients feel shortness of breath and restlessness, in some cases oxygen level goes below. 

So it is highly essential to enhance our breathing capacity and so the oxygen level. 

There are certain exercises to enhance your oxygen levels. while breathing and heart rate increases exercises like deep belly breathing and pursed lip breathing helps to improve oxygen naturally.

20. Helps To Overcome Sciatica Pain

People very often complain of some pain in the waist or in lower limbs. Now this is called sciatica pain. And it is quite painful and very annoying. 

This happens because, the sciatic nerve of our body gets irritated due to some spinal issues. No worries at all i’ll share you some exercises which will help and overcome this sciatic pain.

Walking is the most effective way to relieve sciatic pain.

21. Get Rid Of Acne And Pimples

Another benefit of exercise for skin lovers.

We are usually bothered about our looks, one pimple and We are terrified. Exercise always believes to go to the root cause of all problems where there are pimples and acne. 

Lets work on ourselves to understand the root cause of acne and pimples.

Exercise may actually help because it increases blood flow and helps to clear skin. exercises like cycling and running in fresh air are very helpful.

22. Exercising During Fasting

Fasting has always been a highlighting part of our ancient Indian culture and traditions. What if I tell you that exercising while fasting is really safe and good. 

You can opt for some simple exercises to stay fit during fasting. Cardio and brisk walk are the exercises which help you to maintain good posture during fasting.

23. Develops Concentration

Without concentration you cannot stay at one place can’t go deeper and get the knowledge. This knowledge becomes very important for our lives and for our progress. 

To build this Concentration, there are some exercises like dancing and learning new skills which helps you to develop concentration.

24. You Can Control Thyroid

Next on the list of benefits of exercise is for thyroid patients.

You must have heard, some people put on so much weight and tell me I have a thyroid problem. 

Well , what is this thyroid?

Thyroid is a gland which is situated in the throat region. It’s the shape is like a butterfly. Here are a few exercises which you can do to overcome thyroid conditions. 

There are some Breathing exercises and some yoga postures, and neck exercises which help you to overcome this problem.

25. Say Goodbye To Irregular Periods

Are you always tired of being late?

Don't let your irregular menstruation be a cause of stress and Worry. Learn how you can align your internal rhythm with your natural cycle, with some simple exercises. 

Exercise helps you to balance and Hormonise your monthly flow! Some yoga asanas are helpful to regulate your irregular menstrual cycle naturally.

Kudos! So that concludes the list of benefits of exercise.

Now it’s time for you to add some spice in your life with these exercises.

I hope you loved these captivating facts about exercise. Do let us know if you personally experienced any of these benefits of exercise or how exercise changed your life.

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