Dates Of Fragmentation Of India, The Largest Democracy In The World, Into So Many States

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We Indians are very shy people. Yet, we are 1.3 billion and are the largest democratic country in the world. I’m not sure about “Zuban Kesari”, but yes we are all united by the language of love and oneness.

On the occasion of 69th Republic Day, let's have a quick glance at the fragmentation that makes up India, keeping the unity in diversity alive. Feeding Trends brings you the complete list of when were the various states of India formed.

1- Sextuplets of India: 1st Nov 1956

Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and West Bengal are the Sextuplets of India. Isn't this a great example of unity in diversity?

2- Triplets of India: 21st Jan 1972

The seven sisters of East India are even blessed with Triplets. Manipur, Meghalaya, and Tripura all were formed on the same day. They also have similar natural beauty and cultures!

3 - Twin of India: 1st Apr 1936

I seriously wonder was it an April fool prank or a serious announcement when the formation of Odisha and Bihar was announced. But it is said that people born on fools day are very intelligent. And we all know where do we get the highest amount of IAS in India from.

4 - Another twin: 1st Nov 1966

The jatt land Haryana and Punjab share their birthday. Now I wonder do they also save “ cake ka kharcha” like me and my sister? Even if they don't they share their unique presence in India. You can identify a Punjab and a Haryanvi quiet easily!

5 - Telangana: 2nd June 2014

The youngest child of Mother India is Telangana. It is formed from Andhra Pradesh with Hyderabad as its capital, that we can denote it as the grandchild of India. Our generation is a witness to this. It's so young. Lol!

6 - Arunachal Pradesh: 20th Feb 1987

This state shares international borders with Bhutan and China and is now 31 years old. Being at the border, it maintains good relations with our neighbors and is, therefore, the most responsible child of Mother India.

7- Assam: 15th Aug 1947

The land of tea was formed on independence day and is now 71 years old. Old, yet the fascinating one. Chai lovers will fight with the world if anything happens to Assam. Am I wrong?

8 - Chhattisgarh: 1st Nov 2000

Beautiful temples and waterfalls of this state are the biggest attraction for tourists. The state is about to be 18, enjoying last few years of its teenage. Do get your aadhar card linked dear!

9 - Goa: 30th May 1987

Famous for its beachside parties and seafood, to its craze amongst the youngsters, Goa has been an asset for India since last 31 years. Childhood fantasies have always centered around Goa!

10 - Gujarat: 1st May 1960

From handicrafts to “Hey Maa Mataji” to Dhokla and Phaphda, Gujarat has given us all. From past 58 years, it has been a major tourist attraction in India and it has given us our PM too.

11- Himachal Pradesh: 25th Jan 1971

In last 47 years, the beauty of Himachal Pradesh has enhanced day by day. This state is pure in its culture since it's formation. And Shimla is a dream destination for Honeymoon. Oops, I pressed your nerve!

12 - Jammu and Kashmir: 26th Oct 1947

The most conflicted State of our country Kashmir will be 71 years old this year. Though this land adds to the beauty of our country, the maintenance and protection of this particular state requires large quantities of blood of our army men.

13 - Jharkhand: 15 Nov 2000

Jungles, hills, and waterfalls, is what makes Jharkhand an asset to the beauty of India. But, it is equally famous for its coal fields. Like Assam, this state is also going to be 18, enjoying last few years of its teenage.

14 - Maharashtra: 1st May 1960

Especially known for the sprawling city Mumbai, this state is also the major producer of cotton. It's also the land which gave us taught us that you can eat pao bread with almost anything. Home to rich Marathi culture, Maharashtra is also the Financial Capital of India.

15 - Mizoram: 20th Feb 1987

The land of the mizos is known for its rich culture. The 31-year-old state needs more and more concern and acceptance by the country. Being small doesn't mean that it will be neglected. Hope, Mother India cares about its little child.

16 - Nagaland: 1st Dec 1963

No, no, it's not the land where Naga baba lives. It's one of the seven sisters of the east and is again its rich in natural beauty. Its age doesn't affect its beauty and Mother India is very proud of its child. Although Kohima is its capital, Guwahati is its Judicial capital.

17- Sikkim: 16th May 1975

This state owns the prestigious Kanchenjunga peak, which glorifies its beauty. It also preserves Tsongmo Lake or Changu Lake, made out of glaciers. But, it is a very shy child and so many don't know that they can tour Sikkim as well.

18-Tamil Nadu: 26th Jan 1950

Anna of Indian states Tamil Nadu is known for its beautiful Dravidian style temples. The 68-year-old state holds rich heritage of the country. It is the eleventh largest state in India and has a good literacy rate as well. Chera, Chola, and Pandya dynasties.

19- Uttarakhand: 9th Nov 2000

It is said few girls wear makeup to look beautiful and few are born in Uttarakhand. This land of beauty is again amongst the youngest states of India and contributes to maintaining the beauty quotient of India. How cool it sounds when people say “I'm from UK (Uttarakhand)!

And this is how we kept on fragmenting India into states, into cities, into villages, and into colonies. But still, our culture and our land have kept us United.

We are the biggest example of unity in diversity for the world!

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